The Wingman Ch. 02

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We were all pretty trashed when we got back to the apartment and the Dom playfully slapped me and said I should join them in their room. I wasn’t expecting that and looked at Kent who looked at me differently than he ever had before. I laughed it all off and told them I was going to sleep it off which is what I did… for awhile.

I don’t know how long a was asleep, naked of course, but I woke to a slap, followed by two more, then, “Bitch, I didn’t say to stop sucking,” and the voice didn’t belong to Kent, it was the dom. He obviously followed her orders as she started to moan. “Mmmm, yeah, like that, lick it like that…” Every once in a while she would smack him and say, “Yeah, you’re doing better, lick that pussy bitch!”

When I heard her call him that again I realized I was already halfway to hard. Her moans got me the rest of the way there. I started to stroke myself, slow. I wasn’t close at all as I was just getting into it. I used both hands, which I rarely do and started to stroke slowly but firmly. There was nothing but pleasure in the stroking, I was going to take my time as sometimes the getting there feels as good as the getting. I only stroked a little longer though when I suddenly heard her yell, “Did I say you could touch yourself?” I felt embarrassed not because I had been caught but because I thought I had. She was talking to Kent. I started stroking again. Apparently poor Kent couldn’t.

She slapped him several times, very loudly. I had to admit I throbbed a little more in my dick with each round she took out on him. She had come in with a whip, or more like a stick with a square piece of leather on the end, but it was obvious she was about the hand right now. I knew she was hot when I met her, but her words had me going crazy and I was really stroking now.

“You know how close I was to coming,” she asked. “You took your eyes off the prize just so you could touch yourself. I hope it was worth it,” she said.

“No, it wasn’t because you didn’t let me come. Please let me come,” Kent begged.

“Please let me come, what?”

“Please let me come, mistress!”

“That’s better. Now shut up you little bitch, you’re not going to come until I say so. Is that understood?” He moaned a yes as she slapped him again. “Now you left me hanging. Do you know what I do to people like that?”

“You punish them mistress…”

“What do you know, we have a dumb genius. Yes I punish them. Now get on your knees bitch and stare at the floor. Don’t you dare look at me!”

“Yes mistress.”

I was stroking hard by now but stopped as everything went silent for a few moments and then a rustling sound like someone moving about the room. I was far enough along that I felt the verge of a climax and backed suriyeli porno my hands off. This was good news as I could last longer after bringing myself just to the brink and bringing myself back again.

Kent suddenly asked my question. “What are you doing mistress?”

“Getting ready to punish you. Now head down, ass in the air! Closer, bring that ass closer! Oh, it’s all red, does it hurt?”

“Yes mistress, a little.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard a red ass hurts, so why don’t we make it purple?”

With that she went to town. She started smack after smack, each harder and harder. Kent was grunting with each slap but it sounded more pleasure than pain. I pictured what was going on and admit I was getting hard beyond belief but I didn’t want to cum. Once again I wanted to wait Kent out and it sounded like mistress wasn’t going to take it easy on us. When she called him a “pussy” I thought I would lose it. As the smacks got faster and Kent’s grunts got more intense I blurted out, “Spank that ass!”

It was a mistake. All went quiet and my face became redder than my dick. They had obviously heard me and their activity came to a grinding halt. I figured, finally the next morning we would finally have to talk about things. My dick didn’t wilt but I was not going to stroke again as I knew they would hear me. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I knew it had to be Kent as the dom would have kicked a heel through the wood near as I could tell. I threw a towel, dark colored which better hides my condition, and answered. I was surprised to see the dom there. She grabbed my dick through the towel and smiled. “Nice, I might want to borrow this later but right now your roommate needs your help.”

She dragged me to Kent’s room. The first thing I saw was his ass aimed at the air. His body moved slightly as if he was trying to fuck a ghost. He was on all fours at the foot of his bed, head down. He didn’t say a word as I entered. A chair off to the side was empty and Dom seated me there.

“Now where were we? Oh yeah, your punishment. Does it humiliate you to have your room-mate watch you get punished?”

“Yes mistress,” he barely whispered. A part of me felt guilty but this had gone too far for me to leave, I had to see what I’d been hearing through my walls.

“And does it turn you on for him to watch?” This surprised me but Kent kept quiet.

She slapped his ass again. “I said does it turn you on having your room-mate watching?”

“Yes mistress, very much.”

