Tied and Abandoned

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So here I sit, on my bed, seriously contemplating what to do. Carefully I undo the ties that hold me down, making steady progress. I am naked, my hands tied behind my back, my feet tied to the sides of the bed forcing me to sit spread eagled. I’m glad it’s just a single bed, or it could have been rather uncomfortable, especially as I’ve been sitting like this for the better part of the day already.

My hands freed, I rub my wrists and stretch my arms before continuing removing my blind and gag, made with her panties, now soaked with my saliva. I listen to the voices out of my bedroom, the voices of my parents and twin sisters, and it seems at least two other people are there as well. One male, one female voice I can make out. Friends of my sisters maybe? I don’t know, I don’t know those voices. I know I have to get myself untied soon as it is only a matter of time before one of them will come in my room to wake me up, after all it must be well into the afternoon by now. Maybe even time for dinner. I have to hurry undoing my ties and make myself decent very soon.

My yearly visit to my parents to celebrate the holidays started off very well. It is always nice to have the family together again, to have a proper argument with my sisters, and to share a nice meal together. For some things, family is just the best.

So how did I end up in my current predicament? That is quite a story.

Last night I went to catch up with a bunch of old friends. We always do that, every year. Some still live in town but others like me have moved away, so we don’t see each other much any more. Last night we were a group of about twenty, drinking together and sharing stories of times long gone. Some of my friends are already married and have kids at home so they had to leave early, leaving less than half the group by the time the pub closed.

To my surprise, my old friend Mandy was there again this year. I hadn’t seen here for several years prior, others told me she had moved overseas or so but no-one was really clear about it. We used to be pretty close friends, Mandy and I. Never a couple, but we did spend quite a few nights together. I always liked her voluptuous, round body, fiery red hair and piercing green eyes. We first met while in university, where we happened to take a few obscure electives together. This set us up as study mates, and those shared study sessions sometimes turned into hot overnight encounters.

Tonight we were instantly drawn together, catching up on our life events. Indeed she had been working overseas for a few years, but over the time had kept sporadic contact with some of her girlfriends from town. This year she finally had the chance catch up with us all.

At the end of the evening she went home with me. The home was dark, everybody was sleeping already by the time we arrived. Quietly we went in and up to my bedroom, where we had fast and furious sex before falling asleep. It was really nice to feel her soft naked body, so close to me in my single bed.

The next morning we woke up by the noise in the house, and got up to join the rest of the family for breakfast. A few curious looks as Mandy’s presence, but other than that no questions asked. I’m old enough to bring home an old flame, and my parents often enough thought Mandy and I were a couple when we were still studying. So soon after the first surprise they started to hear her out, like parents do when their son brings home a new girlfriend, even they knew her already from back then. They were probably hoping we were finally getting together for real, as for at least a year now I didn’t have a steady girlfriend, while one of my younger sisters was married already.

After breakfast, the rest of the family had to go out. My parents went shopping, my sisters left to see some friends – I assumed they would go shopping as well, after all that’s what girls do best. Mandy and I stayed behind to clean up the dishes. And this is where real story begins, the story of how I got into my current predicament.

Just as I put back the last plates into the cupboard, Mandy hugged me from behind, pressing her body against my back.

“It’s good to be with you again,” she said softly.

“Yes,” I answered simply, as I didn’t expect her move at all.

“How long before they’re back?”

“My parents, a few hours, probably after lunch. My sisters, not sure. I don’t expect them before late afternoon.”

“Good,” she purred. “Gives us some time to play. Properly.”

“What do you want to play?” I asked teasingly.

I felt one of her hands move down, rubbing my belly, coming to a rest in my crotch. She squeezed lightly.

“I want you,” she said.

“Let’s go to my bedroom, a bit more privacy.”


She swiftly led me to the bedroom, as if she was afraid I was going to change my mind. Slipping through the door she closed it behind her. Then she pushed me on the bed. I moved to rest my back to the wall as she climbed on the bed and sat down on my legs. She looked gorgeous, still wearing her low cut dress, more Antalya Escort appropriate for a pub visit than a family visit. It did show off her round breasts just perfectly, while hiding the highlights of them, those wonderful succulent nipples. Nipples that I could never get enough of.

