The University Dorm

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As most 18-year-olds do, I left college, packed my bags, and headed off to a university far away from home in the hope of discovering new experiences and finally trying to grow up. After studying Games Development through college, I left my hometown of Gateshead, which is just near Newcastle in the North-East of England and headed for London. I’d always been seen as a bit of nerd during school and college, I was around 6ft 2 inches tall and slim. I didn’t have an athletic figure and seemed to struggle to pick up girls. Although, I did lose my virginity to a one-night stand on my 18th birthday. I don’t remember anything of the evening, but waking up naked next to a girl and a used condom on the floor, tells me a story I don’t need to any more about. I wasn’t a one-night stand kind of guy, I always wanted something more and fell for people a bit too easily.

Anyway, at the beginning of September 2021, I was on the train to London Kings Cross, bags packed ready to start my new adventure. The university I would be attending was in the middle of London, whereas the dorm room I was staying in would be just outside of the city, meaning a commute on the tube (or subway) would be needed to get to classes. For my first year I would be staying in the accommodation provided by the university, this meant sharing with several people I’d never met before.

Each dorm had their own floor in the building. This usually consisted of a shared dining it was obvious it worked out. And immediately my mind went to how many weekends I would spend listening to him fucking girls and keeping me awake. I didn’t imagine the rooms having soundproof walls.

A few of the lads lived close enough that they could head off home on a weekend and return on the Monday if they wanted to. Josh came from even further North than I did, he was from Glasgow in Scotland. For 5 lads who were from completely different backgrounds, studying completely different courses and had completely different personalities, we all seemed to get on very well. They’d even managed to convince me to go out on more than one occasion during Freshers Week. I had absolutely no luck whatsoever in hooking up with anyone but a few times, some of the lads never returned to the dorms and the ones that did, often brought company with them.

Luckily for me, Josh didn’t seem to bring many girls’ home which was a shock because out of all of us, he seemed like he would be the type. But our first semester of Uni went over quickly and the 5 of us all returned home for the Christmas break before returning in the middle of January. And once we were back, it didn’t take long for normal service to resume. I can’t count the number of times I came out of my room to make some food and could hear the sounds of moans and repetitive thuds coming from other bedrooms, it made it difficult to watch TV. And it became even more awkward when they tried to sneak out. It reaches peak awkwardness though when you’re having to pick up people’s clothes off the chairs and sofas so you can sit down which also sometime had panties and bras stuffed down the side. I’d normally just gather them up and stick them on the door handle where the noise was coming from, saves them looking for it awkwardly when they’re finished.

As time went by, I started to become more frustrated. A lack of action with girls was a major reason and there’s only so many times a guy can jack off before he starts to get bored of his own right hand. I considered buying sex toys to try and spice things up but the risk of it being opened by one of my housemates was too big, so I decided against it. And so, I had to live with my sexual frustration whilst my confidence sexually continued to hit an all-time low. I tried downloading different dating apps but never seemed to get any responses and the girls that did message me were clearly scams. I resorted to wanking off to the others having sex whenever I got the chance and became more of a voyeur.

One weekend came around, I nipped out early on the morning to work on a project on site at the Uni. The other lads had gone home for the weekend which just left me and Josh in the dorm. I was up and about early enough and was expecting to be gone for most of the day. After working on my essay for most of the morning, I was preparing to do some work on my project for my end of year assignment but completely forgot my hard drive, so I had to cut my plans short and head back to the dorm. When I got back to our dorm, I realised why I’d never heard any action coming from Josh’s room. He clearly waited till we were all out before inviting people over and clearly thinking he had a few hours today; tunalı escort he’d obviously taken advantage of that situation.

The noises coming from his room weren’t filling the dorms quite like the other guys did when they had girls over. I could just hear the feint sounds of bodies slapping together, muffled moans and the odd muttering of the word ‘fuck’ and ‘oh yeah’. I quietly made my way into my room and pushed the door so that it was almost closed. The noises were now slightly louder with just the thin wall separating us.

But still, I could only hear one voice and that was Josh’s. All I could hear from the girl was the muffled moans as she obviously had her head buried in the pillows on his bed. I could feel myself getting hard as the sounds of them kissing now made its way through the walls. I unbuckled my jeans and let them fall around my knees with my boxers quickly following them. My erect cock which was only around 5 1/2″ was now jutting out in front of me as I gently started to stroke myself.

Again, I could hear Josh on the other side of the wall, his voice sounding more and more familiar when he spoke. ‘Fuck yeah, feels so fucking good, do you want my cum? Are you going to make me cum? Fuck, you’re so fucking tight. You’re going to make me cum.’ The sounds of his thrusts got louder and louder the closer he got to his orgasm. And the closer he got, the closer I got. Eventually I heard him grunt before the thrusting stopped. I continued to jack myself off until I came all over my hand to prevent a mess.

