Through the Window

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During one of my trips back to the US while on an overseas assignment, I was staying at an apartment hotel in California. This is the story of what happened one evening.

The hotel has an ordinary architecture – rooms are back to back, so that the only side for windows – is the side with the doors. As a result, as you walk by, you can look into rooms if their shades are open.

One night, as I was walking to my room, I just glanced in, and was awe-struck at what I saw in one of the rooms. There was this Asian lady lying on the bed with the tiniest of underwear – both her bra and her panties. My heart raced as I walked past her room. I wanted to linger, but also did not want to be caught peeping. I walked to my room next door, but could think of nothing else other than her – the outlines of black panties against her light skin. And the normal thought of what she looked like without them. Trying to take my mind off her by turning the TV on did not work either. Giving in to my basic instincts, I decided to give myself a peek again – but in a sophisticated way. I was going to retrieve something from my car.

I got out, and walked slowly past my room, and approached hers. Ah! She was still there – still on the bed, still wearing nothing else, and it looked like, still watching the TV. But her hand obscured part of her panty. It lay on top, and her fingers seemed to be moving. I immediately guessed what she was up to. As I walked to my car, I could barely contain my excitement at what view my return trip would yield. Fortunately, there was not much traffic there, and her room was lit so she would not be able to see me in the darkness outside. All this meant that chances of her closing the curtain were slim, and that a super view waited on my return trip.

And, a rewarding view it indeed was! Her hand was no longer hiding any part of her panty – it was actually inside. As I walked by, slooowwwwly, I noticed that she had become a little conscious of the surrounding, and gave guilty glances each way, obviously hoping that no one was seeing her.

It was really hard to stay inside my room, and another trip was an absolute mental necessity.

I wondered if she was watching an adult movie, or had the TV on, just as a distinction while she fantasized. I wondered too if she was by herself, or was there someone else with her in the room.

How could I stay in my room, with a state like this – both mentally and physically? Slowly, I opened the door, and gradually walked towards her window. As I walked, I was thinking – normally just someone in panties would have been exciting, but this was much more.

She was on her bed, but I knew she was orgasming, as she seemed to shake uncontrollably. It is over, I thought, and completed my journey to the car.

On the way back from my car I looked in again, hoping for a glimpse of her in her panties. And that is exactly what I saw. Looking at her, I tripped and fell, making a huge noise. Oh my, I must have certainly disturbed her. Sure enough, the door opened immediately. There she stood in a robe.

“Oh my god,” she uttered, as she saw a cut on my forehead. “Are you OK?”

“I am OK, just a small cut. I am sorry to disturb you.”

“No sorries, I think you need attention.” Saying that, she helped me get up and pulled me into her room.

The room was no different from mine. There was a video on the screen – I did not get a chance to see what kind. She started cleaning up my forehead with a moist towel. As she walked back and forth to the bathroom, her robe would flare, and I would get an occasional glimpse of her panties. Still the black outline against her fair skin – soooo sexy – it was a delight. And as she continued washing my cut, we started talking.

Once the cut was dressed, she asked me to stay for some time, and poured me a drink.

She was from Singapore – here on a business trip with a companion from the office. The companion had to go to the East Coast to a client site to address an urgent situation. It was going to be a couple of days, then it dragged on for the whole week, and now it was the second week that she was all alone. She did not drive, and did not know how to spend her time – other than walking over to the nearby video rental place, and get stacks of videos. This sounded curious – coming all the way from Singapore for a business trip, and not having anything to do. I was going to get her bursa escort out of her boredom.

It was already late, and I took leave, asking her if she wanted me to show her around, the next day, which was Saturday. She jumped at the offer.

As I lay down in bed, I wondered about her situation. Something did not quite seem right. I also wondered if I was getting myself in the middle of something that I should not. But I also thought of her in her bra and panties. And I wondered what she was thinking at that time.

I knocked at her door in the morning. She was all ready to go. She was absolutely stunning in a sleeve-less blouse and a small skirt. It is only now I realized how beautiful she was. I told her that we were going to San Francisco, and it usually gets very cold there. She brought her jacket with her.

Breakfast was a little quiet. I made small talk with her. Where was she from – a country not too far from Singapore (but not too near either). Where was she working now – Singapore. How did she like Singapore – OK, but not too exciting. Her own country was better, she said. What kind of work did she do – with this incessant questioning she squirmed a little, but gave polite answers. She went to the best college in town, and was very adventurous. Not wanting to stay with her family, after graduation she chose to move to Singapore, to work for a high-tech company.

