Tied To a Valentine

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The jewelry case was closed, but unlocked. The ties in the men’s section were crooked and mismatched. I must be just awful at my job, I thought.

The truth is that I was just terribly frustrated, emotionally drained, and had been on my feet for the past twelve hours.

Jack left me with the keys. What kind of manager leaves a petite twenty-four year old woman alone at 8:30 at night in an upscale clothing store during what’s close to the darkest, coldest part of the year? It’s a good part of town, sure, but my skin is so pale that it glows in the dark and my wavy jet black hair falls down to the middle of my back. I’m a prime target for ne’er do wells saying “grab the money and run”.

But Jack had a date. Everyone had a date. It was February 14th. I didn’t have a date. I had lost my long term date a little over a week ago. Two years down the drain. And I didn’t even learn any tricks in bed.

I locked the jewelry case and my irritation flared. Sandra was the one who’d left it unlocked. Guess she didn’t want to be late for her romantic dinner.

There was a soft rustling off to my left as I eyed the shiny silver and gold cufflinks behind the lit glass. I glanced over and saw a fairly handsome man in his mid forties wearing a dark grey suit, delicately inspecting the haphazard collection of mismatched red and black ties. Because I didn’t really want to deal with anyone else tonight and he seemed content to explore on his own, I emptied the trash bag from under the counter and resolved to deal with the straightening of the ties later, just before I locked up for the night.

I passed the man on my way to the back. He readjusted his wire framed glasses and gave me a warm but closed smile. A salesman smile. A corporate smile. I politely smiled back with a nod and averted my gaze.

This was a store for people with obscene amounts of money. If there was one thing I’d learned about rich people in my two years working around them, it was that most of them were incredibly elitist and superficial. In a place like this, they always made sure you knew you were the help. But I could have looked past all that if the wealthy folks I’d met hadn’t been so unforgivably boring. They had lavish tastes, but during the days when I had little else to do but eavesdrop on stay at home wives, I found that money seems to cling to people with little action or internal vibrancy.

Sometimes, just for the hell of it, I’d look at a doctor or investor or some heir to a bathroom toilet throne and try to imagine if they’d ever had sex in any position except missionary. I wondered if any of them were spicing it up on this particular Valentine’s Day.

I had honestly never met a store client who looked at me as anything other than a change machine and gift wrapper.

Call me cynical. Call me bitter. Go ahead. I can take it.

The cream colored wall in the rear of the store greeted me as I passed through a security office that held our surveillance cams. The guard was out on a date as well. I wondered what magical evening he and his wife were participating in tonight.

Along with the jewelry counter trash, I scooped up the full trash bags I’d previously left by the heavy metal back door leading to the dumpster alley. Operating on autopilot and paying little attention to anything except my terrible mood, I swung the door open and trudged through it towards the ungodly cold.

I was stopped abruptly by a huge, heavy, well-intentioned fire escape ladder that smacked me full on in the forehead. It was the same dingy ladder that I’d run into last week and the week before that. It wasn’t blocking the entire door, but because the locking mechanism was busted, when it fell, it was in the way just enough to mess up my day. I cursed, rubbed my forehead tenderly, and worked my way around the ladder.

It was so cold outside. My nipples hardened through the white polyester shirt and silky front clasp bra.

Both articles of clothing were thin and not protective for the below freezing temperatures of mid-February. I shivered and began walking at a quick pace towards the heavy gray dumpster bins.

The bins were pushed up against our sturdy brick building and were used by four other businesses with back doors emptying into the dead end alley. I hurried to the closest one, my teeth chattering all the way, and deposited the three bags of garbage.

The troublesome ladder was still hanging there at skull level when I got back. I sighed. I wasn’t tall enough to shove it up into place, so it would have to wait until Jack got back in the morning.

I ducked the ladder and crossed the threshold back into the building.

Ah, warmth. The change in temperature set goose bumps to rise on every inch of my body. I shivered.

I jiggled the handle, checking to make sure it was securely closed.

On my way back to the shopping area with a half eaten box of chocolates and a bad disposition in hand, I paused in the security office. I sat down for the first time güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in hours and glanced at the grainy, motionless monitors.

