The Wall

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Big Tits

When I was 13 my family moved to the LA area of California and we lived there until I was 17, a senior in high school. My dad, a software engineer got transferred up to the San Francisco area and so we moved once again. I was pretty bummed as I had made a bunch of really good friends. On the other hand, it was probably the best thing for me at the time because I was really getting out of control with partying and wild behavior. The move served to settle me down and concentrate on my art more. I graduated with honors from high school and got to go to art school on scholarship. That was all pretty cool, but I still missed my wild friends from LA. I stayed in touch of course, but didn’t get to see them too often. I went off to college in Boston and so saw them even less over the 4 years I attended school.

When I graduated from Art School, I decided to spend a month or so back home in CA. I was going to be starting up a master’s program at a school in New Haven that fall. I figured that once I started there, I probably wouldn’t get home for a while and so wanted to get a nice long visit in. I talked my boyfriend Bob into joining me but he only planned to stay for a couple of weeks.

We were just hanging out not doing anything special one day when I got a call from my old girlfriend Rachel inviting us down to LA for the weekend. She was having a party to celebrate the 4th and to show off the house her and her husband had bought and were renovating. There were going to be a bunch of old high school friends coming and she said it would be a blast if we could show up as a kind of surprise. I was psyched and told her that we’d be there.

We flew down there early on the 4th and helped with getting the last of the arrangements in order. Once the party was going strong, Bob and I went our separate ways, I had been dating him long enough that he knew quite a few of the people and had become pretty friendly with some of the guys. The party was really a riot, I saw so many people I hadn’t seen in like 5 years or so. Every time I would see someone from the old days, it’d be a little scream fest and hugs all around, it was just so cool seeing everyone.

The liquor was flowing and by early afternoon I had a good buzz going. Some guy who said he knew me from high school, but that I just didn’t recognize had really killer weed. Well, a poor memory doesn’t mean one has to be rude and if he felt like sharing then ok, we must’ve been friends. LOL!

Well, I have to tell you that stuff was wicked good. I felt like I was floating after a just couple of tokes! When we finished smoking that joint, I was so high. I couldn’t even hold a conversation with the, he didn’t seem any better. I loved it, but had to return a little closer to earth.

Fortunately, there was a pool out back. I figured a dip in the pool would mellow me out a bit, but when I got there, it was full of people partying and cooling down. I decided to hell with it, I needed to get a bit more mellow and crowded or not, I was going in. The water felt as warm as bath water, but I was able to find a spot to dip my body under for a little bit. After a little while, my head started to function and my feet touched lightly upon the earth once again, that is until Bob brought me another margarita… whew, I was on the buzz train and it looked it was leaving the station!

Anyway, the party really was killer and I had great time all through the day and into the evening. It was after 1 in the morning and we were down to 5 couples hanging around listening to music and shooting the breeze. Rachel’s husband, Jimmy, decided to show us all the addition that he was putting on the back of the house, basically closing in the back porch and taking out the back wall of the kitchen. Where he had ripped out the back kitchen wall, he had put up a piece of thick, black plastic to keep the dust out of the main house. As we sat there talking about how cool it would be to have such a big kitchen, one of the guys noticed this hole in the plastic barrier and asked about it.. Well, Rachel breaks out laughing, her face turning beet red, “Don’t say a word Jimmy, not a word”.

Well… that’s all I needed to starting prying, knowing Rachel like I did.

You see, she was one of the girlfriends with me on a trip to see an Aerosmith concert trip while we were still in high school. Being the little exhibitionists we were back then, we and 3 other girls decided miniskirts and halter tops but not to wear any under garments. I don’t know what we were thinking, but at the time it seemed like a great idea, maybe more of a dare I guess… I don’t know. Anyway, we all rode to the concert in this big old delivery van. It just had cushions on the floor in back that we all sat on. Well, we are started getting high and I guess we weren’t paying particular attention to what we might be revealing in our short skirts. A couple of weeks later we found that our pussies were featured on what what was to become the infamous pussy tape. Escort bayan It seemed that most of the guys in our high school had a copy of it and it became a main feature of parties. Someone turned it on at a party I was at with Rachel one time, that’s how we found out about it. But that’s another story for another time.

