The Weekend

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This past weekend, I went away with a couple that I knew from the local sports bar I hang out at night. Since our home football team had a bye week, we thought we would go to the mountains to look at the fall colors that only the leaves can display. Little did I know the leaves would not be the only one to change colors.

We arrived at Steve and Barb’s cabin late in the evening. It was a small cabin with a kitchen, a family room, a single bathroom that connected the two rooms together, and a hot tub in the back.

Though most of the cabin was ordinary, I was surprised to see that the bathroom was an item of luxury. It had a huge mirror with two sinks. In addition, a Jacuzzi tub was place next to a freestanding shower with clear glass. The faucet for each sink, the tub, and the shower, was covered in gold. There were also mirrors placed above the tub. I comment on it and Barb said that though she had been willing to allow Steve to make it a place for the people to hang out, she was unwilling to have a bathroom with only a toilet and a shower. She wanted to have at least one luxury when she was away from home.

After taking a quick glance at the bright sky and finding the big dipper, I headed off to bed. I brushed my teeth and cleaned myself up. I knocked on the connecting door to let Steve and Barb know I was done. I closed my side of the bathroom door and crawled into bed. Just before I closed my eyes, I saw my bathroom door open. Then the lights in the bathroom came on. I saw that the door had been opened a crack and I could see that the water for the tub had been turned on. As the water poured into the tub, a group of bubbles began to build itself up into a giant ball of foam.

After the foam build up to the top of the tub, I saw Barb turn off the water. She was wearing a white robe and her blonde hair was tied up. She had her back to me. She slowly took off her robe and revealed her long luscious back. I almost shudder as I saw the crack of her rear revealed by the fallen robe. She turned around and faced me. She did not seem to notice that I was staring with great lust at her breasts with the large pink erect nipples. My desire for Barb grew as I looked her labia and saw that it had been shaven. She looked like a goddess from ancient time, a face and a body that would launch a thousand ships.

She lowered her body into the tub and began to wash herself. As she did this, Steve entered the room and went to the shower. He turned on the hot water and steam began to crawl out of the small shower stall. He took off his robe. He was like an Adonis. He was what every man wish to look like with his golden locks and broad shoulders. He had muscles that seem to flex with a slight movement of the arms. He walked with a man’s walk. Steve walked into the stall and began to soap himself. I was suprised to find myself feeling so aroused by two sensuous people cleaning themselves.

The arousal grew stronger as Barb slowly began to rise out of the tub and lean forward to the glass of the shower. She opened her mouth and began a mime in which she acted as if she were licking Steve’s cock. She lean back and began to massage her breasts. She brought them up to her mouth and began to lick on her nipples. She then lowered her right hand and began to massage her soapy pussy. She leaned back to give her husband (as well as me) a clear view of aroused clitoris.

As he watched his wife play with herself, Steve became erect. His hard member pressed itself against the glass. Steve reached down and began to stroke his hard cock. He moved his hand to match the rhythm of Barb. I watched as if I were viewing a mating ritual in the jungle. The two seemed to be in harmony with each other; both with their eyes focused on each other.

Suddenly, Steve began to stiffen up and let out a burst of semen on the glass. This caused Barb to shudder with an orgasm of her own. After Barb got a control of her breathing, she lean forward on the glass and began to lick the smeared surface as if she were licking a lollipop made of sperm. Steve stood there and watched his wife; hypnotized by the forked tongue of his wife, lapping up the final drops of their mutual fantasies. He cleaned off the glass and finished his shower. He came out of the stall and pulled Barb Escort bayan out of the tub.

Taking a towel, he dried her off, revealing each her smooth, clean, skin. After she had been dried, she in turn took a towel and wiped off the remaining drops of water off Steve’s body. When she got to his penis area, she dropped the towel and began to lick it. She moved her tongue in circles before allowing his limp cock into her mouth. She slowly moved her mouth back and forth, causing Steve to slowly become erect again.

After getting him aroused, Barb got up and moved away from my view. Steve followed. The lights went off and I could hear my bathroom door shut again. I lay awake on my bed and wondered if I had really seen what I saw or was it all a dream in my head. I felt my hardness under the sheet, but for fear of being heard, I left it alone. I finally drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke the next day, I hear a knock on my door. Steve opened and told me that he was heading off to the store to get some supplies for the day’s hike. He also suggested that I get up and showered so that when he got back, we could all eat breakfast and go. I told that I would be up in a second and that I would meet them in the kitchen in a little while. He nodded his head and left. I waited a few to let my erection drop to a more appropriate level before getting up to go to the bathroom.

