Those Autofellatio Blues Ch. 11

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When a man wants to seduce a woman he must use different tactics dictated by the situation and by the woman. Sometimes soft lights and champagne is the key that unlocks that particular door. A fierce, stolen kiss might be the act that finally breaks down her resistance. Maybe all it takes is putting the toilet seat down. There’s no hard and fast rule.

But hard and fast was how I set about seducing Julia, Bridget’s sexy mother, the woman who took my virginity, and was now my own mother’s sexual plaything. I took out my penis, which was very hard, and rubbed it between her legs, trying to get it inside her as fast as possible. We didn’t have much time before Bridget came home, and after listening to Bridget and my mother fuck around while I hid under Mom’s bed, I was in a towering rage. I wanted to get back at both of them, and what better way to show my independence than having sex with Julia? Both Bridget and my mother had forbidden any contact with this tall, gorgeous, sexy brunette, so it was contact I lusted for. The contact of my throbbing penis with the moist nest between her long, long legs.

I put my hand on Julia’s waist and pulled her close, the underside of my penis sliding up the front of her slacks. “Oh,” I breathed. “That feels good.”

She was looking straight down at the big pink snake rubbing against her and her eyes were saucers. “You’re not supposed to be here!” she squealed. “You mother will hurt me!”

“What about Bridget?” I asked, humping her belly. “What would she do if we fucked right now?”

“She’d never forgive me,” Julia said, reaching down to tickle my cockhead with her long red nails. She licked her lips.

“My mom isn’t here. Bridget isn’t here.” I pushed my hips against her, forcing her back inside, until we both stood on the foyer. I closed the door behind us. “But I’m here. You’re here. No one else needs to know.”

I could see the conflict in her eyes. She was afraid of violating Mom’s sanction, but…”You cock looks so fucking good!” She closed her eyes. “Why are you here? Why are you fucking tormenting me like this?”

An idea popped into my head. Maybe I could give Julia’s confidence a boost, get her to stop being a lapdog and start being the super-mega-bitch she was when I met her, the woman who ruthlessly cornholed me with a strap-on, who deflowered me by squat-fucking me at Elaine’s house. A dangerous gambit, perhaps, but one I thought worth playing.

“I’m here because I couldn’t stay away any longer. You were my first, Julia, and it’s been so long since you let me enjoy you. I hate my mother from keeping me from fucking you. Don’t you want me to fuck you? Is that it? I’m not good enough for you?” I hung my head.

“Oh fuck, no, no! I love your cock, I’d give anything to have your dick pounding me again, but…”

“I’m so HARD, please, Julia, touch me. Touch my cock. Touch it. Touch it with your hands, touch it…that’s it…use your hands, feel how hard I am. Feel how hard I am for you, feel…oh…oh…that’s it, feel how hard I am for you…ohhhh…”

There was no way she could resist. Her warm hands caressed my penis, she hefted my balls in her palms and felt their tremendous weight. “You’re hard as stone,” she groaned. It was true. I don’t think I’d ever been harder in my life. She stroked my cock and I thought the straining flesh might crack and splinter.

She bent at the waist, tossed her silky black ponytail over her shoulder, and put the head of my penis in her mouth. She was so tall, and I was so long, that she didn’t need to go down on her knees. Her tongue slithered over the oily head of my dick before she wrapped her lips around the crown and started sucking. “AHHHH…” I groaned with relief. At last, my penis was getting the attention it craved.

“Oh, God,” Julia cried, “I thought I’d never taste your cock again!”

“Go on, take another taste.”

She did. She took as much of my cock in her mouth and bobbed her head back and forth. She let my helmet fall from her lips and circled it with her tongue, and then she pressed her red lips to the underside of my penis and ran her lips along that extra-sensitive ridge of skin. She suddenly fell to her knees and put her hands on my penis and started pumping as she sucked, and looking down at her, her full lips stretched tight by the enormous girth of my shlong, I could see something of Bridget in her face, and I felt my balls start to rumble with seismic twitches.

“I’m going to come soon,” I intoned. “I’m going to come in your mouth.”

“Mmmm!” she squealed, working my joint even faster.

I put my hands on my shoulders and forced her back. “No. No. When I come, it’s going to be deep in your belly.” The Landaus had a sunken living room, there were four steps leading down to it, and I steered Julia over to the top step and unbuttoned her pants. It took about ten seconds to get her naked. I made her sit on the top step and I knelt on the bottom step between her legs. I lifted her leg and kissed her tan inner thigh, I kissed görükle escort the smooth flesh and I extended my tongue and painted a line from her thigh toward her loins.

