Three Women and One Big Screw, err…Dick

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This story is a work of fiction, and all the characters are over 18 years of age. There is group sex activity with one male and multiple female characters, so if you do not like that then you will not like this story.

I welcome feedback on this, or any of my other stories, send me an email and let me know what you think.

Thanks for taking the time to read this story, Andrew


I slunk into a chair at the back of the large hotel conference room fighting jet lag. Working as an injection molding specialist for a Fortune 500 multi-national electronics manufacturer paid well, but a downside was impromptu international travel. This conference was organized in a suburb of Paris and was touted as an emergency innovation summit that would vault our company into position as the most profitable small electronics maker. I was proud of the company that I worked for and knew that we put out high quality products, but this conference was total corporate b.s. propaganda, I yawned dreading the upcoming days of boredom.

“Mon ami!” and a soft hand on my shoulder meant that I was not alone in my suffering.

“Helene! It is so good to see you!” I responded.

“C’est la marde! N’est pas?”

“Yes, it is the shit.”

Helene slid her lithe body into the seat next to me and slipped off her coat. She was a good friend and wise colleague that I had worked with for many years. She had come up as a young engineer that paid her dues by working in the factories in France troubleshooting problems right down on the molding machines. I got to know her as she was a great source of knowledge when we were trying to fix things on European equipment installed in our U.S. plants. Over the years we began to see each other regularly at international conferences and meetings, I grew even more impressed with her as she was practical and told it like it was. We grew to be good friends through these exchanges.

After getting settled she leaned over and whispered, “C’est l’affaire Des Chimpanzees.”

I drank in the sweet smell of her perfume and replied, “Helene, we both know that your English is better than my French, so help me out by keeping it ‘Anglais’, ok?”

She relaxed into a warm smile and chided me, “Whatever Brad the American redneck wants, that is what he gets!”

As I looked over at Helene I thought it really was true that French women knew the secret to staying thin. Helene had to be in her late 30’s but she had a body like a teenage swimsuit model. I absolutely loved the fact that in meetings she rarely wore a bra, and frequently wore loose blouses with plunging necklines that featured the curves of her breasts. Her attitude about her body was also refreshing, she knew men were attracted to it and that did not bother her in the least. She was able to deal with the creeps as well as enjoy the exchanges with respectful admirers of her feminine gifts. She was a married woman and a professional colleague so I never took things too far with her, but she figured prominently in some of my fantasies. In any case her being at this conference was a dramatic improvement for me.

Just then a young Asian woman slipped in to the seat next to Helene.

“Gigi!” exclaimed Helene, “My friend the silent molding engineer from Japan!” Helene slid over to give her room on the other side.

“Gloria Tanaka, meet Brad the redneck, ” then turning to me Helene added, “Her nickname is Gigi, I think it is because she has an impeccable sense of style.”

As I extended my hand to Helene’s friend I began to appreciate how nice she looked, she was immaculately dressed in a silk blouse, skirt and blazer, and I picked up the faintest aroma of a spicy perfume. Her jet black hair was pulled back tightly and framed a face so beautiful that I had to remind myself not to stare at her. “Hi, ” I said, “any friend of Helene’s is a friend of mine.”

She took my hand and bowed slightly not looking into my eyes.

“Gigi may talk to you in a few days, she is very shy, ” said Helene, “Gigi, you just need to remember that Brad thinks he is smarter and sexier than he really is.”

“So you think I am smart and sexy?” I asked.

Helene smirked, “…and with that comment, Brad tells you everything you need to know about him.”


We ended up in small break-out groups and luckily we were not stuck in the room with the gung-ho VP that had organized this conference.

As a part of an “innovation” team trying to get more money out of manufacturing Helene was presenting how a hot extruder worked to a few mostly disinterested salesmen, with Gigi and I.

“So the screw turns and pushes the warm and malleable plastic out the end of the barrel” explained Helene.

No one but Helene, Gigi, and I found this interesting, so I decided to try to make the exchange a little more fun, at least for Helene and I.

“Do you ever have a problem with the screw being too big for the barrel, so it won’t fit inside?” I asked.