After urinating, I entered the shower stall and began to wash myself. I look near the glass and saw that Steve had not completely cleaned the glass. As the steam began to surround me, I thought back to what I had seen the night before. I felt my cock growing harder. I imagined that I was Steve and Barb was in front of me, doing her little ritual tease. I stroke myself faster and faster, as I imagined her revealing the lips of her pussy to me. I could see the clitoris standing erect as it was stroke by her soft silky hands. I then imagined Steve coming from behind her and entering her pussy, fucking her as she lean forward to kiss the glass, trying to break through to get my cock. My fantasy grew juicer and juicer as I imagined Steve pulling out of Barb and coming over her back with his hot sperm. I saw Barb enter the stall and begin sucking on my cock. I imagined that I looked down her. I was surprised to see that there were two people licking me, Barb and Steve. I moan in ecstasy as I pretended that both were taking care of my hard cock and giving me the best blowjob I ever had.

After a few more jerks, I felt myself stiffing up and I began releasing my own juice, hitting the spot left by Steve. I opened my eyes and saw Barb standing at the door. She was fully clothed and had a smile on her face. She shut the door before I could say or do anything to cover up what I had done.

With the heat of the moment gone and the glow of embarrassment upon my face, I finished cleaning myself off and rinse off the semen off the glass. I dried myself off and got dressed. I went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Steve had returned and Barb had eggs and bacon on the table. I pretended nothing had happened in the shower, but I did noticed Barb and Steve glancing at each other with a knowing look. I felt like a kid who had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar as I sat at the table and ate my food in silence.

When we were done eating, we left for our hike in the woods. Along the way, we saw several animals including two rabbits caught in the heat of the moment. Barb lean against Steve and made a sly comment that that particular position looked familiar to her. We all laughed. We continued our way up the mountain and reached the top. We ate our lunch and then headed back to the cabin.

After a dinner of steaks and potatoes, Barb announced that she wanted to relax in the hot tub. I told her that I thought it was a great idea. As I headed to go into my room to get my suit, she told me that Steve and she had a rule that no one was allowed to wear a suit in the hot tub. With the last of her words, she took off her shirt and head off to the tub. Steve and I followed her, taking off our clothes as we moved. I found myself growing harder and harder as I began to lower myself in the tub. I looked and Steve. I was not the only one who was turned on by the moment. Bayan escort

Within a few minutes of sitting the tub, Barb suddenly looked at me and smiled. She asked me what I had been thinking about when I was in the shower. My face grew red and I tried to stammer an excuse, but end up telling her what I saw. She laughed and asked, “You like that, eh?” Want to see more?”

I nodded my head. She got up and sat at the edge of the tub. She told Steve to go sit next to me. She then spread her legs and began to rub her inner thigh. She glanced up and gave a sly smile as she pulled back the fold of her lips. She then took her index finger and inserted it into her pussy. She began to move it back and forth, her wetness glistening off her knuckles. She stopped for a moment and entered her middle and ring fingers. “Mmm, that feels so good.” She continued her stroking; she worked up herself into frenzy and within seconds, she climaxed over her fingers. She pulled them out and began to lick them as she watched the expression on our faces. She then lowered herself into the tub.

She then announced it was her turn to see a show. She ordered Steve and me to stand up. She told us to face her so that she could see both our shafts. She then told us to stroke our own cock, slowly at first. She wanted us to look at her eyes and mouth as we jerked our hard cocks. I rubbed the tip of my cock with my open palm, slowly so that I could feel the tingly of my skin rubbing with the tip. I kept my eyes on Barb’s mouth and imagined that it was her tongue touching me. As the intensity in Barb’s eyes grew, I formed an “o” with my hand and moved my cock through it. I moved my hands up and down, watching Barb’s mouth open and her tongue coming out as if it was stretching to taste my cock. I began to stiffen up. I could hear Steve’s moans growing louder and louder.

Barb could sense we were both ready to cum. She ordered us to wait. She stood up and moved closer to us. She lowered her body back into the water and ordered us to aim for her breasts. I blew my load as quickly as I could and Steve followed suit. With three squirts from me and with four spurts from Steve, we covered her chests with our semen. Barb then ran her fingers over our jisms, covering her nipples with our white juice. She moved her breasts to her mouth and began to lick them. I thought I had died and went to heaven as she moaned how good we both tasted together.

She continued to lick a few more taste and then wash her body clean. She got up out of the tub and told us to follow her. We did as we were told. She led us to the bedroom and jumped on the bed. She rolled over on her knees. She ordered us to the edge of the bed. We stood in front of her. She grabbed both our cocks and began stroking them with her hands. She then began to lick on my cock. Her tongue massaged the tip of my cock as she entered me into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth caused my cock to begin to slumber out of sleep. My cock grew with each touch of her tongue. She then removed her mouth from my cock and placed it on Steve’s cock. She wrapped her right hand on my cock as she licked her husband’s cock. She continued to go back and forth, allowing us both the opportunity to grow hard again.