“No, I’m ready, just stick it in me!” she pleaded, but I wanted what I wanted. And what I wanted was a woman’s taste in my mouth. I looked up at her from between her splayed legs, I raised my eyebrows playfully as I reached that holiest of places. She was so tense I thought she might spring like a mousetrap. I lowered my eyes and gazed at the first pussy I’d ever experienced. My head moved into her crotch, and my tongue now tasted what I thought I’ve never enjoy again, Julia’s wet pussy. I drank at her like she was a fountain, her juices covered my lips and tongue and I burrowed inside her wanting more. Bridget and my mother had tasted pussy today, and now I had too. That thrilling feminine taste excited me almost to nausea. My heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing and I had to fuck, I had to penetrate, NOW.

“What are you waiting for?” Julia snarled through clenched teeth. “You know I’m ready for you. You know I’m ready for that big fucking dick!” She was. I was too. I had to bury my tool inside a woman or I’d go insane. I rose up, my face shining from her juices, and I pointed myself at her opening.

“You’re ready?” I said as my fat helmet pushing through her slick petals.


I shook my head. “I don’t think you’re ready for…this!” I slowly, but steadily, pushed the entire length of my penis inside her, until I was buried to the root.

“HUUUHNNNNNGGGG!” she screamed. “GOD! Oh, fuck, yeah!” I stood up, lifting her legs to my shoulders, and my steel-hard erection levered her hips into a better angle. I put her ankles on my shoulder and said, “Here we go.” I started thrusting in and out of her, the moist, slippery friction so exquisitely pleasurable that I moaned with every stroke. “Oh…Ohh…OH! OH! Oh, Julia, fuck. You’re so fucking WET!”

“You’re so hard, you’re so DEEP!” she cried. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

We really started going at it. The skin of my penis was stretched so tight that every nerve ending was fully exposed and greedy for the silken caress of Julia’s wet vagina. I drove myself in and out of her with such gusto that my pelvic thrusts pushed her back, inch by inch, off the top step, until she was lying flat on the foyer floor and I loomed over her, my hips crashing into hers, Julia’s legs wrapped around my waist. Her long-nailed fingers sought out my biceps and she dug in, and I put my own hand on her jiggling breasts and kneaded the soft flesh.

“Just like that, just like that,” Julia moaned, and my rapid-fire thrusting brought her to a shuddering orgasm. She was so hot, so sexy, those long legs hugging my hips, those fingernails clawing at me, her tongue caressing her full, red lips, her pussy gripping me like a lubricated fist…”Oh….UUHHHH! I’m gonna come!” I screamed in anguish. I didn’t want to come, I wanted to hold out longer, I wanted to fuck Julia until Bridget came home to find me fucking her mother’s brains out, but that was just the irrationality that exists in the seconds before ejaculation. I couldn’t hold out, I had to come. And come I did.

“ARRRRRRRGGGHH!” I groaned as I erupted. I didn’t pull out, I didn’t want to remove my penis from the tight, humid place where it currently resided. I buried my tip deep inside her and there was a second’s pause between the pleasure’s peak and my ejaculation, and I watched Julia’s eyes as she waited, waited, waited for the hot flood inside her, and when my semen spurted from my cockhead she melted around me. “Oh, baby, yes, fill me up, come on, oohh, yes, come in me, keep coming, oh, there’s so much of you, baby!” I kept churning away until my semen began oozing out of her hole. I withdrew and my cock was covered with the froth of our lovemaking.

Julia scuttled around and drove her mouth down the length of my penis, slobbering over me, sucking out that last drops of come I hadn’t poured between her legs. I checked my watch and saw we had about a half-hour before Bridget’s expected return. I didn’t want to cut it that close, but I wasn’t ready to leave yet.

“I want you to tell my mother to go to hell,” I told Julia, who was still busy between my legs. “You don’t have to take her abuse.”

She pulled her mouth away from my softening organ. “I can’t,” she hissed. “I can’t!”

“You can. If you do, I’ll give you this,” I hefted my penis, “as often as you want. Whenever you want, I’ll put this, big, thick throbbing cock in your pussy. All you need to do is tell my mother you won’t play her game anymore.”

Julia stared at my slowly thickening penis like a mouse confronted by a swaying cobra. “I…I can’t. I’m not strong enough. She’ll do terrible things to me if I disobey her.”

“Julia,” I said, caressing her face, “You don’t need to be afraid of her. Remember how strong you were with me? Remember?” She nodded. “You need to be that strong again.”

