The Waiter Gets Served Ch. 01

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I was waiting tables on Sunday morning, as usual, when I noticed a woman being seated with another girl and about five guys. I recognized two of the guys as regulars that always had Robert wait on them, so I wasn’t surprised when they were seated in his section.

This was Sunday Brunch at “the Street”, by the way… the “hip” Italian restaurant in the heart of the art district in Houston.

(If you were rich or gay, you were always up for brunch at ‘the Street.’) Bottomless Mimosa’s with every meal meant 100 or so intoxicated gay men roaming the area every Sunday afternoon.

Needless to say, it was a hectic morning. That didn’t stop me from pausing for just a moment to check out the eye-candy sitting down just three tables away.

I was enthralled, all while a prissy queen was at my table in front of me, saying words like “Hello?! Can I order please?” and “Waiter? Oh, you are NOT ignoring me… hello?!”

I just tuned him/her out and kept gazing at her… wild, curly brown hair pinned in a half-assed bun… a sleeveless, silken-white top that showed most of her back with a yellow summer skirt tied loosely about her hips. I guess she didn’t want her bra strap showing in the back because she opted to go braless. Not like she needed a bra! I could make out the silhouette of her breasts, and they were amazing. Her legs were like Barbie legs… long and toned and stopped right into a tight little ass….

As I tore my eyes away from her legs and up past her breasts, I discovered that she had been staring at me, too. Embarrassed at first, I quickly glanced away… but when I brought my eyes to hers again, I was surprised to see a slightly mischievous smile surface.

I couldn’t help but grin a bit myself, as this bombshell saw me practically drooling over her and liked it.

In the following 10 seconds of gazing at each other, it was like we knew each other’s life story. I could tell she was a little younger than me, (maybe early 20’s), that she was new to town (she was dressed way too vanilla for THIS crowd) and she was the only one in the building that looked like she had slept the night before. Then I realized the man she obviously came with was flamingly gay. He was stopping every gay waiter and patron that passed by, introducing himself with hugs and cheek-kisses, barely talking to her at all.

Still in our wordless, shameless stare, she saw that I noticed her neglect and gave me a look that said “Yup. In from out of town and stuck with a bunch of glamorous gay men.”

So she was available, AND (possibly) a little desperate for a straight man? I was overwhelmed with desire and anticipation. I stared deeper into her and thought, “I am going to fuck the daylights out of you.”

Her eyes widened up, a little shocked, and I thought “Uh, oh! Can she read my mind?”

She looked around a bit, saw that she was being ignored by everyone else, then fixed her eyes back on me. I locked eyes with her, smiled and let her watch as my eyes followed the line on her neck, past her cleavage and all mobil porno the way down her legs. I slowly followed her tight curves back up to her face, where I was met with a wide-eyed glare. I was a little confused, but then noticed everyone at her table was staring at me as I stood in the middle of a full section of loud tables, unable to pull myself away from soaking in the sight of their out-of-town friend.

I caught my snap and tried to focus on my customer’s in front of me, mentally catching up on the status of my other tables…

The once-noisy queen that had been trying to order had stopped yelling to get my attention. He/she was sitting there, mouth agape, staring at my crotch…

My apron was tenting just a bit! I was hard as a rock!

I wasn’t about to ask this person what he wanted to eat… I just blushed a bit and said I’d be right back. I glanced over at the cause of my distress, and discovered she and her whole table were staring at my apron tent. All the men were not staring like straight men would be…all pissed off. No, no. I could tell by their “WOOOO’s!” and statements like “Look out, girlfriend, that man just ordered YOU for lunch!”, that they were hoping some straight man would step up to the plate. THEY sure as hell weren’t going to do it.

As is my nature, I decided to make the best of this situation. I grabbed a water pitcher from the bus station and made my way to the nosey table, asking, “Anybody need any water?”

All the glasses were held up, so I started at the opposite end from my fantasy girl and leaned in. My apron-tent was right at face level between the two regulars. Their names were Nate and Mikey and they knew me too well. Nothing they could do could offend me. Every weekend these two would beg me to be gay for a day and I would lead them on until after they tipped me. It was a ritual that we all enjoyed and they were always good-natured. I figured they’d help me get into the blushing brunette at their table.

Mikey piped up first when I picked up his glass. “Hi, Lloyd! Thanks for bringing us water!” he said, as he casually rested his hand on my ass as he turned up to look at me.

“Sure thing, Mikey. Good to see you. Who’re all these people?”, only looking at the girl as I spoke.

Seeing the game I was playing…that my eyes were going to stay obliviously glued to her, Nate and Mikey started closely inspecting my apron tent… Mikey lifted my apron so that the whole table could see the outline of my strained erection and said casually “Well, this is George, Nate’s brother from Arizona, and his partner, Stevie….”

“Hello.” I said, still gazing at my mystery woman, who was blushing but also getting used to the fact that the bulge at the end of the table had her name on it.

George spoke up next, “Hello yourself! Could I have some water over here, please?” raising his glass.

“Sure thing, George. And welcome to Houston.” I said as I walked and stood between the two men, lifting George’s class to the pitcher.

