This is Paradise

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It was an extraordinarily warm fall day, and I pick you up. You not sure what I have planned for the day. The phone call came and I only gave you 10 minutes to be ready to go.

We were headed into the mountains. The drive was exquisite. The fall colors of red, yellow and orange were breathtaking. I was already squirming in my seat, because I knew what was ahead.

We finally got to our destination, I parked the car and got out our backpacks. We were going for a hike. I was wearing tan shorts with a short white tee shirt, that really showed off my breasts. I could tell you approved by the bulge that I saw growing in your shorts.

So we were off. The trail was nice…not too rough, I knew it wasn’t a real traveled trail, so the chances we would run in to anyone else were minimal.

And there is was, at the end of the trail, our own paradise. “Stewart Falls,” one of the most beautiful water falls in Utah. It looked like we had stepped onto a deserted island.

I walked over to the grassy plateau and took off my back pack. I took out my favorite blanket and spread it on the ground. Just then I feel you walk up behind me and wrap your arm around me criss-crossing over my breasts in front. You whisper in my ear, “This is Perfect.” I turn around still in your arms and reach up and hold your face in my hands, and passionately kiss you with every thing I have. I run my fingers through your thick dark hair as you lift me off the ground just slightly.

I bursa escort bayan pull away from you, and you look at me with confusion. I back up and bend over showing you my ass. I look up at you, and smile while I am untying my hiking boots. I kick them over to the blanket and pull my tight tee- shirt off, exposing my white lace bra. I unhook it and let my breasts fall ever so freely. Unbutton my shorts and drop them to the ground. Leaving me standing the in nothing but my panties. I look up at you, and your mouth is gapping open, not sure what I am going to do. Quickly I pull the panties off and turn and dive into the blue-green lagoon.

“Aren’t you going to join me?” Without hesitation you strip down to nothing, already fully aroused you dive in and surface with your arms around me. The water is slightly cool and my nipples are standing at attention. You smile, ever so sweetly and shake your head…”My dear, you are crazy.” I laugh and swim toward the waterfall. You follow with interest. Under the waterfall is another world. There is a ledge with warm water there, as you look out there is a constant prism of light through the water. “Beautiful,” you exclaim. Uhh huh.. I mumble. You turn around to see me sitting on the ledge with one leg up, exposing my freshly shaven pussy.

“I want you,” was all I could say. The perfect place, the perfect man. I was in heaven.

There was no asking you twice. You softly laid me down and spread my legs apart. bursa bayan escort I reached down with one hand and grabbed onto on of my lips, pulling just slightly. My clit was already hard as a rock and begging for some one on one attention. Your tongue was sooo warm as it slowly and first, explored and tasted every last spot. You could tell that I was enjoying myself, my back arched and I let out a high pitched scream as the first orgasm rippled through my body. Ohhh I thought it was never going to stop. I sit up and kiss you oh so deeply, you know how much I love to taste myself all over your lips.

I trade places with you and kneel down between your legs. Your cock is so huge…and I can feel the blood pulsing through your veins. I lean over and kiss your chest, nibbling a little on your nipples and then taking my breasts and squeezing them together, with your hard member between them. Mmmm a tittie fuck…you have so much pre-cum leaking out that I have plenty of lubrication to make this very enjoyable for you. Each time you pump that hard cock closer to my mouth I take a taste, not a big one, but just enough to tease you and make you want to have more.

After a few minutes of that, you can’t take anymore. You say desperately, “Dixie, take me into your mouth.” Nothing else needed to be said, I grabbed that wonderful tool and forcefully shoved it as deep into my throat as seemly possible. You gasped, I knew bursa merkez escort that you liked it. You started thrusting your hips back and forth, reached up and grabbed my wet hair and guided me in fucking your cock in my mouth. Deeper and deeper you went and wetter and wetter I was becoming.

As I was sucking your cock I felt another eruption. I was cumming again, with your cock in my mouth. Oh that was a wonderful feeling. “Baby, you make me so hot.”

You reach down and put your strong hands under my arms and lift me up. I straddle you while you are still sitting on the ledge, wrapping my legs tightly around you, locking my ankles. My pussy envelopes your hard cock and I whisper, “Shhhh, hold still for just one minute.”

Not allowing you to move, just enjoying the feeling of you being deep inside of me. And then I tighten the muscles in my vagina, squeezing your member as tightly as I possibly can. Your eyes roll back in your head and let out a huge moan of pleasure. Not being able to resist anymore. You reach down and hold on to my hips with one hand, while the other hand is exploring my ass. You start pumping and fucking like there was no tomorrow. To hear the sound of our bodies slapping together was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Water from the water fall was splashing all over and around us.

Just then in perfect unison, we both exploded from pleasure. Cumming and filling each other completely up. We both were moaning and screaming, with utter pleasure. When we caught our breath, we swam back over to were I had laid out our blanket.

You laid down on your back and I snuggled in on my side, with my head on your chest. I could feel our hearts beating so fast. As we laid there, the sun beat down on us as we drifted off to sleep.

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