The Underclassman Ch. 06

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Home for the Holiday

It was a Wednesday evening and Mick was sitting in the food court grabbing a bite and going over the progress of his English Literature term paper. Over two weeks had passed since he had gone on his research mission and had his unexpected encounter with Julie Martin at the public library in Denver. The experience however had already begun to drift from his mind but not because it had been some meaningless liaison, but because it had become rather common for Mick to have visitors in his private shower on any given day. In addition, some of the girls in the dorm were knocking on his door and offering to trade favors for a trip to the package store. Except for his English Lit class, things in Mick’s life were going pretty well.

Mick took a bite of his burrito and continued reading through his notes. As he consumed the mouthful of carne asada deliciousness he held up his dinner choice and looked at it saying, “That’s a good burrito!” “The Hacienda kiosk also does a really awesome breakfast burrito,” said a voice in front of him. Mick looked up to see Kimberly leaning on the back of an empty chair at his table. “Have you had one of those yet?” she asked.

Mick instantly recognized the attractive girl from his first week of living in Bradley Hall when they were all roused out of bed for the early morning fire alarm and he lent her his robe to keep warm while they were outside. Mick had not had the pleasure of crossing paths with her since that encounter. “Can’t say I have unfortunately, but thanks for the heads-up,” he responded.

The young lady started in, “My name is–,” “Kimberly!” Mick interjected, “I remember you, certainly.” She smiled in response as Mick gestured for her to join him at the table. “I haven’t seen you since that night,” he said before quipping, “Hopefully you have been keeping warm since last time I saw you.”

“Actually,” Kimberly replied with a laugh, “Now I know why they are re-doing the old dorms. Mick looked at her with puzzled look as she continued. “My room is so cold I may as well be sleeping outside,” she remarked with a tone of disgust.

“GOTCHA!” someone squawked as Mick felt the poke of someone’s fingers in both his sides, but he quickly recognized the voice coming from behind him as Abigail’s. Nonetheless, she did indeed startle him and cause him to jump slightly. Mick could see Kimberly laugh as Abby came around into his view. “Can I still join you?” Abigail asked. “No,” he stated sternly as Abby sat down regardless.

Kimberly and Abby traded hellos with each other in a seemingly familiar manner. “You two know each other?” asked Mick.

“Kimberly and I are on the student association together… You know,” she continued, “the party you skipped out on?” Mick flung his head back and sighed while looking up at the ceiling. “She’s never going to let it go,” he thought. “Nope,” said Abby out of the blue, seemingly with the ability to read her friend’s mind.

“So what was the conversation before I interrupted?” inquired Abby.

“I was telling Mick how bad my room sucks,” offered Kimberly. “I’m hoping while people are away for Thanksgiving and winter holiday I can squat in someone’s room where the heat actually works and the windows don’t leak, because I’m not going anywhere,” she remarked. “Well hands off my room,” replied Mick. “It will be occupied over Thanksgiving and winter break.

“That reminds me!” exclaimed Abby. “I wanted to talk to you about your plans for Thanksgiving break next week.”

“Yeah, ok,” said Mick apprehensively. “Where is your conjoined twin tonight by the way, if I could ask?” he said facetiously.

Abby replied with a terse tone to her voice, “Zoe is in her Woman’s Studies support group.”

“Like I’m supposed to know that?” Mick replied.

“Okay then,” Kimberly interrupted, “I actually have to get to my own study group and just wanted to say hi to you, Mick.” He thanked her for taking the time to say hello. See you both later,” said Kimberly before waving and walking away.

“That was rude,” Abby threw at Mick.

“You’re right,” he retorted, “Apologize to her the next time you see her.”

“Keep it up buddy, and I’m going to think twice about inviting you to my parents for Thanksgiving,” she said. “Whoa, hey,” he replied, “Let me save you the trouble.”

Mick told his dorm mate that he really appreciated her and her family wanting to include him in their holiday plans, but Mick respectfully declined.” Abby asked, “You already have some plans I take it? Are you going home?”

“Bwaaah! No way!” Mick erupted, “Just staying in the dorm and buckling down for my English Lit term paper and finals.”

“That is why you need to come with us,” she replied, “because I won’t be here at school to help you.”

“I noticed you said we,” Mick observed sounding leery. “I take that to mean Jimmy and Zoe are also going?” he asked. When Abby answered she didn’t look happy.

