The Week That Was

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As Ed left the conference and began walking the three blocks to “their” hotel, his mind began replaying the incredible week. Images flashed through his brain like scenes from a movie. He still was having difficulty comprehending all that had occurred since Sunday afternoon when they had finally met at the airport. It was all one beautiful blur, experiences that he had never imagined he could have in his lifetime. He tried to sort it all out, to remember every moment for he knew it would come to an end all too quickly.

Sunday there had been the joy of finally being together, holding one another tight, their lips meeting in soft sweet kisses oblivious to the confusion around them in the overcrowded airport arrivals area. And then they were alone together in the hotel room, both of them anxious, eager, in need of cumulating their long on line relationship. Clothes quickly being shed, their bodies hot as they moved together, him feeling the anxiety of being able to satisfy this beautiful sensual woman. And then his embarrassment when he came so quickly as her mouth engulfed his shaft. That embarrassment disappearing when she looked up at him, smiled and said, “Mmmm thank you Daddy, I have wanted it for so long!”

He pulled her in his arms then and kissed her long and deeply, so grateful for her understanding of his anxiousness. The rest of that night had been spent exploring one another, giving and receiving pleasures that they had previously only been able to communicate with words. It was soft sweet lovemaking, unrushed and oh so pleasurable until they fell asleep in each others arms, their bodies cuddled together in the big bed.

Then came Monday, his confidence restored and he becoming more dominate, taking control as he knew she wanted him to. He enjoyed the sound of her squeals of delight as he took her over his knee and spanked her round sexy bottom; her whimpers of pain mixed with pleasure as his hardness plunged into the tightness of her ass, her cries of “Yes Daddy, yes!” as his cock exploded deep in her bowels; her urging him on as his teeth clenched on the soft flesh of her breast, her moans of “Harder Daddy, harder”, knowing that she wanted him to leave his mark on her lush body. And finally, after using her for his pleasure, taking her in his arms and holding her and making her feel safe.

Tuesday night had been her surprise for him. His afternoon workshop had run a bit late and he called her and told her to meet him in the lobby bar at the hotel. There was another woman sitting with her in the booth when he arrived, a slim redhead probably 10 years older than his sweet Liz. Her name was Sheri and he found out she was married and lived in the suburbs. It was obvious that there was a “spark” between her and Liz. He caught the twinkle in Sheri’s eyes when Liz suggested that they go up to the suite for another drink.

Almost immediately after they entered the room Liz and Sheri were in each other’s arms and in no time they were naked on the bed, while he sat in an adjacent chair his eyes fixed on them. Their bodies were a contrast, Liz lush and full figured while Sheri was slim almost boyish. He saw Liz look over at him, smile and wink as her hands slid under Sheri’s bottom and her face dipped between Sheri’s legs. His hand instinctively rubbed the bulge in his trousers as Sheri’s back arched and he heard her soft moans of pleasure.

And after Liz had made her cry out in passion, they both looked over at him and he heard Sheri say, “I think Ed should join suadiye escort us.”

He had not had to think twice and quickly had stripped off his clothes. Before he could get to the bed Liz and Sheri were pressing against him and sliding down his body. Sheri’s lips slid over the flesh of his shaft while Liz’ fingertips spread his buttocks and her sweet tongue began moving against his anus. In no time they were entangled together on the big bed, naked flesh pressing naked flesh, heated and urgent. It was like something out of a dream, him there with these two sensual women.

And only later, as the door closed behind Sheri, did Liz confess that Sheri was a long time friend and that when she had known for sure that we would finally meet that she broached the subject of a threesome with her and that Sheri had eagerly agreed.

“I wanted this week to be your ultimate fantasy Daddy,” Liz had explained, “and I knew you always were intrigued about me with another woman.”

I had smiled and pulled her into my arms, holding her close and showering her face with soft kisses.

