The Two Brothers

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The motorway traffic was dreadful and I arrived at Sandra’s much later than either of us expected. Nevertheless, she cheerfully laid on a light supper for me and kept me company while I ate. Our conversation continued over coffee and she poured me a generous glass of port before retiring to bed at around 10.30 pm. For the last half hour or so I’ve been sitting here quietly in the lounge, watching TV and feeling much more relaxed. But my inner peace has just been shattered by the arrival of Sandra’s two teenage sons.

They are slightly the worse for drink and seem surprised to see me still up. Embarrassed, they say “hello” and flop down on the settee.

I politely enquire how their evening has been. Mark, the elder boy, smirks; “I reckon we should have stayed in – the talent here’s far superior.” Obviously the drink is talking, but I don’t mind. Boys will be boys after all.

“And you’re qualified to judge talent, are you?” I reply with a smile. The brothers take that as their cue to start throwing me more compliments. Despite everything, I find their corny chat-up lines amusing.

When the clock strikes midnight I decide enough is enough and I wish them both a good night.

The boys agree that it’s getting late and they follow me up the stairs. “I’m glad you’re not asleep yet,” says Mark. “I’ve left something in my wardrobe which I’ll need in the morning… I’ll just go and get it before you turn in.” I’m using his room for the night it seems.

I follow Mark into the bedroom. Chris waits at the ikitelli escort door while his brother searches in his wardrobe.

“I don’t suppose you’ll approve of these,” Mark says, pointing up at the stack of porn magazines on the top shelf. He’s clearly trying to shock, as young men often do when they have had a few too many.

Determined not to be phased by Mark’s challenge, I tell him; “Oh, I don’t mind if they’re good ones. It’s the rubbish ones I’ve got no time for.”

The lad is clearly unsettled, but he pulls down a magazine and passes it to me. “What do you think of this one, then?” he asks.

I turn the pages and my stomach flutters when I see the explicit pictures. One photo in particular grabs my attention: a group scene in which a Madonna look-a-like is busy servicing five men at the same time. It’s my all time fantasy captured on film and my arousal is instant. “Hmm. .. I’m impressed,” I say, striving to appear all cool and casual.

Looking Mark squarely in the eye, I hand him back his magazine open at the page: “I’d say that is about the right ratio of men to women, wouldn’t you?”

The boy grins. “Is that right?”

Holding my gaze, he reaches out for one of my boobs and gives it a squeeze. The younger brother has moved away from the door and is now standing close up behind me. I’m not comfortable with any of this but pride is at stake here and I’ve no wish to lose face by backing down.

My blouse is being unbuttoned to the waist, kadıköy escort my trousers are being undone from behind and yet I make no move to stop them. As my tits are revealed they are caressed and kissed with rising passion, my trousers and knickers meanwhile are being pulled down to my knees and my lower regions explored intimately… this must stop now!

The boys don’t want to stop, however. I’m eased unceremoniously on to the bed, my trousers and knickers are removed and my legs are spread wide apart by Mark, who then starts licking at my exposed labia. Chris strips off his clothes, then moves further up the bed to press his pulsing erection against my face. I’m so worked up now I turn my head eagerly to suck it.

My slick cunt is being prized open with probing fingers even as my mouth is filled with throbbing gristle. The fingers are removed for the briefest of moments, only to be replaced by yet another rampant cock. My whole body is then rocked back and forth as the two youths simultaneously fuck me at both ends.

The humping gets harder and faster as the boys’ excitement reaches fever pitch. I’m frantic – my desire for release is so strong it makes me want to cry out. The three of us are gasping and groaning together as we strive to appease our lust.

Young Chris is first to come and I almost gag on the thick, creamy spunk he’s squirting down my throat. As I swallow the seemingly endless stream I’m almost overwhelmed by the strength of my own orgasm, kartal escort which suddenly erupts inside me. When I scream, Chris’ rapidly-deflating prick slips from my mouth and I sink my teeth into the shoulder of his elder brother. My nails rake Mark’s back as he pumps me even harder.

All of a sudden, Mark withdraws in order to spill his hot seed onto my belly. I rub the jism over my breasts as he re-enters me, and I open my mouth to accept Chris’ flaccid organ when he attempts to stuff it back in. Within minutes, both boys are hard again and eager for more.

They roll me on to my stomach, then trade places. I’m grabbed around the hips and lifted to my knees by Chris, who promptly enters me “doggy fashion.” His brother removes his clothes first before presenting his cock for some oral attention, and I suck it with relish. Supporting myself with one hand on the bed, I use my free hand to rub my sizzling clit, wondering what Sandra’s reaction would be if she were suddenly to walk in on us. That scary thought excites me even more and my muffled screaming becomes louder and louder as I reach the peak of my climax.

The thrusting from behind is getting quicker and more urgent; Chris’ forward momentum drives my face downwards onto Mark’s huge cock as he rams it piston-like inside my open mouth, forcing it down my throat deeper just that little bit more each time. My cunt is tingling, and I’m begging now for both boys to stop. But my pleas go unheeded.

Eventually Mark pulls out; he pumps his organ furiously with his hand while aiming a warm, milky torrent across my face. Chris removes his prick from my greasy-wet pussy and I hear him groaning as hot, sticky droplets splatter down onto my bare buttocks. The brothers then collapse beside me and we snuggle together on the bed, our bodies satiated… at least for the time being!

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