The Wedding Pt. 02

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Big Tits

We hit the dance floor again. But something was different. You had your hands on me in ways you hadn’t before. The way you touched me, held my hand and wrapped your arms around me was somehow different.

You glowed.

Kelly joined us on the floor for a few songs, teasing me with a few raunchy moves, getting noticeably hands-on with you. Then she ducked away to gossip with the bride or one of the handful of other people she knew.

It was during a slow song after she had left that you whispered in my ear. “Something happened in the ladies room,” and I could tell by the tone of your voice it was a good thing, but also something you were nervous about.

My heart pounded as I whispered back “what do you mean? What could possibly happen in the ladies room?”

You paused, trying to figure out how to explain. “She kissed me. I mean… she really kissed me.”

I was flummoxed but also turned on.

“And, you’re OK with it? It was a good thing?” I asked, making sure you weren’t feeling used or something worse.

“Well, ya. I actually thought of what you always told me about seizing the moment and I did. Are you OK with that?”

To fantasize was one thing, but to have it actually happen? The jealousy that arose momentarily was quickly muted by your honesty and concern for my feelings. I quickly realized I was as excited and OK with it as I hoped I would be.

In fact, I was more than OK, I was going to need to sit down to hide my erection. Thankfully we were dancing closely. “Well, I did tell her I’d share you for the night!”

“Ya, she mentioned you had said that,” you laughed as you gently slapped my butt.

“Was a kiss all that happened?” I asked, trying to open the door a bit further into the encounter.

“Let me tell you more about it later,” you said.

“I think I can wait, but she did come out and pull on my beard long enough for me to catch a smell I thought was familiar.”

You took both hands and playfully slapped me on the chest, blushing with embarrassment . Then you buried your head against me.

“Oh, my God…,” you whispered, shaking your head, “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too,” we danced in silence for about 30 seconds.

“So… what happens next?” I asked.

You weren’t sure. It had all happened so quickly, you explained. She left the restroom.

“This feels weird. I don’t really know what to do,” you said.

That’s when Kelly came back over and said she was going to to wrap it up for the night. “Is she feeling well?” Kelly asked me, even though you were right in front of her.

“I think she feels incredible — thanks to you,” I said, giving her an unnecessary high five I immediately regretted as she lightly slapped my hand out of pity.

But, now she knew I knew. She also knew I was OK with what happened. She looked at you as if to congratulate you, then she kissed me on the cheek and gave you a quick peck on the lips.

“Well, I have a bottle of champagne and some snacks back in my room. If you guys want a nightcap, please stop by. I’m in canlı bahis şirketleri 304.” She turned and walked out of the tent back toward the resort building. This time we both took a moment to watch her depart.

We went to sit down. I grabbed us a couple of waters from the now dwindling bar. We were about to have what we both knew would be a monumental conversation.

About 15 minutes later, we knocked on the door of Room 304. Kelly opened the door a crack, before smiling and inviting us in. She was in a resort-provided bathrobe, having just showered. Her hair was still wet and hung straight down.

Music was playing from the TV.

With no makeup on, she looked more attractive, more natural.

“I was wondering if I’d see one of you or both of you,” she smiled.

“I can leave, I said,” making a motion to the door. You gave me a reproachful look. We hadn’t discussed me leaving you alone with her.

“No, stay,” she said. “But will one of you go grab some ice? I forgot to before I got into the shower.”

I grabbed the ice bucket and told you I’d be right back as Kelly grabbed the champagne from her mini-fridge.

When I came back you and her were sitting on the bed having champagne, making small talk. I grabbed a glass from the restroom to fill up and sat down in a lounge chair in the corner, having plunged the recently opened champagne bottle into the ice bucket.

Kelly’s robe was open enough to see her cleavage, which we hadn’t seen when she had the high-necked, low-back dress on outside.

She was nervous, but assertive.

“So, Carrie says she told you what happened and you’re OK with it?”

“Yes. It’s a little cliche for me to say it’s every man’s fantasy… so I’ll just say my reaction was something like, ‘fuck ya.'”

“Did she tell you I asked her to return the favor later?”

I looked at you and smiled. You hadn’t exactly told me that.

“That’s up to her,” I told her, looking at you. “I’m fine with that. In fact, if you two would like some privacy, I’m happy to step out.”

That’s whenyou found some unexpected confidence — surprising me (and maybe yourself) a bit. You grabbed Carrie’s room key from her bedside stand and handed it to me. “Come back in an hour.”

I was a little stunned, but took the key and got up. “Have fun,” I said, a little reluctant to miss what happened next. Thankfully, you’d fill me in on the details later.

As the door closed, she immediately kissed you and began removing your dress again. This time felt even more arousing. Instead of a surprise, this time making love would be something you both embraced.

You sat naked on the bed for a few seconds, with her caressing your arm, pushing your hair back behind your ears. The feeling was awkward, but you were turned on. She waited for you to move the ball forward.

You reached over to undo her bathrobe.

Her breasts were smaller than yours — firm with small pink nipples that stuck out about half an inch.