I felt Stevie’s hand alman porno non-chalantely moving up my leg from behind… he was leaning in a little bit, so it wasn’t really noticeable to the table. I was about to say something when George said “and this is Meg. She introduced Stevie and I years ago. This is her first trip out of Yuma, Arizona! Can you believe that?”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Meg.” I said.

“Pleasure’s all mine, Lloyd.” She half-whispered.

Right then Stevie’s hand reached it’s goal and he took a firm grip on my cock through my slacks.

“Oh my God.” He said, as he learned how hard and how sizable I was.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, too, Stevie.” I said, not missing a beat.

Now, I’m not gay, but I didn’t mind the attention my cock was getting because it needed some adjustment. George, now catching on, asked if he could borrow a pen. I said sure, if it was to write down Meg’s number for me.

He reached into my apron and got himself a good squeeze of my now tortured cock.

“That’s not a pen, there, George.” I said.

“You got THAT right. More like a bowling pin!” He quipped.

This caused the table to break out laughing as I pulled away from the gropers and moved next to Meg, my cock now inches from the mouth of the most fuckable woman I have ever seen.

I leaned and reached for her glass, giving me the unexpected view of her cleavage that was rising and falling a little faster with each breath.

George was whispering to her… things like “Just do it! You’ve got to feel this thing!” and then it sounded like he was giving her instructions.

Next thing I knew, I felt the lightest touch on my inner thigh…slowly rising up my leg. Nobody could see this, but the whole table knew what was happening.

“Are ya’ll enjoying your trip so far?” I said to George and Stevie as they leaned back to enjoy the show.

“We are now.” Said George. That’s when I noticed Stevie’s hand was in George’s lap somewhere, and his arm was jerking around a bit.

Then, ever-so-lightly, I felt the fingers of an angel rest on my bulging cock and heard Meg whisper “Oh my…” and as she traced the length of it and felt it grow another inch at her touch, she said “Oh no way. Oh my God, no way…” and she started acting light-headed.

Her eyes started closing and she started leaning sideways towards me like she was going to fall off her chair. With my left hand I put my arm around her shoulders and leaned in to support her. My right hand held the water pitcher, so it was useless as I tried to set it down.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I said as I pushed her up with my hips at a slant and pulled her to me in an awkward hug.

I held her that way for a second as I sat the pitcher down.

I thought she was unconscious, but I noticed she was supporting herself with her right hand (the groping one) by grabbing my back pocket. Now she was grabbing my ass and pulling me towards her, with her head already mashed into my apron.

As she did alexis texas porno this, she began to nuzzle my bulging apron, slow at first, then more she became more obvious and wanton…being around all these gay guys and watching them fuck each other for days must have taken it’s toll on her.

How lucky could a guy get? I couldn’t help but grind my crotch into her face a bit instinctively, but accidentally knocked the pitcher of water into her lap. It wasn’t much, since I had refilled most of the table with it, but it was cold and drenched her already clingy shirt.

She jumped back for a second and exposed the sexiest scene imaginable… her breasts heaving up with nipples pointing to the ceiling, wet with icy water, causing her shirt to grip them with a shimmer. Her hair flew back, releasing the bun it was in, and her wild eyes caught mine for the first time since she ‘fainted’. They were full of lust and determination, along with some ice-water shock…

“Oh I’m sorry, Meg.” I said, grabbing some napkins and dabbing them on the her nipples. I then saw my opportunity…

“Tell you what…”, I said, as I pulled her to her feet, “you come with me to the check-out room and I’ll get you one of our staff shirts to wear until this one dries, okay?”

She seemed a little nervous and looked to George for support. He smiled and nodded, saying, “Don’t worry, Meg. I’ve been assured you’ll be in safe hands with Lloyd.”

I couldn’t stand any more and just headed towards the break room with her in tow. Once we got in the room, I locked the door. Luckily there was nobody in there cashing out their shift or doing paperwork yet. There was a couple of tables with some forms and pencils and a big pile of aprons and shirts in a bin.

I walked over to a stack o f t-shirts and grabbed one that looked a little too small on purpose. She was leaning back on one of the tables, sitting on her hands, which caused her shoulders to raise up and really accentuate her absolutely perfect breasts. She was biting her lip and shivering a little bit.

I reached up and held her smooth face up… I stepped closer as she widened her legs to give me more room. Again, it was as if we were reading each other’s thoughts…

I leaned in and kissed her slowly, gently and deeply. Her taste was unlike anything I ever knew before… sunshine vanilla with a cherry gloss. I couldn’t get enough… couldn’t stop kissing her more and more ravenously, exploring her mouth with my tongue as she met my eagerness with matched intensity.

I moved my hands from her head as they massaged their way down her back, obviously aimed at getting a grip on that Barbie ass.

Before I even knew it, her hands were moving so fast, my apron was on the ground and she was shoving her hand down my pants without even unfastening them.

I pulled back for second to look at her and was thrilled at how the moment had taken her over and she wanted nothing more than my cock in any way she could get it… whispering “Oh give me that cock, I have to see it… let me touch it I NEED it…”

Right then her desperate hand hit the jackpot and gripped my cock right in the middle. Her tiny hand barely fit around it and she stepped back in shock while never letting her grip ease.

“Oh my God…” she whispered…

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