“No to Jimmy, yes to Zoe.,” she told him. Abby did not volunteer and Batıkent Escort more information and after a few uncomfortable seconds Mick tried to prod her by saying “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it with me.”

“He decided to go snowboarding with his friends!” she snapped in a raised voice sounding agitated. Mick started to say jokingly, “So I get to be second fiddle?” but he did not want to risk upsetting her any further.

“It is fine,” said a perturbed Abby, “I just thought it might be nice to invite my friends to spend the holiday with me at my home, show them around, especially if they had no other plans for Thanksgiving… Obviously that was a stupid idea”.

Mick let out a very deep breath and said, “Well… um… uh, let me think about it, okay?”

“Cool!” Abby exclaimed, suddenly very perky. “My mom and aunt are really great cooks,” she stated before telling him further, “There is a hot tub on the deck and you’ll have your own room and bathroom.” Mick thought to himself, “For the most part, I have that now in the dorm already.”

An energized Abby jumped up from her seat. “Eat your dinner and work on your paper. I’ll talk with you more about this later,” she said gleefully before turning and leaving.

A week later, Mick found himself in the backseat of Abby’s car between bags of dirty laundry, wondering how he got there and why Zoe was riding shotgun instead of him. “Where are we going again and how long does it take?” asked Mick. He could see Abigail glance into the rearview mirror at him.

“East of Albuquerque and about five hours,” she said. He thought himself, “That’s five hours I could have spent on my paper.”

“So we are about halfway,” Mick stated. “Roughly,” replied Abby. “Which reminds me… I wanted to talk to you guys about a few things,” she said.

“What?” said Mick as his interest was suddenly piqued, “Do you have a bunch of activities lined up for us Miss Cruise Director?”

“Well yes, but that’s not what I meant,” she replied.

Mick leaned forward and put his crossed arms over the top of the front seat. “Well by all means,” he said, “tell us what you meant.”

“Well…” Abby started, “part of the reason I wanted you guys to come is, my mom is going through a tough time right now and I thought by having a lot of people around her during the holiday… it might help to distract her, maybe even cheer her up, even if it is only for a few days.”

“What is going on?” Mick asked sounding concerned.

“About a year ago my dad started having what I guess you would call a mid-life crisis,” stated Abby. “Mom said at first, dad just started becoming distant with her. Next came the ear piercing and open mic nights at the coffee shop.”

“I see,” said Mick.

“Then he decided to quit his job as a chiropractor claiming he wanted to give back by working with disadvantaged youths.”

“A noble pursuit,” Mick noted.

“Oh yeah,” Abby replied sarcastically. “Problem was,” she continued, “he still wanted to live the lifestyle he was accustomed to but minus the income. As if a mortgage and two daughters in college wasn’t enough of a burden on them, he decided to buy a sports car they couldn’t afford.”

“Ah,” Mick uttered.

“He started sleeping in the guest room before moving out at the end of this past summer,” finished Abby, which led to an uncomfortable silence in the vehicle. Mick thought for a moment that it would be best to leave the sudden white elephant in the car with them alone, but he did not.

“So let me guess,” he said breaking the silence, “it was his secretary?”

“No,” Abigail answered, “A client of his who happened to be a social worker.”

“Sorry to hear that,” said Mick before flopping back into his seat.

“Hang on,” requested Mick after a moment of thought, “you said two daughters in college.”

He could see Abby look back at him in the rear-view mirror again. “Yeah, that’s the other thing I wanted to give you a heads-up on,” she said sounding tentative, “My sister decided at the last minute to come home for the holiday.”

“I didn’t know you had a sister,” said Mick.

“Yeah, an older one–Victoria.” she told her two friends. “She can be… difficult at times,” remarked Abby before further commenting, “Most times actually.” “Great,” thought Mick while staring up at the car’s ceiling.

“Are there any more surprises Abby?” Mick inquired.

“The bathroom by my room is in the middle of being remodeled and apparently the drain in your shower downstairs started having an issue, so we will all have to use my mom’s shower,” she said. “But don’t worry, she has a really awesome shower in her room with all these jets in the wall and it is a sauna,” added Abby, “You’ll love it!”

Mick flung himself forward throwing his folded arms over the back of the seat once again, this time staring at Zoe. “Did you know about any of this?” he asked her sounding annoyed. Expressionless, Zoey silently nodded yes in reply. “Of course Beşevler Escort she knew all this! We’re roommates,” Abby said smiling.

