The Visit Ch. 01

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Introduction and Chapter One

It had been months since his last visit. She waited nervously at the airport, pulling at her skirt wondering if it was too short. As she watched the gate she looked over at the board to see how long before he arrived.

They met in high school. She was a senior who took dance classes on the weekends and went to the gym occasionally but still had that curvy figure and a full chest. He was a transfer courting a girl from his dance class. The only reason he took it was to try and hook up with her he had been trying for weeks with no luck. Here he was at a new school and the girl he was courting was also the only one he knew. It was only the second week of school and as he was getting ready to head for the bus he noticed his crush talking to one of her friends. When he approached his crushes friend smiled and was introduced as Natalie. He in turn introduced himself as Kyle. On a whim he invited her to his football game that weekend and was almost startled at how excited she seemed.

When he walked up every thought left her head and she fought not to drool. He stood almost a foot above her 5’4 with short cut red hair and broad shoulders. The perfect picture of strength without being too intimidating. She readily agreed to go to the football game, anything to see this guy again. While she couldn’t put her finger on it there was something about him, something that drew her to him. After the football game they joined up some friends for food, even though the team lost everyone still felt like celebrating. She was trying to decide if he looked better in the uniform or in his regular clothes.

It only took a few weeks of hanging out before the passion got the better of them and they ended up in his bed. Their motions were frantic as though they couldn’t get enough of each other. She was startled at how large he was, it turned out his body was perfectly proportioned. His hands always seemed to find the right spot to grab on her hips, pulling her onto him harder. She was drenched, but tight, her back arching as her pleasure ran through her over and over again. She could feel his breath on her neck, his strength, yet his gentleness with her. In the end it left her in a daze, not wanting to move but her habits Porno 64

kicked in and she gathered up her clothes and prepared to leave as he went to rinse his face. It was clear she wasn’t used to relationships, and almost wasn’t looking for one.

Through their senior year they formed an odd relationship, of workout partners and sex buddies. It was wonderful for her; he was there when she wanted to escape the terrors at home. While his family certainly wasn’t the richest they greeted her with a warm kindness and didn’t seem to mind when she stayed over often. Yet, nothing remains perfect and in high school drama reigned supreme. She was unwilling to offer more than sex, and he knew she couldn’t handle more. He longed for a relationship, and she didn’t deny him his girlfriends. They swore over and over they would just be friends, but she couldn’t leave him alone, and he found himself drawn back to her over and over. He would compare her to his current girlfriend and discover he missed that connection. The way she responded to him and the way he in turn responded to her.

He left for the army shortly after graduation and while she missed him desperately she was determined to try and move on. A few months later she had a new job, as a filing clerk. It was a good job, except on days like this where she had to be dressed in these nice clothes but was going through files in the storage units. As she rounded the corner she saw a familiar face. The man smiled broadly as he approached, she was torn whether or not to run away, but in the end decided to stick it out. It was his dad, and he greeted her the way he would one of his own children, and startled her when he asked why she hadn’t gone to see Kyle. He was in town visiting from basic. In the end she was drawn back to see Kyle and once again their bodies won out once more. They ended up having an extreme experience in her car. Both arriving back at his house out of breath and glowing, but they still new she wasn’t ready for a relationship and pushed away normal couple things. It turned out he had a girlfriend and even though his body betrayed him he managed to convince himself that it was just because he had been away for so long. Still she gave him her number Konulu Porno and was startled over the next few months when he continued to call.

A year had passed since high school and she was a freshman at a local university, while he was struggling with his long deployment in Iraq. While he still had a girlfriend, he found he could trust Natalie to be there for him when it became almost too much to bear, and Natalie found herself waiting by the phone more and more wanting to hear his voice. By her sophomore year in college Kyle decided he wanted to try and see if there was something more between him and Natalie. Neither was able to hold a relationship, and he was only home for short periods of time, in that time it was ensured that Natalie would never turn him down, in fact most of the time she was almost too much to handle.

So here Natalie was waiting at the gate for her soldier to get home, it felt weird, her soldier, the thought almost made her weak at the knees. He had been as patient with her as she adjusted to someone wanting more from her than just something physical. As soon as he left the gate she felt herself get moist. He looked so good in just his bdu’s a small backpack at his shoulder. As he walked out the gate he saw her there, her strong yet small frame looked adorable in a pair of plain black pants, a very low cut red top, and some heels. Her chest almost spilling from the low cut top, yet it somehow looked natural with her brown hair resting softly on her shoulders. He knew she would be too shy to kiss him in the airport, but he also knew once he got her out of plain sight there was a good chance she would rip his clothes from him.

Natalie had made plans in advance for one of her friends to drive them home, as she didn’t like driving for long amounts of time. As soon as the got in the elevator on the way to the parking garage she lunged at him pinning him against the elevator way. He immediately responded his hands grabbing at her hips and butt, pulling her closer to him. Neither of them really cared whether there was a surveillance camera, their bodies were crying out in need. All too soon the elevator reached their floor. As promised her friend still waited with the car. Kyle Porno İndir nodded politely to her friend but the quickly loaded his stuff into the car. Both Natalie and Kyle climbed into the back with her car being an SUV they thought a nap might be nice. It felt nice just to hold him, and he was still tired from the long flight.

It didn’t take long for her hand to rest on his chest and her leg to wrap over his hip. He leaned sideways to kiss her, quickly rolling towards her he grabbed frantically at her ass, pulling her stomach into his rather large erection. After a few minutes of mild groping neither of them could take it. Foreplay could wait; she needed to feel her in him. He tugged at the zipper to her pants then laughed when he realized he could just pull them off. While she struggled with her lacy underwear he pulled down both his pants and boxers in one motion. She straddled him, kissing at his neck. He pulled her top over her head and quickly got rid of her bra by pulling that over her head too. They fumbled together when it got stuck on her arm. As soon as she was free he grabbed and her chest, smiling at how his large hands were still not enough to cover them. She moaned her patience running out. He let go of one of her tits to guide his cock into her, it had been so long since anything had been in her, she arched at the pressure. He moaned as he felt her tightness surrounding him, surprised at just how wet she was. He was even more surprised when he felt her tighten around him, more of her juices flooding his cock and onto his balls. He grabbed her back and pulled her down to him as he tried to stop from Cumming. He could feel her gasping against his neck, her breasts crushed against his strong pecks.

Cautiously he started pumping in and out of her. He could feel her pussy trying to get more of him into her, even though with each thrust he bottomed out in her. Knocking the wind out of her with each thrust he felt her hands claw at his back as her body once again orgasmmed so intensely it felt like a vice on his dick. He gave into the sensation, filling her with cum. This remarkably sparked yet another orgasm.

By the time they both realized where they were they realized they were driving down the highway. Natalie’s friend just smiled as he realized he could finally turn down the radio. He couldn’t help but laugh at what would happen next. Kyle had only been in town for 20 minutes and already they had been on another of their escapades, he couldn’t wait to hear what would happen next.

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