The Wall: Part 3 of Past The Point of Pain

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The Wall: Part 4 of Past The Point of Pain

I love getting dressed up and going out to dinner with Master. We have always laughed at stories we have read about Master’s and subs going to dinner and the sub always talking about how their Master’s have played with them under the table or when they have been forced to use an anal plug or a whole host of other humiliating activities. The truth is, we know how the majority of those things we have read have been just that, stories, fantasies to tease and tantalite the reader. Although we also know that sometimes those things do happen, after all, we have played in the car a time or two ourselves, but never out in public. Master is a gentleman and He prefers to treat me as a lady in public. As the old saying goes, ‘a lady on His arm, a whore in His bed.” This is not to say that He might bend to whisper something wicked in my ear that might make me blush and get the juices flowing for later, something He has a particularly wicked knack in doing. And then there may come a time when public play may change, just as it did on the night I am about to share with you.

I love how He has this uncanny and almost artistic way of making me go weak in the knees throughout the day, no matter where I might be. It can come in the form of a quick phone call, a text message or a newly assigned task before I leave home for the day. Like on days when I am at home all day, I am to insert the dildo closest to His size, put my panties back on, prepare and eat lunch. He says this is having lunch with Him when He is not here.

Anyway, back to going out to dinner. One evening I was told to dress nicely and lay out a nice casual outfit for Him and we went out to dinner. Half way through dinner, Master leaned towards me and told me to listen carefully of a dream He had had the night before. He began to whisper in my ear the most delicious tale that had me squirming within minutes. A carefully placed hand on my thigh served as my only warning to sit still and stop fidgeting.

He Whispered:

“Little one, I was dreaming last night about having you up against the wall at home. Your back was hard pressed against it, your legs spread so I might explore all that I own. The palms of your hands laid open and flat against the surface. My fingers ran over your body, pinching, twisting, teasing those lovely little pink nipples until they were as hard as little diamonds. You know how much I love seeing how hard they get, then taking them into My mouth and sucking on them just enough to make you whimper for Me. Watching them swell and you shiver as I pull My face away just enough to blow across them and see the goose bumps spread over your entire body.

With you against that wall little one, I won’t need any toys, no clips or chains or rope. All I need to take that body that I own and turn it into a shivering mass of pleasure is My hands, fingers and tongue.”

We sat there at the table in the restaurant, His hand laying on my thigh, His fingers firmly pressing to ensure I sat still. I could feel the dampness gathering in my pussy, my nipples were growing hard. And I heard Master chuckle.

“Little one?”

“Yes, Sir?” I whispered back.

“You really do need to breathe, love, or soon you will turn blue.”

Had I been holding my breath? I giggled softly and looked into His twinkling eyes. These little intimate moments between us, are some of our best.

“Now, where was I.” He started again. “Ah, yes, My fingers. Mmm, My little one, just think about it. Your feet wide apart standing against that wall. Your pussy getting so wet. My fingers trailing down between your breasts, moving lightly over your skin so slow it makes you shiver. Feel those fingers now inside your mind, pet, feel them as they glide over your mound and then those two fingers parting that wet slit of yours and plunging deep and fast inside, and then lifting.”

I listened to Him whispering so intimately into my ear, my breathing, now that I remembered to, grew heavier. My heart began to race as His words painted a picture in my head. I swallowed and try to hold back the slightest of moans, but it still emanated from me just loud enough for Master to catch.

“Yes, little one, I can see you have the picture in your mind. Good girl. Now continue to listen and let that feeling build for Me.”

I took a sip of water, my eyes darting quickly to the tables near us. No one was noticing us, they were all talking to their own dinner partners, laughing and enjoying themselves. I gave a fleeting look into His eyes again and felt Him drum two of His fingers against my thigh, a silent reminder of the two inside my pussy from the tale He whispered deliciously into my ear.

“Those two fingers, pet.” I felt Him drum them again against my leg. “Wiggling away so deep, lifting you upwards, lifting until you are up on your toes. Mmm, I am getting hard just thinking about it all. Your ass tight against the wall, up on your toes, I bet your knees would just about give out. I can almost feel you begin to buckle and want to slide down that wall, but you won’t be able to with those fingers in your cunt holding you there. My other hand just might have to raise up and squeeze that beautiful neck of yours to help you out a little more.”

