This One Time in a Hotel…

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“I saw your post about eating pussy and it made me curious. Would you do it without reciprocation?”

This was the private message I received that led to one of the more memorable experiences I’ve ever had. I still think of Miss Jules occasionally and it never fails to get me turned on when I do.

“Never really had a one sided encounter, but I love eating pussy. Are you really needing it? Tell me a little about yourself and what you’re looking for.”

“Mid 30’s, white, waxed, here on business and so fucking horny. I really need a good pussy licking session. Pic attached, let me know if you’re interested. I’m not going to touch you in any way.”

Her picture was stunning. Hotel room, cute face, large breasts, black high cut panties and very obviously pregnant! I was stunned to say the least. Her body reminded me of my ex-wife when she had been pregnant and I had always found her to be so fucking sexy. This was not a normal fetish of mine (pregnant women), but damn, she was incredible. So I snapped a pic face pic and sent it back –

“Yes, I’m very interested. When and where?”

No answer. Not surprised, since online hookups are so very random in nature. Not surprising at all to communicate with someone for a bit and that’s it. No hard feelings (other than my cock). I put the pm’s in the trash folder and figured that was it. Still kept thinking about that photo though. I mean, I see pregnant women all the time, part of living and working in one of the biggest cities in the US. But they don’t turn my head. Like I said, not my usual fetish. But Miss Jules? Something about her smile and the exact way her body looked like my ex-wife’s when she was the same time along just did it for me.

I’m also usually more attracted to smaller breasted women, but as far along as Miss Jules was, her breasts were very large from being pregnant. They looked stunning on her, perfectly complimenting her round tummy.

So imagine my surprise the next morning when I’m checking my email on the way in to work to see a reply from her.

“You don’t mind that I’m pregnant? You still want to do this?”

“Yes, you look absolutely stunning. Just let me know where and when.”

“Can you come to this hotel by 10? I have a late checkout and I want to get off before I fly home. Remember, I’m not going to touch you at all.”

“Yeah, I can be there. What room?”

“I’ll let you know when you get there. Just email me when you’re there.”

Ah, probably a wild goose chase. But what the hell. Just a couple metro stops away and I wasn’t busy. I got there just before 10 and emailed her. Luckily the servers must have been running on time because her reply was almost instant.

“Use the house phone on the second floor by the conference rooms and ask for room 4140. Everyone calls me Miss Jules btw. I want to hear you tell me what you’re going to do when you get in my room.”

I found the house phone, dialed the operator and she put me through to room 4140. I heard her breathy voice say, “Yes?”

“Good morning Miss Jules, this is Bill. When I get to your room I’m going to kiss your beautiful stomach and run my hands down over your ass. Slide your panties down and trail my lips over your skin, your thighs, your legs. Then I’ll get between your legs and kiss and lick my way back up your legs until I get to your beautiful pussy. I’m going to kiss and lick all over your mound, your lips, sucking your whole pussy into my mouth. Feel your lips with my tongue and taste you. Then…”

She cut in, “Come up here quickly, the door is open and I’m on the bed.”

The line went dead and I booked it for the elevator. The door to room 4140 was held open by the dead bolt being out, so I went in, did a quick look into the bathroom (shower curtain was open, no large scary men hiding in the bath), the closet was one of those open affairs so repeat, no large scary men hiding anywhere. She was laying on the bed, propped up on one arm, with the sheet up over her hips. A dark beige bra doing it’s best to contain her magnificent breasts and her dark slightly curly hair hanging down, just touching the bahis firmaları top of her bra. She looked stunning.

“Hey, nice to meet you Miss Jules.”

“Glad you could make it. Now, are you going to do what you said on the phone?”

“Yes ma’am. I aim to please.”

I took off my coat, my tie and my shirt. Ditched my shoes and pants, but left on my boxer briefs. My 7 inch cock was straining against the material, but he wasn’t here to play. Her eyes though were locked on my package and I saw her expression change. Not sure what to make of it, but I left my underpants on regardless.

I went over to the bed and trailed my hands down over her chest lightly, just letting her know that I really was there physically. Stroked my hands down over her sides and when I got to the sheet I slowly pulled it down and over her hip, revealing her legs slowly till it was free of her feet. She had cute feet as well. Nice pedicure. She had on either the same black panties or a pair just like them. I raised up one of her feet and kissed her instep, then her ankle. I could hear her breathing change as she felt my lips and tongue upon her skin. She smelled nice as well. I leaned over to kiss and lick my way up her leg, she was ticklish behind her knee but she stopped giggling when I kissed the inside of her thigh. I could smell her arousal through her panties. Fucking intoxicating. I love the scent of a woman (stop thinking about Al Pacino dear readers, just a coincidence on the title of a movie). Every woman has a slightly different scent, but they are all thrilling.

