The Women in My Life Ch. 07

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Before I continue, I realise that I had omitted to mention the fact that I am left-handed. Whilst not uncommon, it’s something I take for granted but in this particular episode, it is important. Think about it!

A right handed man will generally feel a woman’s left breast first, whereas a leftie will fondle her right one! A rightie will usually sit/lie to the right of a woman, whereas a leftie would be to the left. A rightie will cock his right leg, whereas a leftie cocks his left leg.

Conversely, because of these positions, a woman tends to use her left hand to hold a rightie’s penis, though she would normally be right handed herself. For a leftie, the woman tends to use her stronger right hand! Subtle differences to be aware of.

To continue, in February 1985 I moved to my new job in Salford, a bit nearer home, but I still managed to get my own small terraced house to live in. As April arrived I was sent on a detailed technical course held in Birmingham. This is where I met…

THE FIT WOMAN (1985 ~ 25)

The course was two weeks long starting on the Monday. I arrived in the hotel late Sunday about 9pm and after checking in and unpacking went to the bar for a drink. It was about 9:30pm when I first saw her, coming out of the restaurant and going to the lift. I thought she looked “a stunner”.

At breakfast I saw her again, still looking “hot”. The third time was coming out of the hotel and getting into a taxi. The fourth time, no less, was in the foyer of the conference facility as we both checked in. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her in the same training room as I entered. I just had to go and speak to her, so I walked over to the seat next to her.

“Excuse me” I said “You won’t believe it but I’ve followed you from the hotel to here and we’re on the same course! Now that’s got to be spooky. My name’s Joe, by the way.” as I sat down next to her.

“Helene”, she replied, in a very slightly French tinged accent “and I did notice you being in the same places as me!”

We casually chatted until the course started, when we had to introduce ourselves. It came round to Helene.

“My name is Helene DuBois, I work for an Anglo-French financial institution. I was born in Belgium but my parents moved across the channel to Kent when I was about 11. I attended Queen Mary College in London studying Economics and International Commerce. I run daily and I am keen supporter of Tottenham Hotspur.”

I listened, almost amazed, then it was my turn. “This may sound a little like deja-vu! My name is Joe Barker, I work for an electrical engineering components company. I’m originally from Preston, but when I was very young my family moved a whole 20 miles up the road towards Blackburn. I thought about going to QMC to study computer science but went to Leeds instead. I also run daily and have supported Blackburn Rovers for as long as I can remember.”

During the break we spoke again, particularly about our experiences at our differing universities. It turned out Helene was a year ahead of me. As we ended the day’s session, we shared a taxi back to the hotel. I asked if she would like to go running before the evening meal, and she agreed, saying we’d meet outside. Having got changed into my running gear, I went down to find Helene dressed in tight lycra leggings and top. I could even see the gap between her legs, they were that tight! The leggings I meant.

“That’s not fair”, I said, “You look stunning and I look like a tramp.”

“When you’ve got style!” she retorted.

“Flaunt it,” I answered, “but I can run faster!!” then set off running.

She chased and caught up with me as I slowed for her. We ran for about 30 minutes and agreed to eat together after we’d showered and changed. Tuesday and Wednesday we breakfasted and shared a taxi, worked together in a team on the course and ran before sharing an evening meal.

On the Wednesday night conversation at the meal turned to football and a semi-heated debate about the season so far and the relative chances of Blackburn and Tottenham. Finally, in a determined voice, she said, “With the form Falco is in they stand as much chance of winning the League as you have of… of bonking Christie Brinkley. No chance.”

“Mmmm. Right. So a shag’s out of the question then?” I quipped.

“Only on Holy Days”, she replied quickly.

“I’ll have to check my diary and get back to you!” I answered.

“Good. Let me know when you do.” she answered back. I wasn’t sure if that was a come-on or not! We finished eating and had a drink or two before retiring to do some more course work.

That night as I was getting undressed for bed, I couldn’t help but think about Helene, her body and the semi sort of flirting that was going on between us. I was as horny as hell. I hadn’t brought Cunty, so I pulled two of the pillows to the end of the bed and folded them over. I put a condom on my aching erection and slipped it in between the fold of the pillows. I fucked that pillow, thinking escort bayan bursa of Helene with her legs splayed wide. Soon I was ready to shoot my load, which I did with knee shuddering delight. I slept well satisfied, but woke up to another stiff appendage. I just pulled away slowly, thinking again of Helene, until I ejaculated over my stomach. The shower beckoned.

