Three-way with Friends

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One hot summer night, I was having dinner at home with my husband’s co-worker Rick and Rick’s wife Lisa. Rick and Lisa usually came over on Fridays. The boys would play poker or watch a ballgame while Lisa and I popped open a bottle of wine on the porch.

This week my husband was out of town. It was just Rick, Lisa and me. Rick is in his early forties with a receding hairline, tall and well-built like a football player. Lisa and I are both in our mid-thirties. She’s lithe and elegant with impossibly long legs. I’m much shorter and curvier, a little fat but not overweight.

Rick, Lisa and I were smoking a little weed in my living room, something the four of us indulged on every now and then. Lisa was telling me about this bitch she knew at work when Rick got bored watching the baseball game. He turned off the TV and suggested we play a game but he didn’t have anything in mind. How about truth or dare Lisa suggested and I thought it was a great idea.

Right away, Rick started off by asking me truth or dare and I chose truth. Lisa called me a coward, teasingly. Rick asked if I had ever cheated on my husband. Lisa shot him a look, but I didn’t mind the query. No, I said truthfully, and took another hit off the big bong we were sharing. It was pretty strong weed my husband bought from a dealer before he left on his work trip.

I asked Lisa truth or dare. She chose dare and I dared her to send a text to her bitchy co-worker and tell her what’s what. Rick laughed. The three of us concocted a very long text of this woman’s sins, according to Lisa. When it was time to fire out the message, she hesitated. Rick snatched her phone and sent it. Lisa covered her mouth, appalled, but I could tell she was excited and I just laughed.

Lisa asked Rick if he wanted truth or dare. Rick smugly chose dare. Lisa took a very long hit off the bong as she thought about what she would ask her husband.

Rick and I waited patiently. He asked me how my husband’s trip was going. I told him what my husband had told me; Phoenix was way too hot and the clients were assholes. Rick laughed just as Lisa started coughing out a lung. I slapped her back a few times until she stopped. She sat up straight and smiled at her husband. She dared him to show us his cock.

I wasn’t sure if Lisa was thinking clearly. She was super-high. Her eyes were red like liquorish and she was doing this swaying thing on her seat like we were all on a boat in choppy waters. Lisa urged her husband to take out his cock. Rick looked over at me, and sensing my apprehension, asked if it was okay for him to whip it out. He was in, he said, if I was in. I guess I was pretty high myself because I said yes, take it out. Rick smiled and stood across from us. He unbuckled his belt, pulled down his fly, unbuttoned his pants and let them drop around his ankles.

Lisa and I burst out laughing at his silly Archie comics boxers. The old ones, not the TV show. Rick laughed with us, hooked his fingers on the waistband of his boxers and pulled down his underwear. I stopped laughing. Rick was huge. It was a good two to three inches longer than my husband’s very adequate six-and-a-half-incher and Rick wasn’t even hard. I complimented Rick on his fat cock and he grinned happily, giving me an “oh shucks” smile. I asked him to turn in profile so I could admire it from the side and when he did, I noticed the big veins running across the shaft from the base towards his bulbous cockhead.

I heard Lisa moaning. I turned my head and saw her leaning back on the sofa, her hand inside her unbuttoned pants, rubbing herself. She gave me a sweet Lisa smile. She had one of those face that lit up when she smiled and it made feel very comfortable.

Rick took a few steps towards me. I flinched back, but he took another step, leaned forward and shoved his big limp cock right in my face. I instinctively put it in my mouth and started to suck. His big stuff was delicious and after only a few minutes I felt it swell and could hardly fit it all inside my mouth. He moaned and groaned as I sucked. Lisa finished rubbing her pussy and sat back up next time. She ran her hands underneath my top and squeezed my big natural tits. Her palms kneading my cleavage and the underside of my boobs. She made me cry out with her husband’s cock in my mouth. His dick flopped out, rock hard like a flag pole, but slightly curved to the left and pointing up.

He grabbed it and slapped my face with it twice then stepped over to his wife and shoved it inside in her mouth. She used both hands to keep it pointed straight. She sucked it hungrily like it was made of sugar, bobbing her head back and forth. Rick screwed his eyes shut and bared his teeth. The muscles on his neck popped out from strain. I was getting hungry and leaned towards her sucking mouth. casino siteleri Lisa took him out and handed his cock back to me.

