Therapy for Body and Soul Ch. 03

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Lying in bed next morning 47-year-old Bess was bright and happy as she thought of yesterday’s happenings..

Alba, her 24-year-old daughter who fractured her foot, was making progress physically and mentally, thanks to the physio, Joe. More than that, her daughter was talking to her again after a rift in their relationship for quite some time. Joe had introduced sexual pleasure back into her daughter’s life, and Bess herself was not far behind; she watched the two in hot action through the keyhole and masturbated. Well that was something unthinkable for her. Dormant erogenous zones were stirring to life in Bess, areas she never knew existed.

Dildo … she had to hide the dildo before the nosy maid came, she reminded herself, and found the toy near her in the bed. Placing it in the bureau under her clothes, she smiled thinking of how she used it last night. Hmmm, there would be more such secret pleasurable experiences, she assured herself and smiled.

Fifteen minutes later, she took up breakfast to Alba and found her in a good mood. After exchanging a few words, she came down only to find the 50 -year-old maid at the door. She would help Alba clean herself and dress her up and fill in Bess on the neighborhood gossip. Thank god, she hid the dildo! Else the toy story would have filled the eager ears of the people in the area; as if no one else used it. Already, the maid was telling tales about mother-daughter cold war, and definitely the recent warmth between them would be a damper on the flapping mouths.

Alba, an introvert, had begun mending fences with her friends, telling them about her fracture which had tied her to bed. Thanks to Lucy, Alba’s friend who visited her yesterday, two guys and two girls came to visit and chat with her. When Bess took them sandwiches and lemonade, she found them exchanging gossip and laughing as they used to do a year earlier. One guy, on whom nature had bestowed gawkiness just like her daughter, showered more interest on Alba and appeared to be obviously in love with her. That was despite the fact that Alba had ignored him all these days. Well, he must really have fallen for Alba in a big way. Things were looking up and that was because of Joe’s encouragement, Bess thought as she came down.

That evening, when Joe came to give therapy to Alba, Bess as usual took her position outside the door, watching them through the keyhole; her guilt that she was indulging in voyeurism had comfortably taken a backseat. She smirked at the thought that she was evolving into an erotically reborn woman as she saw Joe help Alba to her feet. Hugging her daughter from behind, Joe helped her walk around the room. A giggling Alba walked slowly as Joe rubbed his erection on her rear. After a few minutes of walking, he let Alba lie on the bed and they kissed. He repeated the walking exercise a few more times and then began their usual lascivious act.

Bess was almost impatient for them to start their salacious performance and had begun fingering her warm and eager pussy all the while. While on previous occasions Joe had played a dominant role, today it seemed that he wanted to lie back and let Alba take the lead in the erotic exploit. He pulled down his boxers and removed his T shirt and lay nude with his erection pointing up like a mast. As Alba went down on him, he asked her not to apply pressure on her injured foot.

Alba kneaded his manhood with his left hand, took it in fully and her right hand fondled his sacs. Joe watched Alba go at him like a hungry cat and ran his fingers through her loose hair. She then knelt over him, taking care not to put pressure on her foot, and took him inch by inch into her slippery pleasure passage. She rode him slowly as his hands grabbed her ass and rocked her further.

Outside, Bess furiously slid in four fingers into her gaping sex alley, squeezing juices out of her ripe vaginal fruit.

Alba picked up speed as Joe’s tool slid in and out, and when she stopped to catch her breath, Joe held her ass and hoisted his pole into her twitching oozy slot. Kissing him all over his face, she reached a series of explosions and gently got up and began mouthing his rod which was now glistening with her juices. Alba squeezed his balls and sucked him so hard and vigorously that Joe cried out that he was coming and shot his sauce. Alba took the first spurt in her mouth and then pulled his quivering cock Alanya Escort out and took the second load on her face and the subsequent bursts on her small breasts.

Outside the door, Bess’ legs shook and her sex juices drenched her abundant pubic hair and dribbled down her thick thighs as she watched her daughter engage herself in something which reminded Bess of her early married days.

After half an hour, Joe came down and briefed the mother about the daughter’s recovery and left. Bess gave dinner to Alba and later settled down in a couch and watched TV for some time.

Bess felt aroused and pressed her thighs together to put pressure on her pussy, and a sudden thought hit her that she should shave her pubic area. During her younger days she used to shave whenever she felt aroused, which was often. Her husband loved her to be bald between her thighs, but that was some years back and sadly nowadays both of them never bothered about the appearance of her poor pussy.

She got up and went to the bathroom and, armed with a razor and cream, she stripped and settled down in a chair in front of a mirror in the bedroom to shave herself. With her thighs spread, she cut the excessive growth with scissors, applied cream and then proceeded to remove hair with the razor. Soon she was admiring her smooth and hot and puffy sex region.

Switching the light off, she went to bed with her dildo, sucked and inserted it into her newly prepared slot. After a few minutes of brisk in and out action, the dildo was drenched with her juices. It was then that a naughty and lecherous thought struck her… why not try anal? She and her husband had never indulged in that taboo pleasure.