Thursday evening we ran before the meal as we had previously. When I came down for the meal, I was stunned to see her walk in dressed in a snug fitting catsuit.

“You’ll have to stop doing this,” I said.

“What?” Helene queried, feigning innocence.

“Making me look like a tramp!” I replied.

“Sorry,” she answered, “I thought you might like the outfit.”

“Believe me,” I said back, maybe a little too eagerly, “I most certainly do!”

It was difficult to keep my eyes off her breasts while eating, the nipples on the end of her round breasts were obvious. After the meal, Helene said she fancied a walk. So off we went around the area of the hotel but shortly she said she felt a little cold. I took off my jumper to put it on her as we walked back. By the time we got back I too felt cold and suggested a drink of tea or coffee to warm up. I suggested my room rather than the bar area. Helene agreed.

When we got to my room, I went to put the kettle on for some tea and coffee. Helene started to take off my jumper but it got caught somehow. I looked at the back of her neck, where her catsuit had a catch and zip. It was caught in the hook of the catch. So I took the label from my jumper off the hook, leaving the catch intact. She then went to the toilet. The kettle had boiled when she finally came out and put her handbag on the small table.

“My turn” I said as I too went to the toilet. As I came out of the bathroom, Helene was sat on the side of the bed.

“As it’s your room I thought you should have the chair!”, she said.

I said, “OK”, then brought over the tea and coffee, adding “Get your hands round that, it’ll warm them up.”

“That’s one thing”, she said, “that I can’t stand on me. Cold hands.”

I wasn’t too sure what to think about her comment. We chatted lightly until I took the empty cups away.

“By the way,” she said, “did you check your diary because looking at mine, there are no Holy Days this week.”

“I didn’t, but I suppose that answers that question then, don’t you think?” I replied, quickly recalling her answer to my “A shag’s out of the question” quip!

“It does,” was her firm response, which I took as a positive indicator to make a move. I walked forwards, stopping before her and holding out my hand to pull her up to stand beside the bed. As I did, I put my left hand up to brush a strand of her hair from the side of her face, saying,

“You look much nicer with your hair off your face,” keeping my hand there.

“Thank you for saying so.” she answered.

I edged into her and gently pulled her face to mine. We kissed, my tongue deep inside her mouth. Keeping my left hand on the side of her face my arm dropped so that my elbow rubbed against her breast. I rolled my elbow, then moved my hand slowly to her neck and down to her right breast, which I palmed gently. As I did, Helene’s kiss remained deep, her breathing hot, and with my hand now massaging her firm breast, she lifted both her arms above my shoulders. Momentarily, I moved my arms, my right arm around her to the bottom of her back, my left hand to the back of her neck near the catsuit catch and zip. The catch was open! I knew it wasn’t before she went to the bathroom!! Pulling the zip down slowly, I took it all the way down to just above her buttocks, then moved my left hand inside to the flesh of her back. There was no bra! Though that was obvious anyway.

Still kissing deeply, my left hand roamed around her back slowly moving down to finally push my hand across to cup her left buttock. There were no knickers either! Enflamed, I pushed my right hand to the flesh of her back as well. Slowly, I brought both hands up her back to her shoulders, reaching over them to pull the top of her catsuit towards me. She moved her arms forward to ease herself out of it. The top dropped between us, and looking into her eyes, my hands cupped both her firm and yet soft breasts. Now she pulled off my polo shirt, so that we were now kissing, flesh to flesh, chest to breast. After a moment, I moved my hands down her back to her hips, where the catsuit was hanging. I pulled back slightly and pushed the sides down. Without breaking the kiss, she kicked it off her feet. Then, just before I was going to lay her on the bed, she eased out of the kiss and looking into my eyes she undid my belt, unzipped my jeans and pushed them down.

As she went to lie back onto the bed, I kicked off my jeans, underwear and socks then lay beside her. She lay to my right and I to her left. My left hand cupped her breast as I resumed kissing her, with my erection now well under way. I bursa sinirsiz eskort rolled my hand around both breasts, then palmed my hand to her stomach and around her waist to her hip. From there I slid gently towards her pubic area. To my great surprise, it was shaven and smooth as silk.

