The Wishing Star Ch. 02

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Aiden Starr

Sarah felt wonderful waking up. She did not know why, but she felt like a huge weigh had been lifted off her soul. She stretched in her bed and sat, not daring to stand up yet.

She decided to browse a bit on Internet, and grabbed her phone by the side of the bed. She smiled, seeing that she had received messages from both Alison and Melody on their group conversation. They were so cute! John really was lucky to enjoy such a nice family.


Melody : Hey Sarah! Are you alright? You seemed a bit off yesterday when you went home.

Alison : yeah! what’s wrong? it’s not the first time, has john done anything? »


John? Done anything? Of course not! She remembered clearly going home frustrated, but it sure had not been because of John. No, the cause was something else altogether. It had been because of herself.

Sarah grimaced at the thought. What the hell had gone through her mind yesterday? And all those other days, when she couldn’t bring herself to act her fetishes with John? Right now, she felt like she had no more barrier about it. She felt like she could go to him right now and… *impose* herself to him.

… Wow. What a change. She was aware of it. She was not the same she had been yesterday. And yet, she was. Only, she had been freed, one way or another. She was not scared nor ashamed of her kinks anymore. At the very least, she cared no longer about what John would think about it. She felt like it was *normal* for him to accept whatever she would come up with. That’s how a relationship worked, right? Next time they would meet, she would talk to him about it


Sarah : No, no! He did nothing. It was me. *pout*.

Melody : You? How are you feeling today?

Alison : yeah, sureee. you can tell us it was john! sometimes, he’s really good at getting over your head.

Sarah : No, it was me! And as a matter of fact, I *am* feeling better today.

Alison : hmm. liar! i know it was probably him. *giggle*. if not, tell us what *was* wrong!

Melody : Yeah, we don’t like to see you like this. Let us help!


They were so nice! Should she tell them? After all, she was fine now. And it was kind of private…

… But… She had the feeling that she *should* tell them. As if something pushed her to do so, as if destiny led the way. She knew as a certainty that telling them was the *right* thing to do. How strange. But hell, why not?!


Sarah : Hmm. It’s kind of private. Let’s say I hid some stuff from John…

Melody : Really? That’s never good indeed. What was it?

Alison : did you cheat on him?!

Melody : Alison!

Sarah : What? No! I just wasn’t honest about some of my… kinks… with him.

Alison : oh? you’re a kinky girl? *smirk*

Melody : Why wouldn’t you be honest? There’s nothing wrong with kinks!

Sarah : Hmm… Well… I get horny at the thought of… degrading him.


Here there was a pause, and Sarah got afraid that she had told too much. But quickly, her intuition proved her right.


Melody : Wow! I wasn’t expecting this! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that because he’s my brother and I love him, but it sounds amazing haha!

Alison Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort : yeah! haha, i heard you laughing from my room melody! degrading him? how? i love the idea!!

Sarah : Wow… Really?

Alison : yeah!! tell us more!

Sarah : Well… I love the idea of humiliating him. I *really* do. I want him at my feet, massaging…


Sarah thought more about it, and corrected herself. It seemed that the limits of the old Sarah had been pushed further.


Sarah : …Nah. Forget it, I want more. I want to tie him up, I want to go to the gym, work myself out, come back, and use his face as a footrest. I want to gag him with my sweaty socks, and force him to *sniff* through his nose for HOURS. I want it to be *awful* for him. I really do. Gosh. I know he’s your brother, but…

Melody : Omg. It’s *great*. It feels so wrong, but I have the feeling you should definitely do it. Wow.

Alison : ffs, it’s awesome!!! he deserves it! fuck, I want to help lol!

Melody : … I want too. Omfg. I love John, why am I suddenly so excited to see him like this?!

Alison : i don’t know, maybe you understood he’s a brat that needs to learn his place? i’ve always wanted to do stuff like that!!

Sarah : Gosh, I love you both, you know that? haha. It feels so good to have you by my side!

Melody : Awhh. That’s natural!

Alison : we love you too! <3

Melody : But wait, how did you plan to do degrade John? Were you gonna tell him? Ask him to volunteer?

Sarah : Hmm. Yes? I was ready to do so today. And then he’d have to accept or break up with me. He wouldn’t have had a choice.

Melody : I don’t like it. Think about it, he still *has* a choice if you proceed like that. He can decide it’s too much for him, and refuse. We-.. uhm. *You* don’t want that… *grin*

Alison : wow melody i don’t recognize you! you’re awesome! that’s true!! *giggle*

Melody : And think about it, if you *ask* him, it’s way less humiliating if he accepts, because he got the choice! Psychologically, it will be *way* harder to bear if we force him all the way down.

Sarah : It’s true… Alright, but what to do then? I’m weaker than him, there’s no way I can force him to do *anything*!

Alison : hey, remember we’re here to help! hehehe. i’m pretty sure he couldn’t overpower three sexy girls coming for him!

Melody : Hmm. True, Alison, but I think we shouldn’t be that obvious… Let’s take it slow. Alison, how about we go and follow you a bit in your training? I know you’re always really… *sweaty* when you get home. *grin*

Alison : oh i love where this is going! yeah sure, we could go run a bit hehe! it’s fairly hot outside, i’d advise you to take shoes that let your feet breath! (NOT. hahaha)

Sarah : Gosh, you girls are really into it! I love it! Honestly, you’ve gotten me horny right now haha. Alright sure, let me get ready, and I’ll be there in a minute. I’ll ring!

//Sarah disconnected//

Melody : Better get ready ourselves sis! *grin*

Alison : yeah! John is in for a treat hahahaha

//Melody disconnected//

//Alison disconnected//


John woke up, and, as he did every morning, went to take a shower. It helped him emerge, and slowly regain consciousness from the night.