I felt my face growing hot as the blush from His words rushed to color my cheeks under my makeup. I swallowed several times and blinked rapidly trying desperately to keep myself composed. Master chuckled again as He moved away His hand and picked His fork back up to continue eating.

“Eat, little one, you’re going to need it for strength tonight.”

I picked up my fork and tried to finish my dinner, I managed a few more bites but the words He had whispered were swirling around in my head. Master had finished His dinner and ordered desert, feeding me a few bites while we made small talk, mainly He made small talk, that mental picture He had painted had very vivid colors running together in my thoughts causing me not to trust my own voice to speak too much.

He paid the check and left a generous tip and we got up to leave. “Little one, before we leave, I think you need to go to the ladies room and go potty.” He said close to my ear as He squeezed my hand, after a soft kiss to my temple He whispered softly, “and remove those soaked panties and place them in your purse.”

I went into the restroom, closed and latched the stall door, and I removed the white lacey French cut panties from under my skirt, I folded them and carefully placed them in my purse. I used the bathroom, and washed my hands and checked my makeup before rejoining Him at the exit.

“Done as told, pet?”

“Yes, Sir, done as told.” I said with a slight blush to my cheeks, and patting the side of my purse to indicate the underwear safely tucked away inside..

Stepping outside I felt the breeze snaking it’s way up my skirt and it instantly felt cool to my damp warm and now bare pussy, it made me shiver, Master placed His arm around my shoulders.

I looked up into His eyes as we waited to cross the street to where He had parked the car, “Pet, our evening out is not over just yet. I made plans to go somewhere tonight. But I don’t want you to think I have forgotten that your pussy is wanting and most liking beginning to drip, as we both know what a little slut you are.”

The small sudden intake of air I took made an almost gasping sound as I heard the words, ‘little slut,’ and the thought of being without panties hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Master?” I asked softly.

“Yes, pet, what is it?”

“If we are, uhh, going out again tonight somewhere else…why did You…” my voice trailed off as another couple walked up and was also waiting to cross with the light.

Master leaned closer and whispered, “Why did I have you remove your soaked panties?”

I nodded yes and felt the warmth raising once again to blush my cheeks.

“Simple, little one, because I can.” He said as He kissed my cheek and took my hand as the light changed and we crossed the street to the parking lot.

Once we were in the car, Master turned and said, “Open.”

I opened my legs for Him to run His fingers back and forth over the wet lips of my pussy. His touch felt so good and I wanted so much to just go home and feel Him in other ways and to please Him. But Master wanted to go out, and what Master wants, Master gets.

After teasing me and getting me near to breathless with want, He stopped and turned the key in the ignition.

Pulling away from the parking lot, Master began to talk.

“Pet, we are going to a local place, a bar actually. But it has a poolroom towards the back. For the most part it is private, but there may be a few who like to watch players shoot a little pool.”

Already my skin was developing a tingling sensation, my heart was pounding. He wanted to play pool, but I had no panties on anymore and my skirt was not all that long, I knew that if I played and would have to bend over to make a shot, anyone in that back room would get a good peak at my shaved and wet pussy.

Master, I am sorry to interrupt You, Sir, but…” I stalled in mid sentence, wondering how I should word this as respectfully as I could.

“Ah, little one, are You about to ask if I remember you have no panties on? Well before you do, don’t. I know full well I had you to take them off, I want My cunt bare and exposed to Me tonight, oh and pet, you will not hide anything from Me tonight, you will do as I say, when I say. Understood?”

I swallowed hard, I recognized the tone, I recognized the one raised eyebrow He gets when He is sternly making His warning.

I lowered my eyes, “yes, Sir, completely understood.”

“Don’t take a tone with me, pet, you won’t care for the results.”

Nothing more was said until we pulled into the second parking lot of the evening. Master parked the car and I waited as usual for Him to walk around and open my door for me, He held out His hand for me to take, but I didn’t move, I couldn’t move.

“PET! Now!” my Master ordered. “I am in the mood to play some billiards, now let’s go.” I took His hand but I couldn’t bring myself to look into His eyes, I knew if I did, I would crumble and beg Him please not to make me do this.

Several people looked up as we entered the bar, I tried very hard not to read anything into it because I know that people always do that, it’s the curiosity of their nature. I told myself to stop thinking so much, they couldn’t see anything yet, it was just my over worked imagination and God help me, my anticipation.

