Three of a Kind Ch. 07

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Emily turned over and groaned. She’d known this day was coming, but hadn’t expected it to happen so soon. She’d been such a ‘good girl’ in high school. Well, at least as far as classes were concerned.

Emily had been on campus for about two weeks now. She’d had to come a couple days early since she was from so far away. Since she didn’t have classes during that time, she’d spent that time partying. Now, she’d made the mistake of going out on a weeknight, and now it was time for her first 9 am class with a hangover. She groaned again and rolled over, pulling her covers over her head. She was sure the professor wouldn’t cover too much. After all, it was only the first week of school.

A nap later, Emily heard her cell phone ring, and slapped her hand out and grabbed it, pulling under the covers where her head was still buried.

“Hullo?” She half-groaned, still fighting a splitting headache.

“Hi sis. You don’t sound too good.”

“I know. Thanks for the compliment.” Despite her hangover, the sound of her brother Dylan’s voice brought a smile to her face.

“Good party last night?”

“Yeah. Some frat house.”

“I see. Sleep over with some frat guy?”

“No. They weren’t that cute and I wasn’t that drunk.” Despite her words, Emily knew that her incestuous actions had forever colored her view of men, and each guy she met was measured against her brother and found to be lacking.

“You weren’t that drunk, huh? Then why are you still in bed at 2 in the afternoon?”

“It’s 2 already. Ohmigod I missed all my classes.” This realization woke the dark-haired coed completely, and she shrugged off her covers.

“So does that mean you have free time?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Why?”

“Is your roommate there?”

“No she works on campus every day until 4.”

“Mmm. So you’re all alone.”

“Yes. Why?”

“So am I.”

“Yeah, so?”

“So, do you want to have a little fun?”

“Dylan, are you trying to talk me into phone sex?”

“Yes I am. In fact, I’m here naked, and I’m looking at those photos of you we took by the pool before you left for school.”

“Dylan! You said you wouldn’t show that to anyone. What if someone figures out who I am?”

“Don’t worry. They’re hidden on my computer. Remember, I don’t have a roommate.” Dylan’s roommate hadn’t shown up for college, so he was guaranteed a single for the semester.

“Ok. Just be careful.”

“I will sis. Now are you naked yet?”

“Dylan! Why do you want to do this so bad?”

“Because until Thanksgiving, it’s the closest I’m going to get to your tight little ass.”

“Oh, so you aren’t deflowering innocent girls away from home for the first time?”

“Nope. Just doing dirty things while thinking about you.”

The thought of Dylan jerking his big cock while looking at pictures of her turned Emily on, She stretched her small, athletic frame, stroked her dark hair, and decided to play his game.

“Ok Dylan, you’re on. You said you’re naked right?”

“Yup. Are you?”

“Not yet, hold on.” Emily set the phone down, and removed the tank-top and fleece pants she had worn to bed, leaving her in just her g-string. She slipped back under the covers, and pulled her g-string to the side with one hand.

Picking the phone back up, she set it close to her pussy, and stuck the fingers of her other hand into her bare pussy, hearing the ‘slosh’ sound as her digits penetrated her warm, wet folds. Starting to play with herself, she picked the phone back up.

“Do you know what that was?” She asked huskily, feeling her body warm to her self-stimulation.

“That was the sound of my bad little sister sticking her fingers into her wet pussy.”

“Yes it was. And your little sister thinks she hears her dirty brother jerking off.”

“Yes I am.”

“Mmm, just thinking about your big cock makes me hard. In fact, I can feel my pussy just gushing at the thought of you filling me with your big, hard dick.”

“Mmm, and I bet you’d like to wrap your pretty little lips around it.”

“Uh huh. But only if you promise to suck on my tight little pussy. You know how I like when you run your tongue around my little clit. It makes me so wet.”

“Uh huh. What are you doing now, Em?”

“Mmm, well, my left hand is pinching my nipple, while my right hand rubs my clit. And it feels so good.”

“As good as when I suck on your titty?”

“Mmm, not really. Bro, I think my tits have grown some since I got here.”

“They probably have. I heard the pill does that to you.”

“Oh yeah? Maybe I should start taking two a day. I’ll look like Lisa.”

“Em, with that ass and legs, you don’t need tits like hers. God, just thinking about you in that little black skirt is gonna make me cum.”

“Oh yeah, are you gonna shoot your juice all over your stomach for me? Huh big brother?”

“Is that what you want? You want to hear me cum?”

“Yeah. You know I love your cum. Just like I know you love to make me squeal?”

