The Weekend Ch. 02

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‘That was incredible,’ I said. Laura and I were back in our room.

‘You were great’. She replied and gave me a wet peck on the cheek and then recoiled slightly. ‘Careful, I don’t want sperm all over this lovely corset. I think you need another shower.’ I peeled off the stockings and thong and showered.

When I returned she was naked. ‘Don’t get any ideas. I just need a shower. That whole thing made me so wet. Marie was so cruel not allowing me to cum.’

I looked her up and down. Her breasts were full and heavy. She was the classic English pear shape. Her skin was pale and flawless. She was a natural blonde. Her sex was hidden by a fine bush of golden hair. I had misjudged her, or perhaps it was the bizarre circumstances, but she now appeared utterly gorgeous.

‘Well why don’t we…’ I began.

‘We haven’t got time.’ she rebuked me. Then more tenderly, ‘Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time.’ She liked to tease. Even teasing herself seemed to please her.

I watched her full buttocks as she walked over to the en suite shower. ‘Mmmm’ I moaned in admiration. She looked over her shoulder and smiled.

‘We haven’t really said hello yet, have we?’ I said when she returned.

‘Well “Hello”‘. Laura replied. ‘I think we can rub along together this weekend. Marie pairs people up well, but you never really know whether you’re going to hit it off. If we really couldn’t stand the site of each other the whole thing would be a fiasco. Now zip me into this dress please.’

I zipped her into a red knee length cocktail dress. It fitted on top of her white bra and briefs perfectly. I dressed in white shirt and grey suit and we were ready for dinner.

‘They’re a bit OCD about the dress code for each section of the weekend. There’s a lot of dressing and undressing. Quite apart from when we strip for sex.’ Laura confided. She was quite posh really, interesting. ‘But, it’s their weekend and it works.’ I felt she was might be a bit of an ally in all this weirdness.

In the dining room, Marie was, of course, wearing the same dress as Laura. But for variation it was in black. John was in a white shirt and black suit.

It was weird. It was just like any dinner party. We talked about trivia, the weather, price of lettuce… Then after the sweet, Marie turned to business.

‘Now how did you like your first gay sex Roger?’

I had found making eye contact with John difficult all through dinner. It was so difficult to connect the urbane middle aged man sat before me with the animal whose cock I devoured two hours before. I swallowed hard.

‘It was incredible.’ I plucked up the courage to look into John’s eyes. ‘Thank you John.’

‘That’s okay. Thank you.’ I could tell he was also just slightly embarrassed. But he seemed to relish it. ‘You suck cock beautifully. And your legs in those stockings, mmmm.’ He smiled. ‘We must shower together in the morning. I’ll massage you.’

Wow. I felt more confident. ‘What’s on the agenda for this evening?’

Marie smiled. ‘Laura and I will have sex. We like to build up slowly. There is an entire weekend to fill. And you boys are so weak. There are only so many orgasms you can provide us with. But don’t worry Roger, you’ll get the chance to fuck both of us.’

Laura turned to me. ‘John and Marie always organise a little surprise çayyolu escort for Saturday evening. An extra element to shake things up.’

‘Yes, that’s right.’ said John. ‘We’ve something very special in mind for tomorrow night. Now girls, I think it’s time you prepared yourselves.’

They left hand in hand.

John turned to me. ‘They’ll call us when they’re ready. Listen. Every few months I have a men’s weekend. I invite six or eight men around and we have fantastic sex. Interested?’

My cock began to stir. ‘Absolutely.’

‘Everything is safe.’ John went on. ‘That’s important. Safe sex. It’s about play. It always is with us. The sensuality is as important as the physical side. I think you understand that. Marie will be there and her being a woman kind of keeps things calm. She doesn’t join in but sometimes she watches and masturbates. Occasionally, people may be interested in bisexual scenarios and then Marie will join in. Sometimes as a dominatrix.’

‘Sounds incredible. What kind of people are included?’ I asked.

‘People like us. And some younger men. There are a lot of overseas students over here and the gay or bi ones don’t really get the chance to build relationships. Many of them are young and fit. Strong, muscular bodies. Just the kind of thing you and I like.’

