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Earlier that day, I had been on top of the world. Less than 48 hours separated me from married life, and I was preparing for what promised to be the best party I had ever been to: a bachelor party in my honor, hosted by my best friends in the whole world. Truth be told they were my only friends, and most wouldn’t think there was any way a guy like me could even have met them, much less be accepted by them. They were rich kids, the type you learned to hate watching Beverly Hills 90210, and I only knew them because my mother had been hired to teach at their private school during my senior year. This meant that I was actually allowed to soil their campus as a student. I was definitely a fish out of water, but to everyone’s great surprise, by the end of that school year I head become friends with the elite of Pembrooke Academy.

I had arrived at the party early, sporting a new, tailored Armani suit, that must have cost my mother three or four months salary. I was fairly surprised to find that all of the other guests had already arrived, but thought nothing of it when I was informed that they had all been there for a couple of hours, preparing for the arrival of the groom-to-be. Within a matter of seconds I was pulled into the kitchen and an ice-cold Victoria Bitters was placed in my hand by a blonde who then proceeded to trap me between herself and the refrigerator door.

She felt like a velvet python pressed up against me, and a half-hearted protest died on my lips as she whispered in my ear. “Hush,” her breath was fire brushing against my earlobe. “I wouldn’t dare tarnish the pristine groom the night before he marries his precious princess.” Her name was Tiffany, and if I had been able to think straight, I would have heard the sarcasm dripping from her full, crimson lips, but she punctuated her words with thrusts of her slim hips against mine, eliminating the possibility of coherent thought. “Just think of this as a peace offering on your special night.” This said, she pressed her lips to mine, and I felt her tongue slither into my mouth. The friction of her lips against mine caused a million synapses in my brain to misfire, and though I knew it was impossible, at that moment I would have sworn that the tongue that wrapped itself around mine was also tickling the base of my scrotum.

“What…” I sputtered as an acrid taste filled my mouth.

“Shhh,” she replied, “it’s ‘E’” With this she gave me one last peck on the lips, and placed a finger against my lips to prevent me from spitting out the nasty pill. “Go ahead, silly,” she said with a giggle, “swallow.”

I did.

She and I had never gotten along, firmly entrenched as we were at the opposite ends of the spectrum of our circle of friends. She had it all going for her, and never failed to remind me of this at every opportunity. The greatest indignities came when she found out that my fiancée and I were virgins, saving ourselves for our wedding night. Most of the time, it seemed that she only tolerated me hanging around so that she could have someone to make fun of. I put up with it because I had no other friends. At that moment, I felt euphoric. I had never been a ladies’ man, and here I was getting dry-humped by a gorgeous blonde who wanted, quite literally, to kiss and make up. “Well,” I thought to myself, “under the circumstances, I’m perfectly willing to let bygones be bygones.”

For the next hour I felt like a king. It seemed that all the girls wanted to dance with me, and all of them seemed terribly amused by an erection that the ecstasy (and their roaming hands) wouldn’t let me get rid of. None of these girls had even so much as flirted with me in the past, and here they were practically raping me! I made a mental note to thank Steve when I woke from this fantastic dream. The oddest thing was that it never seemed like everyone was present at any one time. Whichever girl I happened to be dancing with seemed to be the only girl in the room, and the number of men in the room kept dwindling. After a while, even my drug-addled mind noticed this,

“Where the hell is everyone?” I asked

“They’re upstairs,” came the reply, accompanied by a giggle, “preparing your surprise!”

I can’t remember who it was that had said that, but I do remember her hands pushing me towards the staircase, and someone running up ahead of me shouting, “Here he comes!”

I was shoved up the stairs roughly, by someone who was telling me, “Hurry up Jason, I don’t want to
miss the popping!”

“The popping?” I thought to myself, visions of fireworks filling my clouded mind.

I was guided to the door of the master bedroom and told to “Open the fucking door, already!” The sight that greeted my eyes is burned into my memory, and I know I’ll never be able to purge it.

Banners were strewn all about the room, and confetti was flung into my face as I heard the crowd scream “SURPRISE!” There were at least five video cameras in the room, either hand-held or mounted on tripods. One of the amateur directors çukurambar escort of photography pointed one directly in my face, and I’m sure he caught the shock dawning in my eyes as I saw exactly what my surprise was. The female occupants of the room were in various states of undress, from bare-breasted Molly, to gloriously naked Janine. The men all seemed to be completely naked, and all of them were lined up against the wall. All but Steve, that is.

