Tiffany’s Seductress

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Big Tits

Sketchy Advertising

Tiffany lived at home with her mom and older sister as a way to save money during college. Their mother, Melissa, was in her mid-forties and worked as an accountant. She saw this stay-at-home approach as a way to help her daughters into their early careers without taking on too much debt. Both Tiffany and her sister, Silvia, had most of their tuition paid by scholarships while minimizing loans. Silvia had shared how relieved she was about this as she went about finishing up her last year.

Tiffany was in her junior year. Not to be outdone by her sister, she wanted to be efficient with her time. And since she wasn’t working, she took on a heavier course load. Her lack of other activities reflected this. No hobbies. No dating. Just studying.

Tiffany put down her Intro to Psych book for the night. Her bookmark held her spot on Pavlovian responses. She browsed through news sites, letting her mind relax. As she scrolled down the page, she noticed an ad with a picture of an early-twenties woman who looked a lot like herself. The woman was cute, slim-figured and had shortish dark hair. The ad read: “Relieve your stress in under a minute.” Tiffany mindlessly clicked.

The page read: “Featuring an ultra-discreet silent mode and four hours of play, the Seductress CLASSIC stimulates the clitoris with 11 levels of intense waves. Without any direct contact, Seductive Air Technology’s alternating pressure massages without numbing. Get ready to discover new peaks of orgasm. Classic model on sale for $69. Free express shipping for the next 24 hours.” There was a countdown next to the item that read 23:24:21 and ticked downward.

‘Holy shit, the internet is fucking with me,’ Tiffany thought. She closed her browser.

Tiffany did feel sexually frustrated, but she didn’t think it was any of Big Internet’s business to know about it. Aside from not dating, it took her at least an hour to make herself orgasm. Well, to make herself kind of orgasm. Calling it an orgasm was maybe too generous. Every time she started to hurry things up, her clit just felt overstimulated and she had to stop. It was an exercise in futility more than anything.

This just put her in a never-ending loop of feeling frustrated, making herself horny, and then having to stop. She felt like she was horny enough to cum every day–if she could actually cum. Maybe even more than once a day. Instead, she had to settle for just making an attempt MAYBE once every week or two. With so much work, it was hard to set aside a whole hour to masturbate. And with such poor results!

‘That’s enough for tonight,’ Tiffany thought. She took her regular dose of melatonin–the only thing getting her to sleep through her horniness.


Late-Night Shopping

Tiffany blinked opened her eyes as she found herself suddenly awake. Drowsy, she turned to her clock. It read 4 a.m. She knew right away why she woke. Her crotch was drenched. She’d have to take more melatonin. “Are you fucking kidding me?” Tiffany asked her vagina aloud.

Tiffany sighed and started slowly, feeling around her clit. She could feel it swell further. She let her fingers continue this slow caressing for a few minutes while touching her breasts. She slid her fingers inside. They came out as wet as if she’d been sucking them each individually.

‘Just need to ease into it,’ Tiffany thought, closing her eyes to focus. She started to build up. Her clit was now pounding as she started to rub a bit harder. And in an instant, too sensitive. She clinched her fists in frustration.

“Fuuuck! Goddamnit,” she yelled into her pillow. Another fucking orgasm denied.

Tiffany opened up her laptop and into her browser history. “Where the fuck are you, you stupid Seductress?” she asked her screen. “What a dumbass fucking name. But where the fuck are you?”

There it was, next to the timer counting down. 18:07:11. The Seductress was curved, had an ergonomic handle with this weird protrusion on one side that looked almost like a hollow eye-socket. Tiffany looked around the site, seeing the notice about discrete shipping. She didn’t want her mom or sister knowing about this. It would be too embarrassing.

Tiffany went back and read the item listing. “No direct contact, huh?” she mumbled. “Well, you better fucking work.” Tiffany clicked add to cart and got out her credit card. She didn’t have much extra money, but she felt this would be put to good use. At least she hoped.


A New Phone App

Tiffany sat at the dinner table with her sister and mom. She pulled out her phone, going through her email to check if there was an update from any of her classes.

“Hey, let me show you this cool ringtone app I found,” Silvia barked to Tiffany as she leaned over and snatched up her phone.

“Hey!” Tiffany said, giving her sister an astonished look. “Maybe ask first?”

“Silvia!” Melissa scolded her daughter.

“It’ll only be a moment, and it’s really cool,” Silvia protested as she sunk Magosa Escort back in her chair guarding her sister’s phone. “Look, I’ve already got it installing. You can set it for calls or texts or whatever. Here, watch this,” Silvia said going through the app. She leaned towards her sister.