I put my hands on her hips, pulling her closely while looking into her beautiful eyes. We didn’t say anything, just looking at each other, and then she moved in to kiss me. Our lips met, and the ecstasy filled my body. Her soft touch, the brush of her tongue, it made me get hard instantly. My hands rubbed over her back, feeling her feminine form, her narrow waist and round hips. I felt so warm and lucky to have her for a friend.

As we were kissing I felt her hands move up over my chest, starting to unbutton my shirt. She pulled it out of my pants, then proceeded to pull it over my shoulders and behind my back, all without breaking her lock on my lips. But instead of pulling my shirt off as I expected, she kept the cuffs around my hands and started to wrap my wrists together using the garment.

Breaking our kiss I looked at her and asked, “What are you planning to do?”

“I want to play with you,” she replied simply, while putting a knot in the shirt securing my wrists together. “This way I can play with you, and you can’t play with me. It’s more fun like that.”

Feeling an odd mix of excitement and fear I let her go ahead. It was rather obvious that she was really horny, and I was more than curious to know what she had in mind for me. All I knew was that I was going to have a lot of fun, and that was enough for me. My dick clearly agreed with me, it was hard and I could feel it throbbing. It was stretching against my pants, aching for release or at least some readjustment. A readjustment that just wasn’t possible with my hands behind my back.

She sat back down on my legs, and started to rub her hands over my chest, pinching my nipples, all the while looking me in the eye with a sultry look on her face. From the bottom of my view I could see her tits, it seems she was pushing her chest forward to show them off even more. I concentrated on keeping eye contact, as I suspected she was testing me, trying to have me look at her lovely tits, and then scolding me for doing so.

After a moment she bent down and sucked my nipples, adding to my anticipation. My dick was hard and painful, and in dire need of freedom and attention. But the attention it desired wouldn’t come, not yet at least, and my desires just continued to build up. She rubbed her chest against mine, I could feel the soft pressure of her luscious jugs and the smooth touch of the fabric of her dress. My eyes closed, I let my head drop back to the headboard and just enjoyed her treatment.

After teasing me like this for a good time she finally moved down and started to remove my pants. My dick jumped up immediately, slapping against my belly.

“It looks like you like this,” she said, smiling.

“Uh-huh,” was all I could say.

“And we’ve only just begun,” she added. “We still have a few hours before your family returns, and I want to make the most of our time together.”

Her words made my cock even harder, if possible. I felt it was so hard it might explode, I was almost trembling with anticipation of what this beautiful woman had in store for me. I was also dumbfounded, having no idea what to say to her, not wanting to risk spoiling the moment. But then, what was there to say? It was quite obvious what she wanted, and I had no problem with that.

Not entirely unexpected she used my pants to tie down one leg to the bed, then the belt for the other leg. She did a pretty good job, my legs were secured in a way that I could hardly move yet I was comfortable.

“Do you have a tie around here?” Mandy asked.

“Over there,” I replied, looking at my drawer chest. “There should be some in the top drawer.”


Mandy walked over to the drawer chest, and grabbed a dark blue tie. It was an old one, from my student days, how appropriate. The good old days. She took the wider side, and wrapped it over my eyes, making sure I couldn’t see anything.

“For better feeling,” she explained. “More fun for you and me.”

Not being able to see anything, I could now only guess what she was doing. I heard her walking around, something that sounded like the ruffle of clothing. Was she undressing herself now? I imagined her standing there, naked, her hard nipples sticking forward. My dick started throbbing again at the thought of her.

The bed moved and a moment later felt her sitting down in between my spread-out knees, sticking her feet behind my back, pushing her body closer to me. I could feel she was still dressed, while I was stark naked. She bent forward, I could feel her chest pushing against me, and then felt her warm breath. Her arms wrapped around my back and a moment later her lips touched mine, and we kissed again. The heat of that kiss quickly spread through my body, as if Antalya Escort Bayan I was on fire. It was electrifying.

She broke the kiss, and a moment later I felt her cheek against mine.

“I’m very horny”, she said softly, “and I think you are, too.”