Steve stood on the mattress of the four-poster bed, naked as the day he was born, sporting a huge erection dripping pre-cum and glistening with lubricant. I could only stand there agape as he grinned at me and repeated, “Surprise, buddy!” Lying there on the bed in a tangle of silk and flesh was a woman I had been introduced to only two weeks earlier as a new friend of my bride-to-be. She was raven-haired, wasp-waisted and naturally buxom in a way that never failed to draw stares of lust from men, and burning envy from most women. Most of her body was obscured by the girl that lay entwined in her arms and legs.

The girl was covered with a sheen of sweat, her nipples hard as stone and her jaw hanging open in a seemingly endless gasp of pleasure. Her hands were gripping handfuls of silk and her eyes were locked on mine, but it didn’t take a genius to see that the whole of her being was occupied with the hand that was sliding up and down between her gaping thighs. My beautiful young fiancée moaned in pleasure as the dark-haired sex goddess slowly pushed a finger between her sweet, gripping lips.

Chapter 01

I remember they were singing to me; that old dreadful tune about what a “jolly good fellow” I was. Hands were pulling me by my arms to the far side of the room to stand amongst the naked men, and hands were swatting at my backside. Hands impossibly anonymous in a roomful of my friends ripped off my new silk suit.

I was thrust into a chair and the hands on my shoulders made it painfully clear that I was intended to remain there. The eyes on the bed had followed my progress, and I distinctly heard the she-devil coo into my fiancée’s ear as she continued the slow, five digit assault on her pleasure center. “Look, virgin,” she moaned, “look at that tiny little cock sitting there!” The laughter that rocked the room burned into me, third-degree
humiliation. I was easily the least blessed man in the room. “Come on, virgin,” she continued, “you don’t actually want that teeny-weenie to be the first you ever feel, do you?”

The love of my life gazed at my little man, less than half the size of any other prick in the room even in it’s drug-induced tumescence, then at the blood-filled monster hovering over her. As she stared at it a drop of slime drooled down from it’s purple helmet and landed on her sweet, unblemished navel. The impact sent a pre-orgasmic shudder through her petite frame. She looked back at the diminutive tool between my legs with an expression of confusion on her face, then around at the naked flesh lined up to either side of my. Chuckles of superiority from the men, and out-and-out laughter from the girls only served to strengthen the proof her eyes had given her, the proof of my inadequacy. She looked up at my face, as if she meant to say something to me, but just then Steve knelt down beside her and her attention was ripped from me, and refocused on the stiff slab of meat now only inches from her face.

“Now look at that, virgin!” spouted the bitch-goddess, “That’s a real cock.” Murmurs of appreciation from the girls in the room served to show their agreement. “Go on virgin,” came the command, “suck it!”

“Suck it… come on virgin, I know you want to.”

Her voice droned on and on, hypnotically drifting from whispered blandishment to haughty imperative. The mantra was taken up by voices throughout the room.

“Suck it virgin!”

“Go on, sweetie, I promise you, you’ll love it!”

My sweet young bride-to-be looked at me, her eyes filled with lust. My little angel smiled at me, sweetly – almost angelically – and then, to my dismay, she seemed to come to a decision. A cheer erupted in the room as she turned her head toward towards Steve’s cock and reached out her tiny hand to it. Her hand tried in vain to wrap around its girth, and I saw her tiny tongue peek out to run along her upper lip.

“Mmmmmmmmm” she groaned as the flesh slid between her lips.

It was as if a starter’s pistol had gone off at an obscenity marathon, and I was forced to watch the orgy from the guest-of-honor’s seat. The women all lined up in front of the men, and with much swapping and moaning and slurping, did an admirable job of getting each and every single man in the room hard as bone. I watched as couples and clusters broke off from the main group, forming and re-forming into various combinations of flesh on flesh. Always, someone was with me, to make sure I didn’t move from my chair. But I was, however, encouraged to move within it’s demetevler escort confines.

