The Visit Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: The Three of Us
A Ms. Neb Story

* * * * *

We awoke from our afternoon nap, naked but warm. The delicate scent of female-only sex laced the air. We embraced and gently caressed each other before putting our robes back on. In just the first few hours of my visit, my relationship with Linda had reached a level not attained after years of living much closer. I had hoped that by default, this meant that I had reached that same level with Bob but I had enough sense to know that I had to leave that conclusion to Linda. I didn’t take long to resolve that issue.

“I wonder what Bob will do if he knew what we had just done?” Linda mused while we straightened up the bed. I kept quiet and let her continue.

“I’ll bet he’d come right in his pants if he knew that we had just made love and that I had gone down on another woman!”

More than Linda’s sexual freedom had been awakened by recent events. The ability and confidence to be more open and expressive was an additional side effect.

“We have just got to figure out a way to let him in on the good news, right Lisa?”

So much for my concerns. “Oh no question about it Linda. We just can’t leave him out of a thing like this now can we!”

Linda and I took a refreshing shower and discussed how we would introduce Bob to the new dimension of our relationship. It was Friday and already late in the afternoon. Bob would be arriving home after a long work week so we decided not to broach the subject that day. We would wait until Saturday when he had the energy to properly deal with the situation. It was hard for us to control our giggling.

When Bob arrived at the house, I hugged him appropriately for old friends. I was truly glad to see him. Linda stood next to us and allowed us that brief time. His arm was still around my waist and mine around his when he asked, “So, what have you two been up to while I was at work. No good I’ll bet.”

It was an obvious and innocent cliché but I returned with a Mae West answer of, “Oh no Bob. It was very good.” That prompted more giggling from Linda and I. Bob just managed a confused shrug.

Linda and I had a hard time keeping straight faces when we were around Bob. We tried to get through breakfast and the rest of Saturday morning but it was getting more and more difficult. Eventually, by mid-afternoon, we had all caught up on small talk and reminiscing. The effects of just the right amount of wine and the warmth of the light through the great windows in the sunroom had made the moment just right. We were all sitting on the large soft sofa, Linda and I on either side of Bob. Linda began to snuggle up to him. She spoke softly but she was not trying to prevent my from hearing what she was saying.

“Bob. You’ll never guess what I did yesterday. You will be so proud of me.”

“What was it?” he asked. “Was it before or after Lisa came?”

Linda and I just howled! Bob had no clue as to why. We were off to a great start.

Linda only partially regained her composure and said, “Well I guess both! Before AND after!”

More howling and more confusion on Bob’s part.

“What are you girls laughing at? What is so funny? How about letting me in on the joke.”

“Ok Bob. I’ll tell you. You’ll never believe it.” Linda moved even closer to Bob to tell him. “I made love with Lisa yesterday.”

“What?” Bob exclaimed. “You’re kidding right? No shit!”

Bob looked at me. I just smiled in affirmation.

He looked back at Linda and asked, “Are you serious? Are we talking about, uh, you know, how far? I mean how far did this get?”

Linda announced proudly. “As far as it could go. We had sex. We kissed and hugged, fondled each other’s breasts and went down on each other.”

Bob was just silent and trying to get it all straight in his head. I’m sure his mind was exploding with vivid images of us making love.

As if to over-load his ability to take it all in, Linda added in a tone just above a whisper, “That’s right Bob. I licked Lisa’s pussy until she came and she did the same to me.”

“Holy shit!” was all Bob could muster, at least verbally. I glanced down and had no trouble noticing the presence of a pretty advanced erection in his trousers. Linda hugged her husband and started kissing his face. He returned her affections. Linda began warming him up to what was about to transpire.

“I love you so much Bob. I want to make love to you. Right now, with Lisa. I want us all to make love.”

Bob embraced his wife, wrapping his strong arms completely around her. Linda dropped one hand into his lap and onto his erection.

“Oh Bob, yes! You’re so hard already. You are getting so excited. So am I. I am getting so wet. I can feel my pussy getting wet for you and for Lisa!”

Linda then began to do what only a loving wife can do. She started to prepare Bob’s mind for sex. She told him many things that only she knew he enjoyed hearing. Some were completely untrue but it didn’t gaziosmanpaşa escort matter. Linda wanted to build Bob to a feverish level of excitement and arousal.