Agitated, Mick slouched back into his spot in the rear seat believing that the next few days would bring nothing but disruptions and hindrances to him making progress on his paper difficult.

“Cheer up,” Abby said joyfully. “I told my mom to stock some beer and rum for you.” But that unfortunately did not make Mick feel any better about the impending situation.

“We’re here!” proclaimed Abby as they pulled into the driveway later that afternoon. “Wow, nice place,” said Zoe. Mick nearly fainted from hearing the sound of Zoe’s voice but was correct, it was a very nice house as you might expect sitting at the end of a cul-de-sac in an upscale development.

Mick helped the girls carry all their belongings up to Abby’s room. “How much crap can two girls need for a few days?” he silently thought. Afterwards, Abby gave them both a quick tour, working their way down to the ground floor to show Mick where he would be sleeping.

“Is this my bathroom?” Mick asked opening a door. “No, that’s goes into the garage,” Abby answered.

Mick poked his head in for a quick look around. “Hey! Is that the car Abby?” “That’s it,” she said flatly, no where nearly as enthralled with the prospect of seeing it as he was.

Mick walked over and pulled the custom cover off the auto. “Whoooa!” he exclaimed, “A freaking BMW Z4 soft top? And it’s got a stick! No way!” “Whatever,” his friend replied dismissively.

The entire time he had known her, Mick had never seen or heard Abby be anything except overly upbeat about everything and anything, and he could tell she was bothered by seeing the coupe.

“My mom told him if he took it when he left she’d report it stolen seeing her name is also on the title,” Abby admitted to her friends. “Apparently he is coming to get it this weekend because mom gave him the ultimatum to sell it or she would,” she continued before in instructing Mick in a very uncharacteristic manner, “Cover the damn thing up and let’s go.”

After settling in, Mick changed into his running clothes and walked upstairs in search of Abby and Zoe, the both of whom he found hanging out in the kitchen. “Mind if I go for a quick run?” he asked.

“Knock yourself out,” said Abby, “Just don’t get lost.”

“I’m just going to go down your street to the main road and back,” he told her, “It’s not long but the run back up the hill to the house should more than make up for it.”

“We’ll be here,” she replied.

It was unseasonably warm for late November, even by New Mexico standards. Mick had just turned around to head back when he saw a car crest over the rise and come down the street towards him.

Abby came to a stop, rolled down the window and extended her arm out. “I have to go to the airport.” “What for?” he asked as Abigail handed him a set of keys.

“My sister is refusing to take an Uber, probably because she doesn’t want to pay for it,” remarked Abby adding, “I told you she could be difficult.” Abigail then continued, telling Mick that, “My mom won’t be home until nearly six. I’ll probably be back in about an hour, so I should beat her home easily.”

As she sped away with Zoe once again riding shotgun he could hear Abby yell, “Let yourself in and relax!”

Mick walked up the empty driveway after his run and stretched his legs using the lamp post for balance. He let himself in through the front door with Abby’s keys and walked into the kitchen to retrieve a cold beer where he noticed some music playing.

Mick decided to take Abby’s advice and stepped out onto the deck to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather and relax for a moment with his beverage. Sitting down he said to himself, “Who’s the country music fan? Abby or Zoe?” as he could still faintly hear the music through the sliding screen door.

When his bottle was empty, Mick decided to go grab his toiletries and some clean clothes so he could take a quick shower. Even though it was not uncommon for him to have a girl in his private bathroom at school on any given day, he still felt weird about the whole shower sharing situation at the house. He did not want to walk through Abby’s mom’s bedroom to get to the shower with no one else home but it was either that or sit around in his own sweat and stench until they all returned from the airport.

Strolling through the master bedroom, Mick appreciated what a nice home it was. “Look at this,” he said silently as he entered and surveyed the impressively appointed bathroom. He could again hear the music playing and figured the house was equipped with a multi-room audio system. “That’s pretty awesome,” he thought.

Mick laid his clean clothes on the vanity and opened the frosted glass door to the enclosure to turn the water on and when he did, Mick felt his heart leap into his throat and he froze dumbstruck. Sitting on a wooden bench and leaning back against the wall Büyükesat Escort was a woman whose eyes were clenched shut and her legs widely spread. She was furiously masturbating her clitoris and her rapid, shallow breaths indicated she was about to climax. “Oh-oh-AHH!” he heard her, which helped bring Mick’s flagpole to half-mast. She slid two fingers into her receptive schism, quickly returning them to her clit. Back and forth she went, back and forth. “AH-AHH-FUCK!” she moaned. Her skin glistened with sweat, but if it was due to the steam of the sauna or her approaching orgasm, Mick was unsure.