I made the most of it, getting deeper into my mouth than Lisa had. His cockhead brushed past my tonsils and slid down my throat. I felt Rick’s hand on top of my head and he began thrusting. Lisa stood up. She peeled off her jeans and left them in a pile on the carpet. She wasn’t wearing panties. Bottomless, she skipped across the living room into the kitchen. She wasn’t gone along. Meanwhile I chocked on her husband’s big cock, breathing thru my nose, my eyes watering. I heard Rick moaning and telling me how good of a cock sucker I was and how hard he was going to fuck my pussy and asshole.

When Lisa came out back, she was topless and had with her a bottle of champagne. Her small but perky breasts on display. She set the champagne bottle on the coffee table and took her seat again next tome. Rick pulled his hips back, drawing his cock out of my mouth. I took big gulping breaths, sucking air into my lungs. Lisa swallowed Rick’s cock in one bite and made him cry out harder than I did. She was bobbing her head faster and harder than before. Her eyes flicked towards me and I knew it was a challenge. I wanted another shot to make him moan like that. Lisa’s mouth filled with saliva, drooling from her lips onto her lap. I waited patiently for my turn again. Lisa began choking on it. Her lips touching Rick’s hairy crotch. Rick held her head in place while cursing and looking up at the ceiling. After a few moments, he released her head and she pulled back, gasping for breath like I had as his cock came out.

It was covered in saliva, dripping wet. I leaned forward and sucked him hard like she had. I also slid my tongue around the shaft and massed the cockhead, twirling it on the peehole. I started to choke on it again. Rick cursed with pleasure and grabbed the back of my head, ramming himself into my throat. After a few pumps, he took it out and put it Lisa’s mouth again, then she handed it back to me, then I gave it back to her. We were happily sharing his cock before our mouths locked together with his cock between us.

Lisa and I leaned back on the couch, making out.

It was wonderful. I had kissed a few women before Lisa but she was on another level. She knew how to savor my lips slowly and pleasurably, teasing me to open my mouth and let her tongue inside, then gripping the back of my neck and shoving that tongue deep inside me. We lapped our tongues together. Rick stroked himself as he watched us kiss, our tongues entwining inside our mouths. I could taste the wine and weed all over her breath.

When we parted, Rick told us to bend over in front of him on the couch. Lisa and I dutifully obliged. We turned around and each hugged a sofa cushion. Rick stood behind us. I was still wearing my clothes; a white blouse and a simple skirt. He pulled down my skirt and panties, exposing my bare ass and pussy, right next to his naked wife’s bare ass and pussy. Rick rubbed his big shaft up and down my slit. I was moaning as Lisa smiled at me. She leaned over and kissed the side of my face, telling me how good it was going to feel to have a big cock inside me.

Rick stepped over to Lisa and rubbed his dick on her ass, then penetrated her pussy, sliding inside her all at once. Lisa’s face twisted with pleasure, her eyes dancing. I started hearing meaty thumps. I looked over at Rick and watched his dick sawing in and out of her pussy. Her big ass jiggled with each thrust. It was hypnotizing. He tore his gaze away from her ass and gave me a little wink that made me giggle. He took his cock out of Lisa. I noticed again how much it leaned to the left and up. He took a step back to me and palmed my ass with one hand. He asked me if I was ready. I nodded, excited, and next felt his huge cockhead push past my labias.

The penetration was amazing, like how I always wanted, firm but gentle. It nestled inside my pussy for a second. Rick pulled it back, then pushed it back in. I cried out and kept crying as he stroked more and more of his cock inside my pussy. Lisa was smiling as she watched me getting fucked. I began hearing those meaty thumps as Rick picked up speed. His crotch slamming into my ass from behind. She told me I was taking the pounding like a “fucking champ” and asked her husband how my pussy felt. Breathing hard, Rick told her I was super wet and tight. I looked over my shoulder at him and saw he was sweating, his mouth gaped open, eyes wide. He was working hard. I was just taking it. I gathered my strength and bounced my ass as he drove his cock.

