The Wedding Day

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On this special day, a bride and her mother each indulge in a little lesbian sex to make it even more memorable.

The Mom

My only daughter was getting married in just three hours. My husband and I are delighted that she chose to marry at home, on our large country estate, in a rather large but dignified ceremony. My bath behind me, my husband and daughter sneaking naps, I came downstairs in only a dressing gown to survey the completed preparations. Maids were flitting about making sure the house itself was in perfect order. Everything looked beautiful. I thought I heard a sound in our walk-in pantry just off the kitchen and went to investigate.

The young caterer that we hired was putting away a few of the supplies she and her crew would need later when serving. When I say young, I mean 27 years old and running her own business. I’m a firm believer of supporting small businesses operated by women. I, myself, was one of them. This young woman, on top of being well-spoken of by clients, was stunningly beautiful. She had dark green eyes, milk white skin, thick, curly red hair to her shoulders, and naturally full, red lips. She was wearing the uniform of her staff–black tuxedo pants with a matching fitted vest and a snow white long-sleeved shirt with a red necktie. In that man’s attire, it was still easy to make out her womanly curves.

“I heard a noise. Did something fall? ” I said as I approached her.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. St. John. I thought you went upstairs.” She smiled.

“I’m just down for a last look around before I start dressing. I just want everything to be perfect for my baby.”

“It will be. I’m certain of it. I’m all done for the moment, ma’am. Are you okay?” She got a sudden tense look on her face. “Come on, I’ve got the solution for that. Sit down here,” she said pulling out a chair.

“Well…I don’t know…”

“It’s okay, Mrs. St. John. I’m very good at this. I’ll have you purring in no time,” she said easing me down. She stood behind rubbing the tension from my shoulders and neck. It felt wonderful. My head dropped back touching her waist. She kept rubbing until I realized her hands had slipped into my robe and were messaging my breasts.

“Shhh,” I said quietly as she started to protest. I have had the hots for this lady from day one. “I’m very good at this, too. By the way, I saw your daughter this morning. She is gorgeous. She is so much like you, the two of you could be sisters,” she crooned as she rubbed my globes and squeezed my nipples. “Your breasts are magnificent.”

“Thank you, Laurel. Many people have told me that.” My pussy was beginning to moisten as I realized what else this could lead to. I went to a women’s college. I heard what they did with each other in the night. Did I really want Laurel to fuck me here in my own pantry?

I’ve always preferred older, cultured, beautiful women. This lady fit the bill. Even though she must be in her forties, she is totally hot. I lost my virginity to the older woman for whom I worked when I was nineteen. I knew then that I would mom porn never want a man. When she and her husband moved to Europe three years ago, she gave me her business. She told him that I was the daughter she never had.

“How are you feeling, Mrs. St. John? Better? How would you like me to eat your pussy? It’ll relax you even more if you cum.”

“Well, Laurel, I am a little turned on, but I’ve never…you know. And my family is upstairs. Other people are moving about the house. The wedding planner will…you’ll have to be good and quick.”

She walked from the back of my chair, locked the pantry door and got down on her knees before me. Taking my head and pulling it forward to her, she kissed me like I had never been kissed in my entire life. There was erect tongue everywhere, filling my mouth, pushing for more space, lips pulling and releasing lips, teeth bumping, saliva dripping. She pulled the sash and parted my gown. She sucked each of my breasts as she urged me forward and spread my legs. I was wet, hot and ready when her lips found me. Laurel sucked on my swollen clit until I released. She was definitely good at this. She then expertly fucked my pussy with her tongue. I muffled a scream with one fist while holding her hair with the other. My tension was further relieved with the two orgasms on the mouth of this beautiful woman.

“You have the sweetest pussy, Mrs. St. John. Your silky hairs smell like Ralph Lauren.” I love to watch them surrender their sophistication to need when they are licked or screwed by me.

The wedding ceremony went off beautifully. My pussy tingled as I watched Laurel as she served and I mingled among my guests. I was chatting with my brother and his wife when she came up behind me and whispered in my ear. “I need you in the pantry ma’am. Now, please.” I excused my self and followed her to see what the problem was. She eased the door shut, put her hand under my dress, inside my pantyhose and cupped my pussy. I was immediately on fire with her touch.

“You are so beautiful out there. I’m so hungry for you again, Mrs. St. John,” she said directly into my eyes. “I need your pussy in my mouth right now.”

I wanted it as much as she did. I held my dress up as she lowered my pantyhose. The doorknob pressed in my back as Laurel took my pussy again. I simply loved the sight of that red hair between my legs. Cumming again was very easy and very exquisite. Laurel sucked her fill of me and drank my juices. She eased my hose back up, kissing my body on the journey. I straightened my dress as I watched her shake out her curls and lick her lips. Not wanting to disturb the lipstick of the mother of the bride, Laurel pulled the top of my dress to one side, took a breast from by push-up bra and feasted on it. I went back to our guests with a well-eaten pussy, a throbbing breast and a great big smile. Perhaps I can get another one of her fantastic kisses when she picks up her check tomorrow.