Master spotted a table near the back room entrance way where the pool tables are located. He placed Escort His hand at the small of my back and guided me to the small round wooden table with two chairs. I bit my bottom lip as He helped me out of my coat. I didn’t want to look around to see if anyone was watching yet, but like those who had looked up as we entered, my curiosity got the better of me. I glanced around, several men standing together looking as if they might have just come from their office, grabbing a drink to help take the edge off a weeks worth of work away. Friends gathering to talk and enjoy each other’s company away from their schedules and busy lives.

Two men from a group of four smiled as my eyes caught theirs looking. I wanted to shiver but I didn’t dare. I felt suddenly half dressed in the short white skirt I wore, knowing that if I were to sit or bend, it would leave little or nothing to the imagination.

A waitress came over even before we could be seated, “What can I get you this evening?” she asked us.

My Master raised one eyebrow to me, “What is the ladies pleasure tonight?” He asked with a slight hint of mischievousness in His voice.

Knowing we would most likely be playing I didn’t want to run a risk of being impaired, although, it would solve a few things, I almost shook my head to clear my mind of such thoughts.

“I’ll have a glass of white wine, please.” Who knows I told myself, it might help take the edge off for me as well as I glanced quickly once again at the two men who had smiled at me before. Master of course ordered His usual beer.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, placed my hands against my thighs holding my skirt down as I sat down in the chair Master had pulled out for me.

“Little one, stop it. Nothing hidden, remember?” He whispered in my ear as I sat.

I wasn’t sure what to say, or even if I should try to say anything at all, I was afraid my voice would crack and show just how nervous I was, and all that would do was get me a lecture about trusting Him that He would never allow any harm to come to me.

I nodded slowly as I tried to look over at Him in His newly acquired seat. The waitress returned and sat our drinks on the table.

“Would you like to run a tab tonight or pay as you go, True?”

“True?” She knew the name He used as a Dominant in our local lifestyle community. That meant she knew who He was, and how we have chosen to live. The look on my face as I finally looked into His eyes made Him chuckle.

“Yes, little one, most of the people here are lifestyle, you have nothing to worry about, so relax, and enjoy the evening.”

I took a small sip of wine and looked about the bar once again, but this time my focus was different, I looked around, recognizing the familiar body language that is passed from sub to Dom and Dom to subs. I suddenly felt better, more at ease, knowing that the people there held a certain understanding of my feelings and I theirs. I no longer felt like a display at a local zoo to be gawked at and made to feel unnatural.

We sat in silence for several minutes, Master allowing me time to adjust to these new surroundings, knowing how I love to people watch. Some of our most fun times spent together, is going to a mall or park where there are lots of people roaming around and making up personal histories for them. Usually this has us laughing and getting carried away with the little stories we spin for all the different types of people. Take for instance the sales clerk at a local lingerie shop, she has short black hair cut with severe angles and make up impeccably applied, and her outfits giving into the stereotypical image of a strong confident Female Dom. We watched one afternoon as she took her lunch break and met with a young man who was a clerk across the way in a bookstore. We laughed, giggled and chuckled as we spun tales of the young male sub and the older wise FemDom. Of course we had no idea if any of it was actual fact or not, but with those two I think we had a stronger sense of them than most of the others we have observed.

As I was watching the people around us, I found it was easier to detect who was who in the relationships and those who were there to just mingle and test a growing or budding interest. I found myself captivated in the knowledge that lifestyle people are just more openly expressive with their body language when amongst other lifestyle individuals. So rapt up was I that it was several minutes before I realized my Master’s hand on my thigh slowly teasing with His middle finger making ticklish little circles. Finally I heard Him chuckle.

“Pet, are you ready to play a game of pool? I believe our table is ready.”

He stood and took my hand, pulled me up and we walked into the backroom together. The room was quieter than it was out in the open area of the bar. A few people were standing around, but only a handful, they were all locked into their own conversations, giving us only a slight glance as we entered and chose cue sticks and prepared to start a game.

One couple in the very back of the room caught my attention. The girl was sitting on a high barstool and the man was standing in front of her, they were locked in a deep passionate kiss, and you could tell his arm was moving slowly but because of the way he was standing, the only conclusion you could draw was that he might be stroking her with his fingers. The way his body was placed in front of her you really could only guess as to what they were doing, which made it appear more erotic than if you could see up close and personal.