Rick cried out, full of pleasure, feeling my ass bouncing, but it was too much. He pulled out and walked over to the chair he had been sitting on earlier. güvenilir casino He was wet with sweat. He told us he had almost come. Lisa and I saw some precum dripping out of his cock. Lisa pouted at him and told him he was out of shape and that he was embarrassing her in front of me. Rick playfully gave her the finger. Lisa laughed and told me while her husband took a break, I should lie down on the sofa so she could eat my pussy.

I laid across the sofa like I do when I take a nap, my head on one armrest, using a cushion as a pillow, with legs stretched out across to the other armrest, feet dangling. Lisa crawled in-between my legs and knelt face down. She leaned forward and placed her mouth on my pussy. She started to lick and nibble, slowly tasting my pussy at first, then the sloppy noises started. She used her fingers to pry my labias open and found my clit. She flicked it and licked and sucked on it. I was screaming her name and squeezed her head her head with my thighs. Within minutes, I came on her mouth and tongue. She drank my juices. She started to as if I wanted to eat her pussy when Rick appeared behind her, standing by the couch where my feet dangled off the armrest. He reached for his wife’s ass and lifted it higher, bringing it closer to his cock as he leaned forward, almost climbing onto the armrest. He slipped his cock into his wife’s ass. Lisa’s head snapped up and called him a dirty fucker. I grabbed her head and slammed her face back on my pussy. She continued eating as her husband pumped into her ass, hard. It was obvious he had gotten his second wind. He was pounding his wife’s asshole without mercy.

After five or so minutes, Lisa stopped eating my pussy. She was writhing and crying. Her eyes were screwed shut and her face was all red and flushed. She reached behind her and slapped her husband’s hands off her hips while screaming at him to stop! Stop!

Rick stopped and pulled out of her. He was still rock hard. Lisa rolled off the couch and fell on the floor hugging her knees in a fetal position. She was clearly exhausted. Rick helped her up and she limped over to the chair, taking the wine she had brought from the coffee table with her.

They shared a sweet kiss and a few words as he helped her down on a chair. Then Rick came back over to me on the sofa. He told me to bend over in the same position Lisa had been. I told him I had never done anal before and Rick said it was about time someone had sodomized me. I was hesitant but Rick promised he’d be gentle. I doubted that after what he did to Lisa but Lisa gave me an encouraging smile. She said Rick was experienced and he would stop if I asked him to stop. I wondered if I should come up with a safe word but didn’t say anything.

I rolled off my back and onto my hands and knees on top of the couch. Rick climbed onto the couch with me and knelt behind my ass. He examined my asshole with his finger. I moaned a little as I felt it, but then he took it away. He spread my ass cheeks and spat on it, then licked it. I was moaning again and wished he had kept on licking. He took his tongue away and said I needed some lube. He walked over to Lisa’s purse and brought out a small bottle of lubricant. He rubbed the lotion on his palm and wetted his big cock until it was all shiny. Then he rubbed his hands all over my ass and asshole. I moaned again, enjoying the rub down my ass was getting.

Finally, Rick said I should relax. I told him I was but he said he could feel my tension, my ass was clenched. Lisa suggested we dim the lighting and put on some music. She was too tired to walk still so Rick walked over to the lights and dimmed them, then he put on some jazz which had been on the stereo. My husband loved Jazz and I felt awful but the feeling went away when Rick came back to position himself behind me. He told me to relax again and focus on the music. I did and after a few moments, I felt his cockhead pushing into my hole. Like Lisa, my head snapped up, cursing and crying. Rick caressed my ass with his hand and told me I was doing well. He then grunted, pushing more of his cock in my ass, and I felt all the air knocked out me. I didn’t realize I was screaming until Lisa appeared in front of my face and told me not so loud, the neighbors will hear!

Rick shoved another couple of inches. I screamed harder. She covered my mouth with her hand and asked me if I wanted him to take it out, if it was too much. I thought about it but shook my head no. Lisa grinned at me and gave the thumbs up to her husband. He began to slowly and gently saw in and out of my ass. It was an incredible feeling. There was an exotic pain I had never experienced before, like I was being punished and tortured, but at the same time, I didn’t want it to stop. Lisa took her hand out of my canlı casino mouth and asked me if I wanted some wine as I got ass fucked. I nodded. She fed me the bottle. I almost chipped my tooth as I drank, but managed to take a good gulp down my throat.