I looked to Christy, my fiancée, and was shocked to see her sucking Steve’s cock as if she expected the answer to life, the universe, and everything to come spurting from it’s fat head. I had seen her treat fine Belgian chocolate with less respect and delight; it was as if she had discovered the fruit of the gods. I stared, helpless, from my front row seat, captive audience to my fiancée’s first blowjob.

Every so often, a bundle of wriggling female flesh would plop down into my lap; bare flesh rubbing against my rock-hard little peter, and a voice would ring in my head. “Hey there, tiny!” This or something like it began every little exchange, and a smiling Tiffany had initiated this particular one. “Don’t you think it’s wonderful how your friends have all become so close to your fiancée?” I didn’t know what to say to this. “This was just our way of letting you know that when your brand new wife needs a good hard fucking, she can come to her new friends, and not risk catching a disease from some sleazy gigolo. After all,” she said with more laughter, “you can’t expect to keep her satisfied with this little boy’s cock you have!”

As she had done before, she emphasized her words with thrusts of her flesh against mine. This time, however, the flesh was bare, and I was coming close to the brink of orgasm. Tiffany was no virgin, and could sense this. Before I could cum, she reached between us, down to my scrotum, and gave my balls a rough squeeze. I nearly blacked out from the pain, and when I could breathe again, I opened my eyes to see Tiffany gazing at me in unadulterated glee. “Don’t you dare cum on this porcelain flesh, you baby-pricked little shit!” This brought waves of laughter from the crowd.

“It’s time to make yourself useful, baby-dick!” Tiffany exclaimed.

This seemed to be some sort of cue, and, with the exception of the threesome on the bed, all of the sweaty, rutting, clusters of flesh in the room began to break up. Each girl in the room grabbed a handful of cock, and a double line began to form at the chair. Tiffany had pulled my hand between her legs, and with a threatening squeeze of my balls, she commanded me to begin fingering her wet, hairless slit. “Okay, baby-dick, the moment of truth has arrived. This is your last chance to keep your sweet little bitch’s cherry intact for your night of marital bliss.”

“The gang has all decided that if you can get and keep all these cocks soft, we’ll leave off fucking her silly little brains out.”

My world spun around me as her words penetrated the haze veiling my mind. I looked at my fiancée, and saw that she had her eyes locked on mine as she worshipped the stiff cock with her hands and her mouth. With an obscene slurp, she released it just long enough to say, “I know you can do this honey. The boys are all so sure that you would never let them do this to you, but I know that you love me enough to make this work.” While saying this she kept Steve’s erect cock pressed against her cheek, and I could see the slime it left on her pale skin. This said, she opened her lips wide and inhaled the hardness once more.

She had told me on numerous occasions that she would never even think of allowing me to slide my dick between those sweet lips. She made it clear that such behavior was too slutty for a girl to do with the man she loved, and that the man who loved her would never force the issue. Yet here she was, all too eager to suckle this man kneeling before her, my “best friend,” while I looked on helplessly. All the while her eyes never left mine, and I couldn’t tear my gaze away.

That problem was solved for me by Mandy, the first girl in line, who slapped me across the face with the stiff cock she held in her hand, laughing at the goo that it left on my cheek. I looked up, shocked to see that it was her own big brother Mark’s cock that she wielded as her weapon. He looked down at me in disgust as I heard his little sister saying, “Come on baby-dick, I had to promise my big brother he could have my tight little asshole as a reward for letting a little faggot suck him off. He gets me in the ass whether or not you come through, but I’ll be damned if I give up my booty without getting to see you eat a dick!” So saying, she reached out and squeezed my cheeks so hard that I couldn’t help but open my jaw. Tiffany and Mandy each grabbed a handful of Mark’s formidable cock and pushed it between my lips, their eyes going wide with excitement as they watched me suck my very first dick.

A chorus of “ooohs” and “aaahs” filled the air, peppered with exclamations such as, “I told you the little fag would do it!” and, “Look at him, he was born to love the cock!” I told myself over and over again that I was only doing it to protect my bride-to-be, and sure enough, I could hear her voice reaching out to me. “That’s it honey, suck that big, hard dick for me. I just know you’ll dikimevi escort keep all that nasty sperm from getting to my pussy, won’t you?” I refused to believe that that was her little giggle following that question. This was the woman I loved, the woman who loved me, and I would do this for her. I was doing it for her.