Master and I worked at setting up to play a game, but my eyes kept drifting to the two in the back corner, the girls soft moans barely audible in the loud bar. Master reminded me twice to focus, on the second reminder He had placed His hand so that His fingers were at the base of my neck, looking directly into my eyes so that I was sure to see the stern look in His.

“Pet, focus, you may watch but you need to focus on this game and Me.”

A louder moan from the girl perched on the barstool made me look away from His eyes for only a moment. I shivered as if I was trying to shake off the stirring feelings that seem to be gripping me and making me even wetter than I already was.

I moved down to the end of the table, Master wanted me to break. I posed the cue and began to lean over, remembering my missing panties and felt myself blushing. The girl and the man at the barstool were now just mere inches away and as I turned my head to take a quick glance in their direction, I could see clearer what was being exchanged between them, it wasn’t just the man’s fingers inside of her, but almost his entire fist. She had a shear unmistakable look of bliss covering her face.

I shivered and Maser came up to stand behind me, He looked over to see what I was looking at, leaned down next to my ear and whispered, “Pet, focus on the game.”

It felt like the air had been sucked from the room. I bent over the table, cue poised and I felt Master’s hand just under the hem of my skirt cupping the curve of my bared ass.

I tried to aim and break the formed triangle of billiard balls. Although my aim was nearly perfect, the stroke of my shot was weak and the balls only broke away from each other just slightly.

“Little one, stay where you are for a moment.” My Master told me. I stayed in the position as if I were going to shoot a second time. Master took a step back and I felt His cue stick sliding between my thighs and pressing upwards against the slit of my pussy.

With an almost like instinctual response the moistened lips parted and felt as if they almost wrapped around the slick varnished surface. I softly moaned as I closed my eyes, He began to slide it so agonizingly slow back and forth.

Once my eyes were closed and the feel of the stick pressed hard against me, my Master’s voice, the girl in the corner being slowly fisted, nothing else seemed to exist. All the noise from the main room of the bar faded away. People who could possibly be watching as I had watched the couple in the corner didn’t matter. I was in my Master’s world almost like being inserted into a painting being admired by others. Minutes went by with Master sliding back and forth, my clit hardened and pulled as the stick moved. The girls soft moans were growing louder, or were they my own? I opened my eyes and turned to look at her. Our eyes locked to each other, I was watching her, she watching me. I saw her body shudder as she began to cum on her Master’s fist. My Master slid the stick forward once more and whispered in my ear to cum. Both the girl and I were cumming together and yet worlds apart.

My Master and hers exchanged a look. They spoke, apparently knowing each other. She was as silent as I; our eyes only glancing away long enough to allow the knowledge of each man knowing the other. Her Master’s hand glistened with her moisture, my own Master’s cue stick looked wet from my own cum. The two men looked at both of us, realizing some sort of sudden connection we had developed. I would have given anything to have her join us in playing, but Master and I have one particular understanding, we might allow another female to come into our playtime, but no other Dom or man ever touches me, so this girl with a Dominant would not be considered, at least not in the sense I was thinking at that point.

Once the two men began talking, I and the other girl were left alone to get acquainted. Her name was Joy and we were close to the same age and as we quickly were becoming aware we had a lot in common.

Master excused Himself from talking to other Dom and took His shot at the balls on the table sinking two, Still His turn He more or less ran the table until it came down to the eight ball. He took a shot and missed, finally my turn again. I had been watching but still I was distracted, as I had also been talking and getting acquainted with Joy.

“Pet.” Master’s voice made me jump, “It’s your turn, love.”

I looked over the position of the remaining balls, when I saw the shot I wanted to take I walked around the table near where my Master and the other Dom was standing, I started to bend over, the feel of being exposed as my skirt rode up and I remembered I had no panties and was now in full view of this other man talking to Master. I blushed and wanted to stand up and rethink which shot I wanted to take.

“Pet,” I heard my Master say, “take the shot you have picked, but if I were you I would widen my stance.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to calm my nervousness, when I opened my eyes again I saw Joy standing on the other side of the table, our eyes Escort Bayan locked together I felt braver. I moved my feet apart making my skirt ride up on my thighs till the hem laid flat against the curve of my bared ass. I bent over, my heart raced and I felt the hot heat rushing to my cheeks. Off to the side of me I heard my Master’s voice saying “Good girl.” Of course I missed the shot and hit the eight ball instead, sinking it and losing the game.

