The Woman in 1C

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I had boarded the plane, taken my seat in 1D and just received my pre-departure beer as she walked in. A man looking like Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman” followed her; a sugar daddy I presumed. They sat down in seats 1C and 1B. They way she moved and dressed coupled with an obvious expensive taste screamed fashion model. She asked the flight attendant to stow her “Saks and Fifth Avenue” bag which I assumed was full of expensive clothes and style accessories. Yep, definitely a model. Her lips were pouty and thin, her nose featured a long slender bridge and defined, bulbous, round nostrils, it had a slight downward hook at the tip. As for her build, it was sleek and thin, not too tall, not too short. Her ankle-length, tan booties had large heels, her skinny jeans were gray with rips across the knees and a yellow wool coat was draped over it all. It was the perfect combination of casual and chic. She seemed generally kind and friendly, not the stuck up bitch type I associated with many high-rolling fashionistas. Whenever she spoke it came out in fragmented English with a sound that suggested Italy.

After two cancellations and a re-booking nightmare I hadn’t expected to get first class from JFK to LAX, yet there I was. A grin stretched across my face from ear to ear, I could get all the booze I wanted and had a delectable view of a beautiful woman. Despite all this good fortune I decided not to talk to her, what was the point? She had her man and didn’t give two fucks about an overweight guy with a two day beard. My day will come I thought watching her unravel the scarf and unfurl her long, sandy blonde hair. Fuck, my time has passed, I couldn’t get that pussy if I tried. I was fifty-two years old, had no job and was eating through my savings like it was a free lunch.

I had begun to see women differently ever since my wife, Miriam died two years before, in a car accident. I was at work when it happened, I was always at work. I think about the time I missed with her and the time I took for granted. She took care of me and made very few complaints. She worked a job too but always made homemaking her top priority which I should have acknowledged more. I tried to form romantic relationships with women since Miriam passed, but got bored, nobody excited me nearly as much. I went down a rabbit hole of sexual desire and it only got worse. I craved sex and just being near fit, attractive, sexy as fuck women made me quiver. I considered them almost divine and when I sealed the deal (usually with money) and slipped myself inside of them it was indeed heaven. Like my moderate drinking, my sexual appetite was reaching problematic levels and was not a healthy coping mechanism for the loss of a loved one.

As we were taxiing out I watched the Italian beauty snuggle up next to her beau and put her head on his shoulder. I was overcome with a feeling of coziness, as both of them looked so happy. I reminded myself I didn’t want that shit. I didn’t want a relationship or anything resembling it. It was too hard to put that emotion towards any woman but Miriam. I was looking for good sucks and fucks exclusively. The only way I could feel that woman’s body on mine would be to offer her a large sum of money. I quickly disregarded the thought yet my dick grew harder and larger, pulsing through my pants until I had to cover it with my jacket.

I had hit on the women at the firm but I had been out of the game too long and it never worked. I told them they were beautiful and asked them out with persistence. My remarks were considered harassment because kızılay escort I was not attractive. I was quite certain that if a handsome man had said the same thing more confidently they would have fucked him right there. I didn’t consider myself handsome, nor did they. I was chastised, exiled and fired. Paying women was easier for me and for them.

Just before the service cart came through, the woman woke up and pulled the tray table from her armrest. She received a Mediterranean salad and a small steak. As she brought the meat to her full, red lips, my penis began to twitch up and down, reaching its full size. I couldn’t stop thinking of her head bobbing up and down in my lap, her wet, slurpy mouth moving up and down my shaft edging me ever so slowly to ejaculation. I was fidgety as I tried to eat my own portion of steak, I craved her. I could force myself on her right now I contemplated but disregarded quickly, I wasn’t a fan of that behavior and knew it was rooted in anger more than desire. Besides it would create a spectacle and I couldn’t handle that, the prison time or the humiliation my estranged daughter would receive. I still had some morals.

