They Neighbor’s Wife

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Shelly Peters, a tall Black woman in her mid-thirties, smiled when she heard the car door slam next door.

“Show time,” she muttered to herself.

She breezed upstairs, unbuttoning her shirt as she went. The lonely housewife pulled her outer garments off as a large man with brown hair and broad build went into the house next door. She adjusted the master bedroom’s blinds so she could see right into the upper-most floor of the Hill’s house.

It had been a couple of months since she and her husband Jerry had moved into this house. They’d been having trouble for a long time and Shelly felt a new house, new neighborhood might brighten things up. They hadn’t, Shelly sighed, pulling her bra loose and stroking her erect nipples.

Jerry had never been a good lover and, as she’d just found out, it was his ridiculously low sperm count that was keeping them from having a baby. Now she contented herself each afternoon with watching her neighbors, Rita and Mitch Hill, fuck like rabbits. At first, she was disturbed by the sight, but found she couldn’t help but watch. Now she made it a part of her routine, stripping naked each day and watching while she pleased herself.

Rita was a short, thin blonde woman, twenty-two or so but looked much younger, merely sixteen. Beautiful blue eyes, short but firm breasts that stood out. Today she was waiting for Mitch upstairs, dressed up like a nurse, well sort of. The Hill’s had quite a selection of outfits and this one in particular was very sexy. It featured a white blouse, skirt, nylons, and high heels. About the only color was from her ruby lips and the cross on Rita’s white hat. The Hill’s loved to roleplay, and Shelly couldn’t wait to see the outcome. She’d tried, unsuccessfully, to entice Jerry with any of these techniques. Shelly was beginning to feel that she just wasn’t sexy enough for him.

Mitch opened the door to find his wife standing by their bed, clipboard in hand.

“Mr. Hill. You were almost late for your appointment.” she spoke with a soft, high-pitched voice.

He smiled, tossing his suit coat onto the dresser. “Sorry Nurse…” he spotted her name tag, “…Kitty.

“That’s OK. It’s always a pleasure to see new patients. Please strip down and lay down.”

“Are you sure?”

“Please Mr. Hill, I am a professional.”

Mitch did as he was told, pulling his tie and shirt off. Then he removed his shoes, socks, and pants.

The “nurse” watched him carefully. Mitch was well-muscled, firm pecks, abdomen, and ass.

“Mr. Hill you appear to be in excellent physical condition.”

He left his boxer shorts on and lay down on the bed, loving the feeling of the cool ceiling fan on his near-naked body. “Thank you nurse.”

“Now, now Mr. Hill. There’s no need to be modest. I need you completely undressed.”

“Well, you see Nurse Kitty, that’s the problem.”

“Really?” she smirked, “what kind of problem?”

“This.” Mitch pulled the boxers down, freeing his cock, all eleven inches of it, for her examination.

“My god! Um, I mean, what’s the problem, exactly?” she reached out and stroked it, “Are you having trouble getting it erect?”

Mitch shook his head as his penis filled with blood and stiffened to rock-like firmness.

“Trouble ejaculating?”

“Sort of, you see, I can’t get enough.”

“Well, there’s nothing abnormal…”

He gripped her arm, his voice firm, deep and masculine, “No, I can’t get enough.”

“Mr. Hill, really. How often do you and your wife enjoy intercourse?”

“Two or three times.”

“A week?”

“A night. Sometimes more on weekends, if she can handle it.”


“Yes, sometimes it’s a bit much for her body.”

“I can imagine. Ahem, I mean, doesn’t she enjoy it?”

“Every time.”

“Does it hurt her?” the nurse’s voice quivered.

“She does scream a lot.”

The nurse swallowed hard, “A lot?”

“Yes, I just don’t know what I could do. I’m afraid I may do something rash like rape my secretary. She’s this little brunette thing, pretty, nineteen. I’ve often found myself fantasizing about ripping her clothes off and having my way with her on my desk. Then I’d move on to fucking the receptionist, a feisty redhead, right there in the lobby. Even my boss’ wife if she were in the office.”

“Really? Well, there’s only one thing to do really.” She stood up, unbuttoning her blouse. “I’m going to have to fuck you Mr. Hill. Mind you, this is just for the well-being of the women in your life.”

Mitch smiled, “If you say so Miss.”

She’d pulled her bra off, pink nipples stood out, firm. Next, she slipped her heels off and then the skirt. She stood there before him, naked except for a garter belt and white nylon stockings.

“Shaved hmm?” Mitch smiled at the surprise.

Rita nodded, “HMO regulations for cleanliness.”

“Oh, I see.” Mitch was extremely aroused by now.