Helene paused a long moment sensing that I was up to something, elvankent escort “My American colleague, these are precision machined parts, I have never had that problem.”

“Well are there any smaller holes a little lower that the screw could go in?” I asked with mock sincerity.

Helene realized my double entendre and raised an eyebrow, “No, and I definitely prefer using the hole that the screw was made for.”

“Well, what if you put a lot of lubrication on the screw, could it go in the smaller hole then?”

Gigi coughed as I think she realized what I was really referring to; most of the salesman had their heads down absorbed in their cell phones and were oblivious to my discussion with Helene.

Helene stepped over in front of me, “Now that I think about it I have had experience with that smaller hole, but, ….” and as she was saying this Helene leaned forward so that I could see her tits swing freely out from her body, “…knowing what I know about American screws they are too small to have any problem with going in the holes that you are referring to.”

“Gosh, I better get you some measurements on at least one American screw that I know of, it always needs a lot of lubrication to fit in that smaller hole.”

“That is fine, why don’t you send me some photos of that screw along with those measurements?”


Later, as the three of us sat down at our table at the restaurant Helene playfully asked Gigi, “You think I should have also asked for videos of his big American screw?”

I snorted and said, “I am just so glad to be away from that whole crowd. It was bad enough that we had to stay for that social hour.”

“You think you had it bad?” said Helene, “We had to sneak around the back of that bar to avoid that creeper of a VP that is leading this conference. They figured out that Gigi has the sexiest body of anyone here, and If I had not gotten her out of there she might have been molested, yuck!”

“Hey Helene, will Patrice be joining us?” I said, inquiring about her husband. He had often joined us in the past when there were company dinners or social events in the past.

Helene became still, Gigi and I both looked over at her, as her eyes filled with tears she said, “Patrice is gone, I threw him out of my apartment three weeks ago. He was cheating on me.”

“I am sorry, ” I said.

“I wish I could call him a rat bastard, but this life is hard with all the travel I have to do. He just got lonely.” Helene sighed.

“Well if he hurt you then he is a rat bastard to me, ” I replied.

“You are being sweet to me, ” Helene smiled at me through her tears, “and I guess he was sort of a rat bastard, that little tart he was with was only seventeen. I think her father is still chasing him!” Helene then put one hand each on the arms of Gigi and I, “It really is nice to have good friends like the two of you.”

I raised my glass, “To good friends!” I said.

We ended up drinking several bottles of wine, and I worked hard to cheer Helene up. We kept returning to the discussion of the big American screw as it was good ribald fun.

“I may have to get my American screw polished so it does a better job in both holes.”

“So this American screw, …is it over 20 centimeters?” asked Helene.

“Let me see, that would be just less than 8 inches, so, ….yes, my screw is longer than that, ” I replied.

“Really?!…” exclaimed Helene. “All the French dic……, I mean screws I have seen are less than 15 centimeters!”

We laughed and I confirmed my American screw was longer than 8 inches. I thought I noticed Gigi raising an eyebrow with interest at these comments.

“Well, ” Helene leaned back and I could see her hard nipples prominent in her thin blouse and she said, “I will need to see that 8 inches myself.”

“We will have to arrange for a viewing, ” I agreed.

So it was a fun night, but I held little hope of carrying things any further than suggestive talk with Helene. She was a good friend and a great colleague, but no matter how much fun we had talking about things like this, I knew at heart she loved her work and was all business. Gigi was a complete unknown, an Asian twentysomething that I had just met and she still had not spoken a word to me.

So I thought I would enjoy the fun conversations, strengthen a good business relationship with Helene, and that would be a nice outcome from this conference. Little did I know then what was to come.


It turns out Gigi was staying at the same small older hotel I was at that was over a mile from the conference. The executives and sales force got to stay at the conference hotel together, but technical folks (like us) had been put up in these rustic little sites. There was a small electric tram system that came by our hotel that we could ride to the conference. Judging from the route I could see on the map at the hotel I guessed it would be crowded with school kids and business commuters, and looked like it emek escort would take about 20 minutes to get to the conference site. Helene was riding an early train in from her apartment each day.