“Oh Bob! Yesterday, when Lisa and I were making love, I kept telling her what a great lover you are. How good you make me feel. How good it feels to have your cock so deep inside me. I kept telling her how much I wanted her to have those same feelings. I was licking her, tasting her cum, looking right at her pussy and telling her over and over again how much I would enjoy seeing your big hard cock sliding in and out of her wet slippery pussy. I wanted so much to see you make her come.”

We had had no such conversation but I wish we had! The idea was perfectly delicious. My body ached to have that all happen in reality, not just in fantasy. I couldn’t sit still from the nervous anticipation. My panties were soaked with the hopes that what Linda was describing would actually take place.

Linda reached out to me and I joined in the embrace. We both kissed Bob’s face. I drew in deep breaths. It had been such a long time since I had enjoyed the scent of a strong and handsome man. Linda took my hand and we both caressed Bob’s hard cock through the material of his slacks. My body briefly shook with chills caused by the feeling of holding a man’s cock in my hand. Even through the material of his pants I could feel it pulsate. It felt so full of energy and strength. My mind reeled with the thoughts of the pleasures that I might soon experience.

I follow Linda’s lead. “Linda is such a lucky woman,” I said. “I was so excited when she told me how good you made her feel. She also told me what she does to you. She told me how she loves to feel you deep insider her pussy. She also said that she loves feeling your cock in her mouth. She loves sucking and licking your balls. She loves tasting your juices and your cum.”

I glanced over at Linda. Her expression told me that I had not said anything untrue.

“I was so happy when we were making love and we were kissing. I could taste my cum on your wife’s face when she was telling me that it was OK if we all made love together. I want to do that Bob. It has been so long. I want to feel your cock inside me, filling me. I want to feel your cock swell and spurt your warm cum deep inside me. I want you so much. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you, to smell you and taste you.”

I kissed Bob hard on the mouth. My wet tongue thrust deep into his mouth with the sole intention of delivering the message that I was desperate for his cock to do the same thing to my pussy.

I stood up to catch my breath. Linda sat on Bob’s lap and took over. “Tell me Bob. Tell me how excited you are. Tell me how much we have turned you on and what you want us to do.”

“Oh God! You girls are driving me crazy! My cock is so hard. I want the two of you so bad. Just the idea of the two of you together is enough to make me come. All this talk! All this nasty talk and you two rubbing my dick, I want to come so bad! You have got to show me. I have just got to see the two of you play with each other. I have got to see you lick each other’s pussies!”

Linda stood and responded, “Oh is that all. Sure. We can do that, can’t we Lisa?”

Without waiting for an answer, Linda wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. We intentionally kissed with open mouths to that Bob could watch our wet tongues. Linda’s hand went to my breast and she started to unbutton my blouse and then my bra. In moments I could feel her delicate fingers tugging my already hard nipples to full. It felt so good to have her caress me. It felt so good to feel her hand fully around my breast. It felt so good to do the same to her. We effortlessly removed each other’s clothes, barely interrupting our erotic kissing.

“I know what you want,” Linda teased. “You are dying to see my face at Lisa’s pussy. Ok honey. Just keep stroking you hard cock for me and I’ll show you what you want to see.”

As if we were mirror images of each other, our hands moved down over each other’s breasts, onto our wastes and then between our legs. My fingers felt the wet warmth of Linda’s pussy and she felt mine. We held each other around the waste and managed to separate our legs to provide better access and view. I let out a soft gasp when Linda slipped two fingers into me. I did the same to her and we kissed again. She brought her finger to my mouth and I brought mine to her. We duplicated the sharing of our tastes just as we had done the day before.

“Oh my God! That is so hot!” was all Bob could manage while he watched his wife and her new lover lick the sweat nectar of our pussies of each other’s fingers.

“I can’t do this anymore,” I pronounced with only partial sincerity. “I love you Linda. I love your touch and how you feel at my mouth but I have just got to feel a man again!”

I went straight to Bob, sat on his lap, gölbaşı escort his clothed hard cock pressing against my pussy. I kissed him with an open mouth. My lips, still slippery and scented with the juices of his wife, slid over his lips and tongue. I rocked my pelvis so that his cock rubbed my clit. My naked breasts pressed firmly against his chest. Linda joined in the kissing and both our scents and tastes where evident. Had Linda not interrupted me, I’m sure that would have come.