Wednesday had come and what happened had probably surprised both of them. They had gone out for a great dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant. While walking back to the hotel enjoying the warm summer evening, the sounds of blues music could be heard coming from the open door of a small bar. They had decided to go in for a drink and to listen to the music for a little while before going back to the suite. They had sat down at the bar and immediately saw that this establishment obviously catered to a specific cliental. Liz and he were the only male-female couple in the room.

After a short time a young fellow entered the bar and sat down at the stool beside them. In no time they had struck up a conversation and learned that ‘Todd’ was a grad student taking a night off from writing his thesis. The three of them seemed to connect and when Liz suggested that they go up to the suite for a nightcap, Todd eagerly agreed.

On the ride up in the elevator, Liz had pressed against Todd and given him a kiss to which he seemed to respond. At the same time, again being the initiator, she took Ed’s hand in hers and pressed it into the substantial bulge in the front of Todd’s jeans. Ed knew, from many chats with Liz over the years, exactly what she wanted to happen, and he felt an eagerness to comply.

Once inside the suite, it took no time for the three of them to be naked, Liz and Ed pressing against Todd, hands sliding over his young athletic body. Together they slid downward until together they knelt before him. Ed’s eyes fixed on Todd’s hard shaft; it was long and slender, quite different from his own thick cock. He could feel the blood pounding in his temples as his fingertips brushed the length of it. He saw Liz move her lips to the side of the beautiful cock, and felt her hand squeeze his as he dipped his head to join her. Together they began caressing the shaft their lips moving up it until they met above the head and then lingered there tongues playing together and against Todd’s flesh.

The room seemed to spin, the sensations so new and overpowering. He was not sure about what was happening, but he knew that it would make Liz happy to see him pleasure another man. And then his mouth engulfed the head of the young hard cock, lips sliding slowly down the shaft. He felt Liz’ fingertips in his hair, and knew her eyes were wide as she watched him suck taksim escort his first cock. He tasted the salty sweet tang of Todd’s precum as it oozed onto his tongue. He began to move his lips up and down the shaft and could feel it as it seemed to pulse in his mouth. His mind was spinning, uncertain if he wanted Todd to cum in his mouth, but that decision was taken away as Liz gently guided his lips from the hot flesh and replaced them with her own.

The three of them moved onto the bed; Todd on his back with Liz above him, guiding his long cock into her hot cunt and beginning to ride him. She began to fuck him, riding his cock, her favorite position, her big breasts bouncing with each thrust. Ed smiled then, knowing how good it felt and how and wet her cunt would be as she pleasured him. He knelt by Todd’s head and felt Todd’s fingers grasp his shaft and guide it to his lips.

“Fuck”, he had thought, “what an incredible experience.”

He heard Todd grunt and saw his hips rise up as Liz brought him to a shuddering climax.

And finally the night cumulated with Ed’s cock plunged deep into Todd’s ass and Liz pressed tight behind him, whispering words of encouragement, her nipples like steel bolts as they pushed against his back. He had cum then, crying out in pleasure as his cock exploded and spurts of his hot jizz filled a man’s ass for the first time.

Later that night, alone with Liz, Ed had held her and gently stroked her body as their bodies came down from the high of that highly charged sexual experience.

“Thank you Daddy” Liz had whispered, “You are so good to your girl.”

Thursday night began with a photo session that they had planned when arranging this time together. They both wanted remembrances of this week, and knew that they would post some ‘edited’ versions on the bulletin board where they had first met. From there the evening had been one of acting out fantasies, trying some of those darker things that they had chatted about in the two years that they had been online lovers. God he thought, she was so accommodating, so willing to please him and allow him to try things that he never thought he would ever experience. And now, as he walked through the entrance of the hotel, he was somewhat melancholy as he realized this would be their final night together for who knew how long.

As he entered the suite, he saw that the drapes were drawn and the lights dim. As he focused he saw her kneeling on the bed dressed in pink baby doll pajamas, her hair in pigtails tied with pink bows.