“Alright Mr. Hill, I’m going to have intercourse with you.” she massaged his incredibly large dick, “Please refrain from any excessive swearing escort or groping.” She straddled his cock. “Are you ready Mr. Hill?”

Mitch nodded and the nurse slid her cunt down over the head of his cock.

“Yes, Mr. Hill, that’s a good patient, just…oh god…just hold still.”

The nurse forced the remainder up her cunt.

“Sweet fuck!! Excuse me, Mr Hill. We must remain professional, Mr. Hill.”

“If you insist, though my wife bucks a bit more on my cock…I mean my penis.”

“Does she now?” she began bucking up and down his shaft, “Yes, yes. I can see why she does.”

Mitch loved the feeling of fucking; few things in life pleased him as much. His sex drive was out of control until he’d met Rita, a blonde hooker that fell in love with him and the massive beast he kept in his pants.

“Uh, uh, UH!! Is this how you fuck your wife?!? Does she scream and buck like this?”

“Yeah baby, fuck me hard!”

“YES! Does she beg you for more? Oh god. Do you fuck her like a whore?”

“YES! YES! I want it!” he gripped her waist and pivoted her around and then onto her belly.

“Mr. Hill! Please! This isn’t professional!”

“Shut up and get fucking, bitch!” His waist slapped against her ass.

“Yes sir, fuck me! Fuck your nurse! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh fuck yes!!”

Shelly couldn’t believe the way Mitch was banging Rita. His massive dick ramming deep into her body left his wife’s mouth agape with pleasure. Shelly hand was blur over her red, swollen clit, black skinned legs splayed apart, facing her neighbors house. She couldn’t imagine what Rita was feeling, but she knew it must have been heavenly since the blonde woman eagerly spreads for it every day and night.

She closed her eyes and wished it was Mitch that was fucking her. She quickly climaxed with intense waves of pleasure, “Oh, oh god! Yes Mitch, fuck me too! Please fuck me too!!”

The blonde nurse finally tensed up, her cunt gripping her husband’s dick, “FUCK YEEEEES!”

Mitch smiled; the sight of his wife climaxing on his dick was beautiful. The sensation of it was also very wild and it sent his own climax in motion, large gobs of cum shot down her vagina, filling the lithe blonde to overflowing.

He let out a sigh of relief, his body spent and his mind at ease.

“My fucking god, Mitch!” Rita rolled over, her cunt red and bruised. “I may actually need to let you fuck that secretary!” she giggled.

“Can’t take it? Huh?”

“You want me to say it?”

He smirked.

“Mitch, I can barely handle that big fucking dick! You stretch my little pussy out and make me scream like a banshee. You big cunt fucker! God I love it! And I love you.”

“Love you too.”

They kissed, long slow kisses with gentle passion.

Shelly wept as she watched the lovers kiss. Her life was empty, loveless. The weight of it all came crashing down upon in one moment. Something needed to change if she was to survive. But what? What could she do, a tired housewife with no skills, no experience. What…

She put away her thoughts for the moment and cleaned up the bed, dressing and going downstairs. Shelly had managed to bring her emotions into check by the time Jerry got home. He walked through the door and made for the refrigerator. Without so much as a word he’d grabbed a beer, his dinner, and was in front of the TV, some sportscaster’s voice destroying Shelly’s fragile sense of peace and quiet.

She stared at him. The woman couldn’t get mad, she’d let this happen. Jerry was once very handsome, strong build, great ass. Now he was fat, lazy, and what was worse, stupid. In high school and college, it didn’t matter, when his looks could slay a dozen women in a glance. Now he was simply a sad self-parody.

She sighed and ate in silence, preferring not aggravate her husband. Shelly went to bed early that night, tired beyond belief. Not so much physically, but emotionally.

Shelly pretended to be asleep until she heard the rumble of the garage door closing. It was easier than dealing with the moron in the morning. She’d dreamt all night about her sexy neighbors and had awoken with a dripping wet pussy. Despite her obvious arousal, she was unable to get herself off. She tried stripping naked in bed and fingering herself. Then she tried in the shower. Still nothing. Frustrated she got dressed in a white golf shirt and a knee-length denim skirt. Then she saw to cleaning up the house. Not that it really needed it. It was just the two of them and never any company or friends. As such, her chores were finished in less than an hour.

Shelly decided to take a walk. It felt good to get out of the house and she’d always wanted to explore some of the trails that ran in and around the neighborhood. The fresh air felt good in her lungs and before long she’d nearly forgotten how miserable life was to her. She rounded a bend and noticed a small stream trickling over some rocks. Shelly decided to walk down and take a look.

“Shelly! What a surprise!”

