Thor’s Story Ch. 02

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After Maxe left, he wondered what he could do. And then an idea came to him and he just had to grin. Picking up the phone he called the hotels and motels that were nearest to him. The 2nd call was the lucky one.

“How may I help you?” The desk clerk asked. So he asked if she was there. “I’m sorry but she stepped out. Do you want me to leave her a message?”

“Umm . . . no. May I ask what room she is in?”

“That’s confidential sir.” Her bland voice replied.

He sighed and remembered that a friend used to work there. “Is Frank around?”

“Yes he is.” Her voice was starting to grate on his nerves.

“Can you put him on for me?”

“Hold please.” There was a soft click and he waited. He checked his watch and wondered if she’d go immediately there or not. Just then his friend came onto the line.

“Sup?” Frank asked.

Grinning, “Hey Frank want to do a favor for me?” he asked.

“What is it?” He asked warily. Thor then told him what he planned. At the end Thor knew that Frank had a grin on his face as well. “Yeah . . . sure dude! Let’s do this!”

.. ..

.. ..

Maxe slipped her keycard into the hole, but of course knowing her luck it turned red instead of green. “Damn it!” She swore softly. She was still aroused from what she did to Thor, and what she tried to do to get rid of the feeling was sightseeing and all that grand stuff. After an hour or two of it she gave up on it.

Finally the card admitted her entrance to her room. What she was going to do was run a hot bath and maybe enjoy her time alone by being a little naughty. She smiled and turned on the lights, but to her dismay they didn’t turn on.

“I hate my luck!” She whispered. She closed the door and walked through the room. She got rid of her long sleeved shirt and replaced it with a tank top, she felt much better then. As she sat on the edge of the bed she reached for the phone.

She dialed the number for the desk and a male voice answered, “Hello, service desk, how may I help you?”

“Yes, my lights won’t turn on. Can you please send someone up to check them?”

“Yes mame, it will be right shortly.”

“Thank you.” She then ended the call. Just then awareness prickled across her neck. She smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes. To play them, you must not let altyazılı porno them know that you know they’re there.

Maxe stood and crossed the room to the bathroom. Turning the hot water knob the water splashed in the tub. She put the plug and felt something behind her. Forming a fist, she whirled around and threw the punch.

It caught him on the side of the face, but it merely barely made him stagger. He caught his balance quickly and caught her in his arms.

She felt his strength and felt the size of him. He was taller than her and a lot more brooder. She didn’t know if she could win this one. At least she was going to try.

He had her arms pinned against his chest and she could barely move he held her so tight. From the adrenaline rush and everything that went on before, she felt the wetness between her legs.

She groaned, and then felt the stranger’s kiss on her lips. A shot of pleasure splashed through her, and she bit it back. As he was distracted with the kiss, her legs climbed up and hung on to his hips. When he tried to make it deeper, she bit his lower lip and wiggled both her legs against him and pushed herself away from him.

But with one hand he swiped her legs away and she crashed into his hard muscled body. She then felt his hardness against her wetness and another wave of desire crashed through. No! Damn it! She cried to herself inside.

He then threw her done on the bed, leaving her dazed and confused. He caught both her wrists in one hand before she realized what he was doing. With a soft long cloth she was tied to the bed.

She struggled and pulled but it merely tightened the cloth. “Damn it no!” She then felt his warm strong hands try to capture her ankles but she kept kicking them away from him. “Bastard!” She yelled, and kicked him in the chest.

He stepped back from the blow and chuckled. Oh god! She thought as another wave of desire shot through her and stayed at her core. He sounded sexy!

Without warning she felt his warm hands on her hips and tried to struggle against him. She then heard her pants rip. Oh shit! She was so in for it. Damn it! She thought as another wave splashed through her and radiated at her core.

Her pants were off and her black thong gleamed in the barely light. Then his fingers were zenci porno underneath the strings that held it together. “Oh good god no!” She whispered in disbelief and struggled to keep them on. But he just broke them down the sides and pulled them out of between her legs. As it brushed across her wet sensitive lips and clit she gasped and shivered.

