The Twitch Game

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She threw the Saturday paper aside and tossed the bedclothes off our naked bodies. The cooler air hardened her nipples.

“Shrimp omelette and potato cakes. Yummy!” she said. “You spoil me.”

I smiled at her over my coffee mug.

“Not a hardship, I assure you! It’s too bad breakfast is over so quickly. And now, My Lady, what’s your pleasure?”

She reached for our backgammon set and arranged herself decoratively across the bed with the game board between us. We set up the pieces and she won the first roll. We played for a few minutes until, grinning mischievously, she broke the silence.

“After I beat you, how about a game of ‘Twitch’?”

“Twitch? How does that work?”

“Well first I’ll lube up that cock of ours and then I’ll stroke it ever so gently.”

The subject of the conversation reared its head inquisitively. She rolled a double-six and knocked out one of my chips.

“Sounds wonderful. Where does the twitch part come in?” I asked.

Her grin became positively wicked. “I’ll rub and suck you for an hour now, then for an hour after lunch and again right Emek Escort after supper. You can tell me how you’d like it; slow, fast, gentle or firm but I won’t stop until time’s up. Then you can fuck me for the rest of the evening any way you want… as often as you can manage.”

I made a stupid move. She capitalized on it and rolled another double.

“The twitch bit?” I asked again.

“Oh that. Our cock gets to twitch nine times during the day. Any more than that and everything stops.”

“And then we make love?”

“Yes, but not until tomorrow… and no cheating! All you have to do is control your twitching and I’ll make sure those balls are bigger and heavier than they’ve even been. You’ll have an orgasm that’ll make you see stars!”

She rolled six-five. I rolled a two-one.

“Won’t you get terribly horny too?”

“Oh yes, of course. Playing with a hard, desperate cock always gets me hot and bothered, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want poor little me to be uncomfortable… and you do have such a talented tongue.”

She Eryaman Escort began bearing off. My chips were all over the board.

“So let me get this straight. You’ll tease me for an hour three times at whatever intensity I specify. As long as I don’t twitch more than nine times, you’ll let me fuck you all evening. If I twitch more than nine times, everything stops, and we fuck in twenty-four hours.”

“Thirty-six hours actually. But you’ve got amazing self-control. You’ll be able to hold on and then the rest of the day I’m all yours!”

She grinned triumphantly as she doubled to win the game. She scooted up the bed and began demonstrating her tease technique. I moved her hand away.

“Just let me think this through for a moment. No distractions! Even just snuggling up to you makes my cock twitch. I might as well ask you to have at me at full throttle and get my nine twitches over right away.”

“Oh, but that way the game would be over, and you’d have to wait until tomorrow night to make love. Look, I promise to obey your every Esat Escort command while I’m playing with you. You can tell me to slow down, loosen my grip, just rub the bottom of your shaft, or suck only the very tip of that lovely cock. Whatever you want. The only thing is, you can’t tell me to stop until the hour is up. I know you can do it. You can shut your eyes so you won’t be distracted by my naked body. You can think about mowing the grass or taking out the garbage. I’m sure you’ll have absolutely no problem controlling our cock!”

“I know your devious mind only too well. I could take your challenge. You’d make it easy for me at first, but in the last hour I bet you’d find some way to beat me. You’d talk dirty, encourage me to touch you up, give me those special soft kisses that drive me crazy; then I’d have blue balls and a huge lust-on for 24 hours and you’d probably flirt all day tomorrow to keep me on the boil.”

“What me?” She looked incredulous. “You know I’d never take advantage of a man when he’s down… I mean up! Besides, you might win, and you could be fucking me every-which-way after supper.”

“I can’t even beat you in a fair game of backgammon. The odds are really stacked against me in your twitch game.”

I pretended to consider my options for a few moments while our traitorous cock signalled it’s enthusiasm for the game.

I replaced her hand and grinned. “Your roll I think.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32