Thong Girls Pt. 02

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Scene 8

Shelley’s 2nd period class with Chuck played out somewhat differently than her 1st period class with Nick. Chuck preferred her to sit atop his lap facing him, in a straddle position. As such Shelley gave up on any ability to focus on the days lesson; Chuck did too in all likelihood. The hour played out with him constantly caressing her butt cheeks with both of his hands while losing his face in her large boobs. Occasionally he would pull her thong straps even more taunt reinforcing in her mind her place as a sex toy for his (and other men’s) pleasure. One positive to her 2nd period class was however that she wasn’t the only thonged girl present. Across the room Randy had Jessica on his lap. Like Shelley she was facing him in a straddle position. She was wearing a silky light blue thong bikini that beautifully offset her white porcelain skin and light blonde hair. Each girl fell into the rhythmic dance of being held in each man’s arms and toyed with for pleasure. Only toward the end of class was this routine broken up as first Randy and then Chuck seemingly following suit began to spank Jessica and Shelley, lightly at first but escalating, in an impromptu competition. Couldn’t be said whether the terms were over which girl would respond more, which spanking would illicit the loudest smack or which instance would finally devolve the class into a full-bore burlesque show. The two girls however, who only knew each other slightly, locked eyes half way through it…encouraging each other silently. ‘You can take it…embrace the pain…please him…be a slut’.




Scene 9

Several hours passed before she was due for her 4th period class, and her second handover. The fact of having already been through one strengthened her confidence in handling it again. Chuck had already remarked to her that he would be handing her off to Amare. It she knew Nick well enough to regard him as a friend, and Chuck was then a friend of a friend, she didn’t know Amare at all. In Chuck’s words though “he requested you, said he saw you with Nick this morning walking into the school…and Amare loves a white girl with a big butt”.

As she was guided toward her 4th period class, Chuck brought her over to a group of his assorted friends.

“Shelley…at last, haven’t seen you all day girl” came Suzi’s excited exclaim.

Hearing it broke Shelley from her hours long trance of degradation looking up to see Suzi, currently being escorted by Nate, one of Chuck’s friends. Suzi was currently wearing a jet-black one-piece thong which matched well against her olive skin and dark hair. It completed its edgy look by having some side strapping comprised of chains. Nate’s hand was, as expected gripping her right butt cheek.

“Hi…how are you?” Shelley replied in demurring fashion.

She hadn’t alerted Suzi to her intentions to turn ‘thong girl’ prior to today, so her friend was no doubt surprised.

“You look so great honey. Love pink on you…hopefully Chuck will turn you around in a minute, so I can catch a sight of that gorgeous ass in a thong!” she gleefully exclaimed.

As if one queue Chuck did just so, going the further step of helping her to bend at the waist. Shelley felt her thong tighten against her body as her hips flared in her bent over position. Suzi had the front row seat to her friend receiving her handoff spanking. Once again Shelley found herself exposed even more in the public view of the school hallway. Her hair dangling downward, her eyes cast toward the ground. The heat from Chuck’s soon to depart hand on her ass. She couldn’t see the smile creep across her friend’s face. Suzi, feeling Nate’s hand grip her own butt ever tighter shivered in delight when


Chuck’s hand bore down across Shelley’s bubble butt. Shelley wracked with the force of the impact, knowing it symbolized she was once more passed on to another man; her primary value centered on the part of her body encased in her vibrant pink thong — her ass. Amare wrapped his hand around her still jiggling butt and escorted her away.

Collin stood back apart from the crowd. He’d been present for the duration of the scene. He’d seen her bend over for the man who was ‘escorting’ her. He’d seen Chuck’s hand crash into her exposed butt and ring forth the ‘smack’ for the whole school to hear. And now he could see another man lead her by her ass…watching it sway down the hallway away from him. The pink shade of her thong glistening in the light between her perfect butt cheeks. Just a possession for men now…just a slut.

Scene 10

Days passed with Shelley ignoring Collin’s attempts to catch her after school. She either wouldn’t be home or else when he called, she wouldn’t answer. Finally, as the weekend approached, she knew she couldn’t put off this conversation further and so she opted to call him.

“Hello” he answered.

“Hi, it’s Shelley.”

“Oh, hey” he blankly replied, the irritation he held for her clearly permeating in his voice.