Silvia playfully spoke into Tiffany’s phone, “Hey, Tiff, it’s Silvia, your sexxxy sister, bitch!”

“Inappropriate, Silvia. Now give your sister back her phone.”

“It’s fine, mom. Whatever, it’s fine,” Tiffany relented.

“See? She says it’s fine!” Silvia cried. She calmed her voice. “Now you leave a message, mom. You can even leave a nicer one than mine.”

Tiffany gave her mom a reluctant nod.

“Fine, give it here.” Melissa took Tiffany’s phone from her daughter and spoke sweetly, “Honey, it’s your mom. I love you.”

“Aww, how cute!” Silvia teased, passing the phone from her mom to Tiffany. “Now you’ll get to hear us every time we text. The app is a little weird, so the settings can be finicky. Two and half stars! But it’s good overall. Those other reviewers don’t know any better.”

“And on that note, I think I’ll get to studying,” Tiffany said, getting up and starting up the stairs.

“Tiffany!” Melissa called. “I don’t want to disturb you while you’re studying. I’ll go ahead and just text you if I need anything. I hope Silvia didn’t mess up your phone.”

“I’ll text, too!” Silvia yelled, walking up to Tiffany. “Don’t work too hard, bitch!” Silvia smacked her sister hard, square on the ass as she emphasized the word ‘bitch.’

“What the hell?” Melissa scolded her daughter.

“Jesus Christ, mom. I’m just fucking with her. She knows I’m just fucking with her,” Silvia said dramatically as she shook her head. “Tiff, you know I’m just fucking with you, don’t you, bitch?” Silvia smiled again as she finished the word bitch, staring at her sister.

“Listen, I know you’re both adults now, but do you have to treat other like that?” Melissa asked.

Tiffany bent over the railing, her butt cheeks lifting slightly in the air as she held her upper body firm with her abs. “Mom, she’s fine.”

Melissa took Tiffany’s face in her hands, her eyes wide, and gave her a quick, playful kiss on the mouth. “I love you,” Melissa said to her daughter. “And yes, I’ll lighten up. Now get upstairs and earn those good grades.” Melissa paused as she thought about how she could sound cool to her daughters. “Bitch!”

Tiffany laughed as she finished up the stairs. “That’s what I’m talking about, Mom! You gotta lighten up!”

Tiffany read in her room for the next few hours and crashed. Feeling adventurous, she tried to masturbate again. But like the last night–and years before, frankly–she was just as unsuccessful at cumming.


Expedited Delivery

Tiffany looked down at her phone as she walked home from school. She opened her email and saw the subject line “Delivered.” Her heart began pounding. Opening up the email, it read, “We hope you enjoy your Seductress as much as the rest of our customers.” One testimonial in the email read, “I never came so fucking quickly and hard in my whole goddamn life!”

“Holy shit,” Tiffany said to herself. She felt her face go flush.

Approaching her home, she noticed a package on her porch. “Amazing Engineering USA Ltd.” it read.

“This must be it,” Tiffany murmured. Her pussy already felt wet. She could feel the fabric of her panties absorbing her arousal. ‘God damn, this better fucking making me cum,’ Tiffany said in her head, closing her eyes. She quickly grabbed her box and started straight upstairs to her room.

Tiffany excitedly swung her door shut, wincing as it slammed. ‘Damn it, this is not how to be quiet,’ she thought.

She threw her phone on her bed and tore open the package. It looked innocent enough, though kinda weird. She looked at the book. Apparently it senses when your clit is over the eye-looking thing and there’s just two buttons for intensity.

Tiffany stood over her bed and pulled down her jeans and panties. She looked down and could see strings of wetness extending from her pussy to her panties. It was like her pussy was drooling over whatever present it was expecting to receive.

Tiffany bent over her bed, her pussy visible from behind, and took the Seductress toy in her hands. Turning it on, it was quiet, just like the description said. Staring at the toy, she said to herself, “Let’s get this party started.”

Downstairs, Melissa turned to Silvia, “Do you want to tell your sister we’re gonna eat soon and to come down? If not, I can text her.”

“I think she’s studying already, mom,” Silvia said. She turned and quietly mumbled, “No, no, I’ll text her.”

Melissa didn’t notice her daughter’s mumbling.

Oblivious to the outside world, Tiffany, felt the Seductress blowing and singing the sexiest fucking hymns in the world to her clit. It felt like she just started and already she was ready to cum. Kıbrıs Escort Unlike before, this was unmistakable. She bit her lip hard enough to break the skin.