“I bursa escort bayan can’t…”

“Yes you can. You fucked me up the ass in front of 30 people. You forced me to let you take my virginity. You’re ruthless, you’re fearless, you don’t give a damn what anyone thinks!”

My mentioning her first anal assault on me made her dark eyes go hazy with lust. “I loved that so much, fucking you from behind, spreading your cheeks and sticking it to you.” She grabbed my wrists with her talons. “I would give ANYTHING to fuck you again.”

My lower lip trembled. I might be doing too good a job here. I checked my watch, we had 25 minutes or so. “PLEASE!” she begged, reading my mind. “Please let me fuck you! It might give the courage I need to disobey my mistress. Please!”

The proverb says, be careful what you wish for, you might get it. I wanted Julia to get her strength back, but to get it back, I had to get it-up the bum. Although I must guiltily admit to love getting penetrated back there, it’s not such a simple pleasure. There’s considerable pain and discomfort involved, especially when Julia did it to me. Well, you gotta take the bitter with the sweet. “You get ready, I’m going to move my car out of your driveway.”

“Thank you!” she cried and ran upstairs to assemble her equipment. I went to my car and parked on a dead-end side street so Bridget wouldn’t see it if she came home. It might give me a few more minutes to make my escape when we finished. Finished…I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I almost got back in my car and drove home. But I didn’t. Better see the thing through. I jogged back to the Landau’s house.

I found Julia standing in the foyer, eyes blazing, breathing through her mouth, trembling with excitement. Her trembling made the six-inch dildo protruding from her strap-on harness wiggle menacingly. The dildo was so lifelike, I mean it LOOKED real, a stranger might have thought Julia was an extremely successful transvestite. “On your knees, bitch!” she barked. When I hesitated she put her strong hands on my shoulders and forced me down. She pushed the flesh-colored prong in my face. “Suck it!” When I balked she gripped it and stuffed the head in my mouth. “Suck!”

Well, if what I wanted was a return to the dominant Julia, this is what I had to expect. I opened my mouth and took the penis in my mouth and began sliding it in and of my mouth. I looked up at Julia with adoring eyes as I gave her head. “Yeahhh,” she groaned. “Suck that cock, get me all nice and hard. Ohhh…”

After a minute of fellatio she yanked me to my feet and said, “Come along, bitch.” My heart pounded in my chest, both in hope that my plan was working and in fear of the ordeal I was about to endure. She took my hand and led me up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom. Her bed was just as big as my folks, but not as high, and it was covered in a dark green comforter. She dragged me onto the bed and arranged me so I was on my hands and knees facing the big mirror over her wide oak dresser. She moved in behind me, the dildo pressed against my thigh. “I want to watch your face while I fuck you, I want to see the pleasure on your face as I pound you.”

She opened a bottle of lubricant and generously lubed up my pucker and the dildo. At least I had that to be thankful for. Once everything was adequately slippery she grabbed my buttocks and pried them open. The implacable hardness of the dildo centered on my sphincter, and slowly, slowly, she penetrated me.

I exhaled hard and looked in the mirror, and when I saw the look of feral glee on Julia’s gorgeous face I felt decidedly mixed emotions. If I got Mom off Julia’s case it would make Bridget happy, which was good. But it would infuriate Mom, which was bad. If Bridget found out I fucked her mother, she’d hate me, and that was bad. And if Julia got her balls back and decided to reintroduce herself into my life, well, that could be very bad. I was starting to have second thoughts about my plan. Not that I could do anything about it, with six inches of dildo plunging in and out of my rectum.

It felt so good that I thought I might scream. So I did. “UHHH! Fuck, oh, fuck, Julia, Julia!” I saw my pained and ecstatic reflection and it disgusted me. “Wait, wait,” I panted, “Slower, please, slower, uhhh!” She ignored my pleas and screwed me with swift, steady strokes, the slippery dildo gliding in and out from between my cheeks. I buried my head on the soft mattress, raising my ass high in the air, and she seized my hips and started humping me with more and more vigor.

“You like this, bitch?” she said. “You like feeling my cock buried in your ASS?”

“Yes!” I groaned.

“I know you love it, I know it! Because your beautiful cock is hard again. Isn’t it, isn’t it hard as a rock?” I nodded. It was true, my penis was erect and I was trying to rub against the satiny comforter to give me some friction. Julia wouldn’t have it. She grabbed my hips and pulled me tight against her, the dildo jammed bursa escort all the way inside me, and she forced me to lift my head from the bed. I arched my back, trying to slide off the dildo, but she held me firm.

