The Weekend Pt. 01

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Brutal Dildo

We played action sport together. Haven’t noticed them really until one of them found me on mxit. We chatted every now and then and eventually met up after the games. Mr.A was married and Mr.T was engaged.

They worked for the same company and had a project in Rustenburg. After some fooling around prior, they invited me to visit them in Rustenburg. So Friday afternoon I got in my car and went to Rustenburg. Dressed in a purple low cut blouse and a check mini with high heels sandals.

We met in Klerksdorp and one of the guys, Mr.T got in my car and drove with me.

While driving Mr.T placed his hand on my leg, slowly moving it up. Until he finally reached my clean shaved lips. He softly stroke over them and told me he liked it if a girl is soft and silky smooth. He could see I enjoyed it as my nipples was hard and visible through my lace bra and thin silk blouse. He could also feel how wet I became. When I wasn’t shifting bursa escort gears, my hand was ons his crotch, I could feel he was excited.

When we got to their place they showed me my room and we ate dinner. After dinner I went to my room to freshen up. We were supposed to go out to a club. Mr.T came into my room and started kissing me. I laughed and joked that we won’t make the club if he doesn’t stop kissing me. Then he took me by my hand to his room and started undressing me. Slowly he took off my blouse, admiring my breasts then he loosened my miniskirt and dropped it on the floor. I unzipped his pants and felt his hard cock beneath his briefs. We laid down on his bed and he took off his pants, put on a condom and bend over me.

As he entered me, I could feel he can’t get in the zone. I’ve noticed Mr.A was standing in the door, watching us. Mr.T haven’t noticed him as he was with his back to the door, pounding me bursa escort bayan in missionary position. As I made eye contact with Mr.A he gave a smug smile, leading me to believe he’ll do better at giving me a good fuck.

Mr.T gave in, to avoid embarrassment I left his room and returned to my own. Still wet and horny I played with myself for a while. Just as I layed down for the night, I felt a hand slowly moving from my shoulder down my back over my bum. Lifting my lace dress only to find out I had nothing on underneath. Mr.A came to call me to his room…

As I entered his room, he took off my dress and pressed me against the wall, whispered in my ear that l’ll pay for the mistake to wear clothes in his room, but first he’ll finish what his friend started. While whispering he ran his hands over my breasts down to my vagina opening my lips and stroking my clit. Pressing his hard bursa merkez escort dick against my bum. As I grasped my breath he turned me around and I could see the lust in his eyes and I knew he’s acting in charge but I was in charge. I unbuttoned his jeans while looking him in his eyes and took his rock hard cock in my hands. Slowly sliding his shaft I whispered that I look forward to it and that I will wear what I want when I want. With that I lowered to my knees, putting his dick in my mouth, sucking him slowly. As he ran his fingers through my hair pulling me closer, I took him deeper in my mouth going faster and faster feeling him building up.

Not wanting him to cum in my mouth I stopped and told him to put on a condom and show me what he has in mind to finish his friend’s work. He did not disappoint! He lifted me to my feet and lead me to his bed. Laid me down and lifted my legs. He put on his condom and pulled me closer, lifting my legs over his shoulders and entered me with a hard thrush. Not wasting time he fucked me hard and deep. The man had stamina and I came loud, feeling how my legs became numb and my whole body shivered.

Done for the evening I returned to my room and finally fell asleep by 2am.

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