She applied a lubricant all over her rear entrance and slowly slid the toy inside her tight virgin ass. Aaah… she let out a moan as the dildo entered her unexplored orifice inch by inch. The anal titillation was new to her and took her to dizzy carnal heights. She was a slut, he told herself, as she plunged the dildo in and out of her second pleasure portal. Mmmm it was divine, she thought and circled her clitoris with her left hand while the toy cleaved her rose bud. She raised her hips to fuck her pet dildo, which was now assuming near human proportions for her…ooooh… she was close to the final explosion, she thought, and she lurched frenetically to grab that orgasm … aaah there it was… she let out a moan as she exploded internally. Woooh! Was there such gratification in anal! She had never realized she could reach orgasm through simultaneous anal and clitoral stimulation; but there it was, her new-found delight.

She closed her eyes and was soon asleep.

Next morning Bess reminded herself that today was the final session Joe would have with Alba, and her husband would be back after a long trip. She would go out for dinner with her husband and Alba too, if she was could walk, and maybe plan a movie or something and a get-together with friends to enliven up things around the house.

In the evening, when Joe arrived for therapy Bess did not go up to indulge in her voyeuristic viewing. Not that she was guilty, but she instead preferred to spend time in her new recreation of using the dildo in both her holes. She went to the bathroom with her toy, stripped, sat on the toilet seat and oiled her rear entrance and the dildo as well. Spreading her thighs, she slid in the toy in her tight asshole and circled her clitoris slowly and steadily.

Mmm… she as becoming addicted to this lewd stimulation and was bent upon doing this whenever she got a chance, she assured herself, as she plunged the dildo in and and out. Oooh… she let out a cry and continued stroking till she quaked with multiple orgasms. Sweating and satisfied, she sat there for a few minutes savoring the sensation permeating her lower region.

She wiped herself with a towel, changed into a short blue skirt, skipped the panties and bra, came to the living room and made herself a lemonade and sipped it, as she waited for Joe. When he came down, he offered him a beer and he took it.

As he sat down closely by her, Bess sniffed the air gently to detect any lingering smell of sex emanating from Joe and wondered, at the same time, whether he could smell her recently used hole as she was not wearing panties. She could sense Joe eyeing her thighs and boobs and spread her thighs and began Alanya Escort Bayan talking to him.

“You know how glad I am with how things are progressing. Alba is better now, in many ways, you know…” she explained.

“Yes ma’am,” Joe said, sipping the beer.

“Well, the session ends today. I hope you will drop in from time to time to check on her… I mean personally… as an acquaintance,” she said, looking at him nod his head.

“Yes. I will come when time permits… er… you know…,” he said haltingly.

“Of course, I will make it worth the while,” she finished the sentence for him.

“I do have other people to take care of, and time is money, in my profession,” he smiled.

Bess nodded and gave him an envelope with some money and Joe took it.

“This is something extra for you. My way of saying thanks,” Bess said as his hand touched hers while taking the envelope.

“Thanks. My boss will send the bill,” he said and her hand fell on his thighs just below the boxers and she let it stay there.

He looked at her mouth and his eyes traveled down her sexy body, halting at her boobs and then finally at her thick thighs.

“Do you need a massage or something,” he asked suggestively.

“Do you want to give one,” she smiled at him, running her left hand through her hair.

“Yes, I would love to. You know, you have such a lovely body,” he said and touched her thighs.

She spread her thighs some more and his left hand snaked up higher till he found her hot mound. His finger easily slid in her slippery slot, encouraging him to add two more fingers.

Her hand went in his boxers and clutched his throbbing rod and stroked it. They kissed as their hands continued fondling and caressing. She was kissing the same mouth her daughter had and stroking the same tool that had pleasured her.

Oh! she was a slut. But what the hell. What was morality? When no one knew what was happening, there was no morality. Nothing between the four walls… morality or an admonishing society. When there was no one to judge, there was no sin. Then you had to deal with what people called conscience. And that was fine. When she faced problems there was no one to offer help and she had to face her emotions herself and now when she was on firm ground, she was not going to let either morality or conscience play spoilsport.

The kissing, fingering and stroking went on undeterred by her thoughts. She paused to catch her breath but her hand still gripped and squeezed his manhood. His fingers were deep inside her pulsating pussy and one finger circled her rear bud. Will her gaping opening give away the fact that she had just then dildo-fucked her ass? Oh, let him know, she thought.

She withdrew her hand from inside his boxers and gently pushed him back.

“Have another beer and wait. I have to give dinner to Alba,” she smiled and he took out his fingers and smelled them.

“You smell yummy. I know what I want for dinner,” he hissed and grinned.

Bess asked Joe to wait in the bedroom and put together dinner for Alba and took it up. Her daughter was watching TV and smiled at her as Bess set down the tray. They chatted till Alba finished dinner and Bess said goodnight and came down.