He remembered Sarah leaving Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort the house coldly. He sighed. He hoped she was feeling better today. He’d send her a message to inquire.

He cleaned himself, got out, and used the towel to dry. As he was dressing, he heard a:


Uh? Who could it be? He hurried himself so he could open the door, but heard Melody from downstairs:

“It’s for us John! Don’t bother! We’re going out with Alison, see you!”

He heard Alison run through the stairs.

“Yeah, see you soon!” Alison giggled. Melody poked her on the head.

He heard the door open, some more noise, and it slammed shut. Uh. Alison and Melody going out together? That wasn’t that uncommon, but it had not happened in a while. Well, great! He was glad to know they were tightening their bond. And what’s more, he would have the entire house for himself. His dad was busy travelling abroad for his work, and his mom had taken some days off with friends of her.

He decided to change into comfy clothes, and jumped onto the couch. Today was going to be all about resting! He turned up the TV, and chose to start watching Games of Throne from the start. That should keep him busy!

Before though, he sent a message to Sarah. He knew he would be able to keep up a conversation with her while watching the show, because he remembered most of it.


« John : Hey Sarah! Hope you’re feeling better. Sorry for yesterday. I wish I knew how to make you feel better. »


He didn’t get an answer immediately, and most of the first episode went on before he got a notification.


Sarah : Hey! Don’t worry, it was me. And… I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to make me feel better soon enough! I’m working for it right *now* hahaha


She punctuated her last sentence with a laughing emoticon.


John : Oh, I’m glad you’ve moved on already. What do you mean?

Sarah : You’ll see! Anyway, I gotta go, I’m with your sisters! See you soon. Oh, and careful if you want to go out. It’s really *hot* outside… *smirk*

//Sarah disconnected//


Oh? She seemed to be in a really good mood. And she was with his sisters? It was perfect! Maybe she would be able to talk to them about her issues. Maybe that was why she told him he would soon be able to make her feel better!

That day seemed to be going better and better. He smiled, relaxed on the couch, and refocused his attention on the TV.


*10 minutes before Sarah rang at John’s*

Melody had gotten ready. She didn’t know what was going on with her thoughts today, but she had found herself impatient to meet with Sarah. And why? Because she had *greatly* enjoyed the fact that she wanted to humiliate John. The moment she had heard Sarah’s kink, she had been interested in helping her realize it, as if Sarah’s desire had been transferred to herself. She had even felt… *aroused* about it.

And if there was one thing to know about Melody, it was that once she had put her mind to something, she would do everything to have it done.

That, and that she was smart. Really smart. This is why she knew they had to take it slow. If Ataşehir Vip Escort Sarah really wanted to *degrade* John, that was the best possible way.

She smiled, and looked at herself in the mirror. She wore a tight sports short that hugged her curves and showed off her ass. She slapped it and giggled.

“Hmm. They say Alison’s better. But I’m pretty sure it ain’t!”

She kept admiring herself. She really did get lucky with genes. Well, the whole family did, even John. Too bad those weren’t the parts she planned to let him enjoy! Or at least… not in a pleasurable way for him.

She blushed. God, something really did happen to her. She had always been close to John, and never, -ever- thought of doing anything nasty to him. But now…

Her gaze switched to her feet, enclosed within winter socks and shoes.

Now… There were parts of her she *desired* to share.


… hehehe. It was time to have some fun between girls. Her feet were already starting to sweat from the heat.


Alison did not take too long to prepare either. After all, she was almost always ready for training, as she ran pretty much every day.

Yet, she took some special care about one thing before leaving. Her shoes. She did not choose her newest ones, no. That would not be enough *at all*. She wanted to have *fun*. And fun meant torturing poor old John as much as she could. She didn’t know yet what Melody had planned exactly, but she knew she had to prepare accordingly.

Therefore, she spent almost 20 minutes looking for something. She opened all of her old shoe boxes, looking for one special pair, and didn’t find it. Damn it, where did she put-…

Oh. She remembered.

She went to the attic, and narrowed her eyes, looking for… Gotcha!

She grabbed a dusty box, on which was written “Alison’s 2016 competition”. She opened it and emptied its content on the floor. She didn’t care for most of it but she *knew* she’d find what she wanted here. And she did. Right there, on the floor, among medals and other futilities that had been stocked inside the box, were a pair of really worn out shoes.

She took the old pair in her hand. It was a pair she had used thousands of time along the years. Even from afar, she could smell its vile odor. With time, sweat had merged to the inside of the shoes, dooming them to perpetual nastiness. She had been forced to stop wearing them after that competition, because the smell bothered her, even while she was running. It had gotten *that* powerful. And even now, whereas she was holding the pair at a distance, she could still smell an odor reminiscent of how disgusting it had gotten in the past. Now, it only awaited to be released once again.


Alison giggled. It was perfect! She nodded to herself. She really couldn’t find anything better to torture Joh-

Alison’s eyes twitched. Wait. What was it right there, sealed inside her shoes? She picked the thing with her fingers, and pulled it out.


Alison threw it away in shock, as the smell was way too repugnant for her sensitive nose. What the hell?! It was… socks. She had let the extremely sweaty socks from that competition inside those stinky old shoes. For years. She couldn’t believe the smell it had developed. Wow. Even John didn’t deserve that, did he? And she didn’t even *began* to run with it! What should she-


Oh. Sarah was here.

Quickly, Alison took a decision. She plugged her nose with one hand, and slipped on the stinky old socks. Then, she put on the old competition shoes, and tightened the laces as much as she could to seal off a bit of the awful smell coming from the socks.

Then, she breathed, grinned, and went to join Sarah at the door.

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