Tight Black Dress Pt. 02

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They met in the hotel bar after the first long boring day at the conference. They were the only two people from their office at the conference, but there were others from other offices that they knew and six of them were gathered around a table with some drinks in front of them. He noticed that she had put on some makeup before coming to the bar this evening. She was sitting opposite him and was wearing another one of her tight black dresses. This one was very professional but still showed off her shapely curves, accentuating her bosom and shape of her hips. As she sat back in the chair, the dress rode up her legs somewhat, those long shapely legs. She was getting glances from other men in the bar.

She was trying to catch his eyes across the table, but he was busy talking to the person sitting next to him, some senior person from another office. He was wearing a sport coat and one of his trademark checked shirts, this one had light-green and pink checks. Her mind flashed back to that evening in his office, she remembered how incredible it had been, how many times he had made her cum. This conference was a perfect opportunity for another round. She felt a tingle between her thighs and suddenly she was worried that her hard nipples would show through her black dress. She had to get him back to her room this evening!

As he drank his cocktail and tried to concentrate on the conversation with the senior person sitting next to him, he stole a couple of glances over at her. She was looking at her phone but then she looked up and smiled at him. Such beautiful eyes, such a gorgeous smile. His mind wandered to the memory of their encounter in his office. He was so lucky nobody had discovered them, and he started to get hard thinking of how hot she had been, how turned on they both were. Now he just had to figure out a way of extracting himself from this conversation and discretely slipping away with her back up to one of their hotel rooms.

Eventually most of the others at the table disappeared, complaining of work they had to do, or the earliness of the start of the conference session tomorrow. She got up to leave as well, saying goodnight to Nick and the other man left at the table. As she walked away from the table, she was disappointed that they had not been alone together, but she knew that they needed to be careful not to be seen. As she left the bar and walked towards the elevators, she pulled out her phone and texted him her room number: “Room 1535 – we need to “talk””.

He watched her back as she left the bar, her long dark hair following over her shoulders, tight black dress showing off her shapely hips. Lust took over his brain and he was just trying to figure out how to extract himself from the conversation when his phone buzzed with a text message. He glanced down and saw it was from Katie and his pulse quickened. He finished his drink and started to make similar excuses about it being late. Within a few minutes he was able to get up and leave and headed for the elevators. When inside, he hit floor 15 and impatiently waited as the lift moved up through the floors. At 15, he jumped out, briskly walking down the hallway, glancing around to ensure he was alone. He found 1535 and knocked on the door.

When she heard him knock on the door, her nipples hardened, and she went over to open it. He stepped in, let it close behind him and then their lips met. His lips were soft, and his kiss was gentle but with some urgency. As they broke apart, she walked over to the window and kicked off her high heels. She stood looking out over the nightlights of Las Vegas, but she was watching his reflection in the window as he took off his jacket and walked up behind her.

She looked amazing standing in front of the window, and he walked up behind her. He moved her long dark hair off her neck and started kissing her neck. He had one hand on her hip and moved it slowly up to her waist, feeling her tight but voluptuous body through her black dress. Then up, over her flat stomach to the underneath of her magnificent chest. As his fingers slowly moved over her right breast, he could feel her nipple was rock hard and as he caressed it, he heard an intake of breath and then she pushed her buttocks backwards into his crotch. Blood rushed to his crotch and he felt himself start to harden as her soft buttocks swayed left and right, brushing the outside of his pants.

As she pushed her buttocks back into him, she felt his other hand go down to her other breast and then he cupped her breasts tightly in his hands, her nipples hard between his fingers. She swayed her hips, brushing his crotch with her buttocks and she started to feel a hardness growing in his crotch. She drove against the hardness and his erection throbbed inside his pants. His hands tightened on her nipples. “Oh Nick, you feel so good” she said. The urgency of his body excited her, she could tell that her body was turning him on, driving him crazy, filling him with lust for her.