As Tiffany started the hardest–and really the first–orgasm of her life, her phone buzzed. She heard her sister’s voice, “Hey, Tiff, it’s Silvia, your sexxxy sister, bitch.” Silvia’s face entered her mind as she came. “Fuuuuuuuck,” Tiffany moaned.

“Hey, Tiff, it’s Silvia, your sexxxy sister, bitch,” her phone repeated. She panted against her phone’s screen, just inches from her face.

“Are you coming or what?” her sister’s text read on her phone’s screen.

“Hurry up, bitch!” read the next line.

Tiffany came again, hard, as she read her sister’s words, Silvia’s voice still in the air. Her ass flexed as she pumped her hips against the Seductress. “Fuuuuuck me,” she whimpered.

Tiffany’s pussy seemed to flood her juices all over the toy as she suddenly heard her mother’s voice from her phone. “Honey, it’s your mom. I love you.” Tiffany’s mouth opened, deep exhales come from her lungs. “Fuuuuuck, Mom! Fuuuuck mmeeee!” she screamed into the blankets as she thrusted her hips forward. She couldn’t stop her orgasm if she wanted to. It was here, completely enveloping her. Her muscles clinched as she came.

Tiffany felt tears come to her eyes as she saw her mom’s face, her breasts. She came again, just as hard as the last, her hips frantically pressing forward feeling the magical wind instrument playing its solo on her clit. Her hand was covered in her cum as she read her mom’s text. “We’re ready for you, sweetheart!” Her pussy pulsated in its contractions as she read the last line. She saw both her mom and her sister in her head as the first wave of aftershocks jolted her in spasms. Both her mom and sister were naked, their pussies exposed, swollen, wet. Their fingers pressed on each other’s skin.

Tiffany let the Seductress fall from her hands and rolled over to her back, feeling the residual waves roll though her. “Ww What…” Another aftershock as she quivered her lips. “What the fuck just happened?” she quietly asked herself. She brought her hand to her face in shock.

‘Act. Act normal,’ Tiffany thought, bringing her panties and jeans over her butt. Her hands shook as she fumbled trying to zip her fly and her mind panicked. ‘Fucking fingers are slippery, goddamnit! Not the way I envisioned cumming. What the fuck! What the fuck!’

Tiffany came downstairs, jittery. She sat down at the dinner table, avoiding eye contact with her sister and mom.

Silvia walked over to her sister and smeared her hand against the side of her cheek. “Why the hell’s your face all wet? And why’s your lip bleeding?” Tiffany froze as her sister looked her over. “Whatever,” Silvia said dismissively, turning away.



That night, Tiffany stared at the clock from her bed. 1:30 a.m. Her mind had been racing for the last two hours. ‘How could my first real orgasm, my first fucking amazing orgasm, happen like this?’

She also couldn’t stop thinking how amazing it felt. And that made her horny, horny enough to override everything else. ‘Fuck it,’ Tiffany thought. ‘I’m going to make sure I feel how I should without having to feel weird about it. I need to take control of this.’ Tiffany reached by her bed for the Seductress.

She could feel the magical sensation on her clit immediately. When she turned the intensity up, it didn’t feel overwhelming, not like when she touched herself. It just got her to a place she’d never been before until today, a place she never knew existed. It was orgasm heaven. And it didn’t take long to get there.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming already,’ Tiffany thought. She could feel her pussy about to take off as she cupped her breast with her other hand.

And just then she heard her sister’s recorded voice come from her phone. “Hey, Tiff, it’s Silvia, your sexxxy sister, bitch.”

Before Tiffany could even get to her phone, she could feel the first intense orgasm hit. “Wwhat the fuuuuck, si… sis?” Tiffany said as she squeezed her eyelids tightly, her body forcing another orgasm on her. Her body went into a ball. Her mouth stretched open, still mid-orgasm and gasping.

Tiffany dropped the Seductress. It rolled off the bed and clunked onto the floor. She got to her phone just as she heard her mom’s voice. “Honey, it’s your mom. I love you.” As her mother’s words, “I love you” came out, she felt like she could make herself cum again. She stuck her fingers in her pussy and started to hump her own hand so that her palm rubbed against her clit. “Fuuuuck! Mommmm! Fuuuuck!” Tears streamed from her eyes as she came.

Some moments passed. Finally, the orgasms stopped. Tiffany began to catch her breath. ‘Shit, I didn’t even have to use the toy that last time,’ she thought.

Tiffany laid awake for another minute or two, trying to figure out what was going on. But her muscles were too tired, mainly Lefkoşa Escort from how hard she was clenching her ass cheeks as she fucked herself. She passed out.