The first morning I made it a point to get to the scheduled tram early and was still one of the last people to get on. I stood close to the door with kids all around me, and held onto a nearby pole. As the door closed a slender hand slid into the opening and pushed the tram door back open. Gigi stepped forward, turned, and backed into the tram car so that her shoulder blades were forced into my chest. I was surprised by this aggressive move from a shy young Japanese woman that would not even talk to me the day before, but then I recalled videos I had seen of people on the subway in Tokyo and realized that type of action is probably a part of her daily commute. Gigi reached out and steadied herself using one of the hand-holds.

As the door closed I could smell the spicy aroma of her perfume directly under my nose, I inhaled deeply. The tram started down the track and began to sway and rock. Gigi and I were getting used to maintaining our balance on the ride, our bodies intermittently bumped and slid against each other. The wonderful sight and smell, along with the physical contact with this beautiful woman was causing my dick to began to grow erect.

The tram jumped as we passed a separation in the pavement and my semi-erect cock bumped against Gigi’s butt cheeks. Her head turned slightly and she looked down verifying who was contacting her and what could be the area of my body that had come up against her. I could see a look of thoughtful interest on her face, and then a slight smile. As we approached the stop for the conference Gigi angled her body toward the door, but then made one more movement. She backed up into me as if steadying herself, but the secondary effect was her butt momentarily surrounded my hard dick, and I thought I felt the buttocks flex and squeeze on my cock.

I gasped as the door opened and Gigi stepped off the tram. I was disoriented from the brief but intense stimulation I had just felt and I stumbled out of the door. Gigi grabbed my arm and kept me from falling.

As soon as I regained my balance Gigi released my arm and walked briskly toward the conference. I watched her slim figure moving away from me as I collected my wits.


That was a looooong day at the conference. I was stuck in a room without Helene, and I had to work hard to concentrate on the discussions there. My mind kept going back to the tram ride that morning; did that really happen or did I just imagine Gigi’s butt squeezing my cock? Maybe my erect dick got tangled in my underwear?

I did not see either Helene nor Gigi at the lunch break, and was despondent as I trudged down the conference room corridor at the end of the day. I turned the last corner and went outside, and there was Gigi sitting on a bench near the tram stop.

I walked towards her and she did not look at me, so I ambled over near her and stood waiting for the tram. I took sideways glances at her as we waited, she seemed uninterested and was calmly waiting on the tram. I did not see any other people from our company that were at our remote hotel, why hadn’t Gigi taken an earlier tram?

I turned slightly so that I could observe Gigi as we watched for the tram. She was wearing a matching navy blue skirt and blazer, and her blouse underneath the blazer was made of a thin white silky material. I studied her shiny black leather high heels that accentuated her smooth fit legs, my eyes traveled up from her ankles to her hips. As my gaze rested there her hand moved into my view and traveled up along her blazer pulling it slightly more open. I looked closely and under her blazer I could make out the curve of her breast, and then near her hand I began to make out a dark circle and the thin material tenting up from her nipple. The viewing angle I had made it so only I could see inside her jacket, none of the other people at the stop were aware of this amazing display. I looked at her face and she continued to stare down the road looking for the tram, but her hand continued to move in a seemingly absent-minded fashion along her blazer so that it drew my eyes to her tit, nipple, and areola that only I could see. Was she showing this to me on purpose?

As the tram arrived Gigi stood up and closed her jacket, but the tantalizing show I had just seen had my dick as hard as nails as we stepped onto the tram. I returned to the place I had been standing during the ride in the morning, and Gigi moved into a position in front of me.

The tram was not as crowded as it had been this morning, and the first few minutes of the ride we did not make contact. Then as the tram rounded a curve Gigi leaned with the motion and backed up to me so slowly that no one else in the car noticed. I felt the slightest contact on both sides of my dick as it was gently surrounded by Gigi’s ass cheeks. I struggled to remain still and opened eryaman escort my mouth inhaling deeply.