When Bess went to the bedroom, she found Joe lying under a bed sheet. Bess sat next to him and slid her hand under the cover, grabbed his erect pole, squeezed and stroked it. She kissed him and he slipped his hand into her skirt and fondled her pussy. Bess thought he was behaving differently with her compared to her daughter; they were behaving like lovers, with all the kissing and fondling.

Joe threw away the bed sheet and revealed his nude body, his erection standing proudly like a ripe corn.

“Sit on my face,” Joe whispered.

Bess blushed and squatted over his face and Joe reached up to kiss her pussy. That was something she had not done in recent memory, she thought as his tongue played on her open petals.

“Do you like married women,” she asked, relishing his talented tongue on her pink spread folds.

“I love used big pussies, love them wide opened ones and much torn delicious cunts,” Joe mumbled as he tasted her rear opening too.

When his tongue rimmed his recently used hole, she squirmed, sighed and began pulling up her skirt and threw it away. Two ripe boobs hanged over Joe’s face Escort Alanya and he gratefully grabbed and massaged them. Now his tongue was dancing around her gaping vulva, teasing and taking her to erotic ecstasy. Bess turned around, bent down and took his manhood in her mouth, swallowing it up to the hilt and and biting the base. Prompted by her mouth covering him, Joe spread her pussy further with his fingers and ate her deeply and fervently.

After a few more minutes of 69, Joe pushed her down playfully and squatted between her thighs. Bess hoisted her legs on to his shoulder and Joe inserted his assault weapon into the eager hungry opening.

“Have you had many married women?” she asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

“10 married women of the 20 women I have had so far in the line of duty,” he said, plunging into her depths in one full lunge.

Slow and steady pokes became mighty lusty stabs as Joe picked up steam, making Bess let out sensual cries of ‘oh my god’, ‘oh my god’.

Slowing down his thrusts and letting his cock stroke her vaginal walls, he bent down and whispered: “You are a whore, a slut,” and kissed her mouth before she could reply.

Yes, she was a complete whore, no doubt, and she loved that, she thought.

Bess let out animal moans and guttural grunts and lost herself in the pleasure of the thick meat thrashing about inside her. Joe withdrew and fingered her twitching pussy and opened her rear hole and slid in a finger.

“Wanna take me in your ass,” he asked.

“Mmm. why not? My husband loves to take me doggy in my ass,” her lie caught her by surprise. There was some truth in it, wasn’t there? Did it matter whether she was anally trained by her husband or a dildo? Her ass was not virgin and that was the point.

“Oh!, lovely, I am gonna open you wide now, baby,” he said as Bess braced herself for the first man to explore her forbidden slot.

Joe bent down and licked her ass, mmm.. that was another first for her, her husband hardly licked her in that dirty entrance… oooh! How lovely Joe’s tongue felt, she thought, watching him relish the dish.

He aimed his penis at the entrance of her pulsating hole and gently slid in his organ which was coated with her pussy juices. She sighed, gasped and moaned as he went inside, like a snake looking for a comfortable corner. Feeling stretched and widely split, Bess circled her clitoris with her fingers as Joe, for his part, plunged in two fingers in her vagina.The combined effect brought on an orgasm that rocked Bess and made her scream in delight uninhibitedly. Joe rode her harder and harder, fondling her boobs and calling her an anal slut. Oh! she loved being called such sleazy names, she told herself as her sphincter muscles clasped his marauding monster.

Thank god she had used the dildo for two days and recently! That was what made it easy for her to take him in. Oooh! she bucked as he lunged in and devastated her orifice.

“I am coming baby,” he moaned and grunted as his face convulsed and his belly muscles went in and out. She looked at his face for any indication of his impending explosion, and yes… he let go. The first sharp jet of hot semen hit her deep inside her ass and led her to another orgasm. She rocked her ass against him and he pounded her till his convulsions stopped. They kissed deeply and lay like that, sticky bodies smelling of sex.

As he lay by her side, she stroked his manhood and fingered herself. She loved herself playing the role of a shameless slut, open to everything that carnal pleasure had to offer.

She fetched him a beer and prepared him for another round of sex. A combination of doggy and cowgirl brought both of them to their climaxes and after a respite she performed fellatio which led them to a slow and leisurely missionary position. She felt exhausted by the elongated sex play and dozed off.

When she woke up and checked her phone it was 4 a.m. Joe had left. She sighed and touched which ever part of her body that was throbbing from the sweet pain and pleasure she had experienced a few hours earlier.

Her husband would come in the morning and she wanted to unleash her sexually liberated self on him, maybe she should encourage him to do anal. Would he be surprised? Well, she could always explain that she was starved and needed him often. He would be glad to posses her sexy body, no doubt. She also had her dildo and when her husband was away she would invite Joe over. That sounded promising and, well, slutty. That was the new Bess.

She didn’t know whether all sluts were happy, but she was. She was contended and at peace with herself … at last!


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