‘Beautiful.’ I said.

‘Yes and you certainly get variety. Chinese, black…’ John looked into my eyes. ‘I can’t wait to massage you tomorrow morning. Pour oil over your back. Lay naked on top of you. Slide my finger…’

‘Come upstairs boys!’ Marie’s shouted command stopped him short.

The master bedroom was large. The bed king sized, draped with white sheets. The décor was simple. Painted plaster walls. An oak chest, bedside tables. A mirrored fitted wardrobe down one wall. Wooden floor with rugs. John and I sat on arm chairs opposite the bed.

Laura was stood in front of the bed facing us. She was dressed in a very short, lacy, white crocheted dress. Through the open work of the fabric we could clearly see her naked breasts and white briefs. Marie had curled her hair. Her porcelain white legs were naked and her feet bare. She didn’t look at us.

We heard the familiar sound of high heels on hard wood and Marie appeared. She was a complete contrast. The heels made her look taller, more erect. Her hair had been straightened and was silky smooth. She wore a black tuxedo with nothing visible underneath. Her legs were covered in figure hugging black opaque tights. These were incredibly glossy, the light highlighting every curve of her muscles. On her feet black patent leather stilettos.

Without looking at us she walked towards me. When she reached within a foot she span round on her heals. Her backside was directly in front of my face.

‘As it’s your first time, we thought we’d indulge your “interests”.’ explained John. ‘We’ll give you lots of chances to enjoy hosiery in all its forms.’ he smiled. ‘Don’t worry it’s not hard work. I love Marie’s arse in tights. Why don’t you take a look, have a feel. She won’t mind.’

His voice was stern. Marie said nothing, just waited. I leaned forward taking in her perfume. Chanel No 9 I think. I turned my hand sideways and stroked the palm over her upper thigh. The nylon was smooth and warm. With my other hand cebeci escort I moved the tail of the jacket away from her arse. It was beautiful. Full and round. I slid my hand, very, very gently over the orbs of her buttocks. I had to get a reaction from her. And eventually, I heard her gently breathe a sigh of pleasure.

Then she set off, walking towards Laura. ‘Get on your knees.’ she ordered. Laura did as she was told. A pink nipple peeked through a hole in the dress. ‘Worship my legs.’ Laura began to stroke her hand up Marie’s tights. Delicately she explored the black nylon with her fingertips. She wrapped her arms around Marie’s right leg and began to tenderly kiss her inner thigh. It was incredibly erotic. Marie spun round on her heals. Laura lifted the skirt of her jacket and began to kiss and nibble at her arse cheeks.

Marie arched her neck backwards and sighed. She moved her hand into the jacket and began to stroke her breasts. She kicked off her shoes and began to stroke Laura’s thighs with her stockinged foot. She raised her foot and Laura bent to kiss it. She licked under the instep and wrapped her tongue around the toes.

John walked over to the dressing table and opened a drawer. He lay on the bed four pieces of velvet rope and a large black strap-on dildo. Marie pulled Laura to her feet and kissed her hard on the lips. The two tongues wrestled between their mouths.

‘John tie her to the bed, I want to fuck her!’ cried Marie. She briefly looked over at me. ‘You stay where you are, I’ll call you when you’re required. Wank if you have to.’ I decided to try to resist her challenge. My stiffened cock remained in my trousers.

Soon Laura’s wrists were tied to the bed head. John removed her briefs then pulled her legs open wrapping ropes around her knees and tying the end to hooks placed halfway down the bed frame. Her legs were permanently open with enough length of rope to allow her to bend her knees. A cushion was placed under her bottom. Meanwhile, Marie shrugged off the jacket. This was my first glimpse of her breasts. They hung from her chest, full and round, just beginning to sag with age but still beautifully inviting. She strapped herself into the harness. John lubed the cock.

‘John, lick her cunt.’ John obliged. By this time he had slipped off his shirt and shoes. His arse looked tight as he bent over to begin his task. Laura began to groan as she became wetter and wetter.’I’m going to fuck you so hard, so hard you’ll beg for mercy you posh bitch.’ Marie was enjoying this. ‘Imagine I’m one of your ponies.’ She looked at me. ‘Come here and lick her tits.’ Like John, I stripped down to just my trousers and joined them.