“Are you busy?” she brightly continued.

“Um, Antalya Escort no, just hanging out” he again flatly stated.

A moments stillness hung over the call.

Finally, “sorry it took me a few days to get back to you…” she hesitated waiting for a sign of response “it’s been a hectic week.”

“Oh, I’m sure it has been.”

At last fed up with his indirect approach “so what’s wrong with you? Are you going to tell me?”

“I don’t even know where to begin…I see you at school, after we don’t talk for days…and…you’re wearing this razor thin thong bikini…letting seemingly any guy fondle your butt all day long…” his voice raises in intensity focusing back on the weeks’ worth of images.

“Yea, that’s right…it’s what I wanted to do! What’s it to you what I wear…or what I do with my body…you’re not my boyfriend, you don’t get to tell me what to do…what to wear…or who to let spank my ass!” she responded with equal fury.

“I just don’t understand.”


“Why you would want to be a slut” came the rapid-fire exchange.

“You don’t have to understand…I’ve done it…I’m doing it…get over it.”

“Yea, I could tell by the end of the week that had lost all its effect on you” he smart-alecky intoned.

“What does that mean?” her irritation with this conversation increasing.

“You did see Charlotte call you that to your face at the end of school the other day right, I know I did…looked like you just smirked, didn’t bother you a bit.”

“Yea, maybe it didn’t. You can only hear something so many times. I probably got called a slut a hundred times last week, so what…didn’t mean I thought I’d hear it from you…” she was confident her last barb would leave a mark.

“I didn’t mean to imply that I thought that Shelley…I was just shocked…and, I don’t know. It was hard to see, especially with other guys holding you…your butt…” his voice clearly denoted his anger phasing out over concern of her reaction.

After a moment’s break he continued “hey, maybe we can just get together today, go grab something to eat or something…”


“We can go wherever you’d like, get Italian or something…you could maybe even wear what you wore the other day, like the white and black bikini…” he attempted to casually suggest. What he referred to was a white with slight black stripes ruffled thong bikini Shelley wore on Thursday.

“Umm…I don’t think I’m going to wear that… If we were to go to lunch or something it would be nice just to hang out and relax after the week I have had.”

Collin felt deflated with her dismissal of his attire suggestions. “Oh, well, I guess I understand that. So, you would probably want to wear something else?” he continued on.

“Uhh, yea…what does it matter to you what I wear, we are just going to lunch?” her responses became increasingly sharp.

“I just thought, at first anyway, that it would be cool if you wore something like what you wore all week to school…I mean you looked nice like that…I got to see you and all, but if we were hanging out and all I would be able to see you much closer…”

“Yea, well sorry, I’m not going to wear a thong bikini for you just so you can stare at and fondle my big butt all afternoon long…if that’s a problem we can always not go to lunch” she bottom lined the situation for him.

“I get it” he quickly backed off the conversation topic. “I’ll come by in like an hour, ok?”

“Sure” and with that she hung up.

Scene 11

“I’ll have the chicken marsala” Collin pointed at the menu before him as the waitress left orders in hand.

Collin smiled across at Shelley whom he was relieved he was able to meet for lunch. She looked radiant, as always to him. She had worn a pair of short navy-blue shorts with a navy and white striped shirt. Her hair cascades down each of her shoulders perfectly framing her face. She looked as she so often had to him, as a vision of beauty. And yet, still reverberating in his memory from only days before, he could still see her from the hallways and classrooms of school; her bubble butt swishing to and fro, her rainbow assorted thong bikini collection pulled tight up on her hips, the whispers of ‘slut’ following her everywhere she went.

“I feel as though you are the one I can always turn to Collin” her words interrupting his daytime reverie.

“Well, I’m glad Shelley, you always can”

She smiled “good, I know you didn’t like that I didn’t call you before the school week, or asked you to escort me to my classes, or even wear a thong when going to lunch today…”

He held his breath not sure where she was yet going with this commentary.

“You just have to know that I trust you and what we have I don’t want to be affected by these other things I do. That’s why I didn’t call you to pick me up or have you escort me to any of my classes…in some way I feel like if I let that part of my life…the ‘slut’ part come into contact with you and me, it’ll like ruin us…”

After a moment Antalya Escort Bayan “so you don’t plan to ever let me really be with you, or the ‘slut’ you?”