The sounds of heavy breathing dominated the room, overlaid with the sound of two mouths slurping up and down the length of two cocks – the point/counterpoint of the mouth love my bride-to-be and I were giving simultaneously to Steve and Mark. Mandy knelt down next to me, her face next to mine and her hand still helping to push her big brother’s cock deep into my mouth. “Suck him good,” she whispered excitedly in my ear, “suck him just like his baby sister loves to suck him!” I was disgusted with myself, but my cock has still bone hard from the sheer nastiness of the situation I was in.

He came much sooner than I expected him to, primed no doubt by the fuck-fest he had just been participating in. The thick cream filled my mouth until I thought it would ooze out of my ears and I heard Mark let a loud “Ohhhhh, Fuck!” at the same time as his little sister said “Tastes good, doesn’t it baby-dick?” It was salty, and viscous, and when it hit my tongue, I knew I would never be the same; I had sucked a cock to completion in my mouth. I made to spit it out, but Mandy’s hand over my mouth and a warning squeeze from Tiffany let me know exactly what was expected of me. “Swallow it, baby-dick.” Tiffany whispered in my ear, and the quiver in her voice along with the wetness between her legs showed me exactly how much this devil-woman loved humiliating me. “Let that sweet fuck-cream slide down your throat like a good little girl!”

What choice did I have? I forced myself not to throw up, as the next man in line pushed his manhood right in my face. “Get to sucking fag,” he said with a chuckle, “or shall I save you the trouble of popping your sweet little princess’ cherry?

It was going to be a long night.

I was doomed to fail, of course. The whole thing had been rigged from the get-go. Every time I licked, slurped and stroked one thick, hard cock to orgasm in my mouth, some willing young nymphette would lead the man away for a few minutes rest, followed by some lusty attention designed to revive his manhood. Each restored cock was, of course, more durable than it had been to begin with, and I was fighting a downhill battle. I soon realized that the line was getting no shorter than it had been at the start of my foray into fellatio.

I heard a big cheer go up as I looked up; the shock and sense of defeat must have shown in my face. I looked over to the bed, to see Christy watching me intently. Her eyes may have been on me, but her mouth never stopped servicing the thick prick in front of her. Raven-Hair (I never did remember her name) wasn’t leaving anything to chance; she coached my sweet young fiancée constantly, letting her know what a quick learner and “good little cock-sucker” she was. When I finally gave up my marathon sucking session, Raven-Hair jumped on the opportunity presented to her.

“It’s time, virgin,” she cooed sensuously into Christy’s ear. “I’ll bet you can’t wait to feel that monster in you!”

Christy slowly worked her lips to the Head of Steve’s prick, and with a clearly audible slurp, released the head. A thin strand of saliva and pre-cum connected her lower lip to the throbbing, purple cockhead, but she never even bothered to wipe it off. Her eyes remained locked onto mine, but her words were clearly intended for her companions on the satin sheets of the four-poster bed. “Will it fit?” she asked quietly, almost shyly.

At this, Raven-Hair let out a lusty laugh. “Look down, sweetie.” she said.

My eyes looked down with her, and we let out simultaneous gasps. Raven had wasted no time between Christy’s legs, and had taken full advantage of her preoccupation with the cock in her mouth. Slowly but surely she had worked her finger-magic on my fiancée, and much to our surprise she had managed to work four fingers into that virgin slit!

Christy must have felt it as it was happening, but the sheer obscene nature of the sight of her pussy being violated like that sent her over some dark cliff’s edge. “Oh god.” was all she said as her body began to convulse in orgasmic shudders. I watched as my darling angel fall from grace, and I knew that I would never be able to make her scream and shake like that.

Most disturbing of all was my reaction to this scene. I felt an electric feather tickle it’s way up from my toes through my legs, and on up my spine, until I too was shaking. I remember feeling numb then feeling shocked, unable to believe my what my body was feeling. I looked down at my cock, and barely managed to utter “Oh, no!” when I finally went off like Chinese New Year. Every muscle in my body spasmed in release as the events of the night finally caught up to me. Sperm arced from my cock like thick, liquid lightning. It was unbelievable, how good that orgasm felt. I came from somewhere in the depths of my soul, and I knew that I would never be the same. I came in powerful spurts, all over my own face and chest. I came in my own mouth, and in a moment of sublime humiliation, I found myself swallowing my own spunk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32