When she was satisfied that we were ready, Barb rolled on her back. She told us it was our turn to prep her. I moved to her left side and kissed her on the lips. I then moved my mouth to her neck and worked my way to her breasts. Steve moved between Barb’s legs and began to rub her pussy with his fingers. Barb let out a gasp as I kissed her right nipple and rubbed her left breast with my hand. She continued to moan as Steve began to press his face in her pussy. He moved his hands underneath her waist and held her as he licked her pussy. I continued to work on her breasts. I could her breathing intensified as we both worked to pleased her. I felt her body tensed. She began to shudder as she released her orgasm. I thought I was going to climax from watching the glow that appeared on her face as she moaned with passion.

As her breathing grew more controlled, Barb looked at me and told me she wanted me inside of her. I move my body on top of hers. I spread her legs with my knees and moved my cock up to her warm pussy. Escort She grabbed my cock and guided me inside of her. Her wetness engulfed me and overwhelmed me with pleasure that I had to hold my position. I looked at her face. She mouthed the words, “Fuck me” I did what she commanded. I put my arms and locked them with hers. I began to move my body back and forth. I heard her crying out and the noise from her body grew louder and louder as she screamed, “Fuck me, yes, fuck me, faster, harder, fuck me with that hard cock of yours.” I moved to her commands and within seconds, blew my loads inside of her. I moved a bit and pulled out my cock, letting the last of my semen drip on her pussy. I kissed her as I rolled off her.

Steve replaced me where I had left off. I expected him to begin to fuck Barb, but he surprised me by moving his mouth to her pussy and licking off my semen. Barb groaned with pleasured. I watch in amazement as her husband moved in his tongue in her pussy, tasting the cocktail mixture that I had left behind. I felt Barb’s hand move and touch my cock. She told me to move my cock to her mouth so she could taste me too. I enter my limp cock into her mouth and let her suck out the last of my semen.

Steve then spread Barb’s legs and entered his hard cock into her. She slowly lowered her teeth on my cock as she felt her husband enter her. He began to fuck her. I could feel her breathing getting shallow and her tongue resting on the tip of my cock. I knew she was ready for another orgasm. She came repeatedly as her husband move with great thrusts inside of her. Steve then let out a groan and pulled his cock out of his wife. He came over her stomach and let the semen dripped to the side.

I was amazed how much he had let out. Steve then told me that it was my turn. I looked at him and nodded my head. I lowered my head to Barb’s stomach and licked the semen off. It tasted bittersweet, but knowing that he had clean Barb of my juices, I knew I had to do the same. When I was done, Barb sat up and kissed me. She told me to lie down on my back.

I did what I was told. She began to kiss me again and then kissed my neck. She then made her way down to my stomach and then finally reached my cock. She grabbed it and began to lick it as she massaged by balls with her hands. I looked down and moan in ecstasy as I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt a second tongue and opened my eyes. Steve was lying next to his wife and was licking my balls as his wife move her mouth up and down my cock.

She grabbed my shaft and offered it to her husband. He ran his tongue over me. I never had a guy go down on me, but it felt as good as, what Barb had done for me. Barb got up and let her husband continue to blow me. She then moved herself over to my face; she kissed me and then lifted herself above my mouth. She lowered her body and offered her pussy to me. I began to lick it; eating the remains of the cocktails left by Steve and me. I grabbed her waist as I began to twitch from the tongue-lashing given by Steve. I moved her closer and closer, pressing my face as I felt her body growing tense. She was in heaven watching her husband suck me off as I ate her out.

I felt her body tense and her juices began to run down the corners of my mouth as she moaned with pleasured. This caused me to explode into Steve’s mouth. He swallowed what little I spurted out and drank it down his throat. I lay on my back; feeling the intensity of the mind-blowing experience, I just had.

I never considered myself bisexual, but I did know at that moment I want to please Steve. I moved over to where he was laying. I rolled him on his back and moved myself between his legs. I spread his legs and moved my mouth to his cock. With the aroma of his wife’s pussy still on it, I began to slowly lick it with my tongue. I felt him grow large and I slowly engulfed his hard cock into my mouth. I moved up and down. I looked up at Steve and saw that he was enjoying what I was doing for him. I looked at Barb, who had her legs spread and was massaging her pussy as she watched me blow her husband. After a few more suck and licks of Steve’s cock, I felt him tense and he began to shoot his load into my mouth. I almost gagged as I felt the warmth of his semen hit my throat. Barb came over and helped me to finish the remaining juice of Steve’s cock. She then kissed me. Steve came over and joined us.

We collapsed from exhaustion and went to sleep. Little did I know as I slumber, I was in for more surprises ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32