The Visit Ch. 03

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When he finally moved his face, it was shiny with her. He slid up to kiss her, bringing her back to the moment and him. She smiled weakly, still in that other realm of pleasure found.

She tried to avoid his mouth, his wet face, sure that the taste of herself was something she would want to avoid. But Gene persevered and touched his damp lips to hers, bringing with him the scent of her, the taste of her. To her amazement, Andy found the taste pleasant, the scent nearly intoxicating. She began to kiss him with more passion, more enthusiasm, licking his lips and his wet cheeks, cleaning him as a mother cat would her kitten.

His body was pressed against hers, length to length, flesh to flesh. She was aware of his hard cock, his desire. She momentarily felt selfish that she had come so deliciously while he was still in need. As if reading her mind, Gene leaned closer, his mouth near her ear, and whispered, “Don’t even consider it, Andrea. It fills me with pleasure just to give you happiness. We have days to enjoy each other, this isn’t a game of keeping score. You just gave me more joy than you can imagine. Relax, let me pleasure you, let me share my desires with you.”

Andy was too sated, too content to put up a struggle. She surrendered herself to him, allowing Gene all the touches and kisses he desired. He moved over her body, lingering at sweet spots she didn’t even know existed, making her moan with delight, wriggle with anticipation. His lips were so soft on her flesh, sliding lightly over her, bringing goose bumps to her, making her ache with longing.

When his lips finally found hers again, she slid her hands into his hair, holding his face to hers, moving her mouth against him, her tongue slipping into him, teasing and inviting him to play. With a groan, he gave himself to her, allowing her to take the lead now, to have her way with him.

Andy rolled him onto his back, following, maintaining the warm contact of body pressed to body. Her mouth seduced him, covering his, inhaling his tongue, mimicking the actual love act. Then she shyly licked his lips, tracing them, painting them. She slipped the tiny tip of her tongue into one corner, then the other, sending electric jolts through his body. She slowly sucked his lower lip between hers, pulling it gently but rhythmically into her slippery warmth. Her lips lingered in that curve under his lower lip, fitting perfectly for a warm kiss. She gave him butterfly kisses along his jaw, his cheeks, his trembling eyelids. Gene remained as still as possible, Alanya Escort enjoying the innocence and eroticism of her. Her vanilla scent filled his nostrils, his head, his heart. Her body was hot on his, feeling lush and full and he allowed himself the barest of touches down her naked spine.

When Andy had completely feasted on his face, she moved languorously down his body. Angel kisses rained down on his neck, throat, shoulders. He had never had a woman love him so completely, make so much of him throb to life. Everywhere she lingered, he burned. The trail of her lips glowed on his flesh, and he reveled in the feeling. When her lips engulfed his tiny niplet, pulling it into her mouth, nursing on it, Gene was afraid he would lose control. He had never had his nubbin sucked and was unprepared for the absolute carnality it evoked. He cradled her head to his chest, hoping she would stay there forever, would make sucking him there her life’s work. Her mouth was so perfect, moving along his chest, causing waves of desire to course through him. Then she began licking. Long, slow strokes with her entire tongue flat against him. If these sensations weren’t enough, he could hear her tiny moans and that incited him even more. He looked down and watched as she happily made love to him, her eyes closed and her face flushed. His fingers toyed with her hair, loving the satiny feel of it against his palms and chest. She moved back and forth, giving each nipple ample attention, making him wish he had several more to offer to her.

All too soon, her mouth grew restless again, and began traveling down slowly, to his chest, his abs, his legs. God, she was kissing his thighs, her breath hot, her tongue questing. She moved down his thigh, kissing and licking, her face pushing between his legs, opening them. He felt her soft cheeks against the tender flesh of his inner thighs, caressing them and warming them. Her mouth moved constantly, seeking, teasing. He felt her breath on his pubic hair, then heard her inhaling his scent. He remembered well her curlies, soft, full, springy. His own hair was thick and silky, but long and kinky. She seemed to enjoy it, plunging her nose deeply into his bushiness. His cock throbbed, cried, but she carefully avoided it, making him ache even more.

She kissed along his groin, licking up the fold, and across his lower abdomen. Deftly, she ignored his engorgement, concentrating on all the delicious flesh surrounding it.