“Why are you doing this?” She whispered to the stranger above her.

He shook his head not answering her, and then started prying her legs apart. As much as she tried to keep them together he managed to pull them apart. He then wedged his torso in between her legs so she wouldn’t be able to close them.

His finger then brushed her clit and she shuddered. He groaned in appreciation and started playing with her as she continued to struggle. Gasping she tried to get away, but with her hands tied and him hold her down it was no use. As she continued the pleasure started to course through her in streams.

A finger slipped inside her wet heat and she moaned through her clenched lips. And then another slipped inside and her lips came unglued and the moan was deep and loud.

Slowly she stopped struggling and went with it. As he fingered her at a steady pace her breathing started to get heavier. She was becoming wetter and all he wanted to do was be inside her, but he restrained himself.

“Oh god!” She mumbled. “Harder!” She whispered.

He wasn’t sure if he heard her right, so he asked in a deep voice, “Say what, bitch? What do you want?”

She moaned and answered louder, “Faster! Uhhh!” Moaning again as he gave her what she asked for. Gasping, “Oh god yes!” as he started to finger her faster and harder. He stopped, and she yelled, “Why’d you stop?”

He then pounded three fingers in her tight hole and she screamed out in pleasure. He was hitting all the right spots with his strong long fingers. She could feel it coming. Her climax, it was so strong and powerful, she shuddered and screamed. He didn’t stop; he just kept pounding his fingers inside her and hitting her clit just right, that another orgasm washed through her.

His mouth then clamped down on her clit and sucked it hard into his mouth, which made her scream, as another more powerful orgasm crashed through her.

As aldatma porno he slowed and stopped, she slowly regained her breath. He then kissed his way up her body, and she felt every one leaving a hot imprint on her skin.

He then claimed her lips in a hard kiss and she returned the favor. He then pulled away from her leaving her gasping, “Now, it’s your choice. Do you want me to fuck you?” His husky voice threatened to undo her, and she was unsure of herself.

He then pulled her tank top aside and she knew it won’t be the same afterwards. He dipped his head sucking a nipple in his hot wet mouth. She moaned in response and wondered what she should do.

“Time’s up! Maybe next time!” He said then, and Maxe knew he was grinning, that bastard! “But just to remember me by,” he then bit softly into her shoulder and sucked, making her gasp and squirm in his strong arms.

Just when Maxe would to agree to anything he wanted to do to her, he pulled away, leaving her gasping for breath. “See you later, Maxe.” He chuckled and got up from the bed, leaving her there. He opened the door and quickly left before she could recognize him.

After a second, she realized she was still tied to the bed. “That asshole!” She whispered. “Ugh! God damn it!” She was still cursing as she tried to pull the knot from her teeth. As it loosened a knock came at the door and she gasped.

“Help please!” Just before the door opened, she realized she was half naked!

“Madam?” A man asked, and she recognized the man’s voice from the phone. “What happened to you?” His face was written with concern but his eyes held delight and amusement.

“Just untie me please!” She begged. She just hoped he wouldn’t take advantage of her like this.

“Yes mame,” he said trying hard not to smile. He untied her and she got up quickly and covered herself. “I fixed the lights they should work now.”

“Ok, just let me get dressed.”

“Don’t bother.” He flicked the lights on. “Go take your bath.” He then finally smiled, “Have a good night.” He closed the door.

Maxe then remembered the bath! “Shit!” she cried as she raced to stop the flow of water. Good thing it was a deep. She sighed and figured on using it like she planned. Even though she was slightly a little sore from pleasure the stranger gave her, she couldn’t pleasure herself, like she planned. But she wouldn’t have changed it anyway. It was that good.

With that, she took off the remaining clothes left on her and stepped inside the bath with a grin across her face.

. . . to be continued . . .

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