Three in a Park

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I am a senior (18 year old) sixth form girl (and by no means a virgin) and I recently had a very exciting experience with two horny men.

Here’s what happened.

I woke up one sunny school morning feeling very, very randy. I lay in bed, naked and with my eyes closed. I spread my legs and slowly ran my fingers through my tiny wisp of pubic hair, then down onto my pouting pussy lips. I played with my clit until I was very wet and my nubile young body was crying out for an orgasm. Then I slid three of my fingers inside my tight, sopping cunt. It only took me a few thrusts and I came like I’d never come before, drenching my hand in the hot gush of my juices.

I licked my fingers and lay still for a while, then decided to take the day off school and go looking for some hard satisfaction instead. With this in mind, I dressed in my tiny black skirt, my white blouse, my stripy tie and my sexiest black shoes. I decided on no knickers, so that anyone I fancied a fuck with could have easy access to my young cunt. Ready, I went out and made my way to the park.

It was a lovely day and I strolled into the park and over to the swings, noticing two young guys, one blonde, one dark-haired, both in a ditch, fixing a pipe nearby. As I walked slowly past them, wiggling my arse, I could see they were very interested in me. The dark-haired guy crouched down so that he could see all the way up my very short skirt to my pussy and my arse. I reached the swings, which were only a few yards from them and sat down. I slowly started to swing izmir escort bayan back and forth, back and forth, keeping my eyes on the two guys. They didn’t take their eyes off me, so I started to part my thighs a bit, to give them a peek at my pink, wet pussy. By now I was frantic for cock and I’d decided I wanted two at the same time. I’d never tried that, and I thought that these two horny-looking blokes might help me out if I made it obvious what I wanted.

I kept swinging and showing more and more of my cunt to them. In the end, they stopped working and came and sat near to the swings for a tea break. I could see they both had enormous hard-ons. Their cocks were like tent poles in their trousers. I stopped swinging and got off the swing, asking them if I could have a sip of their tea. I stood over them and they were both staring up at my sopping cunt. I loved it.

“You can have a bit more than tea, love,” the blonde one said and my heart pounded. Here was my chance.

“Okay,” I said. “But I want both of you at the same time – and we need some privacy.”

We all walked over to the nearby bushes and went into the shade. The blonde guy immediately slid his hand in between my legs and started stroking my hot, tingling pussy, while the other one pulled my blouse up and started nuzzling my tits and sucking my hard nipples. I love that.

Quickly I pulled my clothes off and got on my knees, tugging down the zip of the dark-haired guy (who’d been working on my tits) and freeing his big, rampant cock. I took the escort izmir hot and hard length into my mouth and started sucking it. The other guy pulled his trousers down and knelt down behind me, rubbing the tip of his cock up and down the crack of my pert arse, making me writhe. Then he placed the swollen tip against my wet slit.

I was dizzy with desire and wanted that cock inside me so badly, I stopped sucking for a minute and gasped:

“Stick it in me! Fuck me hard!”

As soon as I’d said it, I felt his enormous cock slide right inside my boiling cunt. It felt fantastic, touching me everywhere inside, making me gush like mad. At the same time, I slid the dark-haired guy’s rock-hard cock back into my hot mouth and sucked its delicious length for all I was worth.

The guy fucking me from behind pounded into me as the guy fucking my mouth gasped and shot a wad of spunk down my throat. I licked his cock dry. The guy behind me suddenly squeezed my arse cheeks hard and fired his come right up into my frothing cunt. Then I came. There were colours spinning in my head as I had a massive orgasm that shook my body and made me groan with pleasure.

Then the guys changed places, so I stretched myself out on the ground and the dark-haired one knelt in between my spread legs. He was wanking his cock and it was growing big and hard again. The blonde guy was kneeling by my face, his spunk-slicked cock next to my open mouth.

“Suck it, you beautiful bitch,” he said. His words made my cunt tingle and churn. My nipples izmir escort were so hard they hurt.

“Bite my tits,” I told him, so he leaned over, sliding his cock into my mouth and clamping his mouth onto my left breast. He licked and nibbled it gently at first, but I soon told him what I wanted.

“Harder, you fucker!”

As he bit down on my nipples, I gasped with pleasure, for the other guy had suddenly rammed his cock into me, filling my cunt with his hot meat. I squirmed and writhed and thrashed in ecstasy. I was so wonderful I came close to fainting. This was real fucking. This was what sex could be, should be. I wanted more, so I bucked my hips and sucked on that big cock and in no time at all I came again and again. I was nearly screaming with the sheer pleasure and delight that raced through my young body. I’d never been fucked like this before.

The blonde guy stopped biting my nipples as he shot his load into my mouth. The other guy gripped my hips and thrust and pounded into me until he grunted: “I’m coming!” and shot a blast of hot come deep into my tender young cunt.

They both got up and put their clothes straight. I stayed where I was for a minute, loving that just-fucked feeling, then got up and got dressed. They both kissed me and then went back to work.

“See you tomorrow, guys,” I said, as I wandered past them, making my way home. “Bring a friend, if you like.”

“Okay.” one of them called.

My pussy was tender and puffy, my breasts were sore, but deliciously so, and I was full of spunk and satisfied beyond belief. I definitely needed a much-earned rest. It was much more excitement than I normally got. As I walked out of the park, I wondered if the two guys really would bring a friend with them. I hoped so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32