“True, it looks like your girl there may need a little help with focusing.”

“Yes, I can see that.” Master said but without any annoyance in His voice.

I had started to stand back up but I felt Master’s hand at the small of my back. “No, pet, stay as you are for a moment.”

Master’s hand softly caressed the curve of each exposed cheeks of my ass, I shivered a little and felt the goose bumps raising to the surface. Master chuckled a bit and then I felt the hem of my skirt being raised even further up and over until I my backside was completely and totally exposed. Joy’s eyes and mine still locked in a deep stare. Master’s hand ran smoothly over my skin and then was gone for the briefest of seconds, then when I felt His again, I felt the stings of my ass receiving a bare handed, bare assed spanking, right there in the middle of the billiards room with God knows how many onlookers.

The swats took only minutes to deliver, but they were strong steady swats that made my ass glow. I felt the heat of each strike but I also felt the wetness between my legs beginning to pool and drip down my spread thighs. Once Master stopped swatting He ran His fingers over the raised welts His fingers had made, then I felt Him slide His fingers along the crack of my ass and down till He could thrust two fingers deeply inside my wet cunt. I moaned softly and wanted to beg to cum, I was so close and Joy’s eyes were penetrating just as hard as His fingers.

“Master, “ I stuttered, as my body started to shake with need “this slut needs to cum, may I?”

“My slut needs to cum huh?” He asked as His fingers wiggled and plunged in and out.

“Y—y—yess, please!” I begged.

He waited till I almost couldn’t hold it back any longer and stopped, withdrawing His fingers. I moaned in disappointment. I had to fight and struggle to regain control. I felt something touch the wet opening of my soaked pussy. I wasn’t sure what it was, I wanted to reach back and feel it, but I didn’t dare move for fear of losing control and cumming without permission.

“My slut wants to cum does she?”

“God, yes, please Master, I want to cum for You so bad!”

“Then I suggest you push back against this bottle and cum.”

Fear gripped me hard, bottle! He said bottle. I felt an instant layer of sweat coating my forehead. I trembled uncontrollably, trying to hold on to control, trying to swallow back the apprehension I have towards bottles. An apprehension Master was fully aware of, but was the need to cum going to be stronger than the fear?

“Master, please?” I begged.

“If my slut wants to cum she will push back and fuck my beer and give it the flavor I desire. Come on pet, you can do this for me, can’t you?”

I started to cry and moan simultaneously, fear, need, which would win out in the end? Panic began to set in and my breathing came out in short gasps. The trembling I was going through made me shake and I could feel the lip of the bottle teasing me, my own body opening to take it in, betraying myself in front of several who were now intently watching. Master knew my mind was screaming and He felt the panic I was beginning to experience.

“PET!” He spoke sharp and loud, His special name for me will always get my attention and calm me.

Instantly I focused at hearing Him so stern. I took another deep breath and exhaled slowly, calming myself.

“Better?” Master asked.

I nodded as tears slowly ran over each cheek. I could still feel the bottle, I could feel how my lips had opened and how wet I was, still needing and wanting to cum.

“Does pet still wish to cum for her Master? I nodded and whispered yes.

“Then you know what you have to do don’t you slut? Push back onto the bottle, fuck it and cum.”

I slowly looked around and saw that now not only was Joy and her Master watching, but the men that had noticed me earlier when we had first arrived was standing in the doorway, almost like they were providing a wall of privacy from any others who might have wandered into the backroom. There was another couple in another corner that had been there when we had first walked into the backroom; the female submissive was stroking her clit for her Master as they watched. Joy’s Master was now beside her, her skirt pulled up and He had His fingers on her clit, her pussy glistening with her arousal. Her eyes and mine locking once again, she nodded to me, as if to silently say, yes, it will be okay. I closed my eyes one more time and pushed back.

I felt the long neck of the bottle enter inside of me, it felt cold in contrast to my hot pulsing pussy. I heard several in the room murmur a hushed “yes.” When I felt the bottle begin to widen, I stopped and I looked to my Master, He nodded yes, and told me to fuck it if I wanted to cum.

Still so close I began to move back and forth over the bottle being held steadily in place by Master’s hand, pulling back till I felt the tip of the bottle and pushing back onto it till I felt it widen again.

Master bent a little towards me, and asked, “Does slut wish for Master to fuck His good girl?”