Behind me, her husband kept the same gentle, slow pumps, his fingers pressing into the flesh of my hips. He was moaning. Lisa gave me that sweet Lisa smile and then a wonderful kiss. Our mouths locked together, sucking my tongue. When I felt I couldn’t take anymore, I did what Lisa did. I reached behind me and slapped her husband’s hand. He slowly pulled out and I felt his shaft slap my ass a few times.

We took a break. I stayed on the couch, face down, ass up. My ass was sore, like it was on fire. Rick took a seat on a chair and Lisa sat on his lap. They talked and kissed and told each other they loved one another. I listened, feeling a little left out, and also a little guilty about my husband again.

Lisa hopped off Rick and went into the kitchen, bringing back a few bottles of water to hydrate. Rick asked me how I felt and I told him truthfully that I had never been fucked like that in my life. That they each gave me an orgasm and I hoped to repay the favor. Rick smiled and told me I had almost made him cum three times, once in my mouth, once in my ass, and once in my pussy but he knew how to hold back his orgasms.

We heard Lisa’s voice from upstairs. She was calling us into my bedroom. Rick helped me up and I was surprised how good I felt on my feet. I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk. Rick kissed me and then we walked upstairs and found Lisa on my bed, under the covers. She asked me to come into bed with her but told her husband he was only allowed to watch. I smiled and crawled under the covers with her. She was nice and warm and soft. We kissed and fondled each other, her hands all over my ass, my breasts, my hips, my back. I felt fingers sliding inside my pussy and I flinched when one of those fingers my asshole, but she pulled it back out and told her husband not to go back there for a while. I smiled, thanking her. She then put a tongue on my ear. I tried to keep up with my mouth and tongue, licking and nibbling on her shoulders, her breasts, her mouth, my hands sliding up and down her shapely legs.

Lisa told me to spread my legs and she did the same. We inched towards each other with our legs spread open until her pussy pressed against mine. My heart was beating fast. I had always wanted to try sciccoring. Lisa grinded her pussy up and down my pussy, creating delicious friction. I matched her grinding and made her cry out, throwing her head back until she came. Her labias glistening with her cum. I could have done this all night but Rick climbed into bed and told us his cock was feeling left out. We both laughed.

Lisa ordered him to lay on the bed, his head on the pillow, cock pointed up at the ceiling. His wife climbed on top of his lap and reached down, grabbing his big dick and skewered herself with it. I climbed on top of Rick’s mouth, facing Lisa as she rode him, her small tits bouncing. I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back as I cried, her husband’s tongue penetrating my pussy. I felt it lapping around, moving back and forth.

After ten or so minutes, Lisa and I switched positions but this time I was facing away from her in reverse cowgirl while she sat on her husband’s mouth, facing my back. Her arms slid under my armpits and came up in front of me, fondling my tits as I grinding on her husband. I must have not have been going fast enough because Rick placed his hands on my hips and began to control my rhythm. He lifted me up, then crashed back down on his lap. I was crying and screaming.

My pussy was sore. Lisa was playing with my nipples, rock hard, and kissing and licking the back of my neck. After another ten or so minutes, Rick announced with pain that he was going to cum. Lisa told me to get off him and pulled me off the bed and down onto the floor with her. Rick rolled out of bed and stood in front of us, stroking his cock as we looked up at him.

We waited patiently and excitedly. Rick’s face was a mask, almost sneering, teeth bared, as he pumped. Then he snarled like a wild animal after taking down his prey. His cock shot out a heavy load of warm, hot, gooey cum. He absolutely covered us. It was amazing. It was all over my nose and mouth and a little on my left eye. He got most of Lisa’s mouth and chin, dripping down onto her lap.

The three of us slept together on my bed and woke up the next morning, grinning at each other about last night. I wondered if Rick had another round in him but he was spent. His cock didn’t move an inch, even after I put it in my mouth and sucked on it for a good five minutes. Lisa said he usually needed two-three days to recharge. She told me she wished we were at her house so she could use her strap-on on me while I sucked Rick’s cock. It sounded like a wonderful idea and the three of us put it in our calendar for the coming week when my husband would be at work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32