After I regained my composure, I quickly headed to the bathroom to clean up before getting back to my bed. I positioned myself on the bed so that I could see through the crack in the door, hoping to get a glance of who Josh had been fucking. I had to remain patient and must have been laid there for 30 minutes or more. I heard Josh’s shower running and then later the soft sounds of kissing, I thought this was the moment. Then Josh’s door opened, then the sound of footsteps as they headed towards the door. To my shock, a skinny looking boy with blonde hair walked past the door. ‘No wonder I couldn’t hear the girl,’ I thought. ‘She clearly had a mouth full of cock as well as her pussy.’

So, I waited a little longer, and nothing. Josh seemed to make himself some food, grabbed a drink and headed back to his room and then his door closed. I didn’t know what to do. I stayed silently in my room trying not to make a noise. After another 30 minutes or so, I then heard Josh’s shower again. I couldn’t hide any longer. While his shower was running, I crept to the front door, opened it, and let it close with a bang, hopefully loud enough that Josh would hear it and know I was back in case his girl was still hiding in his room.

I sat on the sofa with some lunch and waited for him to emerge. I turned the TV on and waited. But I didn’t know if he was now in the same situation as me, waiting for me to disappear so he could sneak this girl out. After a short while, the door to his room opened and out stepped Josh in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

‘Hey man, you get your stuff done?’ He seemed shocked that I was back.

‘Got most of my essay done but couldn’t get my project done. Left my hard drive here so I thought I’d get back early and do some work here this afternoon.’

‘You been back long like?’ Josh had a concerned look on his face.

‘Nah,’ I told him. ‘Literally just got back while you were in the shower. You been busy this morning like?’

‘Just been for a workout, nothing special and got nothing to do for the rest of the day.’

He walked over to the kitchen; his room door wide open. There was no sign of anybody else in there and no sounds coming from his bathroom. I was confused and my mind was running a million miles an hour. I went back to my room and tried to work on my project, but I couldn’t focus. All sorts of things were running through my mind.

‘Who was Josh fucking?’

‘How did he sneak her out without me noticing?’

‘Who was the blonde guy?’

‘Was he having a threesome?’

Then the penny started to drop.

‘Shit, is he gay?’

‘Was he fucking the blonde guy?’

‘Did I just jerk off to two guys fucking?’

‘If he was fucking a guy, he was really enjoying it?’

I spent the rest of the day focusing on what I’d heard earlier. I barely slept that night, and instead came up with a plan. I needed to head out in the morning again and make sure Josh was aware. And then I was going to sneak back in again to find out if he was fucking a guy. Before I jumped into bed, türbanlı escort I knocked on his door and popped my head in.

‘Hey man, just to let you know I’ll be heading out early again tomorrow. Got more work to do and I’ve already packed my hard drive so I shouldn’t be back to early.’

He acknowledged me with a thumbs up and I went to bed. Although I couldn’t sleep, for some reason I was extremely horny again. I started to research gay sex, the ins, and outs of it. And eventually I stumbled across some porn videos of twinks being fucked and it wasn’t long before I was cumming again. Afterwards I fell asleep with my alarm set for nice and early the next morning.

Sunday morning, I woke up, got myself ready and headed out. I took all my things that I would normally take if I was going to Uni but instead, I headed over to the coffee shop that was just around the corner from where we lived. I nervously sat drinking my coffee and eating my breakfast whilst I tried to figure out what would be a suitable timeframe before heading back to see what he was up to. I left it for about an hour and a half before deciding to head back towards the dorm.

By the time I reached our building, my palms were sweaty, and my heart was racing. Was I trying to catch him out? Or was I doing this because the thought of having sex with a man was now turning me on? I made my way up the stairs and arrived at our front door. I slowly turned my key and opened the door as quietly as I could. Once again, I could hear sounds, only this time it seemed louder and clearer. I realised as I got closer to my room, that Josh had left the door to his room open a little bit. I creeped around the room trying to see whether I could get a look into his room.

‘Fuck…. your dick is so fucking big, are you going to fuck me now?’ The voice wasn’t Josh’s, but it didn’t sound like a woman either, but it was quite feminine.

‘Turn around and get on your hands and knees.’ That voice was definitely Josh.

Soon the sounds of skin-on-skin contact started to fill the room with moans and groans. I moved myself into a position where I could see into his room, trying to make it so they couldn’t see me, but I had to know what was going on in that room. I moved again only this time I had a clear view into what was happening in the room. From the back I could see Josh stood at the foot of his bed, naked and on the bed in front of him was someone who was on his hands and knees as he pummelled into them from behind. What I thought was happening was confirmed to me when in between both of their legs I could see a flaccid cock flapping backwards and forwards as he was fucked.

‘Fuck that’s hot,’ I thought to myself. ‘No wait, no its not. I’m not gay. Why do I find this such a turn on?’ I could only assume it was my own lack of action that made this seem more appealing.

I stayed perfectly still for as long as I could. The screams of pleasure coming from the guy he was fucking were getting louder. Josh slapped him on the ass before telling him to be quiet and as the other guy turned round, he glanced in my direction. It looked like he smiled but I didn’t know if he was smiling at Josh. I wasted no time in getting out of there, leaving just as quietly as I arrived. I didn’t know where to go, but I figured heading to the University library was the safest thing to do, thinking it would give me some sort of alibi if I was questioned later. As soon as I got to the university library, I headed straight for the toilets and jacked myself off till I came. Hoping that would settle my nerves, I went to get on with some work and didn’t leave the library till it closed at 6pm.