Then I felt Gigi’s muscles in her buttocks began to flex. Her rounded cheeks gradually closed on my rigid shaft, held it, and then slowly relaxed until her ass was barely touching my dick. Again her smooth rounded ass began to surround my steel hard pole, and as she finished this squeeze she rocked up on her toes and rubbed up along my shaft. The head of my cock was now in her ass crack, and she gave it an extra squeeze before releasing. All of this was done in such a nonchalant manner that none of the other people on the tram noticed anything out of the norm, no one noticed that this gorgeous young woman was feeling my cock with her butt.

Gigi then turned slightly to allow a lady to access the door for the next stop, and she took this opportunity to relax the muscles in her rear end and then push back onto me so my dick was completely surrounded by relaxed smooth warm sexiness. As Gigi kindly made room for the woman to exit she was simultaneously fondling my cock with the soft relaxed globes of her rear. After that stop GiGi continued to roll her relaxed buttocks across my steel-hard shaft as she stared out the window of the tram.

All too soon it was our stop at the hotel. As the door to the tram opened Gigi immediately stepped out and walked at a very brisk pace to the hotel, I would have had to run to keep up with her. As it was I needed to make some adjustments of my dick in my pants in order to walk without discomfort, I could not remember a time that my erect cock was harder than it was right then.

When I arrived in the hotel lobby Gigi was nowhere to be seen. I decided this was on purpose and began to realize that everything that had happened with Gigi that afternoon were things that she must have thought-out and planned. I was not the type of person to mess up a good thing so I decided to play along and look forward to the next tram ride. I hurried to my room to get release for my aching cock. I got in the door and had just freed my diamond-hard dick from my pants, and after a few panting strokes I came so hard my ejaculation shot 6 feet across the room.


The tram rides now became the focal point of my days at the conference. Gigi nor I said a word about them, and that made the experience that much more intense. Gigi continued to feel every inch of my dick with her smooth round butt, and I began to be a more active participant.

On an afternoon ride to our hotel I had one hand hanging down beside Gigi and I, my hand was hidden from the view of all the other riders. As Gigi’s ass was caressing my cock I brought my hand up to the lower curve of one of her cheeks. I massaged and pulled on the soft roundness eventually spreading her ass wider so that my rock hard pole could be lodged more deeply inside. Gigi responded by pressing against me more firmly and rocking harder against my dick. It was all I could do to keep myself from coming during that ride.

Helene did not know about our escapades on the tram ride, but as she had very good feminine intuition she sensed a shift in the relationship between Gigi and I.

At lunch one day Helene said, ” So you two are such good friends now that you even smile at each other. One morning I even expect you to say ‘Hello’ to each other.”

“Even if Gigi does not speak to me I will say that I have grown to appreciate that she has many talents, ” I said. “She is beautiful, but there is much more to her than can be seen.” At this Gigi smiled slightly and gave me a sideways glance.

“Well, I have known you for years and I don’t think you have ever said anything so nice to me, ” Helene angrily got up from the table.

“Helene, I am sorry I did not mean to…” I tried to apologize to her but she hurried away. I started to go after her, but I felt Gigi’s hand on mine. Gigi looked up at me and shook her head as if to say ‘No, do not follow her’. I frowned in response, but Gigi patted my hand to let me know she would resolve this. So I sat back down.

Later that day on a break I saw Gigi and Helene across the room talking. At first they were animated and I could tell Helene was still angry by the way she was gesturing. Then they became more calm, and finally Gigi had her hand on Helene’s leg as she was talking to her. Then they hugged and I could see Helene nodding as if agreeing to something.

In the last session of that day Helene and I were put in the same small break-out group. As Helene got up to get coffee I followed her.

“I am sorry Helene, I did…” Helene cut me off with a wave of her hand.

“Gigi explained it to me, and she said that you and her will make it up to me by taking me to her favorite restaurant tomorrow night.”

“Uhh, yeah, ..that is what we will do.” I said, wondering what Gigi was planning.


The tram rides prior to going out to eat at the restaurant were totally uneventful, in fact, I did not even see Gigi on or near the tram. The whole day prior to going out that evening I did not see Gigi nor Helene in any of my groups. I made my way back to the hotel wondering if I would be going anywhere that evening. As I walked to the desk to collect my key to the room the clerk handed me a note, I quickly opened and read it:

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