Tied to Each Other Ch. 01

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I had been thinking about it for the past couple of weeks. Now, stuck in traffic, in the rain, going no place fast, I thought about it again. Our marriage was just like this traffic, going no place fast. I felt we needed something to spice it up a bit. Put the excitement back into our lives. Get passionate about something. Hell, just get passionate about each other that would be a major improvement. I guess it was the seven year itch or something, but I felt we were missing something out of our lives. I decided that tonight was going to be the night. Tonight we put our marriage back on track and fall in love all over again. Or at the very least, I’ll get laid. It seems like a win/win situation.

Forty minutes later, and having to pass two grueling accidents, I found myself pulling into the driveway. I did not feel as confident as I did a while back, but, like it or not, get ready ‘cause here I come.

I found Gina sitting in front of the TV with her eyes glued to the tube. Some silly ass British gay talk show host was interviewing Dolly Parton. He was calling women who make a living impersonating Dolly and telling them that Dolly was an imitator of herself and how did she sound. Interesting, I guess, knowing that all of Dolly was as real as the day is long. Outside of that, I had some business to conduct here tonight.

“Traffic bad”, she called out over her shoulder as I poured myself a something to drink.

“Its nuts out there, first rain of the year and people have to learn how to drive again.”

She made a little noise of agreement and I went into the bedroom and began to change my clothes. In a moment, (commercial most likely), she came in to give me a little kiss.

“How was your day, sweetie?”

“Just fine, honey, and you”, I asked?

“The usual,” she kissed me on the cheek and took my pants and neatly folded them and put them over a chair. I sat on the edge of the bed and had a hang dog _expression on my face. “What’s up, baby. Hard day at the office,” and she sat next to me and put her arm around me. I guess this was my chance to broach the subject matter.

“Honey,” I began not knowing how to really talk about this kind of stuff, “are you satisfied with our marriage?”

She froze. I can only imagine every fear she ever had about anything getting wildly out of proportion.

“Why,” she had a hurt tone to her voice, “Yes. Yes I am satisfied with our marriage.” There was an empty silence before she asked the logical follow up question, “Are you satisfied with our marriage?” She was on the verge of tears, afraid that we would loose each other and end up divorced or worse. “Honey,” I continued, “I love you. I love you very much. However,” she was watching my every move, petrified to move, “for the last year or so it’s been somewhat routine”, for lack of a better word.

“Routine” she asked?

“I mean, I come home you kiss me on the cheek. We exchange pleasantries eat dinner and go to bed.” I was trying to find the words to express myself. “There’s got to be something more than that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember when we first were going out with each other and how we couldn’t wait to see each other. Being away from each other was a pain we had to endure so we could be together always.”

I saw a light click inside her head, “You mean when we would find places to go to be by ourselves and have sex.”

“Exactly” I said. We had a passion about life. We had a passion about each other. Everyday was an adventure to be with each other, and every night was like heaven.”

“I think I know what you’re getting at.” She was a bright woman and knew the way I thought. Hell, were married. That happens. A ray of hope entered me like a bolt of lightning.

“I think your talking about our sex life,” she said.

“Exactly,” I said.

“I know it’s not been as active lately,” she began, “but we can do it more often if you like. Every day, every night and day if that would make you happy.” She felt a little guilty about her lack of libido in the past year or so.

“Oh honey,” I knew she was getting it, but not quite there yet, “It’s not only the sex, it’s the way we approach sex.” She had a confused look on her face so I continued, “I want to change the way we have sex.”

“Change,” she sounded out of her element, “like what kind of change are you talking about?”

“I was thinking that we could spice up our sex life a little using a different way we do things.”

“What are you talking about, dear?” Kadıköy Escort She had a way of cutting to the case. “Just tell me what you want to do and we’ll do it.”

“Oh baby,” I hugged her, “you’re the greatest”. I planted a wet sloppy kiss on her mouth and she looked like she felt a little better about the idea. “OK, what do you want me to do,” she was warming up to the idea.

“Do you still have that bustier we got in Colorado?”

“You mean the red one with the fish net stockings and all that stuff?”

“The very same, how about slipping into something like that and we work our a few fantasies?”

“Fantasies”, she looked up at me with questioning eyes?

“I want to have you as my love slave,” I told her.

She giggled like a little girl, relieved that I only wanted some kinky sex from her and not a divorce. She hopped up and went carousing through the hallway closet for the sexy red bustier we got in some tourist town in Colorado that sold this kind of stuff to tourists so they could see what it was like to be a bar girl in an 1880 mining town. I bought it for her and we took a few photos in the hotel room complete with feather boa and all. I felt a kind of excitement building up with the anticipation of what was to come and I went about getting the tools ready.

