Things Can Change Quickly Ch. 03

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Couple of things to note with this entry:

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the last chapter not quite being the quality I desired it to be and also for confusing the names of the main characters. I did this because I pulled these stories out from something I had written quite a while ago and then merged them. I’ll just clarify that the main character i.e. the narrator is Damian while his friend is Will (William.) I’ll try not to make such elementary mistakes in the future.

With those mistakes, I’d like to thank anyone who has put up with it enough that they are reading this story.

This particularly story was the first one I wrote and allowed to be seen on the internet. It was okay in its first draft I suppose but it lacked a story and also had a few inconsistencies. I hope that this new, reworked version is much more user friendly and story driven.

As always, feedback is appreciated and I hope that you will continue to read my material. –MisterNoName


I hadn’t seen Sara in a week. Three days after the incident in the changing room, I got a text from her but I could not bring myself to reply as I tried so hard to forget about what had happened. I was with Sam and I was not about to put that into any sort of disrepair for a girl who had not shown any interest towards me for so long and who had a relationship of their own. So I ignored the text and went on seeing Sam almost every day instead.

I had a problem though. Whenever I fucked Sam, Sara was all I could think of. When I climaxed, it was Sara who was in my mind, not my girlfriend – not the person who was jacking me off. That was wrong, I was aware but I could not help it for as long as I thought it. So I continued to make sure that I did not have contact with Sara as to try and keep her as far from my mind as possible. That continued right up until a week after the shopping centre and Sam’s birthday party.

I saw Will the day before the party with two intentions. The first was that I would get Sam a birthday present. There was a downside to fucking a girl then, you had to spend money on them even if they weren’t the kind that were worried about going out too often. I bought her a pair of shoes which she had told me she had wanted and should get her indirectly in that week before the party. They were a black pair which she called ‘bang-bang shoes’ apparently, they were supposed to signify that she wanted to fuck. I wouldn’t complain then.

The second purpose of talking to Will was to discuss how I could best get over the plague in my mind that was the beautiful Sara. “What am I supposed to do?” I asked as I closed the boot of his car and walked back to the passenger side.

“I don’t know man,” he replied, apparently lost with women for the first time that I knew, “stay away from her?”

“I’ve been trying, but she’ll be there tonight and I can’t let Rose or Sam know about it, can I?”

“True.” He started up the car and pulled out of the parking lot, turing onto the motorway and towards my house. “Have you actually tried to speak to Sara about what happened?”


“Then call her, you two are close man, don’t fuck that up.” I knew he was right but I trusted his advice but any attempt to actually call her failed miserably and I didn’t do it. It was just too scary and I was a coward.


Sam’s party was at her house and I was told to bring ‘alcohol, myself and my cock’ specifically by Sam. She was completely unaware of my problem and what I had to face that night and still went about being her normal, flirty and slutty self. Every time she said something like that I couldn’t believe I was actually the one fucking her or ‘dating’ her.

I turned up dressed in my new jeans and shirt, my new haircut properly arranged and feeling inwardly more confident about my appearance for once. It was a pity I couldn’t say the same about my nerves for the party. The door was already open and I could hear music as I walked up the short path to her front door and crossed the threshold. There were people about already, standing in groups of two or three, talking about nothing much at all. I envied their lack of worry. I waved at a few people that I knew and found Sam standing in the middle of the living room with plenty of people trying to talk to her. She was always the centre of attention, why would her birthday be any different?

She ignored them when she saw me and broke through the circle around her to grab me around the neck and plant a kiss on my lips. There were a few cat whistles as Sam decided tongue in the middle of a packed place was an acceptable thing. I did it anyway, it was Sam, and you just had to roll with the punches with Sam after all. Then she, between our bodies so no one could see, grabbed my half-erect cock and whispered into my ear. “This my present?”

I backed away, smiling at her, forgetting about Sara and my worry for at least a few seconds. “No, this is,” I said handing her a bag to which she fake pouted but kissed me again and thanked mamak escort me nonetheless.

She turned away after that so she could greet her other guests and I went off to pour myself a big drink as the thoughts of Sara came back again. I was standing in the kitchen with a bottle of vodka in my hand when I saw a familiar body slide up next to me and start preparing a drink herself.

