The Wives’ Surprise

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We were taken by surprise when they called and told us to go to the bedroom and turn on Skype.

We thought this was just a dinner date and that our wives would meet us at my house. James arrived and we were just drinking a wine when the call came in. We looked at each other for answers but clearly Kate and Charlotte had dreamed this up themselves.

We are couples who met online though at the time neither of us played outside the marriage. Instead, we had each taken to chat as part of our fantasy life.

We met online a few months earlier, enjoyed each other’s blogs, and told each other stories. Gradually the friendship became more eroticized and we would give each other little challenges, and then we would have to report back on the results.

Finally one night James and Kate suggested a Skype call. My heart skipped. I was sure my wife would say no, but the look in her eyes made it clear she wanted me to say yes for both of us because that gave her the permission she desperately needed.

So our virtual bond was strengthened as there they were on their bed, naked from the waist up. I was in boxers and my escort bayan wife was wearing a white t-shirt and white cotton panties. It was funny and sweet and only slightly awkward, and then only for a moment until the laughter and the giggling filled the space.

Then suddenly there was a lull and we were all looking at each other with big dumb grins.

“So,” said James

“So,” said Kate smiling cheekily.

Then they started kissing each other. Hands and lips finding their mark. The sounds of the private, married lust of this beautiful couple on the other side of the city filled our room from the computer.

I was certain by now that this might be happening too fast for Charlotte so I pulled my gaze from the screen to check on her.

She was watching them intently, her lips open a little, hardly moving. My hard-on was raging, seeing the effect this had on my wife. I reached across and gently stroked her thigh.

She didn’t so much whisper “fuck” as breathe it. She took my hand roughly and pressed it hard again her panties which were deliciously wet. That was how she came, fucking herself bursa vip escort hard against my hand.

The intensity of those virtual evenings accelerated. One night in a moment of passion with Charlotte between my legs as I watched James pounding Kate doggy style and I cried out loud, “Oh God I want to fuck you Kate, Charlotte makes me fantasize about you when we fuck.”

Charlotte started sucking my cock even more urgently.

Her face flushed with sex and hardly looking at the camera Kate growled that she wanted me, needed to ride a fresh new cock, and to come hard atop me while her husband watched. She looked down the camera and snarled. “And I’ve seen how you stare at my husband’s cock Charlotte, I know you think about it. I bet you fuck yourself senseless when Danny’s at work thinking about James’ big thick dick.”

Charlotte broke from my blow job and stared at the scene of James fucking Kate and told her. “I fuck myself all the time thinking about James’ thick heavy delicious cock. The one my husband can’t take his eyes off sometimes.”

So it was that the next bursa elit escort week when the screen came to life I was lying beside Kate in her bed in her home, watching James and his beautiful cock take my wife in our bed in our home.

The look on her face as he prepared to penetrate her was indescribable. Kate put her hand on my erection and started whispering in my ear “His cock is so think and amazing.”

I’ll never forget the look of confusion and surrender in Charlotte’s eyes as James thrust deeply inside her, only the second cock of her life. And all the while Kate was whispering filthy obscenities in my ear about what James would do to her. How he would make her beg, make her say things, terrible wicked filthy things.

And he did all those things, and she said all those things while I watched, and she came hard crying out his name.

The next week Kate and I reciprocated and I roared as I released my load and all the while James and Charlotte lay in my bed, masturbating together.

But this week was different. Here was Kate staring down the camera with that same cheeky grin, biting her bottom lip. And there was Charlotte behind her and I knew she was eager for the taste of sapphic delights, as eager as I was desperate to watch Kate’s body shake and writhe from the dance of Charlotte’s lips

Our two wives smiled at each other and then Kate whispered, “… but you boys first.”

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