The Unusual Suspect

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As Inspector Steve Hardman walked up the brick path to the giant house, he thought about the case that he was hoping to solve with this visit. Leon Wainwright, a real estate mogul and amateur photographer with more than a few mob ties, had been found dead a couple days ago, and so far there were a lot more questions than answers. There were rumors that Leon had taken some very compromising pictures of the wrong man’s girl, but it seemed like nobody knew anything, or more likely had orders to keep their mouth shut. Even the chief of police had warned him not to get too involved with this case. So it was a big breakthrough when Leon’s wife Stacey had agreed to let him come by to check things out.

He knocked at the door. It was opened by a blonde woman who was stunningly attractive. Hardman had seen a lot of foxy chicks in his years on the force, but this one was a real hot piece of ass: long smooth legs, great tan, a bubble butt that just pleaded with you to grab a handful, sweet succulent tits, and a knockout face. She was wearing one of those little blue-and-white checkered farmer’s daughter shirts that tied in the front to squeeze some major cleavage from that awesome rack of hers, red vinyl short shorts that outlined every curve of her ass and pretty much stopped right there, and a pair of gold high heel sandals.

“You must be Inspector Hardman,” she said, and he nodded. “Please come in. I’m Stacey Wainwright, Leon’s widow.”

“My condolences to you, Mrs. Wainwright,” he said as he followed her inside, keeping his eyes pinned to that gorgeous backside of hers.

“Oh, yes, it’s terrible.” She didn’t sound very sad. “Call me Stacey.”

They sat down in her living room, beneath a large crystal chandelier. On the glass coffee table was a stack of nude photos; the topmost one was a black-and-white image of Stacey leaning against a wall with a shower pouring over her. Even though the lighting and her body position blocked everything explicit from view, it was still very eye-catching.

“So,” she said, crossing her legs and leaning one elbow on the sofa, “what brings you over here?”

“I’m here on some very urgent business, ma’am. I’m here to see if we can find some clues about Leon’s murder, maybe find out what he was involved in that would have made somebody come after him.”

She puckered her lips, thinking hard and drawing attention to her bright red lipstick, which exactly matched her hot pants. “I, ah, can’t think of anything out of the ordinary, but you’re welcome to look around.”

“Thank you, Stacey. I know this must be hard for you.”

As he got up, she replied, “It must be hard for you too…very hard.”

“Oh?” he said as he went over to look at a picture on the wall.

“Yes…” She leaned back and ran her hands through her hair. “It must be hard for you to see so much trouble in the world. You probably need some comfort sometimes, don’t you, Inspector?”

“Call me Steve.” He looked at the photo more closely. It was of a girl with a striking resemblance to Stacey with the ocean behind her, kneeling on the sand wearing only a string bikini bottom. The photographer had caught her in the act of untying it. “Is that you?” he asked.

“Oh, no, that’s my twin sister, Gina. Leon often did private photo shoots with her. We were going to do one together, the three of us, before…before…” and she was suddenly wracked with sobs, big sniffly exaggerated sobs.

Steve walked back to the couch and sat down beside her; she collapsed against him. He held her and patted her on the back. “There, there, Stacey, it’s ok.”

“Oh, thank you. You have such strong arms, much stronger than Leon’s.”

“I appreciate the compliment. Are there any other places in the house where there might be some clues?”

“Well,” she said thoughtfully, “there is one place I can think of.”

She took him to the bedroom, which was taken up mostly by a large four-post bed with sleek satin sheets. Trailing her fingers up and down a bedpost, she said, “He might have hidden something here. Don’t a lot of people hide things in their mattresses?”

“They sure do,” said Steve as he opened a few drawers. The first one had Stacey’s lingerie. Esenyurt Escort He pulled out a pair of silk thong panties.

She sighed. “Those are the ones I was wearing the night of the murder.”

Steve sniffed them carefully, inhaling the powerful scent of her cunt, still lingering in the filmy panties. He crumpled them into his pocket. “Uh, I’ll need these for evidence. Might need to check for semen samples.”

“Oh, yes,” she said as she came up behind him and traced her nails down his back, “there’s plenty to see here, you can’t overlook anything.”

He straightened up. He had a job to do. “We’re very detail-oriented in the department; it’s our business.” He opened another drawer, and looked quizzically at the contents. It was full of sex toys—studded dildos, pulsating vibrators with g-spot massage action, even a strap-on with authentic-feeling balls. “Very important clues,” he mused.

“Those aren’t his,” Stacey giggled, “they’re mine.”

“You sure have quite a few,” said Steve. He picked up a glass dildo and examined it. He imagined Gina and Stacey licking it together while he took pictures of them, then put it back in the drawer.

“Yes,” admitted Stacey, “I needed something to satisfy me. Something more than Leon could offer. It’s all I have, without a real man.” Steve turned around to look at her. “You’ve been investigating everything about Leon; would you like to investigate me?”