As we drove to the Golden Gate Bridge – about an hour away – I told her about myself. After having worked in the Silicon Valley for many years, I was on an overseas assignment to an Asian country. It turns out that as a child she too had been through many countries, as her father worked for the United Nations. We immediately started sharing notes on how it was like, to settle down in a new environment – where you don’t even know the language. As the only child of her family, she was very pampered. When she was ready to start college, her dad took early retirement, and settled down in the capital city.

At college, she went through a succession of boyfriends. Each one brought something new, but no one quite satisfied her fully. On graduation, she longed for something more, but also wanted to get away from her parents, so she found work as a secretary in Singapore. Secretary! I was a bit surprised. Why would they send a secretary to the US for work, I wondered.

There is something more, she mentioned. She is here with her boyfriend. I was even more confused. She clarified – she was actually here with her co-worker. The co-worker had always found her attractive, but had his own family in Singapore. This prevented them from doing anything outside the office. So, he dreamed up this trip, telling everyone in the Singapore office that they both were here on a business trip. While at the same time, he told the US office that he had come himself. The result was that the US office did not hesitate to send him over to the East Coast to address the urgent situation.

By the time we got to the Golden Gate Bridge, it seemed like we had known each other forever. We parked at the South end of the bridge, and walked over the bridge. Instinctively, she took my hand, and we walked like a couple on a date. Around the middle of the bridge, a gust of wind had her clinging to me.

Hearing her story had my mind working on overtime. I asked her if she wanted to go to Napa valley – the world famous wine-growing region – for some wine tasting. Saying good-bye to San Francisco, we were off on our little side-trip.

At each winery we stopped, she enjoyed the wine – but too much, I thought sometimes. By the time we were done with the fifth, it was clear that she had had a bit too much. I wondered whether we should go to the nice dinner I had planned in San Francisco, or just return back to the hotel.

“Let us go see the city from the Golden Gate Bridge,” she suggested.

I knew exactly the spot – up on the hill west of the Golden Gate Bridge, there is a lookout from where you can see not just the bridge but also the entire city of San Francisco. We got up there and parked our car. In the dark, we walked up the 100 meters or so, up to the lookout point. It was a stunning sight. A beautiful and clear night, with the Golden Gate Bridge all lit up before us, and the shimmering lights of the city. As we looked up, I noticed the stars in the sky. All around us were couples; all of them holding each bursa escort bayan other, and many, deep in kisses. Instinctively I reached over, and kissed her on the lips. Her eager lips told me that this was not unwelcome. As we got to the edge of the cliff, I turned her towards me, grabbed her tightly, and gave her a full kiss on her mouth. It didn’t take long for her tongue to be inside my mouth, and her teeth to be nibbling away at my lips.

We got back to the car, and just sat there, admiring the city lights. No one said a word. I put my hand over her thighs – where the jacked slit had let them exposed. She covered it with both her hands. I looked at her and smiled, and she smiled back. I gradually inched my way up her thigh, and touched her panties. I felt a wet spot. I knew she was as ready as I was.

I let my hand continue, and reached the elastic of her panties. A gentle tug there and she lifted her bottom, pulled the panties out and handed them to me. I took in her sweet aroma, and slipped them in my pocket.

I reached over again, gently moving my fingers over her public hair, every once in a while inserting one or more fingers inside her, and occasionally giving her an electric shock by touching her clitoris gently.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and a flashlight shone in though the steamed up window. I quickly withdrew my hand, and rolled down the window. There was a San Francisco Police Officer – to prevent exactly the kind of behavior we were moving towards. I was thankful that we had not proceeded to that point yet. Quickly, I told the officer that we were going, and left the scene.

Where were we to go – I, with my full erection, and she completely wet. We drove to the other famous San Francisco attraction – Fishermen’s wharf and walked through the bustle of tourists and shops, to the end of the most touristy spot – Pier 39. Here it was dark, and not very busy. I faced the ocean, got her between the railing and me, and kissed her passionately. Then I reached over and gently lifted her short skirt, so that she was fully exposed to the ocean. Then I gently stroked her, calmly swaying with the waves.

It wasn’t long before a group of rowdy teenage boys showed up, and we had to leave again.

We were both hungry, and hungry for more than just sex. So, we went over to Green’s, among the classiest San Francisco restaurants. Fortunately, they were able to accommodate our little party of two that had shown up without any advance reservation. Throughout dinner, I could not keep my hands off her, and she could not keep her hands off me.

It had been a long day, and we were both tired. We decided that we better head back to our hotel rooms.