“Uh huh. Especially when you ride me. I love watching your tits bounce and your bursa escort chest flush when you cum all over my cock.”

“Dylan, can you hold on for a minute?”

“Uh, I guess so. Why?”

“I’m going to get little Dylan.”

“Little Dylan?”

“Yeah, remember my blue dildo? Well, it’s the only thing I have that’s nearly as big as you, so I call it little Dylan?”

Dylan chuckled at that, his mind visualizing his sister holding the faux phallus.

“Mmm, I’m lying down on my back now, and rubbing it up and down my pussy. Since it’s so big, I need to get it nice and wet before sliding it into my hole.”

“Sis, the next time I see you, I want to watch you do this.”

“Stick a cock into me?”

“Yeah. Watching girls masturbate is hot.”

“Oh yeah. How many times have you watched?”

“Just twice. Julie did it once for my birthday, and Lisa did it once when I couldn’t get it up after too much sex.”

“Wow. So I’m the only girl you’ve fucked that you haven’t seen masturbate?”

“Well, not really now that I think about it. You were frigging yourself about ten minutes before I fucked you for the first time.”

“Really. And where was Bridget?”

“She was sucking like a good little whore.”

“Oh. So you have seen me get myself off?”

“Yeah, but not with any toys.”

“Oh ok. Well, I’m using my favorite one right now. And I’ve filled my pussy with it.”

“Nice. Are you fucking yourself?”

“Uh huh.” Emily was more focused on the fucking than the phone now, and it slipped off her ear as she began to use both hands to get off.

“Oh fuck this feels so good” she groaned out now, loving the feeling of a giant cock inside her, even though it wasn’t real.

It was at that moment that her roommate Robin chose to return to the room. Her job on campus had let out early since it was the first week, and she’d returned home hoping to start her homework.

Emily and Robin’s room was laid out like a hotel room, in that the beds could not be seen from the door because of the bathroom being in the way. Emily’s bed was against the wall of the bathroom. Next to her bed was her desk, and then Robin’s bed. Robin’s desk was on the opposite wall, straight ahead of Robin as she came in.

Robin stopped silently, hearing her roommate in the throes of pleasure. She set her bag down, and closed the door as quietly as possible behind her, so that Emily’s screams wouldn’t echo through the hallway and draw a crowd. She then stopped, unsure of what to do.

“So good, so good, so good.” Emily just repeated those words over and over, both hands shoving the giant rubber dick into her pussy, her hips thrusting up to meet it.

“Wow, she’s really going at it.” Robin thought. “I wonder who else is in there.”

Finally, Emily clenched up, biting her bottom lip as she came. As she fell off of her high, she picked up the phone again.

“Dylan, are you still there?”

Robin froze. Did Emily realize someone was standing in their vestibule?

“Yeah, big brother. Your little sister just came with a bang. I thought I was going to push this dick right through myself… No, it didn’t feel as good as you.”

Robin exhaled silently, relieved that Emily was on the phone. But who was she talking to? Surely it couldn’t be her real brother. That was just gross. She decided that discovery at this point wasn’t really an option, but her curiosity kept her from leaving the room.

She slid silently into the bathroom, and sat down on the edge of the sink, listening hard to her roommate talk dirty to the mystery caller.

“Why haven’t you cum yet Dylan? Doesn’t the sound of me cumming do it for you?”

“Of course it does, Em. I’m just no there yet. Are you still doing it?”

“Of course I’m still diddling myself.”

“Using the dildo?”

“No, I took it out.”

“Ok, here’s an idea. Hold the phone close to the end of dildo while you fuck yourself with it.”

“Ok fine. Here goes.”

Emily got into position, and sunk the rubber dong back into her soaked pussy.

“Can you hear me down there? I’m holding the phone on the end of the dildo.”

Dylan replied “Yes”, and then realized she couldn’t hear him, so he just sat back and enjoyed the show.

In the bathroom, Robin was doing the same. She was a petite girl, 5′ only in heels, and 100 pounds in full winter clothing. Her girlish figure didn’t have room for many curves, but what little she had, combined with her pixyish face and dirty blond hair appealed to men.

She was single now. Like Emily she and her ‘high school’ boyfriend hadn’t survived the summer. Unlike Emily, she hadn’t embraced the ‘party’ culture, and hadn’t gone out with her roommate the night before. In fact, Robin was a virgin, and hadn’t even made it to third base, a fact that Emily had teased her about before realizing that Robin was embarrassed by this fact.