“Yes I am,” I replied.

“You want me?”

“Yes, I do. I want you.”

“I am really wet. Can you smell me?”

She moved away from me, breaking contact, again sitting down in between my legs. Suddenly I smelt sex. The smell of pussy, her pussy. Where did that come from? Did she just stick her fingers in her box and let me smell it?

“Yes, I smell it,” I answered.

“Very good,” she purred. “Do you like what you smell?”


“What do you smell?”

“Pussy. I smell your wet, horny pussy.”

“Excellent. Now what…” She paused for a moment, as if thinking, then continued, “You’re blindfolded, so you can’t see. You’re bound, so you can’t reach out and touch me. But you can still feel me, can’t you?”

Her hand trailed over my chest, making circles, slowly going lower but avoiding touching my rock hard dick.

“Sure,” I said, having no idea what she was planning to do next.

“That’s what I was hoping for,” she said.

Suddenly I felt her hand grabbing my dick, and I felt her weight shift. I felt something warm and wet against the head of my dick, her hand moving it up and down, rubbing the head against what must be her pussy. Then she led me into her hot hole and slowly sat down, impaling herself in my rock hard shaft. When did she take off her panties? Just now? Or was she pantiles just now over breakfast? No, that can’t be, it must have been that ruffling I heard a moment ago.

“How does my pussy feel?”

“Lovely, hot and very wet.”

“You like the feel of my pussy, don’t you?”

“Absolutely, I love it.”

“You like the smell of my pussy, don’t you?”

“I love it, too.”

“Do you also like the taste of my pussy?”

“Of course I do, just tasted it last night.”

“Would you like to taste me again?”

“Sure,” I said, with her still firmly sitting on my dick. She hardly moved her hips while talking to me, an very odd experience.

“Taste me,” she said, and as I opened my mouth I felt her pushing some cloth inside of me. I realised this were her panties, panties that she had worn all day yesterday, panties that were full of her pussy juices. Then before I realised what happened she tied another piece of cloth around my head securing the panties into my mouth. Now I couldn’t say anything, see anything, or move. I was fully under her control.

She then moved up, away from my dick, letting me slide out of her slit. She disappeared, I didn’t feel her touch any more until a moment later I felt her hair on my thigh and against my belly, a moment later followed by her mouth on my dick, sucking me gently, licking my shaft from top to bottom.

“You know, I love a dick that tastes like pussy. It gives that extra dimension, you know.”

That got my head spinning. I had never heard anything like it before, nor had she done anything like it to me during our student days. We had sex, including oral, and she made me cum with her mouth a few times. But never after first taking me into her pussy. Her touch felt so good, it almost made me cum there and then, thanks to all the play we did before.

“Now be a good boy and wait for me a moment, don’t go anywhere, I have to walk down to the kitchen and quickly grab something from the fridge. I saw something this morning that I think you’ll love. Something I always wanted to try. OK?”

I couldn’t do anything but nod my head in approval. I was just too horny, in for just about anything now.

I heard her footsteps, my bedroom door opening and closing, and then silence. Maybe half a minute passed, then I heard the front door of the house. I was in shock, was she leaving me? I started pulling my restraints, but to no avail. She had done a great job.

Then I heard a voice, one of my sisters. Tracey or Stacey, I couldn’t tell as it was rather muffled through the door and their voices just sound so much alike. Normally I would be able to tell but not through two doors. What was she doing back home? She was supposed to be out shopping! I also heard Mandy’s voice, but no idea what they were saying to each other. The voices continued for a minute or two, then I heard the front door slamming close again, and silence ensued again.

I waited in anticipation for Mandy’s return with whatever she went to pick up, but it remained silent. The minutes passed by, I started to get really nervous now. It seemed she had left me behind, naked and tied to my bed, going out with my sister and not even wearing panties. I couldn’t get my head around what just happened around me.

I felt panic coming over me and started to pull my restraints hard, hoping to pull my hands free. It only seemed to make them tighter. I was scared, and forced myself to calm down, swearing big time at Mandy for what she was Escort Antalya putting me through. Just imagine one of my sisters walking into my room, finding me like this. How embarrassing would that be. I would never be able to look at them normally any more. Or worse, it could be one of my parents finding me, all tied up and naked.