Calling In An Expert

That night, Tiffany dreamed about her mother and sister. Her mom reached over to kiss her on the mouth. “Honey, I love you,” she said. But her kiss was too strong. She felt her mom’s tongue press against hers. She was aggressive.

“It’s your sexxxy sister, bitch!” Tiffany heard from behind. Her sister’s hand smacked hard on her right ass cheek and began to squeeze. Melissa’s tongue continued to push its way around her mouth. Her sister’s fingers were moving, too. They weren’t on her butt anymore. They were, they were moving in and out of her pussy. “I’m going to fuck you, sis,” Silvia said with her mouth right against Tiffany’s ear. “Mom and I are going to fuck you until you cum.” And although Tiffany could sense she was dreaming, she could feel an orgasm start to come over her. It felt so real, powerful as her sister fucked her with her fingers. The Silvia in her dream was right. She would make her cum, just like she said.

Tiffany woke mid-orgasm. Droplets of sweat stood out on her small breasts. “Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck,” she repeated to herself, squeezing her eyes shut. She tried her best to refocus as the aftershocks of her orgasm forced their way through her.

She took deep breaths until her orgasm finished. She saw the clock read 7:48 a.m. ‘Thaat’s enough sleep,’ she thought. As she pulled off the covers, she saw her bed sheets were drenched. It wasn’t just sweat or even the leftover mess from her late-night orgasm, she realized. This was from her dream. And she didn’t just cum again. She came again a lot.

Tiffany stood up and gathered her sheets in her arms, taking them off the bed. She had them balled up in front of her and she leaned her face in. Out of curiosity, she inhaled. ‘Wow, these definitely smell like my pussy,’ she thought as she set them in the hamper in the hallway.

She put on new sheets and thought for a moment. Then an idea hit her.

Tiffany grabbed her psych book and looked at the chapter on conditioning and started reading out the summary section at the end: “There are two types of conditioning: operant and classical. Operant conditioning involves reinforcement and punishment of a behavior that causes the subject to choose to engage or not engage in a specific behavior, respectively. Classical conditioning, on the other hand, is an elicited response and not a behavior choice. This involves pairing a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus so that the conditioned stimulus produces the same response as the unconditioned stimulus.”

Tiffany looked up for a moment. ‘What the fuck did I just read?’ she thought, processing the information. She sat for a moment, focused and thinking through the problem.

‘Okay, this is definitely classical conditioning,’ she thought. ‘Because I’m definitely not choosing to cum thinking about my mom and sister.’

She looked at the toy on the floor by her bed and continued her thought, ‘Pussy whisperer over there must be the unconditioned stimulus because I was going to cum no matter what with that damn thing. It didn’t need pairing with anything. And my orgasm of a lifetime was the unconditioned response.’

Tiffany looked at her phone. ‘And that fucking app with my mom’s and sister’s voice. That must be the conditioned stimulus. When that went off right before I came, that must have paired them.’

Tiffany opened up her book again. ‘Now how do I stop cumming to my mom and sister? Where the fuck’s that chapter?’ She looked at the section titled behavior extinction and read: “To cause a conditioned response to stop, the conditioned stimulus must continue to be presented without the unconditioned stimulus. This must be done repeatedly until the conditioned response goes away.”

‘Wait a minute,’ Tiffany thought. ‘To get this to stop, I have to keep cumming to my Mom and sister’s voice? You know what, fuck this. I’ll just ask my professor. Maybe she’ll know a workaround.’

Tiffany looked through her Psychology syllabus to search for her professor’s office hours. ‘Look at that, she has office hours in the morning,’ she thought. ‘I’ll just call her now.’

Tiffany dialed the number on her cell. “Yes, this is Dr. Partley,” her professor answered.

“Hi, Dr. Partley. This is Tiffany. I’m in your afternoon psych class. I had a question about some of the material. Is that okay?”

“Sure, though you’ll have to forgive me,” Dr. Partley replied. “Some of our classes are large and I can’t remember everyone’s name and face all the time. What are you having trouble with?”

That she may not know exactly who she was relieved Tiffany a bit. “Yeah, don’t worry about it. So, I’m trying to figure out the nuances of extinction within classical conditioning,” Tiffany said. “Is there a way to do that without having to repeatedly present the conditioned stimulus so you keep getting the conditioned response over and over?”

Tiffany clarified the meaning in her head, ‘I’d rather not have to keep cumming thinking about my mom and sister as part of the path to stop cumming thinking about my mom and sister.’ That solution sounded too weird.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32