He gripped her big, beautiful breasts through the material of her tight dress and played with her nipples. He drove his hard crotch escort bursa into her buttocks and his mind wandered back to that evening in his office, how turned on he had been, her wonderful body, how tight she had been, how they had fucked. The thought of driving himself deep inside her again filled him with lust, he wanted to drive her crazy and he wanted to fuck her again. He reached up from her tits and caressed her neck and then moved her long hair to the side and found the top of the zip to her dress. The zip to her dress went all the way down to just above her buttocks and he eased it down her back, revealing her soft tanned skin, her bra strap and then the small of her back before the zip ended just as he reached her lacy underwear. He reached back up to her bra strap, it was wide (but then it had a lot to hold up) and he undid the hooks.

As he unhooked her bra strap, she pushed her buttocks back into his crotch again. Through his pants, she could feel his hardness, the long thick length and she was sure she could feel the bulge of his glans. Her mind flashed back to the evening in his office, and she remembered how big and hard his penis had been, how many times he had made her cum. She was ready for round two. Then his hands went to her front, pushing her bra down, off her breasts and she felt him caress her boobs, nipples between his fingers. She started to feel her wetness in between her legs as her thighs started to buzz with lust. Her arousal grew, she wanted him to touch her down there, to pleasure her.

He was obsessed with her big Italian boobs, the size, the shape, how they filled out her dress. He pushed her bra off her wonderful breasts and took them in both his hands, feeling how soft but full they were, and playing with her gradually hardening nipples. She sighed with pleasure as he fondled her breasts and he felt her drive her buttocks into his crotch. He could see her reflection in the glass of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, head thrown back, long dark hair falling over her shoulders, her chest exposed and his hands barely holding her boobs. Suddenly she broke away and grabbed his hand and led him over to the bed. Her dress fell to the floor, revealing her flat stomach and lacy black underwear. She sat down on the edge of the bed and lay back. She looked up at him and smiled. He dropped to his knees between her legs and gently started to caress her soft skin.

“You are so hot!” he said. She smiled a coy smile.

As she lay back, she felt him caressing her legs, his strong hands working their way up to her knees. Then she felt his lips on her leg, just above her knee and he started slowly kissing his way up to her thighs, stopping just before reaching her crotch. Then he started on the other leg, small kisses, gradually working his way up to the inside of her thighs and then his mouth was on her stomach, kissing her navel, barely inches from the top of her panties. His lips descended down, kissing at the top of her panties. She thought he was going to use his teeth to tear her panties down and a flash of pleasure rippled through her body. But he was taking his time and she longed for him to touch her down there, longed to feel his lips on her clit.

He could sense her desire as he very slowly ran his lips over the top of her panties. As he worked his way over the material of her panties, he could feel and taste the heat emanating from the entrance to her body. He skipped over her clitoris, he would come back to that later, and his lips touched her labia through the thin material of her panties. Then he stuck his tongue into the material, driving it between the lips of her vagina, and he could taste her arousal. She groaned with pleasure. Then he thrust his tongue back and forth, trying to get it deeper in between her labia, the thin material of her panties in the way. With the next thrust, he drove his tongue upwards, knowing he would be making contact with her clit. She yelped with pleasure, thrusting her crotch forwards into his face.

As he was tonguing the entrance to her pussy and then her clit, she felt the warm pleasure growing in her thighs. She had one hand on her right breast, and she was playing with her nipple. She felt his right hands snake up her body, over her flat stomach, searching for her left breast. He found it and tweaked her nipple at the same time as he drove his tongue against her clit. Pleasure shot through her body, taking her breath away and she felt her wetness between her legs. She closed her eyes. She wanted him to keep doing what he was doing now but she wanted him closer. She reached down and pushed her panties down, desperate for him to be in contact with her nub of pleasure. She needed him to get her to her orgasm and then she would wanted to tear his clothes off and grab his big hard cock and fuck him…

She pushed her panties down her thighs, and he took over, pulling them down her legs. Then he put his mouth back up on her stomach, found her belly button and slowing started kissing down her navel towards her crotch. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed just above her vagina. bursa merkez eskort As he found her clit with his lips, he pushed his tongue against it and started licking more quickly. She reacted suddenly, driving her crotch into his face. He brought his hand up and used a finger to part her vulva lips, pushing inside, feeling her wetness. She cried out with pleasure as he pushed a finger inside her tight wet channel. He lifted up and pushed his finger deeper inside her, finding and caressing the spongy front wall of her vagina, her G-Spot. Then, as he flicked her clit with his tongue, he thrust his finger back and forth inside her vagina, against her G-Spot. She groaned with pleasure. He pulled his finger out and then used two fingers, pushing them both back into her tight wetness. Her vulva lips were slick around them as he fucked her with his fingers. He thought about burying his cock into this slick but tight channel and his penis throbbed in his pants.