“Yes,” he said as he drew her close into a sensual kiss, “you are a prime suspect.”

She pulled his hands around her breasts, which he squeezed gently before slipping his hands under her top to cup their warm, soft flesh. “You’ll need to go deep undercover for this operation,” she said. Their tongues mingled, and she moaned slightly. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, and felt the hardness in his pants rub against her thigh.

She broke the kiss and knelt down. “Now it’s my turn to investigate you,” she said. She unzipped his fly and pulled out his fat, hard cock. She drew it into the liquid confines of her mouth and began to suck, bobbing her head up and down as she licked and slurped. He groaned as she swallowed his massive pole, working her buttery mouth up and down the length of his throbbing shaft.

He buried his fingers in her golden hair and stroked those shining strands, grunting, “oh, yeah, suck that fucking cock.” He thrust his hips at her and she pulled his dick deep into her throat, drooling all over his fleshy tool. She brought one of her hands up to steadily pull the skin up and down the shaft while her lips tightened around his prick’s fat head, while her other hand snuck into her shorts so she could rub her fingers against her already juicy cunt.

“Mmm,” she hummed as she tickled the bottom of his penis with her fingernails. She pulled her lips free long enough to ask, “Do you like that, baby? You like my mouth on your cock like that?”

“Oh yeah,” he growled, “you’re such a hot little cocksucker. You work my cock so good.”

She loved the feeling of having his hot hard meat in her mouth, and her pussy felt so good as she pushed her fingers inside the squishy little hole. But now she wanted something else, wanted touch on the rest of her body. She released his dick and stood up, then untied the front of her shirt to reveal her full, lovely breasts. They were round and buoyant, richly curved, and her thick dark nipples were tall and proud.

Stacey held the corners of her open shirt, fluttering them as she turned her shoulders this way and that, to give him a good look at her every luscious curve. “Do you like my tits, Steve?” she asked in a sultry voice. “They look nice, don’t they? You want to suck on these nipples, baby?”

“Damn,” he replied, nearly drooling, “you got some great fucking tits. They’re so sexy. Come here and let me play with them.”

She stepped forward slowly, purring softly as she pinched and rolled her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. He reached out for those perfectly soft tan globes, but she caught his wrists and shook her head proudly. “Oh, no, Steve,” she said with girlish mirth, “I’m going to have to strip-search you first.” She pulled Beylikdüzü Escort the jacket away from his shoulders and tossed it to the floor. Then she unbuttoned his shirt, kissing every inch of his chest as she exposed it. Deftly her fingers undid his belt and pulled it loose, and then she pulled his pants down around his ankles. She pushed lightly on his belly to sit him down on her big, soft bed.

The combination of the fancy satin sheets and the sexy woman in front of him was so luxurious that he just sat there for a moment, letting it all soak in, as she leaned over to kiss him and gently suck at his lips. Then, he reached up again to touch her beautiful boobs, which she was perching before his face in a most tantalizing way, running her hands slowly up and down her ribcage, but she deftly took a step back. His aching penis jerked in frustration, a single clear drop of precum pearled at the tip.

“Poor thing, you want me so bad, don’t you?” Her voice was sympathetic and teasing at the same time. She reached out with a graceful arm and wiped the liquid from atop his cock head, then brought her finger to her lips and sucked mischievously.

“Aw, Stacey, I want to get inside that hot little pussy of yours. I want you oozing all over my dick.”

“Well, Steve,” she said haughtily, “that can happen, but first you’ll have to watch me put on a little show for you. You want that, honey? You want to stroke your cock while you watch me dance for you?”

He smiled and nodded, and her hips began to sway. She rolled them around in slow, lazy circles, while she squeezed her tits and twisted her nipples, cooing softly all the while. Steve smiled and relaxed, slowly masturbating with dreamy abandon, while he watched this sexy woman advertise her body to him. She turned around and pushed her ass up against his cock. He could clearly feel the deep cushiony crack between her cute little buttocks through those skintight shorts. She brought a hand behind her and pulled the shorts up into her ass crack to let him see her spankably round ass. Leaning over so he could see the mound of her pussy, she pulled the fabric aside, revealing the moist reddened lips of her shaved twat.

She turned around and pulled the shorts all the way down and stepped out of them. With her hands on her hips, she displayed her flawless goddess body to him.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said. “You’ve got the hottest body I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled and wriggled like a snake before she climbed onto the bed, crawling on top of him. Her mouth covered his and their tongues wetly rubbed against each other, while his hands felt and groped all over her magnificent breasts. Breathing hard, she murmured, “yes, touch me like that, fondle me, play with your little suspect girl’s tits.”

Her hand moved lower and caught hold of his cock, started stroking it as she kissed him deeply. He fell back and could do nothing but groan as she wrapped her thin skilled fingers around his thickly veined rod and pushed and pulled the skin in delicious squeezing waves. She let go of her prize for a second, spit in her palm, and went back to rubbing his cock, bringing him surges of pleasure with the smooth sliding action of her sweat-slick hand all over his big happy dick.