Robin liked to dress up a little for class, and had gone wearing a nice pink blouse, knee-length black cotton skirt, and flip-flops. The sounds of her roommate pleasuring herself bursa ucuz escort mere feet away had moistened her up, and she was now considering what to do.

Robin had never touched herself before, but hearing how much fun Emily was having was starting to warm her to the idea. She looked at herself in the mirror, silently measuring herself against the girl just on the other side of the wall who was enjoying herself immensely at this point.

Finally Robin came out of her trance to realize that she had been playing with her nipple. Her small A-cups weren’t restricted by a bra, and she found that her nipples were easily visible through her thin shirt.

She began to pinch one now, rubbing her small tit. She found that she enjoyed the slow caresses, something her ex had never done for her. In fact, she found she enjoyed it so much that her panties were now soaked.

Feeling weird standing in the bathroom with wet panties, she bent over in two and removed them. Because of her skirt, she had gone with a g-string today, and upon removal Robin found that she could smell her scent on them.

She held the tiny triangular front of the g-string to her nose, and took a deep breath, inhaling her musky scent. This only increased her arousal, and she moaned quietly.

Hiking up her skirt again, she turned her body, and looked at herself in the mirror. She hadn’t turned the light on in the bathroom, but she could still make out the dark area where her pussy was.

Robin was a gymnast in high school, which gave her two great assets: Nearly limitless flexibility, and a completely shaved pussy. She put them both to use, contorting herself so that she could better see her bare crotch in the mirror.

Her hand returned to her breast as she stared at herself now, nervous to cross the line and touch her own loins. A long moan from Emily tipped the scales though, and Robin tentatively reached down and ran her finger down her never-penetrated slit, feeling the moisture leak out.

The feeling of pleasure that went through her body removed all doubts, and soon Robin was slowly running two fingers in and out of her tight hole, her eyes glued to the reflection in the mirror.

After a few minutes of this slow movement, her hand brushed her clit, and her body responded with an unbelievable spike of pure bliss, which caused her to exhale. She quickly realized the stimulus was, and began to lightly run her finger in tiny circles around her pleasure nub, biting her lip from the feelings that now surged through her tiny body.

After only a minute of rubbing her clit and Robin realized that if she continued, she was going to fall over, so she got up and sat down on the toilet. In the process she hiked her skirt up over her hips, exposing her bare pussy for the world to see.

She used two hands now, one hand thrusting in and out of her cunt as the other slowly rubbed her clit. This combination produced fantastic results, and Robin had soon rolled through her first orgasm and was well on the way to her second.

She was leaning back now, her body arched in order to thrust her pussy towards her hands. Robin’s eyes were only half-open, and her breath was coming unevenly as she continued to provide herself with pleasure she had never known.

She finally found herself wet enough to sink a third finger into her tiny virgin cunt, an action that resulted in her pussy contracting itself into her second orgasm. As she hit that fantastic high, she saw a shadow cross the wall outside the bathroom.

Robin had stopped listening to her roommate was completely lost in her own masturbation now and was therefore surprised when Emily turned the corner to enter the bathroom, completely naked, the phone still to her ear.

The two girls froze, eyes locked on the other’s body. Emily recovered first, and spoke into her phone: “I’ll call you back.” She then hung up and stood there, mouth open, watching her roommate come down off her second orgasm.

“Well” Emily said with a sly grin, “I guess I know why you’re still a virgin. You take care of things yourself.”

Robin had turned beet-red at being caught with her hand inside herself, but realized that they were on a level playing field since they had caught each other.

“How long have you been in here?” Emily asked, still making no effort to cover herself.

“Since right before you put… it… back into you.”

“The dildo? That long, huh. And what have you been doing?” Emily’s eyes were moving over Robin’s body now, a fact that made Robin slightly uncomfortable.

“I was, you know.” Robin hurriedly flipped her skirt down her legs, hiding her goodies from her still-nude roomie.

“Uh-huh. Did you enjoy the show?”

“What show?”

“The sounds of me fucking myself.”

“Oh. Umm, I guess so. I don’t know. I wasn’t really listening.”

“I see.” Emily bent down and picked up Robin’s g-string, feeling the moisture trapped in it.

“So are you just going to sit there all night?”

“No-no.” With that Robin got bursa elit escort up and ducked by Emily, snatching her g-string on the way.

Emily shut the door behind her in the bathroom, and took her time using the toilet and freshening herself up before reentering the room.

By the time she did, Robin had thrown on a t-shirt and pants, and was sitting at her desk. Her face was still cherry-red, and she stuttered as she spoke.