“Dame,” she said, keeping her eyes on the drink so she didn’t have to face me, “about last week, I want us to forget about it.” That was the thing I should have wanted her to hear but it struck me down like lightning. I wanted her to want me in truth even though I knew that was not the way it should have been.

I didn’t speak. I nodded, poured my mixer, drank and walked away to find everyone else. Was I being a cunt? Probably. Did I care? Not really.


We didn’t speak for the rest of the party. The night went on, there was dancing, there were drunken antics but slowly people began to leave and I started to get more and more drunk along with everyone else. Before I even knew it, it was just Sam, Rose and I seated in the living room, drinking more. Sara would normally have been there but she must not have wanted to face me. I was sad that she wasn’t there but I don’t think I could have faced her anyway. Especially not while I were drunk, I had a history of doing stupid things while under the influence.

“So you’ve always known you were bisexual?” I asked Sam. Somehow the conversation, as it always does with alcohol, had to turn to sex.

“I guess,” she replied, slipping her flats off.

“What about you Rose?” I asked.

“I’m straight,” she said a little bit too quick to which Sam and I gave her a look with raised eyebrows, “I mean I just don’t like women.”

“So, how far have you been with a girl?” Sam asked as the one who had gone further with more girls than I ever had. (An odd thought.)

“I’ve never done anything,” she replied, taking a sip of her own drink and letting her shoes fall to the ground as she curled up on the couch.

Rose was a beautiful girl by almost all standards. She was from the Middle East (Rose not being her ‘real’ name) and her complexion was therefore one of absolute wonder. It was a light brown, caramel almost and was smooth with little to no imperfection visible. She wore little makeup, with little need to do so, and looked out of more brown in the form of her bright, intriguing eyes. Her hair was only shoulder length and black which she often kept in a pony tail, though on that day she chose to let it hang loose. Her figure begged for a man’s touch as she was petite (only 5’2″). Her bright brown eyes had nothing on the cleavage which always spilt free from her top. It was a perfect line and you could always just about make out the very edges of the fabric that was her bra.

“Nothing?” Sam questioned, looking up from where she was looking at her hands with some interest.

Sam was Rose’s best friend. She was also the only girl I had ever slept with (not losing my virginity until eighteen) and was the girl I was still sleeping with. She had longer hair than Rose which she always let fall free down her back in its dark streams. She did not have quite the same perfect figure as he breasts were pushed further out as they ventured to higher cup sizes and she had wider hips, but also a wider middle. She was by no means fat, not at all; she just did not have the hourglass figure like her friend. Her eyes were a similar shade to Rose’s and her skin was milky white. I had also learnt while at the cinema with her the week before that she was just as into women as I.

“Nope, nothing,” Rose said, giving us both a drunken smile.

“Wow,” Sam opened her eyes wide and put a hand onto one of Rose’s curled up thighs, “you should give it a go, believe me, it’s amazing.” I narrowed me eyes at Sam quickly in an accusing manner, “I mean, almost amazing as Damian.”

“Yeah,” I agreed with Sam, my mind wandering to thoughts of the two girls together, “at least kiss.”

“No,” Rose said, almost offended, sinking back into her seat and subconsciously trying to hide her body from our hungry eyes.

It was apparent to me that Rose was very drunk, but similarly, so was I and I assumed (though it was less obvious) that Sam was also feeling the effects of a night of drinking alcohol. If there was ever a time that I confident enough to encourage Rose it was then and if there was ever a time when Rose was likely to agree, it was then.

“Come on…” said Sam, shuffling up closer to Rose. Her mouth soon curled up into a cold smile. She had wanted for a very long time to know what it was like to be with Rose. In the short time Sam and I had been together, we had discussed Rose and what it would be like to be with her – it was an advantage of a girlfriend who was bisexual indeed. It appeared that Sam was about to find out at least part of what that would be like.

Then Rose ofise gelen escort dithered, I am pretty sure as a direct result of drinking so much alcohol. “Just a kiss and…” something told me she wanted to but didn’t feel it right to want to. “Just a kiss.”