At last she released him and pushed herself up on his chest to look adoringly into his eyes. “Steve,” she said chidingly, “you haven’t given me a full cavity search yet. I could be hiding anything, you’d better check me out.”

“Yes,” he said, “this is turning out to be a very tricky case. I’ll need to probe you very thoroughly.”

She crawled along his body, then rested her thighs on either side of his head. “Let’s start here,” she suggested, “and see what you find.”

He lifted her hips slightly and pressed his tongue out to lick the inside of her thigh. Closer and closer he came, sucking and kissing everywhere along the path, until at last he reached her puffy nether lips and buried his face in the burning core of her sopping snatch. She gasped and squealed, entwining her fingers in his hair, begging for him to sink his tongue deeper. He lapped, sucked on her clit, and released it to Avcılar Escort plunge his tongue in along her weeping inner walls, tasting her cunt’s juice with utmost delight. The flavor, so tangy and salty and sweet, only made him thirstier, made him thrust his tongue with greater force to stroke every fold and crevice, to taste her tingling tunnel.

She rode his head, desperately humping, and cried out softly as he pushed a finger into her warm tight asshole, and another into her greedily clenching yoni. Consumed by pleasure, she bucked and convulsed, wailing, “Oh, my asshole, my pussy, yes right there right there.”

Driven on by her fleshy cavern’s evocative spice, he pressed his tongue harder and harder, incessantly flicking it against her bulging engorged clit, until she could wait no longer and yowled, “Steve, that’s so good, give me your cock now, please, put it inside me, I want you to fuck me.”

He turned her over, pushed her legs aside, and positioned his raging staff at the entrance to her flooded gaping hole. He rubbed it up and down, all over the swollen labia, while she thrashed around in agony as his manhood teased her to unbearable heights. Finally, mercifully, he stopped, and kissed the side of her neck with gentle passion as he slowly plunged his thick spear deep into her moist and yearning depths. She cried out as hot waves of pleasure rolled through her, radiating bliss from her thoroughly stuffed pussy.

It felt like he was squeezing into a snug, lubricated glove, hot on his skin like midday beach sun. She felt full, stretched wider and wider as inch after inch of his wonderful penis burrowed into her anxiously awaiting vagina. She closed her arms around him, clawed at his back, then slid down to squeeze his muscular ass and pull him deeper inside.

She couldn’t stop grinding up at him, begging him to fuck her harder and keep his dick inside of her. That cock felt so good, she could feel it pounding in her chest, in her mouth, deep throughout her body.

Her pussy was hot and tight, kneading and caressing his cock with every stroke. “You’re such a good fuck, Stacey,” he panted. “Your cunt is massaging my dick, that’s great, keep doing that you nasty bitch.”

When he hoisted her legs up over his shoulders, Stacey was overcome with delight. Leon had never fucked her this deep and hard; now that she had a real man between her legs, she couldn’t get enough of his ample rod. “Oh Steve,” she howled, “give it to me, yeah, just like that, pound that fucking pussy!”

They screwed relentlessly and vigorously, bouncing up and down on the bed, hard sweaty bodies digging deeply into each other, until Stacey reached a point of no return and bit down on his neck, shoulder, face, anything she could reach with her teeth, and her cunt tore loose with a chain reaction of pulsating contractions as she moaned, “Oh, Steve, I’m coming, don’t stop, you’re making your little whore come so hard.”

Steve muttered, “Come for me, baby, that’s right,” as he worked his cock in and out, rubbing his thumb against her throbbing clit to coax out every last firework of orgasm. Drunk with delight, she cooed and kissed him as she finished coming. But now she wanted to be a really nasty slut and swallow his cum. She pushed his cock out of her and rolled to the floor, where she sat on her knees and looked up at him erotically while she played with her nipples.

Face flushed, lust-crazed, Steve stood before her, jerking off frantically as she gently squeezed his balls and murmured, “Yes, Steve, cum all over me, cum on my pretty face. I want you to cum. Cum hard for your bad girl slut Stacey.”

The way she knelt there, high round breasts blushing deep red, one hand gently stroking his sack and the other tweaking her perky brown nipple, intensified the sensations in his cock, and he felt a rumble deep within his balls, everything draining towards one point as jets of white-hot sperm raced through his shaft and he exploded with pure pleasure, shooting ropes of warm sticky jizz all over Stacey’s face, and then her wonderful wet mouth clamped over his cock to thirstily suck out the last of his cum. She leaned back, face streaked, pearly beads trickling onto her tits, and gave him a broad creamy smile as he gently stroked her hair and knelt to kiss her.

“So,” she asked, “did you find the evidence you were looking for?”

“I did,” he said. “The real crime is that Leon kept a great fuck like you all to himself.” They both smiled and kissed again.

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