So back to this story, knowing Rach as I did, I knew it had to be an interesting story, “Come on Rachel, fess up. What naughty things have you been up to?” I teased. Rach’s face got even redder and by now she was laughing so hard that she couldn’t even speak, that just added fuel to the fire. Now, Jimmy was laughing too, but he was drunk enough to spill the beans.

Still laughing, he told us that he’d been working in the addition one night. He had been cutting up some plywood on the table saw. When he’d finished and turned off the saw, he heard Rachel calling through the plastic. When he went over by the wall to see what it was she wanted, he saw the hole cut in the plastic and within the hole, the most inviting sight a man can see.

“The most inviting sight” I laughed, at first confused. I looked at Rachel with a questioning look. Her face was bright red and everyone was laughing, she raised her eyebrows and kinda bobbed her head as if to say, come one now you know. Then I got it!

“Rachel!” I squealed… laughing…, “you didn’t do that really… did you?” She held her hands over her red face and nodded her head still laughing. “Well”, Jimmy laughed, no way I wasn’t going to turn that down and goddamn it to hell, that was some of the best sex ever!

“Ewwww…Why?” Susie asked, acting kinda disgusted.

“Fantasy time I guess” he smiled, “it coulda been anybody… even you” he said with a crazy little grin on his face as he looked at Susie. It was Susie’s turn to have a red face.

Rachel now more of less back in control, agreed with Jimmy, she said it was pretty wild and really got her hot too. The guys were all commenting on how cool they thought that was. I was impressed by the idea too. That was creative for sure and I surely do like creative.

We were all still talking about it when Bob piped up, “Hey!!! why don’t you girls give us all a little show through the hole, now that’d be sooooo cool” he purred.

He kept on about how cool it would be if we would flash them from the other side of the plastic, the other guys were drunk enough of course to love the idea. I think that they were thinking about checking out the girls that they hadn’t seen and not thinking about the fact that their own girl would be flashing too or maybe not… I don’t know how a guy’s mind works.

Anyway, I just laughed and said “no way, not a chance…you guys…are…friggin…dreaming”!!! Well, we were all pretty loaded and once the idea came out, the guys just wouldn’t let it go, they all started saying that yeah, they thought it was a fucking great idea, why not.

Janine looked at her boyfriend and said “yeah right, you get cross eyed pissed if another guy even glances at me and now you’re saying that you think it’d be cool for me show my pussy to all your friends”. We all laughed that she put it so bluntly, but good question.

He laughed and said, “well I didn’t say anything about your pussy dear, but what the hell, sure… why not, no one going to know one pussy from the other, so what difference would it make? Besides these aren’t all my friends only some of them.”

“Oh get outta town” Janine said, “are you saying Steve? You wouldn’t recognize me… give me a break”.

“Well yeah”, he conceded, “sure I’d recognize you, but no one else will.The same with the rest of these guys, I guess that we’ll all recognize their sweet friends too, but that’s the beauty of this, you can flash and no one other than your boyfriend will know who you are. And Janine, I know you like to show off a little bit to the boys” he said with a wicked grin. Janine’s face went beet red, but she pressed on.

“So if that’s the case, why do you even want to have us do this then?” Janine asked.

“Well, I may not which one you are Janine”, Bobby piped in, “but I’ll know that know that one of them will be you and that’s enough to make me happy”. he laughed along with the rest of the guys.

We girls were looking at each other just laughing and shaking our heads at the silliness of the whole thing. Then Bobby got a coin out and said, “Ok here’s the deal, we’ll flip a coin tails you do it, heads you don’t…fair enough”.

I couldn’t believe that we were even considering this thing, unless the other girls were getting as hot as I was at the thought of flashing our most intimate parts to all these guys.

I held up my hands laughing and said to Bobby “hold it, hold it right there, not so fast mister. Let’s say that it turns out tails and we all agree to do this, what do we get in return? I think if you going to get to see we got, then you need to be showing us your stuff too.” Turning Bayan escort to the girls, that’s only fair, don’t you think?” They all hooted and cheered giving me high fives agreeing that was the way it was going to be or don’t even bother flipping the damn coin.