Laura’s nipples poked through the mesh of the crocheted material. I sucked hard holding the cords of cotton hard against her skin. Her tit flesh oozed out of the mesh. I heard a slap. Marie was positioning Laura ready for penetration. Laura obeyed and bent her knees. Marie knelt between them. John guided the strap on home. Laura whelped. It was an incredible sight. Marie’s breasts bounced up and down as she fucked. Her teeth were clenched, there was an aggression about her entire body. Laura leaned back and raised her legs onto Marie’s shoulders, the ropes cutting into her knees. Marie pushed the cock deeper. John took over duties çubuk escort on Laura’s right tit as I dealt with the left one.

Marie pulled out ‘Get on top of me bitch. Ride this pony.’ Laura was untied and peeled off the dress. Marie stretched out her black, nylon clad legs and Laura climbed on top of the cock. She rocked backwards and forwards, throwing her tits up and down. John stood by me. Soon he was stroking his hand over my back. I couldn’t stand any more. I let my cock out of its cage and wanked. John slipped his hand down the back of my trousers and began to play with my arse hole. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll just stroke you.’ he assured me, still aware of my desire to avoid penetration.

Laura couldn’t take any more. She came so hard. All the tension that had built up watching John and me before dinner exploded inside her. But Marie wouldn’t stop. Laura begged her to, but John went over and held her down on the cock. Almost in pain she experienced another powerful orgasm. ‘No more please.’ she begged.

The two women uncoupled and laid apart on the bed panting. Marie looked at me. ‘Take this to the bathroom.’ she struggled out of the strap on. ‘And wash it thoroughly with the hand wash. Thoroughly. And get me a glass of water. I am so fucking thirsty.’

The sight that greeted me on my return set my head spinning. John was lying naked, face down, on the bed. Laura was knelt over him with her head between his arse cheeks. He was slowly moaning with pleasure. Marie met me, drank the water, and took the dildo.

‘Help me with this sweetheart.’ she asked. I strapped her into the harness, passing the strap between her thighs. Her wetness oozed through the tights. ‘Take your clothes off. I’m going to fuck your new friend’s arse. You’ll have a job to do.’

After using her tongue so effectively, Laura was now lubricating John’s anus with her fingers. ‘Turn over darling.’ Marie commanded. John obeyed. His wife knelt between his legs and, as she had with Laura, lifted his legs onto her shoulders. Laura helped guide the cock into John’s glistening arse hole. Slowly, inch by inch, Marie slid the strap on into his hole. As his flesh gaped wider he let out a long, breathy, moan of pleasure. When the cock was finally deep within him he begged his wife to fuck him hard. She relished her task, forcing the cock in and out. Her naked back arched beautifully, pushing her breasts forwards, the nipples stiff and meaty. She was working hard. Sweat gathered on her brow. Her face flushed. A trickle of perspiration ran down her spine. Her nylon clad buttocks tensed and released with each thrust. The poised Marie of a few minutes ago had gone. This was animal fucking.

By now I was naked, my engorged cock standing proudly. Laura wrapped her arms around me. She thrust the tongue which had tasted John’s arse hole into my mouth. I pushed back into her mouth. She reached down and took my cock in her hand.

Marie turned to me. ‘Come here and suck your boyfriend’s cock.’ Laura and I knelt either side of John’s body. We took turns to lick and suck his cock. When our tongues met we kissed. I turned my attention to his testicles and Laura wanked him hard. His cock was so hard, so big. At last he could stand it no longer. He came with a massive stream of cum which shot across his chest.

Marie leaned back in exhaustion. She looked at me. ‘Lick it up and swallow it.’ she commanded. I’d never even tasted my own cum. Could I do it? Why not? I leaned down and ran my tongue across his chest. I felt the sticky liquid run down my throat. I had subjected myself to Marie’s power. ‘You can’t cum yet.’ she commanded.

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