The man had moved on to the khaki pants folded into neat piles at the feet of some Adonis mannequin.

The sturdy, unrealistic form of the male mannequin mocked me. I was used to having sex two or three times a week. Sometimes more if John, my ex, had been having particularly hard days. Sex seemed to be the perfect way to drag someone out of a mood.

I was used to being touched and pulled at around this time of the night. I’d be licked and sucked, and when the sensations had become too much for my body to handle, I’d been locked into place on the bed by strong arms to keep me from writhing and wiggling out of reach. For some reason, John had always been a fan of oral. I’d only convince him to let me ride his cock, maybe, two or three times a month. The rest of the time was oral for us both. Having is tongue licking the tender soft area between my thighs felt fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but there was never anything quite like feeling full of someone and being able to look them straight in the eyes to see a primal desire that only comes from some dark, violent fire just below their gut. It makes me feel less alone when I can see a man’s eyes while he’s inside me.

There was a movement on one of the security cams. I jerked away from my memory and focused in on the tie and khakis man. Only person in the store. Get the hell out, dude.

He’d moved back to the ties. Predictable. I wanted to fix those damn ties, but there was something else I’d forgotten to do. What was it?

The dressing room trash cans. I smacked myself on the forehead in self admonishment. I always forgot those stupid things. For a moment, I thought I’d leave them and hope for a spanking instead of a write up as punishment when I got back in the AM. Nah. Best not to chance it.

I popped a piece of caramel filled chocolate into my mouth and headed back onto the floor to get the remaining trash.

The man smiled at me again and remained lingering. I couldn’t help catching a glimpse of his tight backside as I passed. I caught the warm, spicy scent of his cologne on my way to the back door.

I hated this feeling. I felt feverish and every man with a pulse was of interest to me when I wanted sex.

He was handsome in a safe sort of way with his tailored dark grey suit and his classic corporate features. I bet he was a banker. No, and accountant. Not a stock broker, though. This guy wasn’t wild enough to be one of those.

I popped out the back door, dodged my little ladder, did my little frigid weather trash dance, and reached the door to go back inside.

But the doorway was blocked. Blocked by the handsome forty-year-old accountant and his over-priced ties.

I was so startled that I almost bumped my head again.

“You’re not supposed to be back here.” I croaked. What the hell?

“I’m sorry.” he said in a pleasant whispered voice. But he didn’t move from the doorway to let me back inside. “I wanted your opinion on these.”

This time, I looked more closely at the two ties he held gently between his long, manicured fingers.

“The black one or the red one?” He asked.

Fucking rich folk.

“Could we talk inside, please?” I asked. My voice was starting to shake from the cold and I think I was still trying to grasp the abnormality of my current situation. I was being blocked from entering a warm shelter by an obliviously manner free man who was asking me about my tie selection.

I waited for him to step aside, but he just smiled playfully and grabbed the fire escape ladder dangling in front of my face, which was about chest level for him.

“Excuse me.” I tried to move past him, craving the warmth of the store, but he blocked me with an arm and wrapped it around my waist.

My heart sped. The touch was electric. At the time, I thought perhaps I was just afraid and my brain just wasn’t able to interpret the situation properly.

But at the first touch of his warm hand pressed against the thinness of my shirt, my body responded with goose pimples that radiated from every place his hand touched me.

I gasped from shock and instinctively began to move away, but his grip tightened and he pulled me into the warmth of his torso.

The top of my head reached level with the deep curve of his neck and I caught that same scent of warm spice that lay somewhere on his skin.

I felt a twinge between my thighs.

I no longer wanted to tell him to get the hell out of my way, but I was still freezing.

With the tie still in his free hand, he roughly grabbed a handful of my soft dark hair and bent my neck back to look him in the eyes.

I grimaced involuntarily, but softened as I looked at him. Green eyes.

No one said a word and he never looked away as he hovered centimeters above my mouth and crushed my body to him like a python with a helpless güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri snack.

I felt the nipples of my pert, champagne glass shaped breasts harden and push eagerly against my thin blouse and silken bra.