I found a couple of silk scarf’s that I could use and her dildo that would come in handy. I also found a large feather. I had no idea what I would do with it, but I put it on the night table by the bed. It was then I realized that I was in my boxer shorts and still had my button down shirt and tie on. I stripped them off and found myself a pair of Speedo trunks. Hey, you’ve got to improvise when your spur of the moment. The trunks fit tight and showed a predominant bulge in front. I am kind of big, like say fourteen inches and thick like two skinny dicks side by side. Gina always like that, I could reach her pussy from any angle possible. She did have a lot of trouble fitting me inside of her when I did get her. Oh, that reminded me; I got some baby oil out for lubricant. You never know. I sat on the edge of the bed and listened to her in the bathroom getting ready. I knew she would be sure the make up was right and her perfume just so. She was not overly vane, but she was a women and women like to be seen in the best light possible. I lit up a cigarette and waited.

She stuck one fishnet stocking clad leg into the room first. Then she slid the rest of her into the room. The bustier formed a cup for her breasts and was just a touch small for her. This caused her nipples to poke over the black lace trimming of the bright red bustier. She had found a pair of deep red panties to match and the black of the fishnet stockings set off the whiteness of her legs. She had on a pair of high heels and walked into the room as if she were auditioning for a part in Gypsy. The effect causes me to stir a bit in my Speedos. I stood up and approached her and took her by her elbows and bent my head to meet her nipples. I lightly kissed them and took one into my mouth and gave it a slight suck and released it through my teeth giving her a slight bite.

“Ohhhhh” and she shook her torso so as to give a jiggle to her tits. “I think I like this,” she said.

I let my left hand drift to the silk panties and I ran my hand along the length of her pussy and I watched her suck in her breath. I led her to the edge of the bed and took one of the scarf’s and tied her wrists together in front of her. She said nothing, but her eyes were wide with wonder. I gently pushed her onto the bed and laid her flat on her back.

I ran my hands along the length of her body starting at the inside of the kneecap and along the inner thigh, along her pussy, past her belie button and up to her nipples which I pinched lightly. She had a smile on her face and her eyes were half closed savoring the touch. I raised her arms above her head and ran my hands down the insides of her arms and along her arm pits, down her sides, across her hips and had them meet in the center of her red silk panties. She spread her legs open for me, keeping her arms above her head with her eyes now closed as she exhaled a long breath of air. I bent down and kissed her deeply on the lips, using my tongue to wrestle with her tongue. As I did this I took another scarf from the night table and ran it under and between her bound wrists. I let up a bit and she had a dreamy _expression on her face as she watched me tie her to the head board of our bed. Ataşehir Escort I had to lean across her to do so and the bulge in my Speedos came close to her face, she turned her head and playfully bit me through my trunks. As I knotted the last scarf she was trying to pull my Speedos down with her teeth.

“Go for it girl,” I encouraged her. It was like bobbing for apples for here.

She tried to angle her body into a better position for pulling this side down and then shift her position to get the other side. After ten minutes of effort on her part she succeeded in reveling the Head and top third of my penis, the Speedos pressing it against my lower abdomen. Her effort was not lost on me, because I was growing as she pulled on my Speedos.

“MMMMM, how yummy,” she said and she got her mouth around the head of my dick and she used that to force the Speedos down around my balls. She started to lick me up and down my shaft which caused me to stiffen up.

I began to feel her through her red panties. I really like the feel of the silk on her skin. It slides without resistance and felt so smooth. I found her clit underneath the silk and focused on that. I was now leaning over Gina as she worked her mouth along my cock. I cradled her head so that she could wrap her mouth around the head of my dick and suck on me. She began to make moaning sound through her sucking sounds. That’s when I got an idea for the feather. I interrupted our interlude and retrieved the feather from the night stand. Her eyes were half closed in a dreamy state until she saw the feather. She brighten up and took notice. With her arms bound she could only receive what I dished out. I used the feather to glide by the face and neck, across the collar bone and along the nipples of her breasts, (which perked them up rather fast) and made the circuit several times with her very satisfied by the results. I then slid her beautiful red silk panties off and cast them aside. I parted her legs using the feather along the inside of her thighs. Then I ran the feather along her vaginal slit and watched as her pelvis reached up to grab the last of the feather as it made it’s pass. I used the feather on her for another twenty minutes or so and she was breathing hard and grinding her hips trying to snap at the feather with her legs each time she would open like a flower when I made the pass between her legs. He breasts actually seemed to grow larger as she progressed along and her nipples were rock hard. Her eyes were beginning to roll up in her head and she was just on the edge of climax but the feather was just not enough to get her there. “Should I lick your pussy,” I asked?

“MMmmm yes, please lick my pussy, yes please!’

“If I lick your pussy will you let me fuck you in the ass?”

“Oh baby, I’ve never done that. Just lick my pussy, please.”

“I will lick your pussy if you let in the back door.”

“Your too big for me in my pussy, you’ll kill me in my ass. Come on baby, jus lick me, please.”

I passed the feather along the inside of her thighs and dragged it across her clit and she shuttered. I reached down and gently pinched her nipple and she shuttered again.