She was lying full length between his legs, happily learning Alanya Escort Bayan his variety of tastes. His hips were thrusting, and she giggled as she happily mouthed his full balls. She probed them softly, tracing the wrinkled flesh with her tongue, sucking one, then the other between her lips. Even with her mouth full, she continued to toy with him, humming and sending a shiver through his entire body.

He didn’t want to be a brute, to force her mouth onto him, but he needed her, knew he couldn’t make it one more minute without her talented lips wrapped around his throbbing cock. Just as he thought he would die if she didn’t touch him, he finally felt the tip of her tongue. She was delicately licking the velvety head, licking the copious precome, filling her tongue with the sticky liquid and slowly savoring the taste. Lying back, his head on the pillow, with her face between his legs, Gene watched. It was the most seductive sight he had ever seen. The way her eyes closed with pleasure, the way her tongue returned over and over to lap up his dripping precome, the way she just seemed so happy to be right there, right then. Her fingers encircled his engorged cock, holding him, as her tongue began to trace the distended veins, the entire length of him aching for her.

Gene watched her with amazement. His experience with women was that they might lick or suck for a moment, but just to get it done and move on to their own pleasure. But watching Andrea, he had the very real impression that she could feast on his cock and balls forever, with no thought of any reciprocal activity. She had snuggled there, against his groin, her eyes closed, tiny mewling sounds emitting from her busy, full mouth. Her fingers massaged his aching balls, her lips slid along the length of him, making him wet and shiny and so incredibly hard. She seemed delighted to find more precome dripping from him when she reached the engorged head and licked it off with enthusiasm. Occasionally, she would open her eyes and just look at his erection, licking her lips in anticipation. He watched her open her mouth, stretching to be able to take all of his velvety head.

Oh, she enjoyed what she was doing! She slid her mouth up and down, her head moving slowly, then speeding up, bobbing happily as she made love to his throbbing dick. Just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, she would stop the suction, move her mouth, change pressure and technique. She kept him on the edge of orgasm, making him nearly howl with frustration, Escort Alanya then moan with pleasure. Finally, as if unable to stand it any longer herself, Andy looked up at Gene and smiled mischievously. She began kissing up his groin, as if retracing her steps from earlier. She straddled his leg with hers, until her very wet curlies rubbed against his knee. Moving slightly, she opened her inner lips to him, bringing her pinkness in contact with the flesh of his leg. She slowly moved against him as she kissed his chest and neck. When her mouth began softly sucking on his neck, his control was nearly gone. His hands moved along her spine, frantically wanting to touch all of her, feel everything. He felt her dance on his leg, felt the incredible silkiness of her against him. Her hips moved, faster and faster, as she continued to suckle his flesh, moaning against him, whispering his name and her need. He loved that she became so excited by him. Her breathing was becoming ragged and she moved faster on him, drenching his knee with her moisture.

Andy lifted her head, looking into Gene’s eyes. She looked unfocused, lost, out of control. He felt her thighs tighten around him, felt her stop all movement, all breathing. Then a guttural sound emitted from her throat, filling the room and his head. His cock reacted strongly, throbbing all the more, aching unbelievably. He felt her pinkness begin to spasm, felt even more fluids covering his leg, watch her totally lose all touch with reality. Her lips were drawn back, the cries continued from deep within, her hands grew hot on his flesh.

Seconds later, she pulled herself up his body, poised over his dripping cock for just the tiniest moment before impaling herself on his entire engorged dick. Her eyes widened as she felt him plunge into her still throbbing pussy, and she stopped all movement to acclimate to him. Then, she began stroking his cock, moving her heat along his length, riding his hardness with all her strength.

Gene was too close to hold out for long. Before her pretty pussy had stopped quivering, he felt his balls tighten and his cock expand. Then he exploded inside of her, filling her. He came forever, pouring liquid heat into her, amazed at the power of his orgasm. She continued to ride him, moving slower now, but still milking him, squeezing him softly with her muscles. She lowered her body, until her mouth met his, barely moving against him, just breathing into him. They were so close, her heart pounded against his chest, feeling as if they were one.

Slowly, she brought her legs up along his, wanting to keep him inside her for as long as possible. She lay full length upon him, his hands moving languidly along her spine, cupping her bottom, playing in her hair.

This was how they slept.

To Be Continued…

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