On the way back, curiosity got the better of me. I had to know how Josh was finding these people. So, whilst I was walking back to the dorm, I quickly downloaded the app Grindr and created a profile under a fake name. I set the location to find people within a couple of miles to where I was. I had to search through pages and pages of profiles before I came across ‘JockTop00’. I recognised the body and by the time I got close to the dorm, the location was now telling me how close he was in metres rather than miles. I stopped dead in the street whilst I looked through his photos. There was none of his face, but plenty of his body and then the one at the end showed why the guy he was fucking was squealing with delight. He had one photo of his cock and boy was it big. It looked big and it was thick, there was no way he was hiding that beneath his pants.

Before I got back into the dorm, I deleted my profile and the app from my phone. And when ulus escort I got back, the other guys had returned from their weekend breaks, and everyone was catching up. After that, it was another few weeks before anybody went home so Josh had to settle for either fucking elsewhere or suffering from blue balls. Me on the other hand, I seemed to delve more into the world of gay porn and reddit sites. I was extremely turned on by reading other people’s experiences, a lot of them assumed they were straight, got fucked and never looked back. So, I tried my own exploration with fingers, but never seemed to get in a decent position to make it work. I spiced up my underwear drawer and started wearing thongs and jockstraps, being extra careful to wash them when no-one was around. And whenever I watched porn, I was only interested in the guy that was getting fucked, something piqued my interest about how that would feel. This led me down a path of doing all sorts of different online quizzes about whether I was a top, bottom, or versatile. I knew they were all a load of rubbish, but the fact they all came back as bottom, was exactly I wanted to see.

A week or so had passed and it had been a quiet week. Nobody had been going out, and the dorm room was extremely quiet. It must’ve just been a coincidence that we all had assignments due soon and were keeping our heads down. Things between me and Josh had been normal. We’d spoke normally and nothing had changed between the two of us. I was starting to think I’d gotten away with it. That was until late one night, I’d just gotten out of the shower, gotten dressed in my new choice of underwear, thrown some joggers and a t-shirt on, and climbed into bed. Josh obviously knew I was still awake from the noise of my shower and when I’d checked my phone, he’d sent me a message.

Josh: My room… 5 minutes.

I replied after seeing the message from Josh was sent more than 15 minutes ago. ‘Sorry just seen this, just got out the shower. I’ll speak to you tomorrow.’

Josh: I’m still awake so don’t worry. Come now. Make sure no-one sees you.

My heart was in my mouth. There wasn’t anything else this could be about. We had nothing else to discuss. I figured there was no way of avoiding this, if I didn’t go to him, the likelihood would be that he would just come to me. I got up and quietly crept towards my door, opened it slowly and checked nobody was in the shared area. All was quiet so I snook out of my room and closed the door, if anybody happened to come out, it would like I was in bed. I made the short journey to Josh’s door, knocked, and walked in before closing it behind me. Josh was just waiting, sat on his bed in his usual casual attire. A pair of joggers and no t-shirt showing off his ripped physique. I looked at him now and I found him appealing. I walked over to his bed and sat towards the end and waited in silence.

‘Everything okay?’ I asked him to break the silence.

‘Well, that depends doesn’t it,’ he said with a serious tone. ‘What did you see the other day?’

‘What do you mean?’ I played dumb. ‘I was at the library working on my assignment over the weekend.’

‘Are you sure about that?’ It felt like I was under interrogation. ‘Only I heard differently and that you might have returned a little earlier.’

I sat silently, I didn’t know what to say and how to get out of this one.

‘I guess what I’m saying,’ Josh continued. ‘Is what you saw the other day going to stay between us? Do I have anything to worry about?’

My face turned all shades of red. ‘I’m not going to tell anybody anything.’

‘That’s all I needed to know’, he said. It was like he was dismissing me from his presence. I was curious, I needed to know. Was this for me? Is this something I wanted to pursue?

I plucked up the courage and asked him, ‘Before I go, can I just ask, what’s it like?’

He looked at me with a half smirk on his face. ‘What do you mean? If you’re asking what ‘that’ feels like, I can’t tell you, I don’t receive but I’m sure you heard enough to imagine what it really feels like.’

I turned to go, smiling thinking about what could happen between us, but Josh called out to me before I could leave. ‘There’s no need to go, you’ve clearly been thinking about it. Anything else you want to know? Has it made you curious?’

I sat back down on his bed. ‘I mean, I’d never thought about this sort of thing before I seen you going at it. The first time I heard it, I thought you were just fucking a girl, but I only seen a guy leave. And the noises he was making’, I blushed. ‘And since then, I’ve been looking online.’

‘And now you’re curious?’ He butted in.

I blushed again and just nodded in embarrassment.

‘Don’t get me wrong,’ Josh started. ‘I’m bisexual, I don’t have a preference, but I tend to go through phases where I enjoy boys more than girls and right now, I’m starting to enjoy boys more and more.’

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