Without replying to Rose, Sam leant forward and pressed her lips into Rose’s and held them there. Rose immediately responded by returning the kiss to all of our surprise, including her own I am pretty sure. I am not sure how long it lasted but to me it could not go on for long enough. Two of the most beautiful and sexy women I knew were kissing before my eyes and with each passing second that the kiss did continue, it evolved.

I saw their lips open wider as the kiss became more sexual until I could clearly make out Sam’s tongue snaking into the mouth of Rose. At first Rose did not reply but as Sam put her hand to the back of Rose’s head, she became more relaxed and soon their tongues were dancing with each other as I watched on in disbelief. Eventually, they finally did stop kissing much to my dismay. I looked between them with my mouth open one at a time.

“Enjoy that?” Sam asked me as I saw her wicked smile infest her face once more. I did not reply but instead watched intently as the two girls smiled. Rose looked shocked, but somehow she looked contented like she had really enjoyed that kiss but I could also sense something else about her. I was not sure what it was but there was something else about Rose’s expression which told me that there was so much more experimenting she wanted to do. Yet there was something in her mind going on that I could only feel, not see. She thought the kiss wrong somehow, like it was bad and corrupting. I ignored it, thinking I was being silly. “You must have enjoyed that,” Sam said eventually, sitting down on the floor next to where I was seated, she paused as she lifted a hand, “because… my best friend has come out to play.”

I looked down just as Sam gripped hold of my erection through my jeans and could not fight back the pulse of my cock. I turned my head so I could look at Rose and she was wide eyed watching me and did not say anything for a few seconds before she finally opened her mouth. “Suck his cock,” I heard her say, her voice quiet but clearly directed at Sam.

“What?” Sam said, unusually caught off guard. No one had expected Rose to say that.

“I want to see you suck on his cock,” she paused, taking a sip of her drink as the confidence built up in her, “I’m straight, so I want to see a cock get sucked.” It was such a defensive statement, it was almost embarrassing.

I stayed in perfect silence, willing my erection to go away but Sam still had hold of it and I knew what her hand could produce and my erection would simply not leave as a result. I took deep breaths as I awaited the response of Sam.

“Alright,” she said finally, not really to my surprise, it was common knowledge she was very… open anyway, “but only if you get your tits out.”

I watched the two as they played a game of sexual to-and-fro. I expected Rose to say ‘no’ and the whole thing to end there but she reached to the bottom of her top and pulled it over her head without a word. Again, she did it but I could not but feel that without the alcohol, she would be saying and doing very, very different things.

She sat in her bra, a simple black one which pushed her breasts up into one of the most perfect cleavages imaginable. She stared at Sam and with no words; Sam knew exactly what Rose wanted as she too removed her shirt followed swiftly by her red bra which she threw to one side before returning her gaze to Rose. Rose stared at Sam. There appeared to be a stand-off between the two in some sort of ‘Wild Wild West’ fashion. Each would only progress if the other followed suit and did the same. That held true as Rose removed her own bra and revealed a pair of breasts which I had longed for long to see in all their glory.

They were a perfect size, they were a fair size, roughly the same as Sam’s but looked bigger due to her smaller body. When they were pushed up they formed the most delicious of all cleavages. Cleavage was all I had seen for the longest time but now I could see them for what they really were. Two perfect bags, light brown in colour, just like the rest of her skin. Her nipples were dark and perfectly round and stuff out just the right amount that they begged for lips to be wrapped around them and taste them.

Any hope that I could get rid of my erection was gone as I moved my eyes from Rose’s breasts to her friend’s and the woman currently holding my erection. Her breasts were there, ready for the taking. They were pinky-white in colour with matching nipples to boot. Her nipples did not protrude as far as Rose’s but her areolas were bigger and rounder.

Both of their eyes scanned each other until finally Sam turned her head away from Rose and looked towards me. She did not look me in the face, otele gelen escort her vision was slightly wary due to the alcohol but I could see her look straight down to where her hand rested. Without a word, she began to unbuckle my belt and I did not move.

I had slept with Sam on multiple occasions. She had given me blow jobs on multiple occasions and she had given me hand jobs on plenty of occasions but I had never slept with anyone else and I had most certainly never been watched doing anything. Though, I had only been having sex a little over a week.