“Em-emily I…”

“You what? Played with yourself? Its fine, everyone does it. Don’t worry about it. I’m not mad.”

“B-but I don’t… I mean, this is the first time…”

“That you’ve listened to me. Well sure, this is the first time I’ve played with myself since I got here, so it had to be.”

“No, this is the first time I’ve… touched myself.”

“Really?” Emily sat down on the corner of her bed right behind Robin, and spun the smaller girl’s chair, forcing Robin to face her.

“You’ve never flicked your bean before?”

Robin kept her eyes on the floor and shook her head no, her blush deepening, if that was possible.

“And you’re a virgin. So I got to watch your first orgasm?”

Robin nodded, and then shook her head. “No, I think I came twice.”

“Twice? Nice work, girlie. So did you like listening to me fuck on the phone?”

Robin bit her lip and nodded. “Who, who was that?”

Emily blushed a little now, and her gazed shifted to the window.

“Just some guy from high school. You know, a fuck-buddy.”

“Did you call him your brother?” Robin went on the offensive now, though her eyes still could not meet Emily’s, so she didn’t see her raven-haired roommate’s panicked look.

“Yeah, he’s, uh, pretty brotherly towards me, you know?”

Robin shrugged, replying “His name is Dylan, right?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“That’s a pretty sexy name.” She giggled at that.

“Yeah” Emily replied, “He’s pretty sexy.”

“How big is his cock?” Robin was getting bolder now, intrigued by this mystery man that her roommate was willing to fuck over the phone.

Emily grabbed the giant blue dildo that still sat on her bed and saw her roommate’s eyes grow large at the sight of it.

“Really? How do you get that into you?”

“It takes some work, and I have to be nice and lubed up.”

“I definitely couldn’t fit something that big into me.”

“Sure you could. Li… A girl I know was able to her first time.”

“Yeah but was she tiny like me?”

“Not as tiny, but she’s shorter than me.”

“Hmm. Are all guys that big?”

“No way. He’s definitely the biggest I’ve had.”

“How many have you had?”

“Not that many. But another girl who has had a lot said he was her biggest.”

“Geez, he sure gets around.”

“Not really. I mean, having three girls doesn’t make him a male slut.”

“I guess.”

“So, would you like to try this out sometime?”

Robin’s eyes widened again at Emily’s forwards suggestion. “I don’t think so, it’s way too big for me.”

Emily watched her, smiling, knowing she’d trapped the petite beauty.

“Ok, well, I have smaller toys.” With that, she went under her bed, and came out with a shoebox. She set it on her lap, and removed the top.

Inside was a selection of 6 toys, including a small rabbit vibrator all the way up to a double-ended dildo which caught Robin’s attention.

“What’s that?” She asked, pointed at the two-ended pleasure stick.

“Oh, that’s for two girls to share.”

“You like girls?” Robin asked, genuinely concerned.

“Not really. But guys really like watching girls use it, and it’s nice to hold onto if you’re by yourself. So, which one do you want to borrow?”

“Borrow? I don’t think so, I mean…”

“Don’t be shy. Trust me; your hands get old after a few times. A little friend is almost as good as a guy. In fact, some are better.”

Robin didn’t speak, but Emily saw her eyes were locked on a small purple dildo that had a faux set of balls attached, so she reached in and pulled that one out, setting the box on the floor.

“My friend gave this to me for my eighteenth birthday. It vibrates too. All you have to do is squeeze the balls.”

Emily did so, and the self-torture device sprung to life, bouncing its way down Emily’s bare thigh.

“Use it as long as you want. I just ask that you clean it off when you’re done and replace the batteries before you give it back.” She set the device in Robin’s hands, and then stood up to put the box back.

As she crawled over to her bed, her backside was towards Robin, and the petite blonde got a great view of Emily’s tight ass and thighs. The sight of her roommate’s swollen box framed between her tight tan ass cheeks reopened the faucet in Robin’s own honey pot, and she realized in her haste to cover up that she had forgotten to get a new pair of panties, and her g-string was still soaked in her own juices.

She came out of her daze to see Emily by her side of the closet, throwing on a pair of athletic pants. The dark-haired girl, who was still naked besides the pants bunched around her calves, smiled over at Robin who was still holding the lavender phallus.

Robin quickly blushed and set the dildo down on her desk. She turned back to find Emily pulling on a hoodie.

“I’m going to go get some food. When I come back, I hope to find you… satisfied.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32