The Willing Malay Hottie

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Aunty Sutinah, Harlina, Julianah and Reymon went to attend the wedding reception of one of Harlina’s best friend Lizanah. She was also a Singapore Malay woman and was 34 years old.

During the reception Reymon hung out near the ladies corner enjoying the looks of the beautiful women. He kept looking at Julianah’s friend Nadirah. She was a hot and sexy woman and she was 30 yr. old. She was a Malay-Indian beauty with pretty big tits 36C and a big jutting butt, a feature of Singapore Malay women. Reymon went near her and talked to her for a long time.

Nadirah had known Reymon through her friend Julianah and was greatly interested to see his huge cock. Soon they went into one of the rooms. Nadirah leaned back against a desk and pulled Reymon to her. Soon they had a deep French kiss and their tongues went into their mouths. Reymon clasped her big tits and began massaging them gently. His big cock was working its way down his pants towards his knee. He pulled off Nadirah’s Baju Kurung top and pulled off her bra and started licking and biting her ripe plump tits. Nadirah was moaning and held his head pressed against her tits. After a while of licking her ripe tits, Reymon was really hot and his cock was throbbing. All he could think about was cramming his big cock up Nadirah’s wet cunt.

Reymon usually is pretty gentle taking care of his huge size, but this night he was extremely horny seeing so many sexy Malay, Indian, and Chinese women all in one place. Nadirah looked extremely erotic to him and he just wanted to ram her full of his cock. He pulled up the inner gown of her Baju Kurung and gently pushed aside her panties. Nadirah had a fully shaved cunt. The lips were thick and long and little dark. She was dripping wet and was ready for his cock.

Reymon pulled down his pants and was careful to hide is cock.

Nadirah had her head back and was moaning, “UUNNGGGAAAAA…UUUUNNGG!”.

He put his cock head at her shaved cunt lips and asked her if she was ready.

“OH…YEAH…FUCK ME REYMON…I NEED YOUR BIG COCK…FUCK ME…” she practically begged for it. Then he shoved almost half of his cock into her wet cunt.

“OH…MY…REYMON……YOU ARE SO THICK…AAAAUUNNGGOOO” Nadirah gasped. Reymon just laughed and shoved the second half of his cock in.


He immediately placed his lips on her mouth and sucked her lips hard suppressing her wild scream. She gurgled a bit but calmed down. She was still moaning loudly. Reymon started fucking her hard, pulling almost all the way out and then plunging all the way in.

“UUNNG…UNNGG…OOOO” she whimpered on each stroke and he pounded her with his big cock. Escort bayan

Nadirah’s big tits were jiggling and bouncing each time I slammed into her. He kissed her hard and fucked her so hard that he pounded her head in the wall behind her. Reymon was really hot but did not last that long, as he would have.

When he was ready to cum, he pulled his cock out and told her, “Sexy Nadirah…look at my cock…Nadirah my sexy fuck babe”.

He grabbed her head in one hand to pull her close so she could see his throbbing cock. With the other hand her finished stroking off and soon shot his load all over her sexy face. The sight of her big jugs and her big butt turned Reymon again. He hugged the horny Nadirah and shoved his middle finger into her wet cunt and finger fucked her hard brining her to another wild orgasm. He made her lie on the table and looked at her cunt. It was puffy and the cunt lips were swollen and open showing her inner pink walls. He placed her hand on his cock and asked her to shake it up and Nadirah obeyed willingly.

He held both of her legs and moved them to her breast. He pushed his cock into her closed cunt and began to fuck her again.

“AAAA…Reymon this is so wonderful…aaaaaa…uunnggg” Nadirah moaned loudly

All of a sudden to their great shock, the door opened and Reymon’s friend Jeff entered the room. It was a moment of shock for them but not for Reymon. He kept fucking the sexy Nadirah harder and harder. She tried to push Reymon off her but she failed. The pleasure she was getting from his great cock was so great.

“I love this…keep it going Reymon fuck this hottie harder and harder…I was hoping to fuck her ever since I saw her here” Jeff said and pulled down his pants and released his huge cock.

Nadirah was extremely excited at seeing Jeff jerk off while she was being fucked. Reymon ploughed her smooth pussy with his huge cock when she reached her orgasm. Nadirah wailed loudly as she came in torrents. Reymon showed no signs of stopping. He kept ramming her cunt with fast strokes, forcing her huge boobs to jiggle up and down. The wailing of Nadirah was a good turn on for Jeff and he came soon and shot his load on the jiggling boobs of this horny and willing Malay hottie.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… UUNNGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAA” Nadirah grunted as another series of orgasm rocked her body.

Soon Reymon shot his load inside her hot cunt. The thick cock cream oozed out of her puffy cunt lips and wetted her dark anus. Reymon pulled out his limp cock and shoved it in her mouth and moved it in and out. Nadirah was a willing cock-sucker and she kept her mouth open as Reymon fucked it as her cunt. She stroked his balls giving Bayan escort him a great pleasure.