Perhaps if I had been sober, I would have stopped the whole thing and thought I was taking advantage of two very drunk girls but then I was drunk and everything seemed okay in the moment. That was why I did not stop Sam from opening my flies and then leaning forwards to lick the lobe of my ear and whisper to me. “Stand up, you wouldn’t deny two topless women now would you?” Her voice alone could have been enough to have tipped me over the edge but I kept my cool and stood up slowly, just as she ordered. As I did so, she finally released my tense cock and pulled my jeans down, shortly followed by my boxer shorts. Both hung around my ankles as my cock sprung free and was level with Sam’s face as she got down to rest on her knees before me.

I did not turn to look at Rose but I could hear her move and I assumed, sit up. Sam’s eyes turned to look at Rose and she gave her a smile just as she wrapped her small hands back around my pulsing cock and ran her fingers down the length and then back up again to just under the head. My cock almost purred under her hand and I tried to focus my eyes to look down at Sam. “That’s not sucking it…” I heard Rose muse from behind me. Again though, I thought I heard something in her voice that did not quite make sense.

Sam did not say anything as she looked back at my cock and her eyes went up and down the shaft as if looking for something. She puckered her lips up and finally turned her eyes upwards and looked up into my eyes. I looked into her dark brown eyes as best I could as she leant forward and kissed the head of my cock. I flinched as she did it. She knew exactly what I enjoyed and she was just teasing me. I smiled down at her, expecting her to move her lips once more and wrap her lips around the head of my cock but instead, she pulled back, and put her head at the very bottom of my shaft and left it there while she turned her head away from me again and looked towards Rose.

“You need a better view if you’re going to watch,” Sam said, rubbing once up and down my shaft. I did not hear anything from Rose again for a few seconds before I finally heard her move again. I continued to look down at Sam until I saw Rose appear out of the corner of my eye and stand up next to where Sam was knelt. “Down here…” Sam said, smiling once more and looking up towards Rose’s face.

Rose knelt down still silent and watched Sam’s hand intently. I looked at Rose’s face but she did not look up at me and so I allowed my eyes to wander to her breasts which I noticed had become erect. I smiled to myself and returned my eyes back to Sam just as her lips wrapped around the head of my cock and slid it into her mouth.

I let a small, appreciative groan escape from my lips as I let my hands fall lazily to my side. My head lulled back slightly but I forced myself to look back down just in time to see Rose move a hand up from her own side and raise it to push hair from Sam’s eyes and hold it into a pony tail. Sam smiled at Rose’s actions as she slipped another inch of my hardened rod into her hot mouth. The feelings to me were amazing as I felt the wetness of her mouth cover my erection. I felt a third inch slide between her lips and I smiled as I could feel myself getting closer and closer to her gag reflex with I loved to watch her try and control.

It was at that same point that I saw Rose lean forward toward Sam and whisper something into her ear that I could not hear. As soon as Rose pulled away again, I saw Sam pulled her head backwards and take me from her mouth. Without any words, Sam pushed forward to kiss Rose. I was unaware of what Rose had said but she did not resist the kiss as she began to kiss back Sam. Did she ask for that?

Just as Sam’s hands found Rose’s breasts, Rose’s hand shot up and grabbed Sam’s hair, pulling her head backwards and forcing her to look up at the ceiling. “Do not touch me, lesbian slut,” Rose’s voice broke out as she rose up on her knees so she could look over Sam. Indecision – that was what I could sense and hear. Indecision and denial – that was it. Sam looked shocked, I could see it in her eyes but she also had to go careful to hide a smirk which flashed across her face for a split second. “I am straight,” Rose said as she used her free hand to grab hold of my member suddenly, staring at Sam, “undo your jeans.”

I had never seen Rose be so forceful or so dominating before. She had a strong personality and I never really expected her to be a pushover sexually but what I was witnessing – with her small fingers wrapped around my pulsing cock – was not at all what I thought Rose would be like. I enjoyed it though, I could feel myself grow ever more turned on the more she spoke and the more she held Sam in such a compromising way. I had always wanted to fuck Rose senseless, perhaps I would.

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