It’s funny sometimes how you can make the inanimate object like a coin the responsible party when you’re drunk. We all watched as the coin flipped through the air and hit the floor. We got in close watching the coin spin, then wobble and finally fall…tails, how appropriate. We girls all screamed in distress when we saw the result and I knew then and there that we were going to go through with this. I couldn’t believe that I was going to show my pussy to these guys, my heart started to pound and my face flushed. The guys all cheered and hooted, their turn for the high fives. I don’t know what excited them more, seeing the pussy of a girl they knew but had never seen before, showing off their girlfriends/wives to the other guys or getting the chance to show off their dicks, I guess it didn’t matter, they were excited for sure and I guess we were too.

Rachel looked over at us laughing; “ok girls looks like put up or shut time”? We kinda nodded our acquiescence. “Ok one rule”, Rachel said, talking to the guys… “no peeking through the hole to see us. That’s not fair, this is supposed to be anonymous. If you violate that rule, then it ends right there, understand”?

The guys did and held us to the same rule. Bob spoke up and said, “but you have to leave it up there until we’re done checking you out, no quick peeks and then pulling it away”. “Ok” we agreed, “but then you guys have got to have stiffies when you put them through for us to check out and you have to leave it there until we tell you”. They laughed and Jimmy said, “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem Jenn. By the way do you think you can give me some little signal so that I’ll know it’s your sweet ass I’m looking at”? I smiled and flipped him the bird and all the other guys laughed.

The guys stayed in the addition and we girls went back into the main house. I immediately went to mix up another pitcher of drinks to build up our nerves. I was so excited already. I think that probably all of us girls were. We were all at least a little bit exhibitionist so this really fed the fire. When I got back into the kitchen, Rachel and Janine had moved a futon couch from the living room to over by the plastic wall. Rachel had also turned off all the lights except for one by the stove, She didn’t trust the guys to uphold the deal. Then we all went into the living room to organize ourselves.

“So how do we start this?” I asked them. Susie started to undress and said “I guess by getting naked, I can’t believe that I’m doing this”.

Seeing her peel out of her bra and panties got us all moving to get our clothes off too until we were all naked, giggling and laughing like a bunch of schoolgirls on a sleepover. This really brought me back in time to when we used to all hang out together. These were just the kind of wild things that got me into trouble back then. Here we were picking right up where we had left off all those years ago. Maybe we wouldn’t have if we weren’t all 3 sheets to the wind but we were and so we did.

Strangely, I was still comfortable being naked with these girls, hell we were all members of the no underwear club in high school and had slept over each others house plenty of times. When we slept over usually we would just sleep in the nude together. We never did anything sexual, it was just part of the thing we were into back then.

Rachel’s mom walked in one morning while we were still sleeping and saw us sleeping there naked together. She kinda flipped out and had a talk with Rachel later asking her if she was a lesbian, it was just too funny although Rachel didn’t think so at the time.

We were all pretty excited, there were hard nipples everywhere. While we were all giggling and laughing and trying to decide who would go first, I tiptoed back into the kitchen and over to the hole. I put my breast in the opening. The guys started cheering and then I could hear that they were all gathered around the opening on the other side of the plastic checking me out. The girls were all quiet now watching to see what would happen. Fingers gently twisted my hard nipple and it tightened up even more. The fingers let go and I was just ready to pull away when I felt a hot mouth enclose my nipple and suck on it for a second. I pulled away and ran back to the living room motioning the girls to come with me. I didn’t want the guys to hear what I was saying.

I was laughing hysterically when I told the girls what the guys had done. I was sure it was Bobby, because he would of course recognize my nipple. “Don’t worry Jenn, we’ll get them back… you just wait”. We were all still laughing when we went back out to the darkened kitchen.

“Ok, your turn” Susie called to the guys.

“Oh Escort no you don’t…” Susie’s fiancé Ralph called back, “that was just an appetizer, we want the main event now. That’ll get us ready to show you what you asked for” and they all laughed and cheered.