I shivered and felt him harden against my leg.

He let out a pained breath and ground slightly against me, his wire framed glasses fogging a little as our breaths mingled.

I hadn’t been this close to a man in two weeks and my body was seriously letting me know how displeased it was over that fact.

What I felt against my leg was much larger than what I’d been used to with my ex and I looked down to get a glimpse of him growing larger through his tailored pants.

My breath started to come in quick gasps. My heart raced as I realized that the juices of my pussy were beginning to soak through my light cotton panties at just the thought of this man’s cock moving in and out of my taught, exhausted body.

What had come over me? This man was a stranger.

I didn’t have time to rationalize anything before he spun me around and pushed my back firmly against the brick wall under the fire ladder. It was hard and cold and I yelped a little. Not from pain, but from the shock of impact.

He gripped my hair again and bit my bottom lip with his teeth like an animal playing with its food.

I almost panicked when he quickly jerked my hands above my head and fastened them to the fire escape ladder above me with the silk neck ties, wrenching it all the way up into the locked position, leaving my feet dangling inches off the ground.

Part of me was frightened and wanted to scream, but the larger part of me wanted to feel the man’s warm mouth on every single inch of my body. But the clothes were in the way and it was so cold out.

No sooner than I’d had the thought did the man slowly begin to unbutton the thin satin blouse covering my body. He pushed it open, his fingertips grazing my ribcage and leaving only my bra covered breasts unexposed to the elements.

He pushed his body against mine and whispered with hot breath into my neck as his warm soft hands, like feathers, moved slowly down my bare sides and began to unbutton the tops of my tightly fitted khakis.

The contrast of icy air and his warm hands made any sort of movement incredibly arousing.

“You seem like you don’t want to be at work. You seem stressed.” He whispered. His hot breath left a new trail of goose bumps working down my neck and to the hard points of my breasts.

All I could do was moan involuntarily as I began to lose feeling in my hands from the weight of my own body.

I kicked my feet a little in protest as the man knelt down and slowly slid off my pants, leaving them on the filthy concrete beneath my feet.

But the true cold of the air didn’t hit me until he peeled the damp panties from my body and tossed them to join the other crumpled garment.

I yelped as he knelt before me, pushed open my dangling thighs, and gave my moist sex a halted hot breath and a quick, gentle lick.

He paused there and breathed on me, a tender warm spot isolated from the other exposed areas.

He then stood and cupped my rounded ass cheeks in his hands, lifting my body and pulling me in to straddle his groin. The blood began to flow back into my hands and I sighed with relief. I wrapped my legs around his waist just to keep from hanging once again.

“It’s so cold.” I said, almost in protest, with my teeth chattering.

“I know.” He breathed and undid my front clasping bra, leaving my taught tits completely exposed. He gripped my waist and ground his hard cock against me. I moaned loudly when he dipped his head and locked his mouth around one perky breast. I writhed against him and fought back a scream when he began to swirl his tongue around the delicate nipple and massage the full bulk of me with his lips.

“Oh,” I moaned. “Please. Just…”

“What?” He gave my nipple one last lick and moved his mouth dangerously close to my face as his hips kept rhythm, moving my nearly naked body up and down in the freezing air. “What should I do with you now that I have you bound and open for me to play with?”

“Just…” I felt tears pooling in my eyes. I wanted him to fuck me so badly. I wanted to take all of this stranger’s flesh into my body again and again and again.

He must have sensed my need, as he moved one hand down and unzipped his pants, exposing a long, hard cock that I wanted desperately to be skewered on.

I moaned and hoped that he would shove into me. But I was surprised at the strength in his arms and upper body when he positioned my tight pussy just in line with his groin and gently pressed the first inch of his cock into the velvet wetness between my legs.

My heart sped up as I squeezed my eyes shut and squirmed, wanting more of the length to penetrate me. But he kept teasing me with it.

In and out. An extra inch this time.

In and out. There was güvenilir bahis şirketleri a definite rhythm to his hips, but he never took his eyes from my face.

It was like he was studying me, watching every feature of my face in amazement.

When my moans became cries for relief and I was on the verge of tears, the man with the green eyes gave me the full length of his cock.