I looked at her in the mirror and saw her reach down between my legs to caress my huge erection with her hand. “OHHHH!” I moaned. “OH, GOD, YES!” She kept milking me with her hand as she fucked me up the ass and it felt so good the whole room seemed to spin around me. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me up the ass! Fuck me!” I started thrusting my own hips against her masturbating hand and that just drove the probe deeper and faster in and out of my orifice.

“Ohhh…I’m gonna come soon!” I blurted.

She pulled her hand away and ceased her thrusting. “No! There’s only one way I want to see you come!” She pulled out of me and I groaned, and she pushed me onto my back. She hoisted my legs on her shoulders and started pushing them up.

“You can’t be SERIOUS!” I cried, but of course she was. She pushed my legs back and used her weight and leverage to wedge them under her headboard, folding me in two and presenting me with an enormous cock in my face.

“Suck!” she demanded. “SUCK!”

There wasn’t much I could do. I clenched my stomach muscles and took the spongy head of my cock in my mouth. The discomfort in my abs started immediately, and I knew I had to get myself off as fast as possible. Fortunately endurance usually isn’t a problem when I’m blowing myself, and I used my tongue underneath the huge, detatched helmet, a hot spot that I knew would make me see stars.

As I slid my lips up and down as much of my penis as I could swallow, Julia stood over me and squatted over my groin. To my disbelief, she pointed the re-lubricated dildo at my asshole and with a thwock!, shoved it inside me again. I moaned like a cow around my swollen cockmeat. “You like that, don’t you?” she taunted.

I shook my head, then I nodded. “That’s right, all boys like to fuck and suck, don’t they? Don’t they, boy?” She was bouncing up and down on the bed, her legs spread wide for support, the dildo sinking in and out of my dilated sphincter. I tried to scream but my penis muffled the sound. I was in pain but the pleasure so overwhelmed it that I paid it no mind. My penis was in a warm, loving mouth, a relentless hardness was jammed deep in my rectum…and I couldn’t resist any more.

“Uhhh…mmmmph…uhh….UHH!! UHHHH!!” I moaned.

“You like that,” Julia said. “You like that, bitch? Tell me you like it, I want to hear you, I want to hear you SCREAM that you love it!”

My whole body convulsed, “IT…FEELS…SO…FUCKING…GOOD!” I screamed as my orgasm commenced, and then I exploded and there was hot liquid everywhere. It poured out over my face, my chin, my mouth, my spurting cock sprayed semen all over the bedspread and pillows. My talented mouth coaxed every drop of sperm from my pulsating testicles. Julia slowly removed the dildo from its sheath and I trembled as I felt its every bump and ridge. She leaned over me and kissed and licked my face, tasting the come that coated my lips. I squeezed my eyes shut tight and my panting mouth hung open like a dog’s.

At last she leaned up, and I pulled my feet from the headboard. I was exhausted. I slowly opened my eyes and I looked at Julia, who was looking at me…and she was nearly in tears. “I’m so sorry!” she blurted. “Please don’t tell your mother I fucked you up the ass! Please! I was weak, I couldn’t help myself! She’ll kill me if you tell!”

I sighed, partly out of relief, partly from resignation. She was beyond my help, or she was beyond wanting my help. Mom said that Julia enjoyed playing the slave as much as she enjoyed her dominant role, and maybe that was true. My little scheme was a failure, and I can’t say I was that disappointed. “I won’t tell, Julia, I promise. So long as you don’t tell Bridget about this. She’d be very mad at me.”

“I won’t tell, I won’t.” It was discouraging, to see such a sexy, gorgeous, glamorous woman cowering on her knees. Then again, it did help my own shaky self-confidence. I said, “I’d better get going before Bridget comes home.”

“Yes, hurry, hurry! If Bridget finds us she’ll definitely tell your mother on us!” I dressed quickly and Julia tried to hustle me to the door, but when I pointed out that I had come all over my face she let me wipe it down with a damp towel. “Just toss it on the floor, I have to wash the bedspread too, before someone sees all that come on it!” She practically dragged me to the front door and slammed it in my face without so much as a thank you or good-bye. “Lots of laundry today,” I said, remembering my Mom stripping the bed after she and Bridget made love.

I walked to my car with only moderate discomfort radiating out from my recently-invaded asshole. Sitting down was a bit more painful, but manageable, and I drove away. My stomach muscles twitched menacingly, but they didn’t cramp. I didn’t pass Bridget on the way out of her plan, a stroke of luck, and I decided not to head for home right away. I knew I stank of sex, sweat, and Julia, so I rolled down the windows and just drove around for an hour, trying to clear my head. Life was getting too fucked up, out of control, and I wanted the madness to end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32