Thoughts of You

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I miss you already. I wish we had the time to snuggle together. I’d love to lay in your arms while we recover. My head resting on your shoulder, my finger lightly tracing across your chest. I trail my finger across your nipples then down your stomach, to you belly button. I circle it once then twice before I move further down.

My tongue is jealous of the journey that my fingers have taken. I slide my body over you. Kissing your chest, then licking first one nipple then the other. Gently nibbling. i slide my body along yours, our wet bodies sliding easily along each other. I make my way down to your stomach. I slide further still, feeling the object of my desire between our bodies.

I pause when my breast are over your cock. Pushing them together, I slide your cock between my tits. I can feel you getting firmer. I can feel your cock growing larger and pulsing between my tits. I slide down the last few inches and take your cock in my hand. I hold it for a moment enjoying the feel. I stroke you escort bayan with a slow steady rhythm.

I brush the head along my lips. My tongue sneaks out for a taste. I guide my tongue along the length of your cock until I reach you balls. Stroking your cock while I lick your balls. First one then the other. The I suck your balls into my mouth, rolling them around with my tongue.

Your cock is so hard now I can’t wrap my fingers around it anymore. I continue stroking you while I lick my way back to the head. First rubbing it along my lips then sucking on just the head. Swirling my tongue just under the head. Increasing the pressure each time I hear you moan. Your hands having wrapped themselves in my hair are trying to pull me further on your cock.

I resist, allowing my teeth to gently graze the skin. A groan from you lets me know that you will allow control for now. I want more though, I want all of you. I take more of you in, inch by inch. I feel your hand pressuring me istanbul escorts to go faster. I want to go slow at first. I want to feel every inch go past my lips and along my tongue.

I slide more of you in until I feel you pressing against my throat, I take a deep breath and take the rest of you. I moan when I feel you there in my throat. Hearing you moan too makes my pussy so wet. I pull back up until just the head is in then I take you all the way in again. With each stroke I go a little faster, I can feel you balls get a little tighter in my hand. I stop. I don’t want you to cum yet.

I pull your cock all the way out and rub my thumb across the head. I lick the head one more time then I crawl along your body again, My lips find yours, our tongues do a dance. I rub my body back and forth along yours. The feel of your hard cock between us drives me wild.

I sit up, straddling your hips. Your cock sliding along my pussy lips. I move my hips back and forth, making your cock even bayan escort more wet. My clit is so hard, I slide along you faster. Wanting to cum, I’m so close my body is vibrating. This time you stop me from going any faster by holding my hips in place.

You lift me slightly above you. I grab your cock holding it in place as you slowly let me sink onto you. Your cock feels so good stretching my pussy. I am full with your throbbing cock. I moan as you thrust up into me. I rock back and forth loving the feeling along my clit. I ride you faster, I need to cum now. I need to be filled with your cum.

I try to ride you faster but I can’t go fast enough. You hold my hips and thrust into me as fast and as deep as you can. I reach between us and rub my clit. Then it starts to hit me. My whole body starts to tingle. My pussy is throbbing and squeezing your cock. I can feel the waves of my orgasm wash over me. A few more thrust and I feel you spill your seed deep inside me. Your body jerking under me.

Exhausted I collapse on top of you. Your cock still inside my pussy releasing the last of your cum. I feel your arms holding me tight as I use the last of my strength to hold you also. We both drift off to sleep with only thought of each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32