I had to see it! I leant out of the kiss, saying, “You know you keep on stunning me You have the first shaved pubis I’ve ever known. It feels… amazing.” I kept my hand over her absent pubic hair.

We resumed the hot kiss. As I moved my hand over her pubis, so she raised her right knee and widened her legs. My hand eased down to her vulva, where I could feel the labia soft and moist. My finger gently probed the entrance to her vagina, so warm, wet and getting wetter. I pulled my finger up to find her now engorged clitoris, which I gently rolled around. I heard a quiet moan and could feel her breathing heavier. My erection was now firm and throbbing for action but I persisted in stimulating her clitoris. Moments of firm stimulation later her mouth seemed to widen and stiffen, as she grunted “Oh Dieu, Dieu” and I felt her orgasm. Even as it subsided, I continued to rub her clitoris but occasionally moved my finger down and into her vagina’s hole for a brief poke. A second “Dieu, Dieu” followed, after which she looked at me and said, “I so needed that.”

She lowered her leg and widened them to accommodate me as I straddled her, my penis hovering over her vaginal entrance. Looking into her eyes, I slowly pushed my rampant rod inside her warmth, as far as I could. Her eyes seemed to widen as I started to thrust in and out of her and we resumed kissing. Deep and passionate the kiss, deep and steady the fucking. Helene lifted her legs to clamp me inside her. I could feel the pre-tingle of orgasm, so I stopped.

“Almost too much then” I said to her.

Her eyes seemed to look deep into me, with an almost passionate urging desire. We kissed again as I resumed thrusting into the depth of her vagina, but suddenly the tingle became a surging orgasm pulsing through my penis, releasing great gobs of my spunk deep into her belly.

I lifted my head away from her to say, “I was just… overcome by you, sorry.”

Though my erection was still solid inside her, I pulled out to lie on my side alongside her.

“I feel I need to say this and for you to accept it as the compliment I mean it to be. You’re the fittest, most seductive woman I have ever met. Your eyes are deeply piercing; you’re physically stunning, with a body firm and shapely while your breasts are soft but nipples firm;” I moved my hand to her hips, “You have curves where they should be;” then moving down to her thigh “legs long and strong, all the way to the most stunning bum ever;” as I cupped her buttock cheek.

Bringing my hand round to the mound of her pubis, “And you have this most erotic shaved pubis, something I’ve never experienced before, leading to a vagina to just die for. You are just so physically stunning.”

Helene looked back at me, paused then said, smiling “I think you may have just copped off!”

I replied “Seriously, I’ve never experienced a shaved one before and I find it irresistibly erotic. I can’t help looking at it, wanting to touch it, wanting to be inside it.”

“It feels like you still could”, she responded, as the back of her hand stroked along my engorged penis.

I stayed alongside her and kissed her, but returned my hand to her naked pubis to caress it, before moving to stimulate her clitoris again. Slowly I rubbed and stroked it, the pace of her breath becoming quicker till her mouth stiffened and she pulled out of the kiss to grunt in another ecstasy. Looking into her now open eyes, I rolled my finger to stroke into the entrance of her wet vagina. Moving around her labia I eventually and slowly inserted my finger, in and out a few times before returning to her clitoris. As I repeated stimulating it, Helene closed her eyes and pushed her cunt into my hand with eagerness.

After moments of clit fingering, she exclaimed “Dieu, Dieu” as another wave of pleasure rippled through her body. Pressing my hand to palm her vulva, I pushed slightly to one side to widen her legs as I straddled her yet again. Looking into one another’s eyes, I slowly re-entered her warm and wet love hole, pushing in as deep as I could go before commencing a slow and deep rhythmic stroke. After a few strokes I leant back in to kiss her.

Remembering to pause before any pre-orgasmic tingle, I kept to a steady stroke rate. But as Helene stiffened once more in the throes of orgasm, I knew I could resist no more and so my own orgasm pulsed through my groin and into my penis, ejaculating more spunk deeply into her womb. Sated I rested, but still inside her, with my arms keeping me up to look down at her. I kissed her again, with a more gentle passion as my erection slowly eased.

We disengaged, lying side by side unspeaking for several escort bayan moments. Helene then turned on her side to look at me, saying, “Do you know you’re the first left hander I’ve ever had? The feel of your touch and your kiss, is definitely… different. And nice.”

