Three Men and a Lady

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“I like to have sex, sure.”

There was chemistry between Anne and Jack, but it had always been like that. Today was different. Today was her third visit for another photoshoot. On their third visit, he knew they liked his work, as well as him. She was a dainty brunette, and her green eyes were indicative of her type, mysterious, intelligent, and of quaint beauty. She sat with her slender legs crossed and her cleavage revealed in a lowcut top that was thin enough to see the black lace of the push up underneath, and black slacks, that were tight at the waist and thighs. Jack thought her breasts were probably a 34c, while her pants size was probably a 3 or 4. Her face was genuinely beautiful, but she covered it with bronzer, eye shadow, lipstick, and foundation that really did not do her any justice. He supposed it would come out alright in the end, seeing as how today she was going to be on film. Only, she did not know it, of course. This was the regular procedure for getting the young ones into amateur porn. He took them into the fancy studio, and he would take their pictures, guide them into seductive poses and would also bring in toys. Once they started to play with the toys for fun, then he had them, because that was quite embarrassing to young ladies who were prudent and proud.

Jack chuckled to her response, his eyes gleaming at the thought of what would eventually happen to her. She would not be so haughty after a while. All of the sex she was going to have would make her pussy loose, and her asshole just as worn out. She would think that she was something special in the porn industry, but she would just be another ‘porn star.’ They were all stars, for little boys everywhere to gawk at. He could just see them talking about her breasts and her ass. If she had not been such a snob the first day they met, then he would have given her a different type of fate. It was all said and done now though. The plans were already arranged for him to send three videos to his secret company out in Texas. She would not even know, if it was not for him having to tell her. She had already signed the release. That had been beautiful. She started to read it, and after about three sentences of nonsense, she grew impatient and signed ‘the damn thing.’ It was so perfect.

“But you don’t have a lot of sex?” Jack asked looking at her as he snapped another shot.

“Well, no, not really. I have had one partner, and that was my boyfriend back home. Why are we talking about this anyway? Do you want to have sex with me or something, Jack? You’re trying to get a date out of me this way, but that won’t work because I don’t date guys that are too forward,” said Anne as posed with her face tilted into a dreamy state.

He held back the urge to lie her that she was not his type, that he preferred rich older women over to starving sluts in disguise like herself. At least an older women was not afraid to talk about sex and was not afraid to have sex with as many men as they wanted. He knew Anne was a slut. She was dressed like one, and he knew from his employees in the front that she had sex with more guys than just her ‘one’ boyfriend. She was a regular at some club, and constantly, she danced up in the cage for attention. He was going to get her in the cage of her life.

“Caught me, haha. Well, I guess we should get to your photoshoot. We’re just doing the face portraits right?” Jack had another agenda but he continued to play the fool for now.

“Yes, I need to get some more in my portfolio for when I start to audition for parts that are coming up. I really think I’m going to do well,” Anne responded, totally into herself.

He did not care but seemed interested anyway. She acted as if an older man like him did not understand how to get a part in film, and he wished he could tell her that the first thing she should do would be to go to a plastic surgeon and up her boob size. He just smiled and told her how to sit, how to tilt her chin. He just took shots of her breasts though. They were prettier than her face at that point. She was pretty, but she could not be any more conceited. Did she honestly think that any respectable producer would consider her a part with all that makeup on? He told her to push her boobs up more for a more seductive look. She gave him a look, but since he was a professional, and highly recommended, she conceded to do the action he requested. He snapped the shot of her grabbing her boobs with a suppressed smirk.

“You know, I have a friend in film, Jerry Mantrell, and he’s doing this film about a girl working her way through city life up in New York City. It’s supposed to be a documentary on her trials as a singer and songwriter.”

She automatically perked up, poised as a catholic school girl when a priest walks by. She was giving him a wide-eyed look, and she wanted to know more. The curiosity got the better of her as she felt down her thigh with a soft touch and an insatiable biting of her lip. She was still ugly, but she did look cute at some points in time. Jack sighed and scratched izmir escort bayan his forehead.

“Yea, he’s not getting too good of a response though because of a couple scenes in it,” Jack told her, liking the way he fed her these lies.