So Susie was the first to flash the guys and my god, did they make some noise when she positioned herself in the opening for all to see. She has a great body, I mean beautiful. Large full breasts, C-cup, nipples high on them and a trim shape with a beautiful round bum. I think she has probably the best body of all of us, classically proportioned. They would’ve gone nuts if they could’ve seen the whole package, but they seemed happy enough with her pussy.

She wasn’t there 10 seconds when her eyes opened wide and she mouthed that someone was touching her, but she didn’t move either, at least not for the next couple of minutes anyway. She laid her head on her arms and closed her eyes letting the guys check her out.

We all were quiet so the guys wouldn’t figure out by our voices which girl was flashing. We watched as her face flushed and her breathing quickened. The guys were kinda quiet too; I wondered what was going on. Finally, she moved away from the opening and we all went out to the living room again to talk.

Her eyes were sparkling and her nipples were all twisted up hard. “So…” I whispered, “who do you think touched you”? “I think they all did and more… you’ll see” she grinned with wide eyes, “oh my god, I’m all squishy now!!!” she put her hand over her mouth to quiet the giggle that was bubbling up. We went back out into the kitchen Rachel yelled over to the guys, “ok your turn, let’s see it boys”.

We heard them laughing and a moment later a dick came peeking through the hole. We all gathered around to look at it and Susie put her hand down and gripped it. “No, no… the whole thing, we want the balls too” Rachel shouted, laughing. “I can’t get them through the plastic” Bobby called and we all started laughing, he was too drunk to realize that he had just given himself away to us. Susie reached through the hole and cupped his sack and gently pulled it to our side of the plastic. She stroked his dick a few times while lightly scratching his balls. Not to be outdone, Rachel and Janine reached over and each stroked it a few times. I stayed back just watching the whole thing, I had played with his dick enough to be satisfied in watching my girlfriends having fun with it. I knew that there were going to be more to come and I’d get my share before the night was done.

I was close enough though that I could hear Bobby quietly groaning on the other side of the plastic. I grinned at the girls and whispered “Don’t let him cum, he’s getting pretty excited”. They nodded their heads in agreement and tormented him until the head of Bobby’s dick started to swell and turn purple. Then they let it go, his dick was twitching and bouncing like crazy, he was wicked close to blowing his top. “Ok we’re done you can have it back” Rosie laughed and it was withdrawn back through to the other side with a frustrated groan.

It was quiet for few moments, then “Ok, next girl” they called. Janine was there and ready so she nervously kneeled on the futon and slid her bum over the hole revealing her pussy to the guys. Janine is the tallest of us all at about 5’10” with beautiful red hair, green eyes and a long, lean, feline shape, her breasts, a little larger than mine have a bit more droop in them than any of the rest of us girls. They still look pretty with small pink nipples and light colored areola. She was totally shaved and has a clit ring. That surprised me, I can’t imagine wanting a ring badly enough there to deal with the pain of it.

Janine’s chest was flushed a deep red in excitement. I watched her closely and saw a combination of trepidation and anticipation on her face. She bit her bottom lip as the guys started to explore her soft, pink folds. Susie, who was Janine’s best friend, was right down by her head asking what they were doing. First it was the same thing, fingers and stroking her tight opening. Then she bit down on her arm to be quiet and I looked at the other girls. We were all mesmerized watching and wondering what was happening.

We could hear the guys laughing on the other side and clapping hands. It sounded like they were having fun over there. I could tell by the way she was breathing that something was definitely happening on the other side. Then Susie leaned closer and kissed her gently on the lips. Janine responded to the kisses and Susie emboldened, slid her small hands down under Janine and cupped her soft breasts as they continued to kiss. It really had a strange effect on me watching my 2 friends kissing like that. It made me hotter than ever.

My breathing or something must’ve given me away to Rachel because she touched my hand and asked if I was ok. I nodded with a smile and continued to watch. In no time at all, Janine went over the edge. Susie held her close, her face buried between her breasts as Janine’s orgasm claimed her. We could hear the cheering on the other side. The guys knew that they had made her cum. I didn’t know if they who it was that they made cum.

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