Three Guys and a Gal

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My wife Linda grew up in a very conservative part of the Midwest. At 18 she was anything but conservative having already had sex with several partners and experimented heavily in various drugs from Pot to Cocaine. When she was 18 she was caught smoking pot and the family decided to move her to Hawaii to get away from the growing drug culture in the Midwest.

Her folks not being too bright moved to Hawaii not aware of the rampant drug use there as it was the height of the Vietnam War and the troops brought back lots of dope.

Linda spent her first few weeks in Hawaii smoking pot and having sex with 4 or 5 different guys. She loved to fuck new guys all the time thinking herself bullet proof to pregnancy or diseases.

Linda spent every waking hour on the beach showing off her hot body whose highlights was a pair of 36 C breasts mounted on a slim and firm body. She was a big hit with the guys on the beach and soon had a reputation of being an easy fuck.(based on her encounters she told me çukurambar escort about she slept with 80 guys she’ll admit to. I think the number is well over 100).

One day a well built guy of 28 named Paul spotted her the beach and planned to make her his piece of ass for the day. They talked for a few hours when Paul asked if Linda would like to go to his place to smoke some pot. She agreed and when they got to Paul’s place his two roomies where there. Bob about 27 and John 22. Paul introduced his roomies to Linda and it was obvious by the bulge in their pants her curvaceous body had an immediate effect on them.

Paul and Linda started smoking some potent pot and soon they were locked in a kiss with Paul stoking her now ridged nipples as she stroked his 7 inch cock thru his swim suit. After awhile they were both naked with Paul finger fucking her to orgasm as she took his cock into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth while stroking his shaft and balls demetevler escort to near orgasm. Paul flipped her over and plunged all 7 of his inches into her hot cunt. After 5 minutes of intense fucking they came simultaneously. With Paul filling her cunt with hot jism .Thick sperm ran down her legs. Linda rolled over and smoked more pot while Paul excused himself to go to the bathroom.

After about 5 minutes Linda felt a tongue licking her pussy. She thought Paul was back for more when a voice said yuk I’m licking Paul’s cum. She discovered it was John sucking her cunt. Startled a first she got into it very quickly and ended up giving John the blowjob of his life. Linda actually prefers giving head to fucking. She’s a real cum slut. As she felt John’s cock grow she sucked harder while massaging his balls. John must have cum a quart into her mouth but she swallowed every drop of cum. She even came just but giving head.

All of a sudden she looked up and it was Bob dikmen escort standing there with a big 9 inch hard on. She thought to herself what the heck and quickly took his huge cock into her mouth and started giving him a fantastic blowjob as her played with her sperm covered clit and pussy lips. Bob was not about to settle for a blowjob as his big thing was anal sex which Linda had never tried. He lubricated his cock with KY Jelly and slowly pushed his tool deep into her ass. Linda loved the feeling of a cock in her ass and they both speed up the pace until they came in a heaping pool of sweat and sperm.

Linda then put on her bikini and left. She never saw these three guys again but often masturbates at the thought of the incident.

In looking back she wishes she had taken all three guys at once with one in her mouth, one in her cunt and the third in her ass which has now become her biggest fantasy.

We have not filled this fantasy yet with real guys but have simulated it with her sucking my cock with a large vibrator deep in her cunt and a thinner one up her ass. I simultaneously pump those vibrators in and out while I fill her mouth with cum. She really gets off on this. I’m currently recruiting 3 guys on Craigslist to fulfill this fantasy as a Christmas present to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32