The Weekender Ch. 01

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My first submission – don’t be too rough with me 😉 setting the scene for more to come during The Weekender…


Jess’s face grimaced as she swallowed down more of the bitter liquor and set the glass down on the side of the bath tub. Muffled, bouncing bass permeated through the thin walls as she let the razor glide over her bronzed skin, before slowly dipping her toned limbs back into the water.

She knew she was playing with fire.

Michael would be sharing a chalet with her again this time and there was always an air of danger about the two of them together. He was the only guy she ever felt out of control with, but up to now she had kept herself safe.

She had always been in some relationship or another before at weekenders, which made Michael the forbidden fruit – which made him all the more tempting and infuriating in the same breath.

Ever since he had randomly wandered into her chalet with Andy, years ago at her first ever weekender, she had taken a liking to him. He seemed to sense it almost instantly and took advantage.

Their eyes would meet and hold each other’s stare a little too long, as a smirk slowly crept over his face knowing he would make her uncomfortable. His hands would roam a little further than they should when they would dance together, forcing Jess to physically remove him. When no one was watching he would close the gap between them leaving their lips almost touching, torturing her with his presence.

What made him all the more wicked was he would make really good friends with Jess’s boyfriends so they would just think it was a funny game to tease her. No one put any stock in the two of them actually liking each other, none of their friends and especially Jess. It was just a game they played.

Putting in this much preparation for a night out always meant she was out for the kill, not just a fun night out. The girls back home had warned her she was getting a bad reputation. She had gone off the rails being single, so she had told them she would take a break from guys until the talk died down. She had actually become rather sick of how monotonous random encounters had become anyway.

Wrapped in one of the rough white towels belonging to the beaten up holiday camp she stepped out of the bathroom into the lounge buzzing with sound.

A girl, Lucy-fer she said her online name was, quickly topped her drink up. She was ready to go out already, wearing a tiny halter neck top and a short pink and black battery organic cyber skirt cut to show mamak escort off the best of her perky firm arse. It looked like the drinks had taken some effect on her already making her movements more fluid and snakelike. Smiling widely, she lightly let her hands slide down Jess’ arms until she held her by both hands and pulled slowly her towards the middle of the room to dance.

A guy, Deano she thought she heard one of the other guys call him, was laid across the double sofa bed in the lounge watching them dance together. He was dressed quite casual in a black cyber dog t-shirt and combats, but then most of the guys went pretty casual. Two more guys were mixing records in the kitchenette, decks set out on the worktops – large speakers on the floor. Another girl was getting ready through the open door to the small bedroom, changing from one outfit to the next and back again.

Jess smiled as she danced with her new found friend. The buzz from the music made her excited, and the warmth of the alcohol was already creeping through her. Lucy’s body sensually wriggled in front of her in time to the storming bass, mesmerising Deano.

“Thanks guys, but I’ve gotta go and get ready. I’ll call round in the morning. Maybe see ya later, yeah?”

Jess stepped out of the open front door and into her room next door. Mel was still in their bathroom so she had done the right thing asking next door for a favour!

“Come on! I don’t wanna miss the opening set” she yelled as she thumped on the flimsy bathroom door.

Grabbing a bikini from her case in the bedroom Jess dropped her towel and began to pull the top on hurrying to look for her boots.

A group of guys walking past the downstairs window stopped to ogle her, trying to get her attention through the glass. She simply flashed them a smile and the fingers and continued to get ready, as they laughed and carried on walking. She had no time to worry about drawing the curtains, they were already running late.

Mel finally emerged, in a white bikini, tiny matching tutu and new fluffy leg warmers. One night out with Mel and white fluffies would never be the same again!

They were both ready to go.

The guys knew exactly where to find Jess in the arena. It was the same every weekender. Her spot. Front of the crowd on the right, next to the speaker. Plenty of room to stomp the night away, and she could feel the beat reverberate inside her rib cage from this spot. That exquisite vibration trickling through her body all night.

It still ofise gelen escort caught her by surprise when arms wrapped their way around her waist and lips gently teased her ears. Her lips curled in a delicious grin as she guessed who it could be.