“What kind of scenes? I wouldn’t have a problem with anything.” She was rather eager.

“Really, even more sexy type of scenes?” Jack stood next to the camera and looked at her, summing up how great she was going to look in the video.

She scoffed and gestured to her outfit. She raised her brows as if telling him that she had been giving him sexy all afternoon. “Really, Jack, you know me better than that.”

“Well, there is one scene that deals with self-gratification and the other scene is the girl having sex. I mean they wouldn’t be having actual sex, but it would seem like they would be. Girls that read over it think it’s a little bit like porn. He assured me that it’s not though because it’s a documentary type, like Blair Witch or whatever, and so, he just wants to get into production as soon as he finds his LEADING star.” Jack knew that remark would get her going into a frenzy of stardom and riches.

“Well I’d do it. I don’t have a problem with nudity or haha, ‘self-gratification.’ So where can I find Jerry Mantrell at?” Anne’s eyes were sharp and attentive to Jack’s, knowing that this could be some sort of trick. She did not think he had it in him though.

Well, you are talking to him, Jack should have said. Jerry Mantrell was Jack’s old porn alias, back when he filmed the stars in the 70s and 80s. He was 50 now, and that life had long since been gone. He was still known for making the best amateur group rape videos. The company never asked any questions because of the release forms or thought it was all apart of his story. He assuaged them by saying that it was, otherwise they would not have signed. The girls that tried to bring him into court were shut up with threats of their video being broadcasted everywhere with their real names, instead of the porn names that he ingeniously gave them. That reminded him, Anne needed one.

“Yea, I know exactly where you can find him, but your name will be too plain for him. You need something distinctive for an alias, you know? I would refer him to him, if only you had a good name.”

She looked disappointed for a moment, like she did not think she could get past that obstacle. C’mon, think, slut, it was not that hard. You want that part, don’t you? It would be your big break. It would be your claim to fame and lots of money in exchange for your exploitation. It was almost making him laugh how she was seriously considering what ‘alias’ she wanted.

“How about Julianna Grant?” She offered enthusiastically.

“No, too plain still. He likes weird names. I was thinking you looked like Anita Cockin, type of girl. That’s a name that he would respect.” Jack was laughing inside. He could not believe that he came up with such a good porn name.

She scrunched up her face, not wanting to trust his decision, but she obliged after he added the line about respect. She tilted her head to the side and sighed. “Well, if he would like it.”

“Yea, he will. I guess you’re going to want to take some portraits that would impress him now right?” Jack was leaning into the camera as he talked, just itching to get to the shots that he wanted.

“You mean the ones we have won’t be good enough?” Anne returned, a little skeptical of his intentions still.

Jack was so good at manipulation. This was already in the bag. “Well they’re all very pretty, but I think now he’ll want to see proof that you’ll be okay with the themes of the movie.”

She was caught off guard for a second. “Oh….”

“We’ll just get a few naked poses and some other stuff. It will be real quick, I promise. You trust me, don’t you?” Jack asked the line in such a tone that there was no way she could have said anything other than yes.

And he knew he had her when she relented with a shrug and a wave of her delicate hand. “Yes, it’s just that I don’t know, but I want all copies of these pictures. I don’t want anyone else to see them besides you, me, and Jerry.”

“Yes, yes, it will all be fine, I promise you. Besides, you signed that form remember?”Ah, the form, Jack thought to himself slyly.

Anne’s chuckle was very delightful, light and arrogant. “Oh, yea, haha. I forgot about that.”

He didn’t say what the form was actual for, but just that it was a form. She automatically assumed that it was a contract to take pictures and that he could not infringe upon her rights. She still thought that he worked under someone else, so she could always go to the ‘manager’ or ‘corporate’, but lucky enough for him, this was his shop and everyone who worked for him knew of it’s purpose. That’s why they were all attractive men and women, slender and sleek. More than just himself, ‘Jerry’, and Anne would know about these pictures because his employees would be watching as the pictures were taken. They would escort izmir be waiting for their cue.