She felt the pleasure building in her thighs, climbing gradually towards her climax. Then he drilled two fingers against her G-Spot and her heart pounded in her chest as she got closer and closer. “Oh god, please keep going” she breathed. She needed to cum so badly. He was driving his fingers in and out of her pussy, flicking her clit with his tongue and then suddenly she felt his other hand reaching and he was caressing her boob and then he found her nipple and gently squeezed. Her mind went blank as her climax hit and the pleasure roared up from her crotch, her body convulsing in pleasure. Her first orgasm was long and delicious, weeks of tension exploding out of her body and she screamed with pleasure. Fuck, this is what she needed.

As he felt her convulse with pleasure, she drove her crotch up into his face and her pussy tightened around his fingers and she screamed. Then his fingers were soaked as her vaginal juices flowed. She was breathing hard, catching her breath and then she told him to go easy on her sensitive clit. Slowly he stood up. His hardness was bulging in his underpants, he was so turned-on.

As she calmed down and he stood at the end of the bed between her thighs, she sat up and looked up at him. “I need you inside me” she said. She urgently found his belt buckle and undid his pants and as she unzipped them, the zipper traced down over a solid pole of muscle in his underpants. She could barely contain her excitement at the thought of his cock filling her up. She pulled his pants down and his hardness bulged in his grey underpants, hard but trapped inside. He stepped back, unbuttoned and took his shirt off. Then he jumped onto the bed next to her, lying back onto the pillows. She climbed up to him, admiring the now erect tent in his underpants.

As he lay back on the bed, she slowly ran her fingers over his chest and down to his stomach and the waistband of his underpants. Then she started to pull his underpants down and she expertly lifted the waistband over the end of his cock, her fingers brushing the tip. He was really turned-on and rock hard and the mushroom-shaped bulbous head of his cock was shiny and purple. Her eyes fixed on his cock and she smiled. Then her head went down, and he felt her luscious red lips on the tip of his penis. Then she took his solid glans in her mouth, lips around the shaft below his corona, tongue pressed firmly on the pleasure zone on the underneath of his cock. It felt amazing. Her long dark hair covered her face and he reached down and gently moved the hair so he could watch.

He was so big and hard in her mouth as she sucked on the bulbous glans of his cock. It filled her mouth, and she was nervous about taking him too deep into her mouth. Also, she wanted to feel him inside her and couldn’t risk him coming too soon. After sucking on his mushroom-shaped head for a minute or so, the excitement of his hardness was too much for her. Knowing he was watching, she angled her mouth and drove the end of his cock into her cheek, knowing the visual for him would be so erotic. Then she let him go and pulled the underpants down his legs and climbed up, sitting on his legs just below his balls.

He was disappointed that she stopped sucking him, but then she sat on his legs gripping his cock and drove her crotch into his balls. She looked incredible, long dark hair flowing over her shoulders, beautiful big breasts jutting out in front of her, nipples hard. He hips were rounded and her stomach was flat. She rubbed the end of his cock against her flat stomach. She looked up at him and her eyes were filled with lust. He was so hard, and his cock throbbed in her hands. Then, she lifted herself up and gripped the shaft of his cock with one hand and pointed the tip of his penis towards the tight wet entrance to her body. She rubbed his glans against her clit and then against her labia. The end of his penis looked obscenely huge compared to the small entrance to her vagina. Her eyes flicked up and now she looked nervous. Then she slotted the solid purple end of his cock against her labia, and he felt the delicious wet bursa sınırsız escort heat of her body as she very slowly pushed down.