“I just want you to like me for different reasons…that’s important to me…don’t you think that? Even if all these other guys just like me because they get to spank my ass or whatever I don’t want that to be you too. I want you and me to be able to remain just like we have been. We will grow, and things will change and all sure, but they don’t have to in the direction of you being exposed to the ‘slut’ me.”

She held hands with him across the table-top.

“I get that…I want us to be just like we have been to. But I don’t know how I will be able to handle week’s like this past one. I mean, if you’re wearing thong bikinis a lot, if you’re sitting in guys laps all day at school…it just makes me feel like I don’t mean nearly as much to you as those guys do, and they get parts of you I don’t.”

“And you get parts of me that they don’t, you should know that. You are who I’m holding hands with right now, they never get that, they’re just holding my butt. You are who I’m having lunch with, who I want to spend quality time with.” The look in her eyes conveyed earnestness, at least to her own belief in these maxims.

“So, it’s like you’ll be a girlfriend to me…and a slut to some others?”

She partly smiled, trying to bring levity to the over-simplistic construction Collin had formulated. “Maybe something like that” she followed as her smile broadened.

They left a short time later, Collin walking Shelley over to her car, hugging her by and closing her door behind her. Peering across the parking lot he saw another couple walking toward the restaurant they had just departed. The girl, a blonde he didn’t recognize, was clad in only a yellow with patches of white bikini…his gaze held just long enough to catch sight of her as they made it to the building entrance; just as he expected — it was a tiny thong, and the guys hand was clenching her right butt cheek all along. The scene served to reinforce what it must be like to see Shelley like that, in a tiny thong bikini, clutching her ass in public, treating her like slut.

Scene 12

The green g-string bikini rode tightly along Shelley’s smooth white thighs. The bluster of the student hallway hit her as it always did in leaving her 1st period class. A guy she didn’t know very well, Sam, had has hand lightly clasped to her butt cheek, serving to guide her out into the public setting, to the inevitable stares and sneers. In the week since Shelley officially became a ‘thonged girl’ things had gotten some better on this front. A 5% increase was probably accounted for in the number of thonged girls within the school, and this effect alone served to allow Shelley to blend in far better. Offsetting this was the bright neon green ensemble she was sporting today however. It had been an idea Nick had first suggested a few days ago.

“I want your butt turning every guy’s head up and down the hallway…this color, contrasting with your dark hair, your white skin, it will do the trick for sure!” he had exclaimed. Out of the entire equation was any consideration as to what Shelley herself thought. She was a thonged girl now, her only purpose to put her bubble butt on display and to satisfy the desires of the various men who deigned to control her and her ass.

Then there was the matter of it being a g-string. Thongs were seemingly skimpy enough, but not, nothing but the tiniest string, just an 8th of an inch wide, riding straight up her butt, was the only clothing covering the back half of her body. The exposure was omnipresent.

Lost in her recollections, Shelley missed that ambling toward her and this guy cupping her ass were Chuck and his latest ‘thong girl’ conquest, Amy. Shelley had always thought of Amy as quite the good-girl type. This impression was impossible to square as the statuesque brunette came toward her, clad in her 5″ stilettos (what girls had taken to calling slut-heels) and even more prominently the black and red striped thong bikini.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Chuck intoned to the guy in possession of Shelley’s ass.

“Not much. I see you got Amy as your thonged ass slut!” Sam casually remarked. Shelley briefly looked up to catch Amy’s downcast look, the forlorn expression in her eyes. She was, like Shelley, now just a slut; valued for nothing more than her big butt.

Whatever discussion Sam and Chuck were carrying on about was lost to Shelley’s internal monologue, until such time as she was twisted around facing the lockers. Sam probably was giving her some instructions, but just as forcibly his hands were carrying out his orders. He bent Shelley at her waist, leaving her big ass thrusting upward. Suddenly, she felt Amy’s presence beside her. Looking to her left she could see the inductee-thong girl lined up beside her, adopting the identical posture. Shelley had heard of this latest practice, guys lining up thong girls two or more at a time, conducting Escort Antalya a type of informal ceremony. The spankings would come in synchronization. First the guy in current possession of each girl’s butt would land a blow, then the shaking of their hands, and then a second spanking administered by her new conqueror. Shelley’s hands gripped the locker. Her left hand slowly slid toward Amy’s outstretched and shaking hand. “No reason not to help her, she will no doubt need it…”