In a rushed voice peppered with need, I answered yes.

“Beg pet, beg Me to fuck you with this bottle.”

“Please, please Master, fuck Your slut with the bottle.”



Master placed a hand against the small of my back holding me hard against the edge of the pool table and with a hard thrust I felt the bottle widen and stretch me, “CUM! SLUT! CUM TO ME NOW!”

My body tightened and I felt how hard the glass was and I came so hard I sprayed juices down both legs, mixed with some of Master’s beer. Joy moaned and her knees buckled as she came for her Master, and the other girl in the corner was cumming too.

Joy had dropped to her knees and begged, her Master and mine to use her tongue to clean my legs. Master looked at me and I nodded yes, yes I wanted so much to feel her tongue. Both Dom’s stood back and watched as Joy licked up each drop of cum and beer that streaked both of my legs. By the time Joy reached the top of my legs and neared my wet cunt I was shaking and begging for her to be allowed to lick me. I felt her moan against my clit and lifted my head to see the other girl now licking Joy. All three of us, cumming together once more before my Master stepped in and picked me up, cradling me in His arms.

“My good good girl.” Master whispered in my ear over And over as I softly cried against His chest. He soothed away the tears and stood me up. I looked around to see that no one else was there. They had all left and the door to the back room was closed, giving me and my Master some privacy while He had calmed me.

He smoothed my skirt back into place, and wiped away my smeared makeup, Finally able to look some what composed He took my hand and led me out of the bar and back to our car. I laid my head back against the seat and slept all the way home.

Once Master and I were home, He helped me into the house. I stood there near the front door and Master turned to look at me. He placed His hand at the base of my neck and looked deeply into my eyes, “I am so proud of you tonight pet., but look at what you have done…”

I looked down to where He had His hand on His hard cock through His opened zipper.

“You have your Master so hard He aches slut.”

His hand moved and now was squeezing my throat. He let go of His cock and thrust His fingers deep inside my pussy, pushing harder and harder till I had to stand on my tiptoes. Then I remembered, the little tale He whispered so wickedly in my ear at dinner earlier.

I moaned and felt my cunt tighten against His fingers and watched Him smile, He pulled them from me with an almost popping sound. With His hand still tightly against my throat, He made me move with Him till I was slammed hard against a bare wall. I waited to feel His exquisite fingers enter me again, but it didn’t come right away. Instead I felt and heard the silky material of my blouse being torn away in shreds. He lifted my bra over my breasts and dipped His head to take a nipple between His teeth and nibbled so hard it made me cry out.

“Stand right there slut! Don’t you move, understand?” He ordered as He let go of my neck and reached over to where my purse had dropped to the floor. Opening it He pulled my panties from it and held them in front of my face for me to see. At first I thought He would do as He has before and use them to stuff my mouth for a gag, but instead I felt Him glide them softly over my body, teasing me till He reached my parted legs. With several thrusts He used my panties to stuff inside my pussy, soaking up the juices from the times I had already cam tonight. His hand back to my throat holding me tightly against the wall. Once the panties were completely stuffed I felt Him let go of my throat and use His tongue and lips to suck and lick my clit. You wouldn’t think something so soft as my silken panties would hurt so much, but with them soaking up all my wetness the lace on them scratched and made me feel raw within minutes. The stuffing of them filling me and making me feel dry, His mouth working to make me cum, my cunt squeezing against the dry fullness.

I was so close to cumming, but it hurt, and I wanted to fight it, but I just couldn’t. Master’s mouth worked hard against my clit, sucking it hard into His mouth and then a light nibble to make me squeal. Within minutes I was begging to cum like the slut I am for Him.

He removed His mouth and stood, His fingers pulling, pinching and twisting my clit hard. I was screaming I wanted to cum so bad. He laughed and called me a slut, then ordered me to cum, cum all over my panties stuffed in my slut hole He said.

When I started to cum Master pulled the panties out fast and it made me scream and my legs felt like rubber, His hand went back to my throat and squeezed, His other hand brought my cum soaked panties to my mouth and pushed them inside.

Tears ran down my cheeks, which always makes my Master all that much harder. I could taste my cum that seemed to have saturated every thread and fiber of the silk and lace. Master’s fingers plunging Bayan Escort deep into my semi-dry pussy, which was already growing wetter and making Him chuckle as He called me a His little cum slut. Within another minute I needed to cum again, but all I could do was plead with my eyes.