As we drove, I was quite sleepy. But, since she did not drive, I had to be in the driver’s seat. While I was physically driving, for everything else she was in the driver’s seat. The only way to keep me awake was to keep me entertained. She did her part in it – very well, I must say. First, she took off her blouse, and then unhooked her bra, and slipped it off her shoulders. She handed her bra to me – another souvenir of the wonderful day we were having. From the corner of my eye, I could see what was going on, but did not take my eyes off the road. I did take one of my hands off the steering, though. This hand slipped over to her breasts, which were quite firm and round, and her nipples, which were quit taut. I could also hear her moaning, as I pressed them gently between my fingers. We weren’t going too fast – there was no reason to. I wanted this drive to last forever. Yes, I knew that there was an entrée waiting for me when we got back to the hotel, but this was a nice appetizer in the multi-course meal of the day.

At this time, highway 280 was quite deserted. Every once in a while, a car would come behind us, see us going slow, change over to one of the faster lanes, and move on. The momentary light it shed on her body was an additional visual delight. Since there was no one in front of us, I could actually turn over, and admire her even more fully, without any risk of crashing. The smile on her face was worth dying for.

During one of these interludes, I noticed that the light stayed on quite a long time. From the rear-view mirror I noticed that it was a pick-up truck. He also must have been enjoying the sights. Soon he too overtook us. But, as he was overtaking, he turned görükle escort on his cab light, and waved to her. This scared the wits out of her. We were driving alone on this deserted highway, and a pickup truck guy knew what was possibly going on. She immediately put on her blouse.

That had an added attraction of its own. Amusing isn’t it – yesterday I admired her in her bra and panties. Today I was admiring her in everything but her bra and panties (which were safely tucked away in my pocket). I did not mind too much, as I enjoyed reaching over under her blouse to continue playing with her breasts. Every once in a while I would move that hand lower – underneath her panty-less skirt, and enjoy playing with her there. And there was no hint of sleep or tiredness in my eyes.

As we parked at the hotel, she asked “your place, or mine.”

“Mine,” I answered, and led her to the room.

It was dark, so I did not worry too much, and she did not object either, as I walked with one hand carrying all the wine we had bought at the wineries, and the other hand on her bare bottom, under her short skirt. I just hoped that no one was behind us – although I did not turn back to verify. We did meet a few people walking away from the hotel, and smiled at them. I don’t think they knew what the smile was for.

The moment we got inside the room, she had me in a tight embrace, and her lips were locked on mine. I realized how much she was longing for sex. I suggested that we open one of the wines we had got, but she did not want to wait. Her skirt and blouse were off in a moment, and she was tugging at my belt. I helped her by taking off the pants, and the rest of my clothes. Then I carried her gently and laid her on the bed. Before I could even recover, she had pulled me on top of her, and guided me inside her. I just lay on top of her, and enjoyed her movements underneath. Wanting to do more, she soon rolled us over, and straightened herself to a vertical position. Now she was again in the driver’s seat. Thrusting at her pace, slowing down, picking up again, and resting in between. I just took my time to explore her body with my hands – sometimes on her breasts, whose contours I had got to know very well during the one-hour drive, sometimes on her hips, and occasionally on the clitoris.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to come. She sensed it, and rolled us back over, with her underneath me. Then she gently nudged me out of her. She positioned me such that I came all over her beautiful belly-button ring. Then she pulled me over, and we lay with the squishy and sticky come between us. But that did not last too long – before my erection had a chance to subside, she had me in her again, rolled us back so that she was on top again, and resumed her thrusting. The excitement was too much, and I was erect in no time at all. This is probably only the second or third time in my life that I was erect immediately after an ejaculation. We went on like that for a while until she had had her fill, and collapsed on top of me.

That is how I found us a few hours later when I woke up. While I was too small to be inside her, I was certainly “knocking at the door.” I gently took her right nipple in my mouth, and swirled my tongue around it.

She whispered in a sleepy voice, “not now darling, I promise you a grand time in the morning.”

And a grand time it was. I woke up to her thrusting her breasts in my mouth, and her hand on my penis, ready to wake it up too. When that did not work, she turned around, and took it in her mouth. Her pussy, only a few inches from my nose, gave me a wonderful whiff of her sweet flavor. I wasn’t going to stay behind, and we had a great time with our sixty-nine. In fact when I was fully aroused, I wanted to turn her back, but I guess she was enjoying it too much, and we continued until both she and I had come.

At breakfast that morning, she was beaming with pleasure, and so was I. Where do we go from here?

I actually had a lot of shopping to do. She came along and helped me with my chores. We had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, with wine. But that night we were too tired to do much.

Throughout the next week, while her co-worker was still away, she stayed with me. Sex is the first thing we did in the morning and the last thing at night – every day. Whenever my schedule allowed, I would come back to the hotel for lunch. Sometimes it would be just lunch, sometimes, lunch followed by something else.

On Friday she got a call, saying that her co-worker was arriving back. I said goodbye to her that evening – just before he was due to come.

And I never saw or heard from her again.

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