Third Wheel Turning

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Michele Dearly rested in her chair after her hard day at work. Patti, a friend since high school; Tim, Patti’s husband; and Michele shared an apartment. The apartment had originally been Patti and Michele’s, but Patti’s marriage had changed that. It had changed a lot. It was not an irritant to the new couple having her there and gave Michele a chance to live nearby the college she went to and kept the friends close together. Michele liked living with them.

She enjoyed being able to see and talk to Patti as much as before, and Tim wasn’t that bad. Actually, he was quite attractive, especially when walking around at night. She just felt like an outsider. For example, she would normally sit and tell Patti about difficult days like this, but Patti was busy preparing for an outing with her new husband when he got home.

Patti and Tim had been spending all their time together lately, a fact that kind of irritated Michele. She wanted the best for her friend, but she missed the time she got to spend with her. Also, they had reached the point now where they didn’t even go out for very long, if at all. They would jump right to sex within the first hour of the date. Michele, who wasn’t as date frequent as her friend, would have to sit and listen to the lovemaking. It would get her all hot and bothered. The last time, Patti’s screams of orgasm coincided with her own as she masturbated in the other room. At least she got that out of it, sexual entertainment.

“So, What do you plan to do tonight?” Patti called to Michele from the closet.

“I was planning on watching a movie and resting here tonight, that İstiklal Escort is if I can hear the movie.”

Patti came out of her closet, still wearing only tight panties, breasts waving free in the air. She did this often around the house. However, Michele didn’t mind all that much. Patti was very good looking, so it was like being on an erotic film set to see her naked. She looked better to Michele naked than dressed, and that just added to the list of things that Michele was jealous of Patti.

“Oh, Do we get too loud in there for you?” Patti asked in sarcastic innocence, while rubbing perfumed oil on her breasts to prepare for Tim’s arrival.

“No,” Michele said sighing. “Sometimes it just adds to the entertainment.”

Patti smiled and stared off like she was thinking about what Michele had said. “Entertainment, huh?”

Before she could continue, steps outside creaked showing Tim was home. Patti went back to the closet to dress, and Michele answered the door.

“Hey, sexy,” said Tim coming in. “Is she here or is it safe to have sex?” Tim joked, to which Patti came out smiling.

“Oh, I see how it is,” Patti joked back. “Well, save me a spot and we can all get it on.”

Michele blushed. She thought Tim was an incredible catch for Patti, and the thought of a three-way, even joking, was embarrassingly exciting for her. Michele had a dream a few weeks back that she had sex with Patti and woke up in orgasm. Since then, seeing her naked or hearing Tim and Patti’s sex had a new profound effect on her.

“What do you say?” Patti said to Michele. Escort İstiklal “Are you game?”

Suddenly it occurred to Michele as Tim and Patti looked at her that Patti was not joking. They had apparently talked this over and were offering it to her.

“Wha…I don’t know.”

Patti walked over, dressed in a short mini skirt and even tighter shirt, and put her arms around Michele. Michele felt she must be dreaming as her friend held her ass and pulled them together. Feeling the warmth of Patti’s body and the touch of Patti’s nipples on her raised Michele’s temperature by about ten degrees. “You know you want this,” Patti said. “I can tell. I want it too.”

Michele did want it and was getting hotter by the moment. The fact that she was so turned on by feeling this woman’s breast against hers and feeling their bodies together was embarrassing and exciting at once. Michele was so much in thought over it that she didn’t realize she was reaching for Patti’s breast until her hand was on it. As she leaned into a deep kiss with Patti, she felt Tim’s hands touch her delicate ass. Patti’s hands moved up to her friend’s breasts as Tim took over Michele’s lower regions. Michele could feel Tim’s love instrument pressing against her ass and his hands reaching around unbuttoning her pants.

Michele was in sensory heaven. They quickly moved to the bedroom and removed their clothes. Michele and Patti kneeled on the bed facing one another and kissing as Michele opened up access for Tim to enter her from behind. She felt his strong hands on her hips as he thrust into her. Patti enjoyed İstiklal Escort Bayan the front side of her friend, alternating between kissing her and sucking her breasts.

Michele reached for her friend’s very open and willing sex box. Patti read Michele’s mind and lay on her back, legs open and ready for Michele’s eager mouth.

Michele was reaching sensory overload. She was being fucked readily by a man with the longest dick she had ever had inside her, while she was enjoying her “meal at Patti” with her tongue so far in her friend that she felt attached to her and was enjoying memorizing the insides of her.

“Oh, Michele, don’t stop,” Patti said between screams of pleasure. Michele’s tongue increased it’s thrusting with the speed of Tim’s thrusts into her. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until at last Michele felt Tim gush into her with a force. Tim’s convulsion’s of pleasure spread to Michele as orgasm went from person to person down to at last Patti. Tim withdrew from Michele, while Michele went up to lie atop Patti. Pussy lips on pussy lips, the friends continued to grind and to share the cum that Tim had so willingly provided.

“I’m not done,” Michele said. “Are you?”

“I’m just getting started,” Patti said rolling Michele on her back. Tim handed her a strap on, which in all the excitement Michele had missed next to the bed. Within seconds Patti had it on and thrust into Patti. Michele’s depth of orgasm went deeper than she thought possible as Patti thrust again and again.

“Please, I can’t take it…” Michele called out as the pleasure overload hit them both. Patti collapsed onto Michele as waves of heaven subsided.

Tim joined them pulling the covers over the three. Michele thought about the completeness she felt as she lie there with her new family. She had never felt so fulfilled as she did then, and she knew there were amazing days of fulfillment ahead.

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