Thrum Thrum

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It’s the sound you not only hear but feel. They are the result of powerful strokes impacting the ground beneath you. It’s a staccato rhythm that resounds through your body. The momentum propelling you forward forcefully. The huge bellows pumping between your legs with each stride. Accompanied by the deep breaths he takes. The slight bounce you feel as you grip with your thighs to the heavily muscled ribs of his body. The wind pulling your hair and his out behind you. You feel exhilarated at the power of his body eager to unleash his full potential. Coaxing him with your touch, almost caressingly subtle, to guide him where you want him to go. Your fingers are interlaced through his black withers. His front hooves pound the ground effortlessly as his rear ones push you forward. Between strides you almost seem to float across the ground. Until his front hooves impact again into the grassy soil hollowly.


Unable to hold him back any longer you lean closer to his neck and let him loose. That slow resounding double-tap of his front hooves to the ground immediately quickens. His rear legs seem to launch you forward causing you to yell excitedly. The ground is being eaten up as his hooves churn up massive clods that are kicked out behind you. Not only can you feel his breathing quicken but your own is increased. You’re unsure if it’s your heart pounding that fast or his hooves being driven into the ground so quickly that you know if you could see his legs they would appear to be a black blur beneath him. As he reaches his full stride his own head bobbing up and down slightly seems to stretch out even further ahead of him as his ears lay back.

Now, the air is whipping through your hair, like fingers tugging insistently. You feel so exhilarated that your heart feels like a lump in the back of your throat. You scream happily to let loose your built up excitement. You marvel at his size, his overpowering strength, and his obvious endurance. You know you shouldn’t let him run this hard for very long, but you keep careful attention for any sign that this is taxing him and find none. Riding him bareback without bit is scary but it makes you feel closer to your horse. To feel in tune to what he is feeling. A deep connection shared by you and him. His power giving you confidence and security.


Free to do anything. Other emotions are stirred up within you. Sensual and erotic arousals awakening your hunger for something else entirely. As he starts to slow down from burning off all his pent up energy, you guide him back towards the cabin.

The surrounding meadow is lined with large old trees and their multi-colored leaves. Rolling meadows in a valley between huge mountains upon which the cabin is located. The current location of where your sensual energy has now become focused. The quick stride of your horse eats up the ground and lessens the distance back to the İstanbul Escort cabin quickly. The slight bouncing motion of your hips up and down, back and forth, does nothing but enhance your desire. Imagining someone else between your legs performing the same motion to your body. Your heart is now pounding for an entirely different reason, your hunger needing to be sated from an entirely different animal.

Leaving the meadow behind your horse climbs up the trail sensing your urgency to return to the cabin. The trail seems to take forever but finally the uphill climb is over as you reach the cabin and your sights are immediately fixed upon your target. You see him splitting firewood with his shirt removed and his chest exposed to the morning sun. Its light glistening off the sheen of sweat already covering his skin. Unconsciously you move the horse forward with a slow walk. Appreciating the view, your eyes hungrily absorb every detail. The slow swing of the ax with his long arms. The inevitable arc as the ax head meets the large chunk of oak. The resounding crack followed by the more subtle thump into the stump he is using as a chopping block.

Your horse stops, sensing your attention is no longer even aware of him. Sitting there on your horse you feel attuned to the sound of the splitting wood. Each explosive impact sends the split pieces sailing through the air to accumulate in some haphazard pile on either side of the ax wielder. Without even realizing your fingers have drifted to your button down shirt and somehow the top few buttons have worked loose allowing access to your chest. Your fingers find your soft skin and you lightly caress it. Each resounding crack and thump makes your hips shift forward, as if to meet the thrust. Your breath exhales with each forward movement and cracking of wood.

Your horse nickers and neighs to announce his presence. Your man stops and looks over at you and smiles, causing your heart to flutter under his gaze.

“Care for a ride?” you half-consciously ask of him.

Snickering Aaron strides towards you. “I could use a break…and most definitely your company.”

Realizing that the ride you had in mind and the one he thinks you meant are two totally different things, you laugh, more at yourself. Leaning forward and bracing your legs he puts one hand on your hip and one on the rump of your horse.

Quickly lifting himself up and then swinging his leg around, he positions himself behind you. Wrapping his arms around your waist, you feel his bare chest press into your back and excitedly your hips press back into his groin. As his lips discover your neck, you moan as your arousal heightens even further.

“I have missed you baby,” his deep voice vibrates into your back and chest.

You lean your head back so that his wandering lips can meet yours. You feel his hands slide down your hips to your inner thighs, both his hands gripping Bayan Escort your tightened muscles. A small motion that makes you ache to spread your legs wide open for him. Moaning more you feel your need increasing and dampening between your thighs.