He told her to take off her tanktop and pants. He admitted to himself that she was gorgeous. She was very sculpted and fit. Her ass was fitted into a lacy thong that covered her mound and went down into a g-string through her crack. The same fabric made up her lovely bra. It was slightly translucent just like her panties. They were lovely breasts, very shapely, and he could tell her nipples were extremely pointed and defined. Each pose he directed, she administered very well. Her legs spread so he could zoom inside and take an intricate picture of black lace and pussy lips. Finally, he sighed dramatically, making her sit up again, her lustrous chestnut hair falling in baby fine layers around her shoulders.

“What?” She asked in bewilderment.

“It won’t be enough for Jerry. Your face…he’ll want to see passion, and I mean, you have passion, but it’s just that…it’ll be like every other girl who said that they could handle scenes and turns in pictures of them in their lingerie. You want to seduce him, and I’m sure it would not hurt to show all of yourself to him. I know he’d like what he saw, and as long as Jerry likes it, you’re in the movie.” The statement made sense to Jack, but was pretty sure in the eyes of others, she would have been told to get the heck out of there.

Anne looked agitated somewhat. “Yea…you’re right. So you want me to take everything off and…then what?”

“Well, I’m gonna need you to touch yourself to get the sort of shot with your face that he’ll want to see.” The mention of touch sent her gaze straight into Jack’s steady glare.

“Jack..I don’t know, I mean that’s not something that I really want to do, and I’m not really sure that I can pull that off.” She blushed tremendously. Her nipples titillated because of the hot flash, and she was looking around, instead of at him, as it probably would have made her feel even more vulnerable. He thought she would have been an easy candidate for this type of thing. Now, he was going to have to pour on the charm. He just needed to get her naked. He was growing impatient though, and he had no clue how long he could subdue his temper.

“You can pull it off. You know you can. I just want to get a shot of that lovely face on the verge of, you know, womanly pleasure, haha.” He tried to act as if he was embarrassed about sex as well, as if he was inexperienced with the whole nature of it. He did not need her thinking that he was some sort of sex fiend. As long as she thought he was a geek or too old to get any, then she would do whatever she wanted.

“Okay. I’ll do it, but I want to see the pictures when we’re done,” said Anne.

“Fine, no problem. Now, take your bra off and panties…then lay down,” Jack commanded, growing impatient.

She started to undo her clasp, take the straps off, and he started to take the pictures. She protested and brought her straps back up, covering herself all of a sudden. She looked very upset and sounded very touchy as she shouted at him. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking a shot of you stripping down. Now be quiet please and do as you were told. I don’t have all day.” Far more than agitated at this point, Jack had enough of this routine. He just wanted her to do it, and he did not like being shouted at either.

“But–I t-thought..” Anne stammered.

“TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF NOW. If I have to say it one more time, I will have William come in here and do it for you. Now, do as you as were TOLD,” Jack shouted at her from the camera, never leaving the focus off of her growing discomfort under his demands.

She started taking the bra and panties off after that, reluctantly at first, but she continued. He took all the shots of her beautiful breasts being released from their bounds as well as her shaven little box. Her lips were perfect for a slut. he would think that her clitoris and inner lobes would have been hanging out, but her lips were clutched tightly together between her legs. She lay down on the couch with one leg hanging off and the other bent at the knee into the air. She looked at the camera and bit her lip, obviously worried. He knew that she could be easily manipulated by force if need be. He raised his brows and stepped to the side of the camera. In an extremely hostile and irritated tone, he asked, “Well, are you going to fuck yourself?”

“Oh, yes, sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m just a little–I’m sorry, yes I’ll do that now.” She inched her fingers down to her pussy and started to rub her clit. Her eyes shut closed and her mouth opened slightly. He focused on her fingers and how well they swam in the juices flowing out of her pussy. She must have been wet even before she touched herself as he could see the streams of white lucid cream running down to the couch. Her nipples were hardened from the cool air as well as embarrassment. She was very slow and timid at first, but she worked herself into where she needed more.

“Two fingers, dear.” izmir escort His direction needed to come sooner as he wanted to see it, probably more than she wanted to feel it.