“Hi Daddy” she bubbled “How was your day.”

“Long and boring” he replied, pulling off his tie and tossing his jacket into a chair.

“Sit down Daddy,” she said, moving off the bed, “Your little girl wants to make you feel special!”

He moved to the chair and she scooted over to him, kneeling down, untying his shoes and pulling them off. She took off his socks and lifted one foot up and began kissing his toes. As she did she moved so that her crotch pressed against his other foot and he could feel the heat of her through the thin material of her pj bottoms. She began sucking his toes, one after the other, her tongue swirling around each. She looked up at him and asked, “Feel good Daddy?”

He just smiled and nodded, but he was truly enjoying the attention she was giving him. She finished with his one foot and then repeated the process with the other, constantly looking up at him for approval.

“Oh, tuzla escort Daddy,” she moaned, “I want to make you feel so very, very good.”

“You are sweet girl.” He replied.

“Can I undress you Daddy” she whispered as she put his foot back down.

He nodded and stood up. She stood also, unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it off of him. Her soft warm lips moving to his chest, kissing him, sucking each of his nipples as her fingertips moved to his belt. As she undid his belt and trousers, she slipped downward, letting her tongue trail down his belly as she slid his pants down his legs. She knelt again; removing his pants completely, his body naked now save for the white cotton briefs that covered the bulge of his obvious arousal.

Liz’ fingertips slipped into the waistband of his briefs and slowly she slid them downward, his rock hard shaft popping free.

She looked up at him and smiled, then whispered, “Oh Daddy, you have a beautiful cock, can your special girl kiss it?”

Again he nodded and watched as she took his shaft in her fingertips and brought her lips to the swollen head.

“Would you like to suck Daddy?” he asked.

“Oh yes, can I, Mmmmmm.” she quickly replied.

He moved back to the chair, sitting down with his legs spread wide as she knelt between them.

“I’m going to give Daddy the best blowjob he has ever had” she moaned as she ran her fingertips up along his inner thighs.

He knew how much she loved sucking cock and how skilled she was in doing so. He settled back and just wanted to enjoy the experience, knowing that she got pleasure as well from pleasing him.

She took his cock in hand and slowly licked up and down the shaft, then lifted the shaft as her tongue swirled around each testicle and she sucked both gently. She licked upward again until the tip of her tongue teased his pee hole and then her mouth engulfed the fat cockhead. He groaned as her lips slid downward and gasped as she took his entire cock into her mouth, her nose pressing into his lower belly.

“Oh fuck, baby, that feels so good” he moaned and as her eyes met his he saw the happiness this act was giving her.

She began moving her lips up and down the shaft, in a nice slow rhythm while her busy fingertips gently massaged his sac. She moaned around his cock, sending sweet vibrations of pleasure through his body.

And then she lifted her head and asked, “Daddy, would you cum in my mouth, please Daddy please!”

He smiled and nodded in the affirmative, his body already flushed with pleasure and nearing the point of no return.

She began in earnest then, her mouth locked onto the oozing cockhead, fingertips moving up and down the shaft while her free hand slid lower, one fingertip massaging the rim of his anus. He was totally on edge now, the sensations divine, his whole being lost in the pleasures she was giving him. Her finger pushed inward, into the tightness of his ass, seeking and finding the sensitive gland and pressing against it. It sent him over the edge and he cried out in ecstasy as the waves of sheer pleasure flooded his body and spurt after spurt of his seed shot into her mouth.

Her lips locked around his flesh as he came and she greedily swallowed his cum. He closed his eyes and savored the sensations as she continued to suckle him, draining him and moaning softly as the thick hot creamy jizz slid down to her belly.

She held him in her mouth until his cock softened and his hands went to her head and he guided her from his shaft and up to his lips. He kissed her long and deeply as he wrapped his arms around her.

He knew that there would be more pleasures this night, but now he just wanted to hold her and enjoy the feel of her body against his as he basked in the afterglow of her lovemaking…

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