Immediately Shelley felt her offered hand seized by Amy with rapturous intensity. The crowd gathering laughed or encouraged the silent unity between the two thong girls. Primary attention, by guys and girls alike rested on each girls butt however. The girls taunted the plight of Shelley and Amy, in either derision over their status or perhaps unacknowledged jealousy of their station. The guys on the other hand taking the opportunity to compare the two contrasting butts displayed before them. Who’s was bigger…who’s was fatter…who’s was better…?

SMACKKKK (came the thunderous blows in virtual unison).

AAAAIIAAGHHHGHH (the anguished cry of a pair of thonged girls accepting their punishment).

Only a moment later the process was repeated, each guy spanking his new charge. Once done Shelley and Amy were straightened up, turned to face the mass of people gathered; forced to confront the faces, the looks of lust and disdain before them. Each girl soon felt the comforting pleasure of a man’s hand grasping her butt cheek and were thereafter led away in opposite directions.

Scene 13

“Mmm, damn girl, you have such a sweet ass” came Amare’s blunt assessment. Every afternoon she would find her butt in this large man’s hands. She had become, for all intent and purposes, his favorite possession, his preferred thonged girl. He had requested, and she had acceded to wearing the midnight blue strappy monokini-style two-piece thong that he had come to like so much.

“Love the way you wiggle that big butt girl, really know how to get a black man’s attention” he carried on, amusing himself. Shelley smiled up at him, giving her nonverbal consent for him to continue his torrid analysis of her body and her butt. Naturally his hand gripped her left butt cheek, a sizable handful, as Amare enjoyed truly possessing the young girl’s body and showcasing this reality to any who caught sight.

“My next class is English, but I want you to come with; I brought some music, want you dancin’ that fat ass up on this dick” he mischievously concluded. But he wasn’t joking. Seeing her eyes widen, he immediately followed “it’s alright, you heard what their latest proclamation is, that thonged girls, when in the possession of a man so inclined, can attend any of his classes as his guest” thereafter breaking into laughter at the pomposity of the language.

Shelley truly felt the role of ‘possession’ applied to her now. The status of ‘slut’ bore into her mind, and her soul. In the roughly month period since the thong bikini policy went into effect, dozens of girls had followed in the trend. All becoming silent, monotonous, aspiring for perfection. Their lives centered on their butt’s and on how to showcase them. Shelley among other thonged girl ‘stars’ featured in posters that hung around the school, or in the lockers of random guys. She felt valued, valued for her butt of course, but valued none the less. Having Amare, a star athlete, tall, broad shoulders, the desire of any girl, having him clutching her ass, leading her to classes of his, just so he could grope her big butt publicly…on some level it was what she wanted.

Settling into his chair, Amare knew what he wanted. Shelley slid onto his lap, in mechanical perfection by this point, before he twisted her arm around, and silently indicated she was to sit on his lap with her back to him. Beautiful girl though she was, Amare knew exactly what he wanted to focus on, her big white ass, bouncing on his lap. Without really registering it, the music started up. The remainder of the class had only just sat down, many still gaming for the best seat available for the show they knew to be forthcoming. The music took over the room, and Shelley began bouncing her butt up and down. Not in a sensual swaying motion, she knew what Amare liked. The rougher, the dirtier, the better. This was all about twerking. So, she commenced. Twerking her thong clad ass up and down on his lap.

“Yea slut…twerk that ass” Amare muttered somewhat under his breath. Shelley’s head hung down, allowing the music to take her away from the scene. Every eye centered on her and her performance. The teacher droned on about something relevant to English literature, but it mattered little. Several other thonged girls present in the class broke into their own lap dance sessions, eventually the SMACK sound of various guys getting responsive to the sensations by spanking them along the rhythm of the songs.

“You just a big ass slut for this black cock” Amare taunted. Shelley heard his words…and continued to buck her ass into him. She was a slut. Just a slut for his black cock. This was a common scene in virtually all classes now. A few fortunate guys showered with lap dances by the most brazen thonged girls. The remaining guys looking on lustfully. The remaining girls either enviously or spitefully.

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