I watched her long, slender fingers handle the silverware. She had perfectly manicured nails which were natural in color and sleek with a mirror-like sheen. I saw her dark eyes notice me but only like a stranger acknowledges another in their peripherals. She wore large headphones, her friend was reading a book and I was trying to think other thoughts. She seemed to be around 28 or 30 years old and seemed innocent, yet there was no way in hell she was, not with a body like that. Maybe she was a nymphomaniac and her “Saks and Fifth Avenue” bag was filled to the brim with dildos and gag balls. Other thoughts! Other thoughts!

My flight for Thailand was leaving the next morning from L.A., I didn’t want to stay there overnight but was going to have to. I began to wonder where the woman and that lucky son of bitch were going or if Los Angeles was their home. I thought I had a sixth sense when it came to figuring people out but I was so distracted by what her naked body might feel like that I failed to pick up on any dead giveaways. The fact was she probably had three houses on two continents and many different men pounding her. I knew how those women operated, they were jet set and all about the party.

The plane ride was nearing its end and I was soaking up some last glimpses of my mystery woman. The long skinny legs stretched out in front of her went on for not only days but years. Given the proper chance I would run my hands up along the outsides of them while kissing the insides all the way up along her thighs and finally to her sweet, warm, little snatch. I would suck on each one of her fingers and then move to greet her nipples with my tongue. I wanted to take a few pictures but the plane was too dark and it would have been a pathetic recreation of the goddess.

It had been one of the last flights of the night and no one was in a particular hurry, regardless of the destination, no flights were departing until the following day. I watched the couple walk down the concourse farther and farther away as I veered into a bathroom. With a melancholy mood filled with regret, I called the hotel shuttle and made my way down to the pick up area. I had been up almost twenty four hours since getting to JFK only to find my flight cancelled because of the snow yet I wasn’t the least bit sleepy. I had those long legs kolej escort running through my mind, filling me with questions I couldn’t answer and desires I couldn’t fulfill. I had seen other amazing women that day, but none as close for as long.

As I scrounged the shuttle for a seat, I quickly scanned the faces, recognizing a few from the flight and BAM! There she was, on the same damn shuttle to the same damn hotel. There was still the problem of her distinguished George Clooney character, which I didn’t think would take my proposition too kindly.Maybe he wouldn’t have to know, and we could sneak into a housekeeping closet and I could take her doggy style while she tried not to scream. Jesus, I have been watching too much porn. I knew that shit never happened.

I woke up to a horrendous, shrill scream coming from the room next door. I jumped up without much consideration and rushed into the hall. There were muffled voices and wide eyes peeking through cracked doors. I didn’t want to come upon an assault but that’s sure what it sounded like. Looking like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” I crept over to room 504. I put my ear to the door and heard, “Shut up bitch, shut up!” When I knocked nothing happened and it got eerily quiet, I knocked again and nothing. I said rather loudly;

“I’m going to get the police.”

As I turned to walk away I heard a metallic click.

“Don’t do that, friend.”Friend? I wasn’t his fucking friend. The door opened as much as the security chain would allow and I saw his face. I didn’t recognize it at first but it was the sugar daddy from the plane. “Come in”

“What? Why?”

“I’ll show you what’s going on.”

No one ever said this and the situation was already too bizarre.

“Save it for the cops, you’re obviously mistreating someone in there.”

“No he’s not, I started it.”

The Italian beauty had come to the door.

“Please come in”

I hesitated but found myself entering the room as the door opened wider.

My mouth dropped open when I ascertained what was going on in the dimly lit room. The woman was completely nude and shimmering with sweat. The man was also nude and stood at half mast.

“We were only making love,” he declared. A small smile graced the woman’s face before turning and crawling like a feline atop the messy bed, she flopped down on her back and said;

“Join us.”

I looked at the man who stood adjacent to the bed, he tilted his head and raised his grey brows. With no shame he asked, “Well?”

This was actually happening and I couldn’t believe it. It took a moment for the words to come out,”Okay.” I took off my boxers and shirt revealing my fully erect organ. I looked at the bed, the woman was smiling as she toyed with her clit. I began to step towards the bed but was halted by the man’s voice.