“Lisa. Here. Let me. Let me get him ready for you.”

I stood up and panted with pure animal lust. I had to have Bob. When Linda brought Bob to his feet, I fell to my knees. I wanted that cock to be freed from this pants.

“No Lisa. Let me.”

Linda undressed Bob as if unwrapping a Christmas present for a young child. The unveiling of his wonderful body only added to my sense of desperation. His strong toned chest transitioned to a firm and well defined abdomen. Linda took extra care when it came to the last of Bob’s clothes. Linda was quite seductive when she slowly slid the silk boxers down his tight buttocks until his cock was finally revealed. I was delighted to finally see it. I wanted him so badly! Bob’s cock stuck straight out from his body without the slightest bend. Not inordinately long and about 7 inches but impressively thick. I would image that the classic Greek sculptors would have loved to have Bob pose for their most erotic statues. The perfectly shaped circumcised head was a deep pink and seemed to flare almost imperceptibly with each heartbeat. With almost the same regularity, the tiny opening at the tip secreted drop after drop of clear glycerin-like precum.

“Oh Linda!” I practically screamed. “I have got to have him inside me right now! I want to feel him in my mouth! I have to suck his cock!”

His slippery cock pressed against my opening lips but awkwardly slid against my face leaving a streak of warm precum. I remedied the situation by grabbing him firmly at the base of his cock from below. My palm carefully cradled his balls. They felt very warm with the heat of his excitement. I slid my lips right over the head of his cock and drew him in deeply until my nose rested against my fingers. I quickly started sucking at his cock and moved my head rapidly. I was amazed at the amount of precum that slid from his cock onto my tongue. It was warm, thick and very sweet tasting. It seemed to coat my tongue in a warm velvet film. Faster and faster I moved so that he fucked my mouth. My tongue swirled all over him. The mixture of saliva and precum slid from my lips. It dangled and swayed and dripped from my chin. I felt it dot my breasts.

“Oh Lisa!” Bob gasped. “You have got to stop. I’m going to come! It’s too soon! Not yet!”

There was an air of desperation in his voice. He was right. It was too soon but I was feeling pretty selfish at that moment. Nothing would have been better at that very moment than to feel the crown swell and erupt with a thick stream of sticky cum and to have it squirt right into my mouth. I was fully expecting to feel the thick semen cover my mouth and bathe my tongue. I had every intention of allowing his cum to seep out around my lips, coating them in a white film and dripping from my chin, overwhelming my entire capacity for taste and smell. This would have been the perfect time to feel his ejaculate sliding between my breast, the heat of my body liquefying it, causing it to flow faster. Ah, but it was not to be, at least not then.

Linda wrapped her arms around me and moved me away from Bob, his cock leaving my sucking mouth with a wet plot. She laid me down and said, “Let’s give Bob a break.” She laid on top of me and started kissing my wet face. Looking up at Bob, she said, “This is what we did yesterday.”

The next thing I felt was Linda’s face between my legs. Just as she had done yesterday, her talented mouth and tongue were stimulating my pussy to incredible heights of ecstasy. Her legs straddling my head and her dripping pussy was just above my face. I needed no further invitation and promptly slid my extended tongue deep into her warm slippery folds. It didn’t take long before we both came in shuddering orgasms, delivering sweet cum to the mouth of our respective lover. We remained in the “69” position while we made our way back to sensibility.

Linda, her face wet with my juices, looked up at Bob and said, “Please honey. My pussy is so ready for you. Fuck me! Please fuck me.”

From my position between Linda’s legs, I watched Bob move over me, his hard wet cock right over my face. Grabbing his shaft, he moved the crown over the moist fleshy lips of his Linda’s pussy. She twitched at the tickling sensation that it must have caused. I watched Bob slowly press into his wife, her pussy easily enveloping his member until he could giver her no more.

“Oh Bob! Yes! Your cock feels so good inside me!”

Bob wet balls lay keçiören escort at my forehead. He began loving his wife with long slow deliberate strokes. His veined shaft was soon sheathed in her lubrication and the sweet smell of sex swirled through my nose. I could not just be a spectator in this. It was an easy matter to wrap my hands around Bob’s tight ass and join the rhythm of their lovemaking. I followed and licked is balls and traced my tongue along his cock until I met the delicious fold of Linda’s pussy.