The black bursa eve gelen escort woman started with a jump. It was Rita. She was lying on a blanket by the stream. Barefoot and clad in only a half-shirt and a denim skirt similar to Shelly’s. Shelly amended that thought, the skirt was a little short with snaps up the sides. Probably for quick access, Shelly joked to herself.

“So you’ve found my secret hiding place?” the blonde smiled. Damn she’s pretty Shelly thought. Really pretty. Rita was thin, but healthy with toned muscles. Her nicest feature was her bright blue eyes and cornsilk hair.

“I didn’t mean to intrude…”

“Nonsense! You come sit down and join me. This spot’s too beautiful to keep to myself.”

Shelly smiled and sat down next to Rita. Taking in the scenery she let out a long sigh.

“You too huh? I love coming here and relaxing. Kinda get away from it all.”

“Yeah. I could use that from time to time.”

“So, how’s…um…it’s Jerry right? Your husband’s name is Jerry?” Shelly nodded. “Sorry, I’m just no good with names.”

“He’s pretty forgettable,” Shelly blurted out, then covered her mouth in embarrassment.


“I didn’t mean that. I mean, oh sorry. He’s fine. How’s Mitch?”

Rita smiled contentedly. “He’s great. He just got a big promotion at work. He’s really moving up in the world. Makes me proud.”

Shelly couldn’t recall the last time she’d felt pride at anything Jerry had done. “That’s great! So when are you two lovebirds going to expand the family.” Shelly couldn’t help prying. Her own sense of anguish drove her to seek out other mothers-to-be.

“Oh, well, soon I hope. My tubes are an awful mess.”

“I’m sorry dearie.”

“It’s ok. Sometimes we have to live with the choices we make.” she crossed her legs and stared out into the water. There was an uncomfortable silence. Finally Rita spoke up, “When I was sixteen I ran away from home. I was a troublemaker and got myself into even more when I caught a bus here. I fell in with a bad crowd, real bad. Before you could say ‘Lolita’ I was prostituting for a living. Made damn good money that way. Anyway, I got pregnant which wasn’t conducive with my lifestyle. I lost the baby and couldn’t afford decent medical care. As a result, my equipment’s kinda screwed.”

Shelly was startled by Rita’s confession, but was overwhelmed with pity for the younger woman. “Well, at least you don’t have to do that anymore.”

Rita grinned, “Ironically that’s where I met Mitch. He was a regular customer. We fell in love, got married, and the rest is history.”

“Strangely romantic, I suppose.” Shelly smiled.

“In its own way, I suppose. Though it’s not something I’m going to share with my grandchildren, if I ever have any.”

“So Mitch was a regular huh?” Shelly smirked. “He seems like a nice, handsome guy. You don’t picture guys like that…you know…needing to pay.”

Rita giggled furiously. She glanced around, “C’mon, let’s head back to my house and I’ll tell you the whole story.”

They gathered Rita’s knapsack and blanket up and headed back into the neighborhood. When they’d reached Rita’s house, she let Shelly in and walked to the family room.

“Have a seat. Want something to drink? I have some killer hard lemonades!”

Shelly looked at the clock, it wasn’t quite late enough to drink in her book, but she didn’t much care today, “Sounds good.”

Rita sat opposite Shelly, legs curled underneath her, leaving a glimpse of black panties for her neighbor to see. “Well, Mitch’s story. Well, he’s different.” Rita giggled again. “Well he’s a regular guy, maybe to the extreme. He’s got this overactive drive.”

“Doesn’t every man?” Shelly quipped.

“Well, he needs it every night. I mean every night. If not, he’s a holy terror.”


“That doesn’t quite summarize it. It’s an animal lust. And what’s more, he’s got the equipment to back it up.”

Shelly had seen Mitch’s ‘equipment’ and knew that Rita wasn’t making up the libido issue. “So what do you do when it’s that time of the month?” she smirked. She was feeling dirty.

“Take it up the ass.” Rita grinned as Shelly choked on her lemonade.


“I let him fuck me up the ass. It took some getting used to, but now I kinda enjoy it. When I’m not in the mood for that, I just call up a friend.”

“A friend?”

“Sure, I don’t think of it as cheating since I’m there with them. Besides, I like the break and the entertainment can’t be beat.”

“You mean, you let him…with other women?”

“Like I said, they’re friends. Some girls I’ve kept in contact with from my working days. Others are some we’ve met in clubs. Besides, sometimes I get to join in, other times I just enjoy the show.”

Shelly was flabbergasted. “I can’t believe that!”

Rita swallowed a gulp of lemonade. “It’s the truth. We both get what we need and at the end of the day it’s me he says ‘I love you’ to. I know it’s unorthodox, görükle escort but it’s what works for us.”

Shelly stared at the blonde. She knew they were kinky, but this seemed a bit much. “How do you know he’s not doing someone without your knowledge?”