“Wait!” He held out a condom. I hated condoms but I was not about to argue, I took it and rolled it down my swollen dick. I put one knee on the end of the bed and crawled towards her like the crazed animal I was. I kissed the insides of her ankles on up to her thighs, across her stomach and up to her breasts all while keeping intense contact with her amber brown eyes.

“What’s your name?”

“Maria. And your’s?”

“I forget.” Maria giggled and I slid down her body to meet her delicate pink flower. I sucked on her beautiful labia and stuck my tongue inside but not deeply, I only wanted to tease her. I tickled her little clit ever so slightly maltepe escort as she let off a few light moans. I gripped her thighs harder and thrust her toward me, eating her pussy with more fury. She moaned and finally screamed, louder this time. I could feel her muscles tightening, I could taste the salty wetness and see the ecstasy in her eyes. The man stood by the bed the whole time slowly jerking off. I lifted my head and backed away from her so I could re-position for entry. She slid on her butt along the length of the bed and assumed the missionary position. I again grabbed her thighs and pulled us together as she guided my cock between her petals. I slowly slid in, feeling the warmth slide down my shaft, feeling myself get even larger with the every movement. I went slow at first as my brain flooded with pleasure, wave upon wave. I reached down and grabbed her perky, raindrop shaped breasts and lightly squeezed them, I pushed further and felt myself getting closer. I slowed even more, it hadn’t been long enough yet. I saw movement in the corner of my eye as the man moved close to Maria’s head, she turned and took him in her mouth. I couldn’t take it much longer. I stopped and held myself inside her as she oscillated her mouth along her partner’s shaft. I eased out and then in again and repeated the motion only a few cycles before I came. The toe-curling orgasm lasted what felt like a full minute, I laid across her stomach for several more regaining my strength.

“That didn’t take long,” The man said as Maria continued to slurp on his dick.

“I know, she is amazing,” I said, panting like a dog. The man acknowledged me with a nod and pulled out from Maria’s mouth before moving to the end of the bed. “You ready baby?”

“Si.” The man tilted her behind up slightly and eased into her asshole. He stroked her pussy lips and clit with his thumb and pumped hard. “Ah, Ah, Ahhhhhh!” Maria screamed out in both pleasure and pain as he kept humping, finally he seized and looked up to the ceiling while letting out a grunt. He slapped her ass and pulled out, thick white cum drooled out of her ass.

“You’re up.” I was just to the point of being able to get hard again and knew I wanted a second go. She greeted me with her lips this time and they were every bit like I imagined. She swirled her tongue around my head and looked me square in the eyes to make sure I was liking it. I later slid in her tight poop hole and felt her muscles constrict around me, it took me longer to climax, but not much.

We continued the process all through the night until it was time to go back to the airport. I ran to my room to gather my belongings and met up with the couple again in the lobby. Maria wore black heels with skin tight blue jeans and an oversize black knit sweater which seductively revealed her left shoulder. I had just fucked her yet that little detail had me going again. Her gentleman was clad in a gray suit with brown leather shoes. I had a wrinkled, old suit, messy hair and a pale look to my tired face. We ascended the few steps onto the hotel shuttle and made off for LAX.

I hugged Maria and shook the un-named Man’s hand. “Drink some water.” He said with a laugh before turning away. I watched them walk left down the terminal as I walked right, that was really the last time I would see Maria but I let her go without an ounce of regret.

I was seated in 34A for the flight to Thailand, the day before had been an anomaly and I didn’t expect any more such fortunes. I watched the stream of people filing in before focusing in on a woman with long, tan legs and a short black skirt. As she lifted her bag, she partially exposed her buttocks, she was one of L.A’s finest. Her Brunette hair was cropped at the shoulders and her red lipstick matched the hue of the her snug tube top. I leaned back in my seat, closed my eyes and thought, Yeah, not even close!

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