She was nervous a bit about his size, but she remembered how good it felt last time when he filled her up. As she rubbed his glans against her labia the heat of his cock felt amazing and then she very slowly pushed herself onto his knob. The huge bulbous end pierced her pussy lips and started to spread the entrance to her channel open. It hurt a little so she stopped with only two inches inside her, so she could get used to his size. Then she continued to impale herself on his huge cock, pushing down slowly, feeling the rock-hard organ spreading the walls of her vagina. She stopped again when the ridge of his corona hit her G-Spot and rocked a little on this pleasure point. Then she continued downwards until she felt his cockhead right up against her cervix and his balls hitting her buttocks. He was filling her up, it felt like he was almost in her chest and she sighed with pleasure.

“Oh my God, Nick, your cock feels so good filling me up!” she said. The wet tightness of her body felt amazing as she impaled herself on his penis. He waited to let her settle on his organ, adjust to its size inside her, but really, he was dying for her to fuck him. To let her be in control of her pleasure and use this part of his body to get herself off. She lifted up again and he looked down and could see his pole of muscle connecting their two bodies and then she pounded down again, yelping with pleasure as his cock plunged deep into her vagina. He reached down with both hands and held her hips and then grabbed her buttocks. She angled herself backwards and threw her head back and then started moving more quickly, pounding up and down on his cock. He ran his fingers up her body to her wonderful breasts which jutted out in front of her, and he took both of them in his hands, feeling the soft fullness and massaging her nipples.

His big cock felt so good inside her and she leant back to drive the ridge of his bulbous glans against her G-Spot. She lifted up again and slowly drove down on to him. Since the time in his office, she had wanted to have him again. He tweaked her nipples which felt amazing. There it is, she thought, there’s the spot and she rode it, only moving slightly, the bulging knob of his cock in the right place, the ridge of his corona so solid and wide and she felt an electric feeling in her thighs. This one was going to be so good, she thought, his big circumcised cock hitting the right place. She drove against it, again and again as she felt the wonderful sensation rising, I’ve got to get there, it feels so good. She reached down and to her clit, come on…come on…closer…the hard ridge of his dick hitting her G-Spot. Then she felt him tweak her nipples again – which were now as hard as bullets – just as she touched her clit and she drove against his thick bulging hardness in her cunt and the electricity shot through her body, her mind went blank, and she heard herself scream. She lost all ability to breathe, to function, as all her being was focused on the unbelievable pleasure shooting from her pussy, rippling across her thighs and convulsing through her whole body. Her cunt tightened, squeezing his dick and he felt impossibly huge inside her. She tumbled forward on top of him.

She looked amazing as she rode his cock, eyes closed as she focused on fucking him, her mouth half-closed as she bit her lip in concentration. Her long dark hair cascading down over her shoulders and her beautiful breasts felt so full, nipples so hard, as she drove herself to orgasm. Her thrusts became more erratic as she got closer and then he felt her channel squeezing his cock and she screamed with pleasure. Her body shook and her cunt throbbed around him and then she collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily and the wetness of her pussy juices trickled onto his crotch.

He let her recover from her orgasm and then he grabbed her hips and gently pushed her off his cock and over onto her back. He climbed on top of her and started to kiss her breasts, alternating between left and right and focusing on her nipples. His penis was impossibly hard and wet with her juices and he felt it brush the inside of her thigh. He was waiting for her to be ready.

She lay back and let him play with her tits. Soon she was ready for him again and she slowly reached down to grab his cock. It was wet from her pussy juice and it felt so big and hard. She ran her hand down the shaft and felt his balls underneath, they were big also, full of his cum! She held the shaft and rubbed the mushroom-shaped end against her clit, the heat of his cock electrifying her nub of pleasure. Then she spread her legs wider and pointed the bulbous end of his organ at her labia, the entrance to her body. He lifted himself up and looked in her eyes. Then he slowly pushed forwards and the thick end of his penis pierced her pussy lips, spreading her open as he penetrated her. The entrance to her vagina felt so full as the first two inches of his cock pushed into her body. Then he pulled back and she felt empty as his bulbous glans left her pussy lips. “Give it to me” she said. She felt him push back inside her and then he wasn’t stopping, and it felt like he was splitting her open again as he pushed all seven inches of length of his organ into her. She groaned with pleasure.

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