“Alright gorgeous?” he growled into her ear in his cocky southern accent.

She turned and flung her arms around his neck jumping into his arms as she recognised Michael’s voice.

“So we’re in your room this weekend” he said, over the volume of the music, with a devilish grin.

He set her down and turned her round again. The arena swelled with people as the headline DJs came out to ‘officially’ start the weekend.

Michael’s hands snaked across Jess’s hips as she swayed gently waiting. Jess became nervous at his touch, stiffening slightly with baited anticipation. He simply pressed her slowly back encouraging her to relax, leaning into him. His bare chest was cool and slick as she melted into him. She bit her lower lip slightly enjoying the slight thrill, but hating herself for feeling like this so quickly.

As usual he would try and push her limits, and his hands slowly crept higher pausing briefly at her toned waist before moving higher. He began tracing her nipples through her top as he waited for the moment when the beat would start again, relishing them start to get hard from his touch.

She could feel his smile, even as she brought his hands back down. She wasn’t going to let him get away with this stuff again that easy. After all, she was being the essence of purity this weekend. He should know by now she was no push over.

She turned to him, almost annoyed that he was winding her up so soon in the weekend.

The air was on fire with excitement from the crowd. Body heat filled the arena making every movement heightened with expectation.

Michael’s fingers make slow, deliberate movements over Jess’ hip bones as his head bent to breathe in the scent of her skin. Jess stiffened again, feeling the electricity between them which only seemed to be increased because of her reluctance.

The beat dropped, hard and dirty, and their contact ceased as bodies shook frantically to the rhythm around them.

As Jess danced she glanced behind at Michael. His gaze followed her as he also moved with the music. There seemed something dangerous about that look, some darkness or wickedness behind his eyes. It was the thing that had always drawn Jess to him, but also held her back fearing to fully go where he would otele gelen escort take her.

Friends, old and new, came and went in the crowd as the hours went by. Michael had just disappeared at some point in the night, but it was not unusual. She was relieved in part to be left alone.

Jess grabbed a drink and headed to a quiet spot for a breather. As she leaned against the wall, about to slide down it and sit on the floor, Michael caught her holding her in place by her shoulder and hip, breaking into her personal space.

Jess gasped in a mixture of thrill and discomfort as he lowered his head to hers and rested their foreheads together. Those devilish green eyes looked straight into her as she held her breath, waiting. He left just enough gap for her body to begin to yearn to fill it, and Jess had to chastise herself for trying to bring their lips together as he spoke.

“Having a good night?” he asked with a smirk, knowing the power he held over her.

Her mouth had quickly dried so she struggled to answer. ‘Pull it together Jess! Nothing has happened yet and you are acting like an idiot!’

“Yeah” she finally managed. “How bout you?” she asked, beginning to sound much more confident now and genuinely curious about what he’d been up to. She decided she would bring him with her to the ground to sit, which he obliged with another smirk.

“Alright” he replied, giving nothing away. He set his hand haphazardly on her bent up knees and Jess felt it again, that electricity which seemed to come from each touch.

“Give us some of your water” he instructed.

She pictured his hand stroking its way up the inside of her thighs, finding each sensitive spot and teasing it mercilessly, before urging her legs wider and reaching for her…

“Jess! Water?” He repeated. She quickly snapped out of her daze and handed him the bottle.

Jess found her eyes drawn to his toned chest as he drank, tracing his tattoo. Her gaze flowed downwards licking each one of his defined abs towards his belt. Her mouth watered, causing a subconscious slow lick of her lips, as she imagined what sort of feeling she would get slowly gliding a tongue over each firm muscle. Would her tongue get that tingly electric sensation tracing each ridge of his stomach? Could she make him squirm or would he stay in control, she wondered.

Michael simply watched her stare at him and laughed aloud, knowingly, as her eyes seemed to cloud over with thought.

“Where you at girl? You’re losing it again” He expressed. She blushed as she was caught on zoning out, once again asking herself what she was doing! When she was at home she would always be the one in control of the situation. She played the game, the predator teasing her prey.

He asked for the room keys, with a smile, which she un-clipped from the lanyard around her neck. Then he was gone again, not to be seen for the rest of the night.

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