“Oh YES Lisa! Oh yes! Suck my pussy while Bob fucks me!”

I placed my mouth on her clit with the intention of bringing her to orgasm. Bob cock slid against my face with an ever increasing pace. She screamed our names in delight. More of her thin cum made its way from around Bob’s cock and dripped to my eager lips and mouth. Bob moved out from his wife. Her very pink and juice pussy remained open to my view, my kisses, and my tongue. Linda reversed her position and laid on me. She kissed my face, still wet with her cum.

“Now Lisa,” she said to Bob. “I want Lisa to feel your cock in her pussy!”

Bob moved around and I quickly felt the pressure of his cockhead at my opening. He teased me, not thrusting in as I so desperately wanted.

“BOB!” I screamed. “NO! Put it in, please! Oh Bob. I have to have you inside me! I want it so bad. Fuck me with your cock like you did to Lisa. Give it to me!”

It took just one quick thrust and it seemed like Bob’s cock filled my entire body. The breath escaped my lungs in one huge gasp. I let out a deep moan of joy. I looked deep into Lisa eyes with an expression much like that of anguish. She smiled back at me, letting me know that she knew exactly how I felt at that moment. Lisa held me and kissed me in support. It was if I was enduring a field operation without the benefit of anesthetic but I was not experiencing any sensations of pain. I was being overwhelmed with pure ecstasy with each hard thrust of Bob’s cock into my very willing pussy. Every nerve of my body was on fire. My body could not process the intensity of the sensations. I soon overloaded in an explosion of orgasm, internal spasms, quivers and shudders. Linda hugged and kissed my throughout my “ordeal” until my vision cleared and was able to hug her back.

After a long wet kiss from Linda, she looked over at Bob and spoke to him in a soft but commanding voice. “Come her honey. Give me that beautiful cock of yours right now. I want to suck it. I want to suck Lisa’s cum right from your cock.”

Just as I had watched Bob’s cock slowly slide into Linda’s pussy, I now watched the cum-covered shaft being slowly drawn into her mouth. I imagined that Bob was at the bursting point by now and that he was not willing to put off his own orgasm for much longer. He was ready to be released by his wife’s talented mouth.

As best as she could manage, Linda muttered, “I want you to baby. I want you to fuck my mouth. Come for me baby. Come for us. Fill my mouth with all your hot creamy cum!”

Bob was thrusting in and out of Linda’s mouth at a rapid pace. She licked at his cock but she was much more successful at just letting his cock slide in and out between her closed lips. His balls slid up and down my face. I licked and kissed them in an attempt to heighten his pleasure.

“I’m coming Linda! I’m going to come!” Bob stuttered

Bob instantly stopped thrusting. His legs started to tremble. I felt his balls tighten in his scrotum as they lay on my face. He let out a loud gasp and his body stiffened. The vein along the underside of Bob’s cock thickened and pulsed and I knew in that exact moment, cum was rushing into Linda’s mouth. She moaned deeply and started to provide the thrusting rhythm that Bob could no longer maintain. A white milky film started to develop at the edges of Linda’s lips that surrounded Bob’s cock. More soon developed and trickled under Linda’s lower lip.

I took hold of Bob’s shaft in an effort to encourage his ejaculation. Linda opened her mouth and extended her tongue beneath the erupting crown. I watch with mesmerized fascination as several long spurts of creamy white cum darted toward Linda. One splashed against her upper lip, slid and collected onto her tongue. Several others splashed inside her mouth. A streak ran from the corner of her mouth and up her cheek.

Bob’s orgasm was just beginning to wane when Linda’s mouth and tongue could support no more. Thick white cum fell along either side of her coated tongue and stretched down toward my face. I happily collected the escaping semen that dangled down to me. Linda once again drew Bob’s cock deep into her mouth; the final expulsions coating her caressing tongue. This released a wave of cum that overflowed her lips, dripped from her chin and fell right to my mouth. It was so very warm and thick. I circled my tongue around my coated lips to savor the taste.

When Bob orgasm was complete and he could no longer tolerate the stimulation to his very sensitive cock, he withdrew and stepped away. Linda, with almost a sense of pride, showed me just how thoroughly she had experienced Bob’s orgasm. Her lips, mouth and tongue were covered in a white film. Strands of cum connected her upper and lower lips across her open mouth. A small pool of unswallowed semen lay at the back of her mouth.

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