“I just have to trust him. Just as he trusts me. I know he’s fine, he tells me all his dirty fantasies and I tell him mine. We then do our best to fill in the gaps with our talent and imagination.”

“It’s almost romantic.” Shelly paused, imagining their life and how it differed from her own.

Rita smiled, “I have a bit of a confession to make. Down by the stream, you kinda interrupted me.”

“Interrupted?” Shelly didn’t get her meaning.

“I like to pleasure myself outdoors. It’s so relaxing. I thought I’d be alright without it today, but all this talk about Mitch and everything…”

“Oh!” Shelly felt suddenly embarrassed. “Would you like me to go?”

“Only if it makes you uncomfortable. I don’t mind. You can join me if you like.” the blonde smiled, hopeful.

“I don’t think I could ever…well maybe.” Shelly knew she should have left right then and there, but something compelled her to stay.

Rita walked over to her stereo, found the CD she wanted, and put it on. By the time she’d returned to her seat, soft music had filled the room. Shelly listened to it while her eyes were locked on Rita. She unsnapped her skirt and pulled off. Shelly wasn’t too surprised to find that her neighbor wasn’t wearing underwear. Her hairless cunt glistened, even in the soft light of the living room. Shelly could feel moisture accumulating around her own pussy. Normally, Rita just took her skirt off to masturbate, but she was in wilder mood, a seductive mood.

As she undid her blouse, she stared into her neighbor’s eyes, trying to read the woman. Rita found Shelly very attractive. Full body with plump tits. Most of the girls she knew from the street were built like herself, thin and small. When she was finally naked, she reached inside the coffee table and pulled out a box.

It was made of ebony, dark and mysterious. Shelly stared at it curiously. Rita, wordlessly, opened it and showed its contents to Shelly. It contained an assortment of vibrators and dildos of various lengths and widths. Rita selected a hot pink colored dildo. It was about average size, but she still moaned loudly when she penetrated herself. Shelly gulped, her mouth dry from the increased breathing. She felt like a pervert, watching her new friend slip the fake dick into her own body. Unconsciously she rubbed herself through her clothing. Rita smiled. She wanted the black woman aroused. Rita cupped a breast in one hand and began fuck herself in earnest. She called on her old work experience to put on a bit of a show for Shelly. Moaning and grinding, she worked herself into a frenzy. She bucked up and down on the dildo, ramming it home with incredible speed.

Shelly’s restraint broke and she hastily undid the front of her skirt. She forced her hand down her panties, hungrily searching for her clit. Rita pretended not to notice, but inwardly she celebrated the small victory. Shelly wasn’t pleased with her situation. She couldn’t pleasure herself with the clothes on. With one swift motion, she pulled the skirt and panties down and onto the floor. Dark bush exposed, she set about fingering herself with angry passion. She was sweating profusely. After several minutes, she pulled the shirt and bra off. The two women were completely naked, each staring intently at each other masturbating.

To this day, neither woman knows who moved first, but move they did. They met in the middle of the room, lips together and tongues probing. Rita fondled the black woman’s tits with care and affection. Shelly moaned aloud when Rita’s fingers found the black woman’s cunt.

“My god you’re repressed.” Rita whispered. Shelly could only whimper with pleasure. “That’s alright sweetie. I’ll take care of you.”

Rita slipped behind Shelly and kissed her along the neck and back. “Kneel for me honey.” Rita breathed. Shelly did as she was told. Rita found the discarded dildo and eased it into lover’s pussy. Shelly went forward onto her hands, allowing Rita the freedom to pump the dildo in and out at great speed.

“Mmmm. God! Yes.” Shelly groaned, her voice restrained.

“Let it go, Shelly. Don’t hold back.”

“God. Uh! I shouldn’t.”

“Shelly, cum for me baby. I want to hear you.” Rita quickened the dildos pace.

Shelly gasped for air, “Stop! I shouldn’t be doing this. Oh god!!”

Rita’s face turned serious, “Cum for me! Take that first step and let go!”

“Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Make me cum! I need it. Need you! Oh fuuuuuuck!!” Shelly caved to the pressure building in her body. Body shaking, tits jiggling, she let out a long, satisfied groan.

The blonde slowed her motions, allowing the black woman to compose herself, “That’s a girl. Doesn’t that feel better?” Rita stroked Shelly’s firm ass with soft, gentle motions. Shelly didn’t answer, she just laid on the floor, more relaxed than she’d been in a long time. Rita grabbed a pair of pillows and joined her on the floor. “So, when was your last time?”

Shelly turned to her new friend, “Hmm?”

“With a woman?” Rita clarified.

Shelly blushed, “Never.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32