I kissed over her panties, going to her other thigh to kiss and lick her there. My hands reached up under her ass (so firm) and I slowly started pulling her panties down. As I slowly exposed her pussy I kissed her skin. My lips following her panties. Waxed smooth, her mound came into view, then her lips, already wet and partially engorged. I kissed the skin between her thigh and her lips, then licked up and over mound, not actually touching her pussy yet. I heard her groan in frustration as I pulled her panties down over her knees and my mouth followed.

As I pulled her panties off her feet I knelt on the bed, holding her feet together up in front of me. Then I gently pulled her feet to the side, opening her up to my view. She was stunning flat on her back. Her tits still ensconced in her bra. Her rounded tummy. And as I pulled her feet apart I could see her delicious pussy clearly for the first time. Waxed smooth, her lips turning a dark red, slightly pushing out. I ran my hands down the insides of legs as I leaned forward and kissed her thigh. Working my way to her pussy with my lips and tongue, my hands under her ass raising her up to me. She started moving her hips from side to side trying to get my mouth on her pussy, but I teased her a bit longer. A lick along the juncture of her thigh and pelvis, a kiss on the top of her mound. finally I relented and captured her pussy with my mouth. Covering the whole of her pussy and licking her lips with my tongue. She grabbed my head at that moment and pulled me tighter against her. I sucked first one and the other lip into my mouth. Loving the feeling of her inside my mouth. I licked between her lips, first a little and then deeper. Tasting her for the first time.

Her taste? Fucking amazing. Light, yet she coated my tongue. Sweet and salty at the same time. Fresh. I fucking loved the taste of her pussy. I started fucking her with my tongue, trying to get as deep as possible into her to get her flavor. And fuck, was she tight. Like virgin tight. Like how the hell was she pregnant and still this tight? My hands were rubbing her ass as I held her up to my mouth. I pulled my tongue out of her and licked up to her clit, feeling her jump and shake as I started circling her clit with my tongue. She had a nice medium sized clit, easy to find and just big enough to suck it into mouth. I started sucking on it, flicking it with my tongue while she was in my mouth.

I reached under with my right hand and slide my thumb along her lips, feeling her juices coat it. As I sucked on her clit kaçak iddaa I pushed my thumb inside her. Did I mention how tight she was? She gripped my thumb with her pussy while I sucked her her clit and flicked it.

“Take it out Bill, take out your cock and jerk it for me while you suck my pussy!”

Always a gentleman, I worked my boxer briefs off with one hand while the other kept up a steady motion of thumb fucking her. My long thick cock was hard as a steel bar, dripping pre-cum. Since I’m a righty, pulling on my cock with my left hand felt almost like someone else was doing it, but it kept me from cumming. That’s the first thing a boy learns you know is how to get off in a few second with the preferred hand!

“I can see you jerking your big cock in the mirror. It’s so hot to watch you do that while you’re eating my pussy. I love it, this is what I wanted. Keep going just like that. Fuck, suck my clit you mother fucker, suck it!” And her pussy started contracting around my thumb as she rode the wave of her first orgasm. I gave her a second to enjoy it before I moved down and licked deep inside her, tasting her flood of pussy juice. God damn I didn’t think she could get any wetter but she did. My short trimmed beard was soaked in her juice. I kept at it, just softly licking her and sucking her lips one at a time into mouth while she came down.

“Did you like that one Darling?”

“Oh fuck Bill, that was amazing. I haven’t had a good pussy licking in a long time. There’s something else I want to try. I was watching some pregnant porn before you came over and she was riding his face while he jerked his cock. I want to do that where I can watch us in the mirror.”

“Your wish Miss Jules.”

I laid down on the bed and she straddled my face reverse cowgirl. I had one hand on my cock and the other on my balls as she sat down, rubbing her pussy across my nose and lips. I had a front row seat to her ass as well, and let me tell you, her ass looked delicious as well. I had a feeling that she had never experienced analingus and I intended to break that taboo for her.

“I love your shaved balls and hard cock. It’s such a fucking turn on to watch you stroke yourself while licking me. Knowing you want to fuck me but can’t.”

That caused some more pre-cum to dribble out the end of my cock. I heard her gasp and then felt her fingers rubbing my cockhead, smearing the pre-cum around. “So hot,” she whispered.

Meanwhile, she was riding my face with my tongue deep inside her, pulling up a little to rub her clit across my lips and beard. I sucked her clit back into my mouth, my nose actually inside her pussy. With that she moaned and sat down harder on my face. “Put your fingers in me while you suck.”