I forced myself to calm down, realising I had to use a different tactic to get free. I tried to reach the knots with my hands, but they were too tight and too hard to reach. I could barely feel them, let alone get a grip on it. Feeling very angry, depressed and let down, I resented, and tried to relax.

Suddenly I heard the front door again. I must have fallen asleep, I have no idea how long time had passed. An hour, two hours maybe? I heard the voices of my sisters, and at least two other women and two or three different men. Soon the voices die down, and I hear the back door. It seems my sisters took some friends home to party, but not Mandy. Her voice was not there, she really left me alone.

My balls even started to ache. Blue balls, caused by high excitement but no release. I knew that all I needed to do to release this ache is to masturbate, but with my hands still secure behind my legs this was simply impossible. This just added to my overall frustration and anger. I again tried to undo the ties but again failed.

Time passed, and for lack of anything better to do I dozed off, until I heard voices again. This time I was sure it was Stacey, giving her friends a tour of the house. I heard multiple footsteps, but could not make out who or how many people there were. I heard both men and women in the group, based on the voices.

“This is the bedroom of my brother, a terrible sleepyhead, he’s still sleeping. I guess he had too much fun last night,” Stacey said, being answered by some giggles. It seems everybody there knew Mandy was with me last night. They probably talked about that while shopping, those girls really don’t have any secrets. Not that it’s too big a secret, but is my sex life really that important to them?

The voices and footsteps died away as the party moved on, and later back out to the garden. Again it was silent. I was feeling pretty angry, not only with Mandy but now also with my sister Stacey, and continued to untie myself again, still to no avail. Mandy did a very good job with my shirt.

Another half hour or so passed, it must have been well into the afternoon by then. Suddenly I heard the door nob of my door, a soft but distinct click. I expected a scream of whoever opened the door and discovered me, but the scream never came. Instead I heard another soft click of the door closing again.

Confused, I turned my head around as if looking around the room, of course without being able to see anything. I was just trying to detect if this person was still in the room, if so where, and what they were up to. As nothing happened for about a minute I lay down again, not less confused. It seemed they just left. I relaxed a little and slowed my breath, wondering who it could have been and why they didn’t come to my rescue.

Suddenly I felt something touching my dick, slowly trailing over it, and I jolted a bit in shock. My dick was by then completely soft of course, but still very sensitive after Mandy’s treatment left me high and dry and with blue balls. It was a smallish hand, I felt thin fingers tracing both sides my shaft. I couldn’t help but react to the touch, and felt my dick hardening quickly as the hand continued to play with it.

A moment later I felt a tongue licking my nipples. Just the tongue, no other touches. No hair, nothing. I did start to smell a sweet smell, a rather feminine kind of perfume smell mixed with the faint smell of alcohol. So almost certainly this was a woman playing with me, as I suspected already from the thin fingers. Furthermore, I figured she must have had a good time in the garden, and be friends with my sisters or with Mandy or at least a friend of a friend who is here as well. But why she decided to check on me and then start playing with me is beyond me. Did she know about this, me being here tied down and naked? Was she sent by Mandy?

I was incredibly nervous. What was going on here? Who is this mystery lover? How did she know about me, why did she come to me? Is it someone I know? If so, who could it be? All I could say it was definitely not Mandy. Her hands are bigger than the hands touching me. The touch overall did not feel familiar, so I scrapped all my previous lovers. Both of them did feel differently than this one.

The touches got me really hard, even though I was terribly nervous and afraid I was also really horny, and my desire quickly got the overhand. What would I care about embarrassment, this was on track to become the most interesting and exciting sexual experience I had ever had.

The licking of my nipples stopped, and the hand grabbed my dick and held it upright. A moment later I felt her warm breath, followed by the touch of her lips as she sucked me into her mouth. It felt wonderful, she sucked gently while flipping her tongue around the head of my dick. Then slowly she started to move her head up and down, blowing me in earnest now. I moaned softly, but she didn’t make any noise other than the occasional slurping as she sucked my dick back in.

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