To his surprise, she was eager to do this, slipping in one and then another. He watched them go at it inside of her, like a drill hammering into her cunt. She gushed with cum after a few moments. Anne’s breath was ragged, before he knew it, was time for more. He was also getting too aroused, that was when he knew it was time for the second part of the phrase.

“WILLIAM!” He called, stepping into the camera nad taking pictures of her as she realized someone else was coming.

Anne withdrew her hand away from her pussy and looked around startled. Her eyes were bright and glistening with the affects of the orgasms she had been delivering upon herself. William was already there, and he stared at her without restraint. Yet, his appetite was larger than his gaze, for her breasts hung in the depths of his pupils, circling her tightened nipples and the juicy breasts until Anne covered them with her wet fingers running over her tits. She squeezed them back against herself and looked terrified. William was still looking at her and rubbing his crotch as he said with an awe in his tone, “Damn, look at those tits, they’re huge.”

“Yes, I know they are. Don’t just stand there. I have to finish this roll before anything else. Get George in here,” Jack told him.

Anne was gathering her stuff as Jack walked up to her, grabbing her wrists and pulling her up away from her pile of sexy clothes. He brought her back against himself, fighting off the erection that was struggling against submission with her ass bumping against his crotch. Jack could only hiss at her while he grunted from the direct blow to his side, “What’re you doing?”

“YOU PROMISED! You said that it would only be you, me, and Jerry!” Anne sobbed loudly, her pitch so high that Jack turned away and yanked her with him. He sprawled her up against the nearest wall of the set and pulled her head back to where his lips could speak against her ear. “Newsflash, I am Jerry, and you’re not going anywhere, because if you do, I’ll send those pictures out to every agency in this state. You want that, Anne? You want people to know just how much of a slut you are?”

“I’m not a slut! I can’t believe–” Tears brimmed in her eyes as she started to say that she could not understand why he was doing this, why he tricked her into this. She didn’t know why he was doing this to HER. In truth, he did not really know why he did these things either, but when an attractive subject like Anne walked by him, he just had to go through with their demise, humuliate them, bring them to their knees–and she had been a haughty one. That only added to his desire to humuliate the girl and show her that she did not know everything. He finally responded after a few moments, pressing her hard against the wall so that she had to stop moving or be pushed farther.

“Because you have a very nice body, and your look was very sultry. Besides, sluts like you need to learn a lesson. You’re no better than anyone else.” He tossed her back on the couch and watched her struggle to stand up. George strode in seconds after. Whereas William and Jack were born around the same time, George was in his twenties, and he was still in the phase of his young adulthood, where he would only pursue intercourse with girls who were obviously gorgeous. Standing behind the head of Anne, George reached out and ran his hand down and over her breast, lifting it slightly. She jumped forward, but Jack pushed her back down with hand to her sternum. He wanted her to just stay put, but that was George’s job while he set up for the next segment. “Where’s William?”

“Getting something.” George ran his hands through Anne’s hair as she stared at Jack, and as he turned back, he saw the lovely thoughts going through her head: betrayal, misfortune, embarrassment. It was just so beautiful. His cock lurched, and he turned sharply away, headed back to the camera.

Jack saw Anne summing up the situation in her head, thinking of ways to get out of the predicament, but there were 3 built males to her young adolescent body. She was only 20, he thought with a smirk. What could she do? She was so little compared to the rest of them. They were going to have fun with this one. He could tell since everyone was there that day as William came back in, carrying a riding crop in one of his hands. He was quite crazy and unpredictable at times. This being one of them, Jack thought with a devilish grin.

They feasted their eyes upon the distressed damsel as George had begun to finger her while William held down her arms. She flailed out her legs for a minute, so William smacked the crop against her shaking breast. “Just enjoy it. He’s fingering you good, can’t you see that? Don’t struggle, good girl.”

Her toes curled as George pushed in another finger to add to the two that were already jammed inside of her slick wet hole. She cried for help, which made William chuckle. He leaned down and breathed against Anne’s ear, coaxing the groans out of her with words that Jack could not hear. He could tell they were somewhat dirty and nasty. He watched on with pride at the two fo them.

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