The Younger Model Ch. 04

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Nick went out, eager to get away from Elena.

He sat in a bar, drinking beer and half heartedly watched the game on the TV.

He was twisting the wedding ring on his finger subconsciously as he remembered the sight of Elena on her knees looking up at him. She looked almost angelic as his cock entered her mouth and her cheeks caved in.

He remembered the warm, wet feeling of her lips wrapped around his cock. The tracing of her tongue around the underside and head of his cock. The incredible feeling of his cock entering her throat.

Nick could feel his member stir and decided he better head home before he embarrassed himself.

He walked home and looked over at the Matthews’. All the lights were off, hopefully Elena had gone out. Nick opened the door and stepped inside, switching on the lights.

He thought he could smell perfume. He stood for a moment, frozen in thought. ‘It’s

Elena’s perfume on your shirt from earlier,’ Nick reassured himself.

He sighed and walked into the kitchen, grabbing a beer.

He sat in silence nursing the beer, when he heard something up the house.

Nick put down his beer and carefully walked through the house. He padded silently up the stairs until he realised the noise was a voice.

He realised the smell was stronger now, it was definitely perfume.

He began to pick out words as he reached the landing and tiptoed towards the noise.

“Ohhhh. Oh Mr Davis. That’s so good,” the voice purred.

It was Elena. Nick opened his bedroom door to confront Elena.

She was stretched out on the king-sized bed, but what she was wearing drew Nick’s attention.

She was wearing black stockings held up by a matching garter belt, black panties and a matching bra. But they weren’t just any set, they were an anniversary gift Nick had gotten Angela. Elena had her left hand down her panties, clearly masturbating.

“Elena. Get out of my house,” Nick snapped.

She looked at Nick and stood up from the bed. She stepped over to him and reached out to caress Nick with her left hand.

Nick batted it away.

“Get out,” Nick growled.

“Mr Davis. I’m leaving for college on Monday, Angela is away tonight. Are you telling me you don’t want a taste?” Elena whispered, licking her lips.

“How do you know levent escort Angela is away?” Nick asked, the alcohol letting his cock stir despite his outrage.

“She told me on the phone when she called me earlier. You leaving your keys at mine was all I needed to call her, and so I could slip in while you went out,” Elena giggled.

Nick spotted the keys to his house on the bedside locker.

“You are…devious,” Nick murmured, eyes beginning to drift to her cleavage.

Elena slowly wrapped her wrists around the back of his neck.

“Mr Davis, we can enjoy ourselves for one night and no one else will know,” she promised in a sultry tone.

“I have Angela,” Nick protested.

Elena smirked at that.

“Mr Davis, look at me. I’m taller, younger, hotter and you know that head I gave you earlier was beyond anything Angela could give you,” Elena said, looking deep into Nick’s eyes promising such passion.

Elena could tell Nick was on the edge, he was imagining all the things he could do with her, which Elena hoped she might test. But first she needed him to forget about his wife for just a moment, then she had him.

She carefully drew back her left hand, across his neck and cheek as she said. “Just breathe.”

Elena’s hand was just below his nose as he inhaled the scent of her womanhood.

Instinctively, Nick grabbed her hand and stuck her slick fingers in his mouth.

She tasted sweet, her juices thick on his tongue, her fingers soft.

She slowly withdrew her fingers and grinned. She watched his expression shift from conflicted to lustful. ‘Got you’ she thought to herself.

Nick grabbed Elena and kissed her firmly.

Her lithe body responded to his assertion, her leg curling around his, bringing their waists together. Her hands pressed against his chest, his hands finding her ass and squeezing.

Elena leaned back, insistently guiding Nick to his marital bed.

She fell back on the bed and Nick was astride her in a moment, hands exploring every inch of her body.

He kissed her neck hungrily, biting the nape of her neck.

Elena gasped.

“Mr Davis, you’re going to leave marks you know,” she scolded Nick mockingly.

Nick paused for a moment.

“Well Elena, you shouldn’t have teased okmeydanı escort me,” Nick replied with a smirk and set to kissing down her chest.

Elena grinned to herself and pulled the t-shirt off Nick, exposing his bare chest. She ran her hands down to his waist and tugged at his belt.