There he stood once again in a shower, transfixed by the sight of a beautiful woman unaware of his presence and not knowing what he should do. That decision was quickly taken out of his hands when she opened her eyes and upon seeing him standing there screamed, “GET OUT! GET OUT!”

Without stopping to close any doors behind him including the shower door, Mick bolted through the bedroom, down the steps and into the kitchen. He started pacing around nervously with his hands on top of his sweaty head. Mick could not comprehend how what had just happened, had in fact happened. “Where did she come from? She wasn’t here when I left,” he said to himself. “Abby said her mother wouldn’t be home until six. It’s not even four yet,” Mick considered further. After grabbing another beer out of the fridge, he went back out onto the deck to further contemplate what had just transpired.

About fifteen minutes later, Mick could hear the slider behind him open and he jumped up and spun around. The now clothed woman walked out onto the deck and said, “You must be Mick.” “Miss Jennings I am so, so, so very sorry,” he implored. Abby’s mother held up her hand as if to say stop and after taking a deep breath said, “Not your fault, don’t apologize. I should have shut and locked the doors behind me but I was under the impression that you all weren’t arriving until much later. And when I got home no one was here, or so I wrongly believed.” “Abby got us up and on the road early,” Mick replied.

“By the way, where is Abby?” she asked.

“Victoria called for a ride from the airport,” answered Mick.

“I told her to take a cab and I would pay for it,” she said sounding perturbed.

Mick went on to explain that he was on his run when Abby drove by handing him her house keys, and that she believed that her mom would not be home until around 6:00 p.m. “So I wasn’t expecting to find anyone when I came back,” said Mick.

“I probably should introduce myself and welcome you in a more appropriate manner,” said Abby’s mom while chuckling in disbelief. “I’m Alexis Jennings,” she said, which was accompanied by a seemingly nervous wave of her hand, “But you can call me Lexi if you want.”

“My name Rogers Michel, but I go by Mick,” he replied, “and I’m really sorry to have intruded and embarrassed you. I’m terribly embarrassed myself.”

“Interesting to hear you say that,” Alexis replied and then said, “Abby has told me all about how you landed in a dorm full or girls… I imagine that impacts your privacy.”

Mick did not know how to respond. Alexis could tell that she had inadvertently embarrassed him yet again and quickly said, “I need to get few things done so the bathroom is available to you if you still want to shower.”

“Thank you,” he replied and said, “Please don’t tell Abby.”

Alexis smiled and said, “Our secret.”

As he showered, Mick could not get the image of Alexis pleasuring herself out of his head, and it did not help that he was standing where he had witnessed it. He would get half a boner and want to touch himself and then remember that it was Abby’s mom which would weird him out for a moment before the whole cycle would begin anew.

Afterwards, Mick came down the steps to find that Abby and Zoe had returned with Victoria and they were situated around the kitchen island with Alexis. “There he is,” said Abby. “I’d like you to meet my sister Victoria,” she continued.

“Hello. How are you?” asked Mick.

Victoria barely looked at him and it obviously took her much effort to get out the unconvincing “Hi” she offered him in reply. Mick could see Abby throw her sister a very dirty look. “Want to join in the girl talk?” Abigail asked him.

“I appreciate the invitation,” he said, “but I think I’m going to go check my phone messages.”

Mick went and sat down in the adjoining living room and pulled out his cell phone. He could see Alexis leaning over the island with her back to him. She wore a pink and blue plaid button down which was untucked and barely covering the top of her tight jeans. Her ass looked amazing and his dick started to grow again. “How am I going to get through this fucking weekend?” he thought.

Mick could hear Victoria’s voice become raised. He looked up to see Alexis walk around the island and stand next to her daughter. “I understand sweetie,” he could hear Alexis say. “This thing with your dad…” said Lexi who began gently caressing her daughter’s long hair. “I’m not a child!” screeched Victoria as pushed her mother’s hand away. “And I don’t want to talk about it in front of them,” she added before standing up and storming off. “I knew coming was a bad idea,” Mick said under his breath.

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