I replied “You know I’ve never thought about that! I’m surprised Chrissy, my closest, good friend and first shag, never said anything about it.”

“Sounds like she’s your girlfriend?”

“Chrissy, no. We grew up together, we’ve had some fun times, a fair amount of sex but she’s just one of my longest friends. As I said, she was my first full-on sex. Even now I still hear her sometimes: ‘It’s not a sprint to see who finishes first’ or ‘Remember there’s someone else here who wants to cum off too’. She was funny but a sort of early mentor, really.”

“I wish someone had told Dave that!” she said.


“Yeah, the sometime, on-off boyfriend. On for a minute then off.”

I snorted a laugh then stifled it, “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. He’s nice, arm candy, very gregarious, involved in all sorts, mainly football and in a part-time band, The Footy Boys! We seem to be ships passing in the night sometimes.” There was a slight sound of sadness in her voice.

We continued to talk for almost an hour until we realised it was getting towards midnight. Dressing, she left for her own room. I slept very, very soundly.

The next morning we breakfasted together, taxi’d together and at the end went to the train station together. With a brief kiss on the cheek, we said our farewells. I added that I’d be travelling down on the Sunday again, in time for an early evening meal, should she be thinking of coming then too.

Sure enough, as I was sat in the bar that Sunday late afternoon, Helene arrived in reception to book in. I ordered her a white wine and waited for her to join me. It was about 10 minutes later that she walked into the bar.

“Stunning as always.” I said to her.

Kissing me on the cheek she replied, “I try!”

We ate our meal, catching up on the weekend, not that much had happened to me. Helene, however, had returned home to Wimbledon to find Dave was out playing football that night, so didn’t see him until Saturday when he said the band had a gig in Feltham.

“Where’s that?” I asked.

“Exactly,” she replied. She had chosen not to go see them, but spent the Saturday evening with some girl friends. She’d not seen him on the Sunday either, having left early afternoon.

As we finished our drink after the meal, I offered to get another one. She refused, but asked, “How about some tea or coffee?”

I started to get up and order it, when she added “No, in my room this time.”

So to her room we went. We didn’t have that drink! As she closed the door behind us, she leant into me and kissed me. I kissed back, rolling my hands around her back and over her buttocks, before pushing my hands up under her blouse to roam around her back and undo her bra. There was no fevered rush to undress but holding hands we moved to the bed and lay down. Kissing deeply and passionately, slowly we undressed each other, until we lay naked alongside each other. My hand roamed to her smooth and shaven pubis, before slipping between her legs to cup her vulva then finger the labia around her vaginal entrance. As I touched her clitoris I could feel her breathing change, becoming quicker. Gently massaging her engorged and aroused clitoris only increased the heat and intensity of her breath on my cheek Eventually, her mouth stiffened in the kiss, moaning as orgasm rippled through her.

I eased my stimulation to let it subside before starting again. However her hand, her right hand, moved to stroke my already enlarged penis and her legs opened in invitation. I obliged the unspoken invitation, breaking off the kiss and rising to straddle her open legs and vagina. Like a homing missile, the head of my penis went straight into it, but I only pushed the head in. For a few strokes I just dipped in and out, still looking in her eyes.

“Stop teasing” she said.

Slowly I inserted myself deep inside her, resuming the kiss. Unhurried in my pace, I stroked in and out, holding off the tingle when it tempted me by staying still inside her.

“You don’t need to stop” she said.

Such a simple phrase, yet one full of desire and potent lust to a man. I restarted my rhythmic thrust, in and out, but now at a slightly faster rate, until orgasm beckoned and I pushed deep to pulse my ejaculate inside her. The post-orgasmic kiss continued for a moment then we disengaged to lie next to each other. Helene pulled herself under the bedsheet. I joined her.

Over the next couple of hours we enjoyed our physical consummation of one another, each climaxing deeply. Around midnight, I started to get out of bed to return to my own room but was told I could go in the morning! So it was that we spent the night together in a deep post-coital sleep.

The beeps on the alarm told me it was 6 o’clock and the pain in my penis told me I was erect again! Helene was lay to my right, on her side, facing away from me. Her bottom towards me! My erection seemed to stiffen further at the thought I had. I turned towards her, spooning her and lifting her left leg to place my penis between them.

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