She grabbed your hand and put it on one of them. With her other canlı kaçak iddaa hand she rubbed the back of your head as she began to kiss you.

You had never put your hand on another woman’s bare breast and the feeling was almost an out-of-body experience. Soft and smooth on the contours, but her nipples were firm and aroused.

For a while you just kissed and played with each others’ breasts, sometimes embracing to feel them pressed each other.

You began to kiss her collar bone as she pulled you in to lay down. You were on top of her, sucking her nipple and rubbing her hip.

She reached to put her hand between your legs to feel your wetness again.

Then, she grabbed the hand you had been using to rub the soft, ticklish skin inside her hip bone and placed it between her legs.

You felt short, soft hair, but also felt the button of her clitoris, then the parting lips of her labia and the wetness below.

You wet your fingers in her tight, wet vagina then began making circular motions around her clitoris, which was tiny, but softly erect.

She stopped rubbing you as she lost herself in the feeling. You felt your breasts resting on her as you pleasured her, thinking about all the new sensations you were feeling while also trying to focus on her.

After a few minutes, she came, loudly, grabbing your arm tightly, her body shaking. You slowed your movements as her orgasm waned. “Keep going,” she sighed just as you pulled your hand away. She began to build up again. Two minutes later she shuddered again, squeezing your hand between her legs, then passionately kissing you.

She embraced you as she rolled over and got on top of you, rubbing her pussy against yours. You felt her wetness combined with the friction her pubic hair against you. The lack of a cock made the sensation utterly new.

She began to kiss your ears and neck, her nipples barely touching your your chest, an arousing sensation all by itself. She slowly worked her way to kiss your belly, circling your belly button as her hands playfully rubbed your aureolas, gently pinching your nipples.

You felt the long hair on her head rub across your belly and hips as her face went between your legs, her tongue circling and darting in a way that neither I nor any of your previous lovers could never pull off. Her tongue was softer. Her moves more natural. Even her tiny nose and delicate lips felt different.

She would get you close and back off. She moved a single finger from her left hand around inside of you while her right hand massaged your left nipple. You resisted the temptation to press her head back into place when she took deliberate, brief breaks between the rhythmic licking. You put your hands above your head in surrender, looked down at the scene between your legs and then tightly closed your eyes as if taking a picture.

I made a purposefully light knock on the door that neither of you heard, eased the old-fashioned key into the lock and slowly opened the door. I had gone to our room to change into more casual clothes, but canlı kaçak bahis clearly couldn’t stay away for a full hour. It had only been about 30 minutes.

As I peeked around the corner at the bed I saw her head between your legs, which were bent at the knee and spread apart. Her feet hung off the edge of the bed. Her cute, pale butt faced up from the bed. Your eyes closed tight, you were biting your lower lip in concentration and ecstasy.

She had you on the edge and you felt a surge of wetness coming as her tongue continued its work and you felt two (or was it 3?) fingers moving inside you.

You came in a wave that lasted what seemed like a minute, making a pleasure-filled moan unlike any I could remember hearing before.

She moved back up to your face and you opened your eyes to see her pink lips and pupils smiling down at you. The smell of your wetness on her face added to the intimacy. You kissed her, giggling like a girl.

“That was amazing,” you said to her.

“Knock, knock,” I said softly, and you both looked over, a bit startled. I was standing in the hallway between the restroom and the door.

“Dirty man. That definitely wasn’t an hour,” she said, throwing a pillow at me. “How long were you standing there?”

“Just the last minute or so,” I answered. “My God, what a beautiful sight.”

You looked at me with satisfaction, a bit of embarrassment and, I think, thankfulness. You had dreamed of this, but never thought it would happen in this life.

Kelly wasn’t done having fun, though.

“If it’s OK, I’d like to see you fuck her,” she said, looking at me. It took a few seconds for me to process what she was saying. She turned to you. “Will you please let him have sex with you in front of me?”

You’re not one for dirty talk. You blushed again. Despite your current state of undress, you felt a little awkward with the prospect of having me naked in front of her.

“Sounds good to me,” i said, before you could speak.

She moved to the right side of the bed and I grabbed your legs and pulled you to the end of it, bending over to give you a deep kiss as she watched from a position now close to your head.

I unzipped my shorts and quickly pulled my boxers off, but left my shirt on. My feet on the ground, I plunged into you standing off the end fo the bed, holding your legs up in the air.

Kelly watched for a minute, then began to kiss you again, rubbing your chest with one hand, her other hand making its way to your clitoris again.

I felt her hand rubbing you as I moved in and out, plunging as deeply as I could, trying hard not to cum too quickly. You had one hand on her hip and the other on one of her breasts

Within two minutes, an earthquake erupted from you that I saw and felt felt inside and out.

I couldn’t hold on any longer and came inside of you as she passionately kissed you, caressing your cheek.

I moved to the side of you opposite Kelly. As she pulled her lips from yours, both of our faces looked at you. You and I kissed and she rubbed the back of my head as we did so.

We stopped, looked at one another and laughed.

“You guys are a great couple,” she said, looking at us.

Then, she kissed you on the forehead. “I hope I can find someone who loves you as much as he does someday.”

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