Nick unfastened his wife’s bra and tossed it on the floor with his t-shirt. He kissed Elena’s breast and alternated between the two.

Elena placed her hand on the back of Nick’s head and set to unbuttoning his jeans with the other.

Nick licked, sucked, kissed and flicked Elena’s nipples with his tongue, much to her appreciation.

He kissed down her toned stomach to the waist of his wife’s panties. He leaned back and pulled them off, throwing them across the room.

He looked down to see Elena’s shaved mound.

Elena looked up at him breathless.

“Care for a taste, Mr Davis?” she offered suggestively.

“You like calling me Mr Davis, don’t you?” Nick chuckled as he began kissing up the inside of her thighs towards her pussy.

“It’s how I remind myself you’re married,” Elena admitted.

Nick registered this remark, but her pussy was too close to resist and he kissed Elena’s lips, probing into her wetness with his tongue.

Elena’s eyelids fluttered as Nick began eating her snatch out.

He was good, paying her clit a lot of attention. while also finding other exquisite spots to pleasure.

He alternated between them, soon she was breathless and her orgasm was coming.

“Oh God Mr Davis, I’m cumming,” Elena moaned.

Nick felt his mouth flood with her sweetness and set to lapping it all up.

Elena felt her vision return as Nick rose from between her legs.

“I’m going to get something for this,” Nick said, indicating his cock.

He leaned over to the locker and pulled out a condom.

Elena spread her legs as Nick rolled the condom on.

“Well Mr Davis, let’s have some fun,” Elena winked at him.

Nick eased his length inside Elena’s pussy. It was deliciously tight, Elena tried spreading her legs further apart to accommodate Nick’s ‘gift’.

“Are you a virgin?” Nick grunted.

Elena laughed at that.

“Well my dad thinks so, but no. I just work to keep it tight down there,” gülbağ escort Elena added sexily.

Elena could feel the sheathed invader spreading her open, inch by inch.

“Fuck you’re bigger than I’m used to,” Elena cried.

“Well you’re tighter than I’ve had,” Nick grunted with pleasure as he proceeded to bury his cock further in his teenage neighbour.

Elena rolled Nick over and settled down into reverse cowgirl, controlling how much of his cock penetrated her.

Nick gripped her bare hips firmly and thrust up firmly as he brought her pussy down onto his cock.

Elena moaned as Nick claimed every inch of her pussy with his cock.

She leaned forward as he took her doggy style, each thrust rocking up her spine and tossing her hair.

Nick looked down at her long legs, full ass, arched back and flowing brown hair. ‘Elena was right, it’s like fucking a taller, younger, tighter Angela,’ Nick thought to himself.

Before his conscience could reprimand him, Elena pushed him back and mounted him.

Their bodies were sweating from their passion, skin glowing from their exerted pleasure.

Elena raised herself just high enough for Nick’s cock to come out.

“I’ve an idea Mr Davis. Let’s lose the condom,” Elena smiled naughtily.

Nick paused at this, then felt Elena’s hand grip his cock and pull off the condom.

He was about to comment, when Elena guided his bare cock into her pussy.

What was tight before was now warm, wet and welcoming to Nick’s cock. “Oh fuck,” Nick groaned as he felt his cock completely sink into her young pussy.

“Isn’t that better?” Elena asked wickedly and began riding Nick with a new fervour.

‘Nearly got him,’ Elena crowed to herself as she could see Nick’s expression change to what it was when she swallowed his load.

“Elena I’m cumming,” Nick grunted.

His hips bucked as he fired every drop of his cum into Elena’s waiting cunt.

He finished, gasping for breath, his whole body tingling with post coital bliss.

Elena carefully rolled over beside him, trying to keep his cum from leaking onto the sheets. She laid her head on his warm chest and idly traced his abdomen. Nick instinctively wrapped his arms around the younger model that had taken his wife’s place in their bed.

Nick drifted off to sleep after what had been one of the best fucks of his life.

Elena looked up at him.

“I knew you’d come around to my way of thinking Mr Davis,” Elena purred and felt his seed inside her.

‘Now to see whether Mr Davis is taken with me or Angela,’ Elena mused to herself.

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