I let go of my cock and worked a hand up between us. Slipping first one and then two fingers inside her tight cunt. She rode my face like that, her clit in my mouth and rocking back and forth on my fingers for a while. I fucking loved it. My face was coated in her juice and scent. She leaned forward and I could feel her rounded stomach and big breasts on my thighs, my cock caught between them as she rocked back and forth.

She was continuously moaning and she started moving faster and faster, making it hard for me to hold her clit in my mouth. I slipped a third finger into her and she went wilder. So fucking tight. I gave up on trying to suck her clit and just opened my mouth so that her clit and lips were rubbing back and forth on my extended tongue while she plunged her tight pussy back and forth on my fingers.

“Fuck yes!!” she screamed as she came again and I pulled out my fingers to suck her pussy again, relishing the way her pussy contracted around my tongue as I shoved it deep inside her. I can taste her right now thinking about this. Damn, I loved it.

Finally she came to a stop. Just laying on top of me while I licked her lips and sucked gently on her pussy. I fucking loved the way she tasted. I could do this for hours. Just fucking drinking her down, making her crest. I loved this feeling of it just being about her and her enjoyment.

I reached kaçak bahis back with both hands and held her ass. Pulling her open a little more as I licked up from her pussy. She moaned and then gasped as my tongue went over her asshole. “What?” I heard her say as I circled her asshole with my tongue. “Never, oh fuck, never felt that before.” I licked her ass some more, then started pushing gently against her as I felt her asshole soften.

“Oh shit, yes, that feels so good, so wrong…”

I pushed the tip of my tongue into her and I felt her start to grind her pussy and clit on my chin. I started pushing my tongue in and out of her ass, going a little bit deeper with each thrust. Her ass was clean and I loved the way it gripped my tongue. This girl was just tight everywhere.

“Wait a second,” she said as she rolled off me and got on her hands and knees, “Do me from behind. Lick my pussy and my ass. I’ve never had anyone do this and I’m loving it. Jerk your cock so I can see it in the mirror.”

I got behind her. Fuck yes her ass was amazing. She looked incredible on her knees, her face on the pillow looking into the mirror, watching me get behind her. I spread her ass with my hands and went back to rimming her asshole, sliding my hand over her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her ass had gotten soft from all the tongue action and I slipped my mouth lower to be over her pussy. I put my pussy wet thumb against her ass and slowly pushed in while flicking her clit and she cried out in shock. “Fuck yes, do me you dirty mother fucker, fuck my ass with your thumb.”

With that as a go ahead, I laid down underneath her so I could really get a good position to lick her pussy and fuck her ass with my thumb. I started fucking her ass with my thumb and was not gentle about it, but she took it as hard as I could push it in and it was just a constant stream of cussing coming out of her mouth. “Never have I felt this. So fucking good. Lick my pussy bitch, fuck my ass, make me cum, shit, god damn, yes…”

We were both soaked in sweat. Her naked body writhing over me. Her ass felt so open and I just kept up a constant swirling motion with my tongue on her clit. It wasn’t long at all until she shook and quivered as another orgasm washed over her. Fucking loved the way her asshole tightened down on my thumb. As she rolled over onto her back she pulled my head with her and kept my mouth pressed tight against her pussy.

“Just lick me softly Bill, that was fucking intense. Jerk you cock baby, I love watching you do that.”

I licked up and down her pussy, occasionally down to her ass and back. I could tell she was about done for the day.

“I love the way you taste Miss Jules. Fucking amazing. And I’m glad I could be your first for tasting your ass. Such a treat.”

“That was incredible. Get on your knees and stroke for me.”

I got up on my knees, and she unsnapped her bra. “Suck my tits Bill, I want that fabulous mouth on my tits.”

She had gorgeous pregnant tits. Her aureole were dark and her nipples were large and bright pink, such a sexy fucking contrast. I nursed one side and then the other, jerking on my cock the whole time.

“Let me,” she whispered as she reached out and replaced my hand with hers. My cock looked so fucking big in her tiny hand, she couldn’t even grip it all the way around. But she knew what to do. My cock was covered in pre-cum and she just smeared it around and started jerking faster, pulling me closer to her tits. She rubbed one nipple and then the other with my cock, smearing them with pre-cum and said, “Cum for me baby, cover my tits in your cum.”

That was all it took and I had one of the best orgasms of my life from the extended delay. Rope after rope of pearly white cum spattered over her tits, covering her in a glaze of cum. “Yes, fuck your cum is hot. Love it, so much of it.”

She milked me until my orgasm subsided then she took both hands and rubbed the cum all over her tits.

“Thank you. Would you take a picture with my phone?”

“I’d love to.”

Fuck me, she looked so sexy, laying back with her legs spread, her wet pussy open, her pregnant rounded belly and then her cum covered tits. And that smile was back from the photo she had sent me the day before. Mona Lisa doesn’t have a copy right on that mysterious smile after all…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32