“Shall we ride?” he asks.

Leaning forward again, you try to regain your composure and come up with some kind of coherent thought about where to ride. Urging the horse forward, you turn him back around to slowly descend down the hillside trail. Aaron’s hands and lips don’t stop moving all over your body. Especially your neck and inner thighs. Each jouncing step pushes you back against him. Maybe you use the motion to push your hips a little harder into him.

As the trail levels off back into the meadow you let the horse take his own slow pace, wandering wherever he chooses. Aaron’s hand slips up your chest and inside your shirt to discover your breast, while his lips suck on the skin of your neck under your jawline. Moaning again, your hands quickly unfasten the rest of the buttons of your shirt. Your anxiety overwhelms any inhibitions you may have about your sudden exposed nakedness. You feel confident and safe with him. You know there isn’t a soul for many miles, but at this point, you’re sure you wouldn’t care if there was.

Your hands reach up behind you to encircle around his neck. Aaron’s hands fully grasp your naked breasts, squeezing them gently. You lean back into his chest, arching your own back further and further, while lifting your hips up. Your hands hold yourself in place by holding onto him. Aaron’s hands immediately slide down your tummy to your waist to unfasten and unzip your pants. His fingers begin to shove your tight fitting pants down your hips. You work your hips back and forth to help him. Once they are below your butt you sit back down and lift your legs up in the air. Still cradled in his arms, his hands slide your pants up your legs. Tucking your knees back you kick the pants off of your legs and let them fall to the ground.

There is a wild freedom of being naked on the broad back of your horse that you cannot deny. It fuels your confidence, exciting your hunger to the surface. This is your weekend to be with him, you both do everything you’re supposed to in anticipation of this one weekend. Now, you will not allow one second to be wasted. You will both do the things that you only fantasize about in your real lives. Because while you are here together, it is all a dream made real.

As your pants fall down to the ground and are slowly left behind, you reach around behind you and try to unfasten his pants. Instead he shifts to dangle his legs off the side of the horse and quickly unfastens and removes his pants as well. They descend to the ground a short distance away from yours. Shifting back into position behind you, he pushes his body up against yours. You immediately feel his raging hard cock pressed Eskort against your ass. You push yourself up and on top of his cock. You feel the tip rub just a little before you push down on his cock. You moan loudly as his cock pushes deeper and deeper inside you. The occasional jolt and jounce as the horse continues walking slowly across the meadow pushes his cock inside you deeper as well. With a final push you take him fully inside and immediately lean back against his chest.

You let the movements of the horse bounce you up and down slightly on his cock as his hands explore your body. He grabs your breasts and fondles your nipples, his mouth is all over your neck, chin, and lips.

Suddenly, he leans you forward until your head is alongside the neck of the horse. Your breasts are pushed down and rubbing against the soft hair, exciting you even more at the feel of it. He holds you down as he starts thrusting inside your pussy. He times it to coincide with the stride of the horse, so that each jolt helps to slam him home inside your pussy.

With a quick tap of your heels you urge the horse a little faster and you moan and pant happily as Aaron picks up the pace of his thrusting too. Thrusting harder and faster to match the speed of the canter of the horse. Another tap, and the hard jolts nearly take your breath away as it feels as if Aaron is fucking the air right out of your body.

Faster and harder. Every hard thrust of his cock is echoed by the pounding of the horse’s hooves onto the ground.


Your thoughts coalesce around Aaron and the horse. Mixing and molding until it feels as if you are being fucked by the spirit of the horse through Aaron. The smell of the horse’s hair fills your nostrils. The feel of the horse’s fuzzy pelt rubbing your breasts. Aaron’s cock slamming inside of you, pounding as hard as the hooves pummeling the ground. Aaron’s fingers dig into your body, you know his release is close, as is your own. You rub your face into the neck of the horse as your moans escalate into screams of passion.

Yes, you call out over and over. You beg and plead as you feel both of you race over the precipice of your release. His hot juice is slammed into your pussy, mixing with your own juices. You tighten and clench trying to help milk every last drop of his cum out of him.

He pitches forward in near exhaustion, somewhat draped on top of your body and the horse. As the horse slows his own pace back down to a slow walk, Aaron’s arms encircle your body and lean back. Pulling you up and back until you are cradled on top of Aaron. Your back to his chest, and him laying on top of the horse’s broad back. You allow yourself to relax feeling completely secure in his embrace. Gazing up into the clouds, a wistful breeze teasingly caresses your soft skin. The scent of lavender hints at your nose from somewhere nearby. As the horse slowly wanders aimlessly across the meadow, you wonder if you will be able to find your pants. Snuggling into him, you giggle at the thought, not really caring if you ever do find them. Maybe even hoping that you never find them so that this dream will never end.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32