Silently pleading, body shaking as I neared orgasm once again, He told me to cum to Him, cum to Him hard and squirt on His hand, I felt myself tighten against His three fingers my cum spraying all over His wrist and dripping down both legs, then He tucked His thumb and I felt that hard push and Master’s hand slid inside twisting and pulling, held tightly against the wall on my tiptoes by Master’s fist.

By the time I stopped cumming, I could no longer stand on my own, removing the panties from my mouth, He picked me up and carried me to our playroom. I groaned thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to take much more tonight but knowing Master was in one of His moods where He wanted to play and He wanted to play hard. Standing outside the door tour playroom, which was set up much like a dungeon, Master held me in His arms and whispered that He had a surprise for me and it was waiting inside. He said that was the purpose of going out in the first place so that my surprise could be delivered and set up. He stood me up for a minute, still holding on to me with one arm and opened the door wide for me to see.

I smiled and squealed gaining an almost instant second wind as my eyes traveled over the newly installed medical table that He was surprising me with, we had talked about getting one for the longest time and now, tonight, here it was at long last.

I giggled and threw my arms around His neck, “Shall we try it out pet?”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes,please!”

Master laughed and asked wasn’t I too tired…but I didn’t have to answer, He picked me back and laid me against the new table.

It took only a few minutes to have me stripped naked and secured with my legs in the metal restraints that were curved and allowed my knees to bend and my legs to be held wide open. He placed my leather cuffs at each wrist and secured them to the sides of the table. The end of the table tilted and felt as if it moved away, leaving me to feel as if I were off it’s edge, but I knew I wasn’t or my back would have felt the strain. I watched Him move to the other side and turn a crank which made the leg restraints spread even wider, I felt like I was being pulled apart but yet at the same time I felt so incredibly exposed and so completely vulnerable.

Master undressed, His cock looked so hard I could swear I saw it jerk in anticipation. Precum coated the tip and threatened to drip, He stood close to where my head rested on the table and stepped up onto a step stool, I instinctively turned my face towards Him and licked the tip clean before He allowed me to take Him deep and suck.

I love sucking Master’s cock, I love each and every vein that swells and pulses as He glides over my tongue. The way the head feels when I run my tongue all along the edge and how I can hear that low moan that grows into this roaring groan just before he fills my throat with hot cum. That is when He decides to give me the treat of tasting His cum and not wearing it. But just as I really got into opening my throat to try to take Him deeper which was difficult at the angle we were in, Master pulled away and moved back to between my legs causing me to have to lift my head to see what He was doing, I groaned loudly as I watched Him stroking Himself, I had so wanted that cum in my mouth or on my face, I pulled against the restraints, and Master chuckled as His cum fell across my exposed and open pussy.

“What little one, My little cum slut wanted a taste that bad that you think you could actually get out of those restraints?”

I moaned, “yes, Sir, I wanted to taste you, please, let me taste you, please.”

The entire time Master had said what He had and the time it took me to beg for a taste Master had been moving two fingers in and out of my pussy, using His cum to lubricate, as if He had needed any, I was soaked to the point of dripping.

“Sure, pet, you can taste, but you have to cum first, so cum to Me!”

He added a third fingers and stroked hard against my g-spot, my body squeezing His fingers and adding my cum to His.

Holding His fingers close to my lips and then wiping our cum across my lip and under my nose I was then allowed to I open and suck His fingers clean.

“Yes, now that’s better, isn’t it slut?” Master said as He teased my nipples with His other hand.

I nodded yes as I continued to try to lick my upper lip searching for more.

He tweaked each nipple a little harder and then I watched Him walk over to the cabinet and pick out a warm up flogger, one that has hundreds of thin hot pink rubbery strains, a bungee flogger He calls it. I held my breath as I watched Him smile, and then in rapid turning circles He flicked it against my gaping cunt and inner thighs. Master knows how much I love this and of course I never disappoint Him by not asking for more or for Him to go harder. I love and adore that wonderful sting, and the way my pussy and legs turn such a bright glowing pink. It really helps to set me up for what He usually does next, He allows me those marks from the crop on each inner thigh. The marks I will have for days to look at and be proud to wear as His marks. Some days I can sit for hours running my fingers over each one He leaves and before I know it half the day will be gone. Tonight was not to be a disappointment for me either, the bungee was gone and the sting of the crop was making me moan in pleasure and pain.

