The Vacation: Their First Meeting

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“Thanks to Kelli for her support, approval, and inspiration for this story”

She had arrived on schedule and went straight to the hotel. She was excited about meeting him for the first time. When she woke the next morning she found a note slid under the door, with instructions where to meet him in the park. She took the bus to the entrance and rode the monorail across the lake. She entered the park and headed quickly for Frontierland and Tom Sawyer’s Island. Already wet with anticipation, she rode the raft across to the island. She couldn’t help but slide a hand under her skirt and play with her clit.

Once the raft docked, she disembarked and quickly made her way around to Injun Joe’s cave and entered it. As she moved deeper in to the cave, she found herself plunged into darkness. Only being able to just hear where most of the other guests were. Suddenly she was grabbed and pulled into an alcove to the side of the cave. Before she could scream she was kissed and felt a tongue entering her mouth. She deepened the kiss before she felt the buttons on her blouse being undone and her breasts and mobil porno nipples being pinched and squeezed. Moaning at the force being used on her, her hands quickly moved forward and down his pants. Quickly she unzipped him, pulled out his completely hard, thick cock, and started to stroke the velvety length.

He moved his lips to her ear and bit the lobe as he gently, yet forcefully pressed her to her knees. Strong hands guided her wrists together as handcuffs were applied. Those same strong hands moved to the back of her head and the head of his dick slapped her face only to press entry through her soft, luscious lips as she gasped in surprise. Instictively she began to lick and suck on his throbbing cock deeper in to her mouth. Moving her head wasn’t an option. He held it in place while he drove deeper and deeper into her mouth, not stopping until he felt his tip pushing deep into her throat and his balls were marking rhythm against her chin. He asked if she enjoyed being used and she could only gurgle and nod a quick yes. It didn’t matter to him if she enjoyed it or not, because he alman porno did enjoy the tightening of his jewels and the anticipation of the firey explosion about to cum. Harder and harder he drove in to her stationary mouth. The fear of being found or heard only excited him more. He was close to cumming, she could feel his cock getting thicker in her already over-filled mouth. Suddenly, she felt his first pulse of liquid lava shooting deep into her throat, quickly she began to swallow his cum. He pulled out to shoot a stream at her face and then another hit her tits. More and more hot cum marked her as his claimed property until his final shot scored in her mouth again.

She could feel he was still hard. He pulled her to her feet and flipped her to face the wall. Removing the handcuffs, one strong hand held both of her hands high above her head against the wall. Her breasts and nipples were tweaked as his knee forced her legs apart. Abandoning her sticky, hardened nubs to pull up her skirt, she felt his fingers glide through her wetness to find her clit. Her juices gushed alexis texas porno even more rapidly as he plunged his fingers deep into her soaked pussy, playing with both clit and cunt. Feeling his dick, hard and hot, against her skin and his teeth nipping her neck. He whispered hoarsely, “your going to enjoy this darling,” and you felt him slid his cock deep into your pussy. He filled you completely and she cried out in awe. He began to plunge hard, in and out, his hands wrapped around her, kneading and squeezing her tender breasts and hard nipples. As his fingers started stroking her clit, she found herself thrusting back to meet him with every stroke he made. The pleasure began to build in her belly, sudden and exploding intense pleasure coated his dick with her juices.

He began to increase his pace, harder and harder he ground his body into hers. His body tensed as the first wave of cum filled her. Again and again his body spasmed, shooting more cum deep inside her. Her pussy tightened around him trying to suck out every drop. As he softened, she felt him slide out.. You both leaned against the wall and began to straighten yourselves.

He smiled at you and said “Hello, glad you could follow my directions.”

You smiled back and said “So am I. This is going to be a great week.”

You bent forward and both gave each other a proper kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32