I was a bit stunned by that but it was the go ahead I needed. I dropped my towel, already hard and started stroking slowly. Kent to this point still hadn’t seen me but I was getting a good look at him. His body was ripped, arms bulging from supporting his weight and an ass rounder and tighter than some of the women I’ve been with. My roommates dick was not as long as mine but it was very thick and stone hard. In his current position it pointed straight down at the floor. A thick ribbon of pre-cum drooled to the floor and remained connected to his dick. I had the urge to reach out and tug on it, that was probably all it would take. My own dick started to drool and I gently spread it with my finger over the tip, I had to be careful and go slow, I was more turned on at seeing Kent nude than I ever could have imagined.

While I was eyeing Kent, the dom had been busy with something. When she turned back to me I finally understood what the punishment was going to be. She was wearing a strap on that was even bigger than me! She stepped in front of Kent and simply said, “suck.” He did, fast and smooth and deep. He was moaning in pleasure, he was enjoying it and working it hard like he was trying to please his mistress.

“Don’t you wish that was your roommates cock in your mouth?” she said, and he moaned an answer I couldn’t understand with his mouthful. She pulled out and repeated the question. Kent answered, “Yes, I wish it was his hard dick in my mouth.”

“Well then that would be a reward not a punishment, so head back down!”

Damn, I was ready to slap the dom bitch for not letting me in when my roomie was ready to cross a line. My hand was not quite doing it anymore. I needed to be inside somebody, anybody.

She poured some lube onto her hardon, though I could have offered her plenty at this point. She nestled it in between his tight cheeks and pressed inside him. She met resistance halfway so she smacked him three quick times on his ass. That did it, the rest slipped right in. “Oh. My. God!” Kent yelled. His eyes were wide and his dick was suddenly moving on its own. She slowly pulled out then pushed back in. “Oh fuck yeah, fuck my ass!”

She yanked his hair. “Fuck your ass, what?”

“Mistress! Fuck my ass mistress!”

“Owe I’m gonna fuck that tight little thing alright!”

And boy did she! She started slamming to the point of sweating and her grunts were as rough as any guy throwing a good fuck into a pussy.

“Oh yeah, take my big dick, give me that ass!” She was moaning and grunting as she fucked him so I assumed it was working her clit. I was stroking so hard that I was close to the point of no return and Kent obviously was too. His groans had disappeared to a deep shallow breathing that came in gasps. His stomach was jerking in and out and there was now a very large puddle of pre-cum on the floor. “Mistress travesti porno please…” he begged. She slapped him again. “No! You wait until I tell you bitch!”

Screw Kent, and I wished I could, I went to town on myself, stroking hard enough for me to take my eyes off the scene in front of me. I focused on them again though when the ZDom yelled out, “Look at your roommate, you little pussy!”

He did and saw me for the first time. He eyed me with no shame, just animal lust. His eyes quickly settled on my dick and he groaned, whether at the sight of it or what was being done to him I don’t know. The exhibisionist in me came out and I changed the angle of my stroke so Kent could get a better look. I slapped my hardon against my stomach a few times and gripped my balls tight while I stroked with a single hand for a change.

“Now, cum now!” As soon as she yelled it Kent came hard without even touching himself! He kept his eyes on my dick the whole time as his cock shot rockets of liquid the short distance to the floor where some puddle and some ricocheted. The dom fucked him faster. “Oh yes, fuck my ass! Oh, it’s good, so good, fuck me with your big dick!”

Now it was my turn. “Oh fuck yeah!” I yelled as my first shot went somewhere over my right shoulder. The next two shots splattered hard against my chest and the last four popped in various directions as I yanked my dick wildy around even harder than when I started coming. I was left with a dribble so I stroked the length of my dick to me head to try to release it.

“Oh yeah, you’re making my pussy feel good you little bitch! Oh it feels good to fuck you! You little slut you like my dick in your ass? Uh, uh, UUUUHHHHNnnnn!” The Dom dropped onto Kent’s back, breathing hard and moaning lightly in contentment. Her legs were trembling and her ass was gently pushing lightly towards Kent’s ass as I she were trying to get just a tiny bit deeper than she had already been. Both seemed to be locked onto my dick. Kent actually licked his lips.

I was softening a little now, my dick weighed heavy against my thigh but Kent was still rock hard as if he had never gotten off. One last little spurt popped spontaneously out of his dick and I wondered in envy if he just had a mini orgasm.

The Dom rose to regain her composure and charge of the situation but I could tell she was tired. “That’s a good little slave, but you’re not done, you have some cleaning up to do.”

She slowly started stroking into him again and finally pulled at one of her nipples for the first time of the night. I instinctively did the same to one of mine.

“What do you want to clean first you little slut?” she asked.

“I guess I could start on my roommate, mistress…” Kent’s face was flush with either embarrassment or lust.

“How would you clean him?”

“I would suck that beautiful dick. I would lick that big cock all over, inch by inch until it was clean. May I suck his thick dick mistress?”

“Yes you may…”

(To be Cont’d?)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32