“Come on baby, give me that big fat old monster cock of yours and I’ll suck you dry. All I want is for you to lick me, baby. Jus lick me, honey, please.” She caught my dick as it lay next to her head and took me in her mouth and sucked me with feeling.

“Honey, the rules tonight are, I make the rules. I promise I won’t hurt you; it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Especially, with my beautiful wife; if you say yes, I will go down on you right now and make sure you come like you never have before.”

While she though about that I worked the feather some more.

“Ok, ok, ok, if you promise not to hurt me.”

“I promise”, I made a cross over my heart.

“Now suck my pussy!”

I did as she asked. I parted her legs and positioned myself between them and started by licking her from bottom to top and back again. I took a couple of my fingers and put them insider of her and found her clit and sucked on it. She let out a wail and clamped her legs around my ears while pushing up on her pelvis and twisting her entire body like a pretzel. I hung on for the ride with one arm around her hips and the other still with my fingers inside of her. I used my fingers inside of her in kind of a tickling motion and kept them moving and I never let go of her clit. It was a good thing that she was anchored to the Maltepe Escort head board otherwise we would have been launched into orbit.

She seemed to calm down after several minutes of this and relaxed her legs. Her High heels were dug into the bed spread like tent spikes. Her chest was heaving and her tits were jiggling with the effort she gave to get her breath back.

I figured that this would be a good time to introduce her to the pleasures of anal sex. I stuck my index finger up her ass. She squirmed a little as I worked my index finger around her anus. I then grabbed the dildo of the night stand and inserted it into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh,” she made a moan with both pleasure and pain in it. I worked the dildo in and out of her wet pussy as I began to dilate her ass. I used a little baby oil on my fingers and used a couple in her ass. The baby oil made my job a lot smoother and she began to relax a little and just let it happen. I enjoyed seeing her so wrapped up in self pleasure that it actually got me hard as a rock. I like the sounds she makes and the smell of her sweat and her wetness. I wanted to ram myself up her ass right now, but she was not ready and I had no desire to hurt her at all.

I really wanted to sink my dick into some part of her right at that moment so I decided to try and get two things done at once. I covered the dildo with baby oil and worked it little by little into her ass. She was trying to help me by adjusting her body to accommodate more of the dildo. She finally just lifted her legs straight up and let me shove the entire dildo up her ass. With her legs up like that I just had to have her right now. My rock hard dick was waving in front of me like a red cape in a bull fight. With the dildo fully inserted inside her ass I brought her legs to rest on my shoulders and with the reach I had I put the head of my dick into her sopping wet pussy.

“Ohhhh God” she cried out!

“Yeah baby,” I said as I started to move myself in and out of her.

“Holy Shit!” She yelled between gasps.

“Do ya like this, baby?”

“OHHHH, YEAH, BABY, fill me up!”

I began to rock back and forth sliding the full length of me in and out of her pussy. Each time I hit the zenith of my inbound thrust, she let out a “HA”, her eyes were rolling inside her head and she was tossing her head from side to side.

“Ha, Ha, Ha, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” She was in the climax of her orgasm and every fibber of her was feeling it. It pulsated throughout her down to the toes sitting on my shoulders. She managed to shot the dildo out of her ass and into the bed spread. Every muscle in her tightened and then relaxed.

I laid her legs to one side causing the rest of her to roll on her right side. I saw that her asshole was fully dilated and as ready as it ever was going to be for me. I lay beside her and I raised her left leg up and kept it there with my left leg. I then took my cock in had and made sure it was covered in baby oil and began to slide right inside of her. I was braced for a series of objections from Gina but instead she, with effort, began to push her ass right onto my dick and she took all of me in. “UHHHHHHHH” and she began to fuck my dick like she’d been doing it all her life. I held her leg up in the air and met her incoming ass with the length of my shaft. I could feel her on my dick and the feeling it gave me is indescribable. My whole body was involved in this, every thing, all my muscles, every thing. She slid up and down my dick and every time she did I was that much closer to cumming. Soon we found that this position was not working for us and we needed a little more purchase for better penetration. Without pulling out of her I put her leg down and I helped her on to her knees. She bent her torso down onto the bedspread and I grabbed her hips and rammed her and rammed her and rammed her. She was making that sound again, “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,” and I was making a sound, “Ah, Ah, Ah,”. The cheeks of her ass shook violently each time our two bodies met, preventing any deeper penetration. The vibration did not stop by the next time and so her pretty little ass was vibrating and she was experiencing wave after wave of such an intense feeling, orgasm mixed with pain, mixed with physical effort, mixed with the lustiness of sex.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my dick and I shot a stream of hot cum deep inside of her and again and again and again, until I was through. She had semen and baby oil all over her ass and pussy. Totally spent we both collapsed onto the bedspread and I was barley able to reach the scarf’s to untie her. As we were both gasping to get our breath back she rolled in my arms and kissed me passionately and said between breaths, “what are we doing tomorrow nite?”


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