The Daughter

I attended a wedding reception with my boyfriend who was a fraternity mobil porno brother of the groom. The event was at the country home of the bride’s parents in upstate New York. It was fascinating to move among all these polite and well-dressed people. We slowly walked down the receiving line as introductions were made and hands were shaken. I’d never remember all those names and faces.

I remarked to myself how beautiful the bride was–all blonde in satin and lace. When we were introduced and shook hands, ‘electricity’ sparked. She and I were both a little shaken by the experience. If the tremor that went through my pussy was the same for her, I knew we had to act on it. Looking her directly in the eyes, I thanked her for being invited. She said she hoped to talk to me later during the reception.

Sure enough about thirty minutes later as I was stepping away from the champagne fountain, she approached me. “Your parents’ home is beautiful,” I offered.

“Would you like to see the upstairs, Lisa? I’m just going to freshen up a bit.” She was gorgeous with big hazel eyes. Her long auburn hair cascaded down her back, almost touching her butt. Her legs were to die for. A guy would call her a walking wet dream. I remembered my first time with a girl. Sarah seduced me as I comforted her over the loss of her graduated girlfriend. She missed her Bethel so much. It felt wonderful being naked with her, touching her, feeling her body sliding over mine, making me cum. I willingly let her satisfy her needs on top of me for the four months until I graduated. I didn’t even object if she sometimes called me Bethel as she fucked me. I thought I’d put those secret days behind me.

“That would be great,” I told her. Oh, man. I was about to get my hands on the bride. I walked up the stairs with her making small talk as my pussy throbbed. I love my boyfriend, but he has no idea that I am a connoisseur of pussy and was now in pursuit of some. She led me into her bedroom and locked the door behind us. I was all over her in a flash. “Hi, baby,” I said before I took that pretty blonde head between my hands and pushed my tongue down her throat. She moaned in ecstasy. “I have a nice present for you on your wedding day.”

“Give it to me right now, Lisa.” As she spread her legs, I found her pussy under all of that wedding dress. I put my hand inside her little lace panties and made contact with her hot, wet flesh. I rubbed her hard as she screwed her pretty ass against the door. The panties served to hold my hand in place as I finger-fucked her to orgasm. My tongue was still ravishing her mouth as she came.

I eased my fingers from her pussy and licked them clean as she watched whimpering and breathing hard. “You taste good. Someone as beautiful as you has to.”

My heart was racing as I watched her lick me from her fingers. She reached for me and rammed her tongue into her mouth as I squeezed her braless breasts. “Let me see them Lisa,” she whispered.

I lowered the top of my dress and watched her caress me. I fed xnxx porno a breast into the bride’s hungry mouth. The pressure from her sucking, biting and pulling on my nipple rings made me cum.

The bride seemed to want more fucking, so I happily obliged her. Leading her to a chaise lounge, I pulled up the back of her wedding dress and draped it across the back of the lounge and eased her down and back. I had her raise and hold the front of the dress up as I found her lace-clad pussy with my tongue. I sucked her pussy lips through the lace as she screwed against my mouth. She came again in record time. In the throes of glorious orgasms, she let the dress fall from her hands over my head. Not to worry. I was sucking her pussy and that’s all that mattered. I could feast in the dark as well as the light.

I pulled the little white lace panties to one side and sucked on her large clit. She bucked and thrashed and came yet again in very little time. This sweet bride was hot and I was not yet done with her. Boldly, I tore the little lace panties at her slit, stuck my tongue through the hole into her pussy and gently licked her insides. She screwed my long tongue as she moaned. Her pussy was so hot and tasted and felt so good. I grabbed her ass and plunged my erect tongue deeper into her, fucking her. She clasped my tongue inside her as she came. When she released me, I tore the wet, lace panties from her body. I heard her muffled pleas for more.

She was lost from sight under my dress. It was so erotic to look down and watch my dress move as I felt her lick and fuck my pussy. When I felt her rip my panties off, I begged for more. She pumped her tongue inside me again and I experienced a very long, final cum. No man was ever so good between my legs.

I had a great time under her dress, but forced myself from between her legs. I stood and looked down at the lovely bride that I had fucked on her wedding day even before her husband got the chance. She was rosy and glowing and looked very satisfied. “You are a beautiful bride, sweetheart. I’ve enjoyed fucking you on your very special day.” She watched and whimpered as I stuffed her torn panties into my small bag. This was the best souvenir I could have of this day.

Leaving her to freshen up, I reapplied my lipstick and slipped through the bedroom door back to my date. I left my card on the vanity next to her hairbrush. Her mother, who looked remarkably like her, stopped me at the bottom of the stairs to ask me if she was all right. She had seen us going upstairs on her way to the kitchen with the caterer. My pussy tingled as I licked my lips lightly and said she was great.

Our eyes met and held several times during the rest of the reception. The glow that I had put on her face was still there as she moved among her guests. When sets up her household after the honeymoon, I hope she invites me over for “tea.” There are all kinds of wonderful things I can do with her minus all the lace and satin. I would love to climb on top of her naked body and lose myself.

I watched Lisa laughing and talking with her boyfriend and my husband. They would never know that his girl had recently put her tongue deep into my pussy and given me the exquisite pleasure that only a woman can. She gave me the best present of the day. She gave me what I had been missing.

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