Jeff bundled Nadirah’s Baju kurung and placed it under her big buttocks and raised her legs above his shoulder. With one hand he guided his erect cock into her slippery cunt and stuffed it.

“That feels nice Jeff…fuck me harder and harder” Nadirah said pulling out Reymon’s cock from her mouth.

“I love that…I love to fuck you, Nadirah” Jeff said kissing her smooth thighs.

Jeff smiled and slapped his huge prick even further into her cunt until his hairy crotch rubbed her smooth pubis. He pulled his cock all the way out and rubbed her swollen cunt lips up and down. He began to tease her like that. Reymon pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it over her jiggling boobs.

“Has any one fucked your big butt before, Nadirah” Jeff asked her

“No…” she whimpered softly

Reymon again shoved his cock deep into her mouth and Nadirah began sucking it lovingly.

Nadirah rocked her hips to engulf Jeff’s cock that was just teasing her over and over again. On seeing her suck Reymon’s cock harder and taking it deeper in her mouth, Jeff shoved his fat cock into her waiting fuck hole. Nadirah did not expect this assault and she wailed loudly when Reymon’s cock slipped out of her mouth. Jeff began to fuck Nadirah harder and deeper while Reymon shoved his cock into her mouth.

“UNNGGGGUNGGGGOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Nadirah cooed like a wood pigeon as she was fucked both in her mouth and in her cunt at the same time.

Jeff moaned as he continued to fuck her harder and faster. His huge cock stretched her hairless pussy lips to its limit. Reymon pulled his cock out of her mouth and stroked her clit with his fingers as Jeff’s cock moved in and out of her tight cunt. It did not take long for Nadirah to reach her orgasm again.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG” Nadirah wailed as the fire of orgasm ravished her body.

Reymon watched as his friend fucked this sexy Singapore Malay babe with deep strokes. Jeff lifted her legs even further up and squeezed her hips doubling her pleasure. Jeff showed no signs of stopping he kept fucking her on and on. Reymon placed his lips of Nadirah’s thick lips and sucked it hungrily. Jeff let go of her legs when his huge prick slipped out of her buttery fuck hole with a loud popping noise. Exhausted, though still erect, Jeff collapsed on the table and kissed her big boobs. Reymon did not want to wait and he shoved his erect sock into Nadirah’s open cunt and began pumping in and out. Nadirah was thoroughly exhausted by the fucking that she had received both from Jeff and Reymon. Within a few strokes Reymon Escort climaxed. He pulled his cock out and pressed it on her soft belly. The thick juice, which spurted out, fell on her belly and filled her round navel.

Jeff was quickly turned on again and he pulled Nadirah to the chair.

“I am tired guys…” she pleased

“Come on Nadirah…you are so lovely that I don’t want to stop fucking you” he said

Jeff sat on the chair and pulled her on his lap with her belly down and her big buttocks facing up. Nadirah was perplexed at this, feeling his thick cock against her smooth thighs and soft belly. Jeff started to spank her big buttocks with a flat hand. The big butt cheeks jiggled like an egg pudding.

“I love these Malay women’s ass, they are so big and wide” he remarked

“I love them too…did you look at the brides ass…its huge…think her husband will great a night fucking it” said Reymon

“Yeah Lizanah is a wonderful fuck, would love to fuck her too” Jeff said splaying open the crack of Nadirah’s big buttocks.

He kissed the crack and licked the crevice. Nadirah’s anus was puckered and dark. It was throbbing. Jeff kissed it harder and prodded it with is tongue. He let his tongue roan all over her butt cheeks and made them wet with his saliva. He spanked her butt cheeks again and saw it quiver.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Nadirah wailed loudly as Jeff continued to spank her big and wide buttocks. With continued spanking her buttocks became pink. He pushed his middle finger into the tight anus and finger fucked her butt for a while before spanking it again. Jeff stopped spanking her and lifted her up and made her sit on his erect cock. She moaned as his cock stretched her elastic cunt. Jeff clasped her big buttocks and guided her to bounce on his thick cock.

“UUNNGG..AAAAAA..UUNNGGGGGGGGGOOOOO” Nadirah wailed as she rode his cock up and down.

Reymon came behind her and massaged her big boobs as she was fucking herself to another orgasm. Jeff pressed her buttocks hard that sent s surge of pain through her body. Jeff kissed her lips as this sexy Malay hottie fucked him. From her loud moans Jeff was able to guess that she was reaching her orgasm. Holding her hips she kept her nailed on his cock when a wild orgasm over took her. Her whole body jerked and throbbed…her big boobs and her big ass jiggled as Nadirah came in ripple after ripple. Jeff hugged her tight until the waves of orgasm ebbed off her sexy body. Nadirah’s hair looked shabby and she looked like a fully sucked mango pulp.

“Nadirah tell the bride Lizanah that she needs a fuck like this” Reymon said.

“Yeah she needs it like this…mmmmm” smiled Nadirah.

Both Jeff and Reymon helped her dress in her Baju Kurung and did her hair. After this great fuck storm with this willing and luscious Singapore Malay hottie they all escaped out of the room to have their dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32