He grabbed me by the hips and pounded my vulnerable pussy in steady, deliberate strokes, stretching me further than I’d ever been stretched.

He watched me with passion as my freezing tits bounced up and down in the dim street light.

I tried to imagine what the two of us must look like to some voyeur. A young woman bound and hanging with her tight nearly naked body being used as a toy by an unassuming suit clad man. They’d watch in shock as he delivered disciplined thrusts that jolted every soft part of this young woman’s body with maddening effect.

It was luscious. It was heart pounding. Every thrust was satisfying. Every thrust pulled at the ties that bound my wrists violently. And every thrust burrowed deep into my body so deliciously that I finally understood what my body had been missing.

The dim light of the alley reflected off the lenses of the man’s wire framed glasses and the fog from our lungs mingled in sync with every quick, feverish breath we took.

The twinge in my pussy began to grow and expand around his shaft in pulses.

I moaned.

He quickened his strokes and his hot gasps began to take on an underlying groan while he intently watched my helpless body bounce before him.

I’d thought him superficial in his manner when I’d first seen him in the store. Attractive enough, but I couldn’t have imagined sexualizing this well put together, boring man with his quick movements and upbeat salesman attitude. How was I to have know that there was this dark, dominant beast underneath the facade that would bind and strip me naked in an alley, grip my full hips, and fuck my pliant body to orgasm like some delicate toy used simply for his own fascination.

“Oh, God,” I moaned. “Please.”

“Please what?” He whispered fervently into the satin skin between my breasts, now covered in a sweaty sheen despite the cold. “You were so quick to walk away before. To dismiss me. Now you’re begging for what?”

“Faster. Fuck me faster.” I gasped, my voice breaking in the build up. “Harder.”

With a violent grunt, he wrapped an arm harder around my waist and crushed my belly to his chest, changing the angle of penetration.

I gasped as he wove his other hand messily into my sweaty hair and jerked my head back, thrusting my tits forward so they were accessible to be tentatively exploited by his tongue with every bounce of my body.

He growled and the thrusts came faster and deeper, all the way down to the hilt of his cock. Damn.

I felt the dampness of his shirt freezing against my stomach and felt the core of his abdomen contract violently with every spearing thrust. He buried himself into my pussy purposefully and deliciously, all the while growling louder and louder through gritted teeth like some massive, angry thing.

I felt the pressure grow warmer and more difficult to maintain as I splayed my legs wider, inviting him in. The tingle of climax played at me like the tip of some electric tongue tapping and flicking at my helpless pussy, a little more with every stroke, delighting in my writhing misery until I could no longer stay quiet.

My moans grew high and erratic with every jolt of his massive cock until thoughtless and uncontrollable, my bound, helpless, bouncing body seized and cried out like a wounded, sweat soaked animal.

But he wasn’t finished. The man pounded my limp body feverishly with thick sweat dripping down his brow. He gritted his teeth and stared into my glowing, wanton face and, as he fucked me, I noticed that every perfectly placed hair on his head was now mussed and in delicious disarray.

With the last deeply penetrating and feverish thrusts of his cock, he threw his head back and cried out deep and low. The cum shot into me with a deep warm wave.

In my state of afterglow, I felt the hot nectar seep down around his massive shaft, motionless but still fully sheathed deep inside of me.

He bucked against me and gave a few weak pumps of his cock just for good measure.

I helped to support myself with wrapped legs around his sweat soaked waist and felt him shift weight to lean into me.

Breathing heavily, the man laid his open lips softly on the skin between my breasts and braced both hands on either side of my body against the brick wall behind me. His still rapid breath and the heat of our bodies fogged his glasses.

We stayed like that for a moment with nothing but the alley sounds and far away traffic to interrupt the silence of the night. When we both began the shiver, he pressed me against the brick wall for support while he reached up and gently undid the the silken knots securing my wrists to the ladder he’d used to enhance his own pleasure as well as mine.

The deed felt like a partnership to keep warm now and he seemed reluctant to leave the inside of my body, but he pulled himself from between my thighs and set me gently to the ground on shaky legs.

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