I knew by feel that I would have at least ten good lasting marks on each leg when He finally put the crop aside and began to place clothespins all over my body. I shivered and trembled and felt my mind drifting as each pin was applied and they began to burn and then go slightly numb and then just like magic the pain they deliver allows me to drift on this submissive cloud. I still find it totally amazing how I could be so into the scene and sometimes even cumming so hard that I my breathing comes out in gasps, but as soon as Master applies those pins, my breathing evens out and there is this peaceful calmness that flows over me and then I am ready for just about anything.

Pins were on my inner thighs, my breasts were covered, some on my stomach and even a few on my feet. I was in heaven, when I felt Master’s fist again playing and twisting, pulling and pushing deep inside my pussy. Fisting is something I have no control over, I can’t control how or when I cum and Master allows me to cum at will when His fist is fucking my cunt so hard I explode over and over His wrist. Cum dribbles down and coats the crack of my ass, after letting me cum this night so many times, He finally withdraws His hand and I feel His hard cock at my ass.

After months of working on the anal issues I had I am finally at the point of being able to accept when my Master wants my ass, although many times He asks me beforehand if I want Him to fuck me there or to take what is His, even though He doesn’t have to ask, and honestly, there are times I wish He wouldn’t and just do it, take what is His. It doesn’t matter during those times what I want, if I should argue back or try to fight Him, it’s still His to take and sometimes I think it would help me as a submissive if during times such as that that He just goes ahead so I never come close to ever thinking it isn’t within His right. Tonight I didn’t give Him the chance to ask, I begged.

“Please, Master, yes, please take what is Yours, fuck my ass, and please Master, please, fuck it hard and deep!” I closed my eyes and felt every tingle coursing throughout my body.

“Open your eyes then pet, open up and see what I brought home with me.”

I opened my eyes to see Him lift the bottle form His jacket pocket that laid nearby, I watched as I held my breath, shaking my head from side to side, no, please, not that again. But once again my body was betraying me, I felt my pussy tighten my nipples grew even harder, and I felt my own wetness growing again and dripping over my ass.

“Your body is saying other things, love. Besides, I want it inside you, and since I own that wet cunt I will fill it, and fill it with whatever I choose.”

His words were so firmly stated it only caused me to moan louder at the thought of being taken, surrendering and submitting to His desires. Allowing His desires and wishes to become that of mine. I couldn’t say anything, even if I had had the words to say something, anything, anything at all. All I could do was let my head fall back against the table and watch His eyes, and hear His voice.

“That’s it baby, relax for Me, you can do this, just like earlier, only this time it will be easier, you had My fist stretching you so now that wet cunt can take the other end of this bottle and then I promise My little begging slut, I will give you what you so beautifully begged for, My cock deep and hard in that slut ass.”

Master turned the bottle and held it by the neck, He squeezed a little lube on it and began to push and twist it into me, I moaned and squeezed my eyes shut as I felt myself begin to open.

“That’s it, just listen to My voice, hear it, and relax for Me. Open up pet, and let Me in.”

I let my muscles relax even more and the end of the bottle slid inside, my eyes flew open in surprise and I saw Him smiling as He began to move it slowly in and out. His thumb against my clit, the sound started out so low and deep from somewhere inside of me and grew to a loud scream as I couldn’t hold back and I was cumming hard against the bottle in my pussy. He was moving it faster now and with more ease, I could feel where He was holding on to the neck of the bottle, He had it going in so deep I could feel His finger tips brushing against my stretched lips. Cumming so hard again I squirted He pulled the bottle from me and it made a popping sound and He drove His cock hard and deep into my ass all in one swift movement.

I was so far out into sub space I didn’t feel my Master thrusting as He came hard inside my ass. I didn’t feel Him undo the restraints and pick me up and hold me close for quite some time. Listening to His voice slowly brought me back to where I could finally understand what He was saying, He was telling me how much He loved me, how proud He was of me and now it was time to go to sleep.

Master picked me up and carried me into our bedroom, He went and got a warm washcloth and washed me up a bit and dried me. He helped me under the sheets and blankets and climbed in and drew me close to Him, both our bodies naked and molding like a perfect fit to each other, “Sleep baby, sleep, you made Master so proud tonight, sleep.”

End of part 3, Thanks for reading

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